Satan is the major influence over the lives of the majority of people here on earth. In fact, there is not a segment of society that is not influenced by Satan.

Scriptures says; the whole world is under the control of the evil one.
Job’s life of obedience to God is proof that Satan is not in control of the whole earth.

Satan controls the people of the world because he has power over the world

Satan is maya of the world
Satan is the ego
Satan is the carnal mind
Satan is the matrix
Satan is the mind prison
Satan is mass consciousness
Satan is the deceptions of this world
Satan is organized gang stalking

The earth symbolically represents organized society under Satan’s dominion.

Satan was never removed as the supreme caretaker of this world, at least not yet, so this is Satan’s society.

All designs for the world’s society originate in the kingdom to which it is allied, and to which it is subject. The world’s kingdom alliance is with Satan and his forces. His plans are for domination, oppression, and destruction. With organization comes oppression, with interconnection comes restriction.

Satan’s goal is to steal our dreams because he knows that if he can do that, he can destroy our future. The divine future needs the visionary drive within faith. When Satan attacks he using psychology to make man; so he has no goal, no drive, no movement, no results, no progress. These methods can be found in organized gang stalking.

An emotional response to threats and danger is often referred to as fear. Fear, however, should not be confused with anxiety, which typically occurs without any external stimulant. Additionally, fear is related to the specific behaviors of escape and avoidance, whereas anxiety is the result of threats that are perceived to be uncontrollable or unavoidable. Fear is often connected to pain.

For example, some fear heights because they fear falling and getting hurt. One who works with the fear of disappointment do not set aspirations because of the opinion that if they were without goals, they cannot be unsuccessful by not achieving what they do not have. In this way, they never set their target higher than what they’re sure they can successfully execute. And this is usually no further than what they have already accomplished. In essence they never take a risk. They are often overwhelmed with the feeling that they could be so much further and they are just wasting their potential.

However, the fear they have prevents them from trying anything new and anything that even resembles something they might not achieve. Yet we see the scriptures tell us in the book of Proverbs 29:18 that “without a vision my people perish? Fear blocks one’s vision. It is impossible to make progressive plans and to move forward when one is crippled by fear. So what is fear? And why does it have such a harmful effect on us. In taking a closer look at the word, we see that in the Old English term, fear meant not the emotion engendered by a calamity or disaster but rather the event itself.

The first recorded usage of the term “fear” with the sense of the “emotion of fear” is found in the early works written in Middle English and composed around 1290. The most probable explanation for the change in the meaning of the word fear is the existence in Old English of the related verb faean. which meant “to ter*, take by surprise? The physiological reaction to fear is interpreted as stress. In essence, the body’s reaction or the manifestation of fear on the body is stress.

Organized Gang Stalking creates a physical, mental, social and spiritual enviroment that creates a constant flow of bad stress.


FIRST GOOD KIND: Good stress is completing goals.
SECOND GOOD KIND: Good stress is making progress on completing goals.

FIRST BAD KIND: Bad stress is the inability to complete goals.
SECOND BAD KIND: Bad stress is the inability to make progress on completing goals.

Good stress = progress.
Bad stress = no progress.

Good stress = effort productive.
Bad stress = effort wasted.

Good stress = positive results.
Bad stress = no results.

Good stress = forward movement.
Bad stress = no movement.

Good stress = achieving, beginning to come to life, coming along, completing, continuing, developing, marked progress, noticeable progress, producing, progressing, starting, taking shape, working.
Bad stress = backed against the wall, bound, cornered, falling behind, fixated, going nowhere fast, hurry up and wait, imprisoned, looping, spinning your wheels, stuck, trapped, up against the wall.

Fear Is Related to a Number of Emotional States

Stress is defined as physical. mental, or emotional strain on one’s mind. Fear on the other hand is a state of being afeard. That state puts pressure or emotional strain on the mind, resulting in various signs and symptoms deemed stress. Serious fear is a response to some formidable impending peril, while trifling fear arises from confrontation with inconsequential danger. Fear can be described by different terms in accordance with its relative degrees. Personal fear varies extremely in degree from mild caution to extreme phobia and paranoia. Fear is related to a number of emotional states, including worry. anxiety, terror, fright, paranoia, horror, panic (social and personal). persecution complex, and dread. This type of fear creates stress on the body. Stress is our experience of demands and uncertainty placed upon us that we think we cannot control. This leads to physical and emotional disease.

Organized Gang Stalking creates stress and inducing fear, and this can destroy faith and the visions. The book of Proverbs 29:18 that “without a vision my people perish? Fear blocks one’s vision. It is impossible to make progressive plans and to move forward when one is crippled by fear. Fear keeps the third eye of intuition closed and keeps human distorted and poisond by deceptions and captivated by the veil of ignorance. When the Mind becomes distorted it affects Intuition and Vision: The bad stress fueling the mind with negative energy; No goals. No vision. No drive. Nothing good to look forward to. This is the process of organized gang stalking.

Fear blocks one´s visions. Visions is linked to the third eye of intuition and this world don´t want anyone to opening their third eye. Negativity, stress, fear and anxierty can control the whole brain which blocks the divine energy and blocks divine theta brain waves. An anxious concern or worry is unbelief, is a fear which stops—blocks the free love-light flow of the divine energy Source from within. Fear blocks communication with God. Fear blocks bliss and theta brain waves. According to researchers about the human “junk” dna strands, our DNA is not only responsible for the construction of our body but also serves us as data storage and communication. Fear blocks the super highway for hyper-communiation. The third eye of intuition is this super highway where information can be accessible instantly through intuition. Fear blocks creativity.

Organized Gang Stalking is everywhere because it uses mass consciousness and the lower matrix, and it using anyone, at anytime and anywhere. Organized Gang Stalking is been used by pharmacies, social wellfare, healthcare, employment agencies and even military and every other department. The methods of organized gang stalking is endless.

This world of control using sound waves, syntethic telepathy and voice to skull technology and constantly looping and beaming sounds, voices, music into the brain, 24/7, indoors and outdoors, even at night to create sleep deprivation. These sounds going on constantly in present time when this text is been written. Organized Gang Stalking is a product of the carnal mind and the Matrix.

In organized Gang Stalking they using subtle and hidden covert and overt methods to; sensitize, ostrasize, paralyze, paranoidize, victimize, dysfunctionalize, traumatize, “wickednize”, polarize, terrorize, imprisonize, disempowerize, despiralize, demoralize, demonize. These methods is spiritual and psychological warfare strategies and is both spiritual and psychological evil aggressions againt the human mind and soul. These methods is a product of the carnal mind.

When our focus is scattered and not consolidated at the center of our being, there is a gap in consciousness, which distances us from our soul. Without centered self-focus, our energies and mind interlock with internal and external distractions.

In meditation, we open the window of our neutral mind so we can perceive with a minimum of distortion. The strength of our mind is gauged by its clarity, purity, and ability to be in oneness with divine and soul qualities. In neutral, we can stop giving away our energy by staying centered in a neutral space inside our body and by focusing on and engaging our sensitivities with universal qualities (neutrality, stillness, silence, peace, stability, clarity, purity, etc.).

Stillness, silence and peace is the pathway to the divine-bliss-theta brain wave state and organized gang stalking is the noise harassment creator and using sounds, noise and communication to create “interference” to disturb, distort and distract stillness, peace and silence of the mind.

Organized Gang Stalking is a product of Satan and represents the carnal mind or the carnal ego. Satan is the ultra ego that control the matrix or the “beast system”.

The Carnal mind of Satan or mass consciousness controls every organized gang stalkers mind. Satan using the human ego and mass consciousness. This mean Satan controls departments and organized gang stalking includes the departments. Texts about organized gang stalking reveals stalking firetrucks, small air plaines, stalking helicopters. Even miltary is organized gang stalking, pharmacies, healthcare, psychiatry, social wellfare, televison, media. Satan is the carnal mind of humans and carnal mind works everywhere and thats why organized gang stalking is everywhere. Organized Gang Stalking is the invisible warfare program that don´t exist, it is the spiritual and psychological warfare. The spiritual and psychological program of “interference”, and interference means the psychology to; disturb, distract and distort, and this is the work of Satan, or the carnal mind.

Satan’s greatest techniques is to create doubt in our minds, create doubts in faith, create doubts in the spiritual self-image, self esteem and breaking down spiritual divine powers through doubts, and one methods to strengthen his “doubt” work is through gaslighting.

Discouragement is how the devil creates doubt. Doubt is confusion the devil controls, and gaslighting is the process that can create both confusion and doubts.

The reason why the Devil attacks us with stress, worry, depression, strife, and fear in our minds is because the devil wants to keep our minds focused on negative things. All the stress and worry that the devil causes are meant to cripple your brain so you will always be worried; hence, you will fail to concentrate and focus your thoughts on what you want to achieve in life. If the devil can manage to confuse, worry, and stress your brain such that you have a distortion in your thinking pattern.

The Poison Planter Satan is a master at planting seeds of doubt. Planting seeds of doubt and using deceit are obviously the Devil’s tools. Organized Gang Stalking using gaslighting and this method is been used to drive people to madness. The damage of gaslighting is that it is confusing, isolating, and often results in you questioning your own reality. The goal with gaslighting is to create a manipulated enviroment where one start thinking if they can trust their own senses and quiestioning reality. Gaslighting is when a person makes another person doubt their perceptions, memories and sometimes even sanity. Gaslighting is the systematic attempt by one person or even through organized gang stalking to erode another´s reality or perception. Gaslighting is a form of psychological abuse in which false information is presented in such a way as to make the target doubt their own memory and perception. It is a deliberate ploy that occurs between the two individuals or between a targeted individual and organized gang stalking -the covert aggressor and the target. The endgame is that the person being gaslighted thinks he or she is going crazy, and the goal with organized gang stalking is to drive the targeted to madness. This is the goal with organized gang stalking; gaslighting is the worst form of deceptions to create confusion in the mind. Gaslighting is been used by departments like healthcare and and social wellfare. For example doctors changing shirt. Social wellfare secretary trying to make believe you hear things through psychological communications deceptions, and sending two different appointment time by gmail. The first has a appointment time, day after their is new appointment time, and the first gmail has been removed. Energy companies using street lights; at night the turn off the light outside your window, and at daytime they turn on the light, and they turn on streets light when your are outdoors and exercise.

The process of gaslighting distorts our sense of reality and makes us disbelieve what we see, hear or experiencing through our perception. Here is some example how information is been used by departments

Healthcare inform humans have a brain in the stomach.
Healthcare inform humans have a suicide gene
Therapeuts has business cards with appointment times in medical package
Doctors informs that stress kills and organized gang stalking creates a constant stress. After doctors informs that stress kills, they start using the word “kill” in every sport program you watch.
Then does people on the street start using words as “I will kill you” when you passing them or standing on the balcony with a airgun in the early morning.
Another person standing on the walkway and when you passing you hear; murder attempt.

It seems it is same spirit within them all and this is been controlled by the mass consciousness within the matrix.

The methods this matrix using is stalking by control. Here is some examples how these actions taking place.

Organized Gang Stalking creates a constant levels of stress and this includes all departments then they are part of the matrix and organized gang stalking. A doctor informs that stress kills, and then they start using the “kill” world in every sport program you watch, people on streets start using words as ” I will kill you” when you passing them. One person make the psychological “installation”, then it is been used by media in tv sport program, and then by people on the streets.

The organized gang stalking program using firecrackers. Here is another way to create stress. They shooting firecrackers for three weeks and for 4-6 hours every day. Who have afford to shoot firecrackers for 80-120 hours?

Then using firecrackers to create sleep deprivation. Every day before a appointment to healtcare they start shooting firecrackers outside your window late night. So people who shooting firecrackers has access to when you have a new appointment to helthcare and every night before thet start shooting firecrackers.

They shooting firecrackers one minute after you publish a new post on your blog. They walking outside and shoot firecrackers one minute after a person is been shooted in the head in the movie you watch. This is the simultanously interference of control.

Who have access to store firecrackers for three weeks, and where does organized gang stalkers get access to firecrackers when they just selling these at eastern times and new years times, and how does this organized gang stalking have knowledge about new appointment times to healthcare. This is how the matrix working and controls everyone how it wants.

Here is another example: Therapeut has business cards in medical package. Then have a orange on his desk, and when you later visiting the graveyard someone has place out a orange on the gravestone. And to streghtens this effect of stalking people start place out orange peals in the walkway, here and there, even at winter times.

Here is other ways of mind control. A neighbor above starts constant fake coughing every 1-2 seconds and like a robotized machine continues fake coughing for 25 minutes, after a few days 15 minutes, then 5 minutes, then here and there for some minute, then start fake coughing when you make breakfast. Everyday at same time you make breakfast walking out on the balcony and start fake coughing, then start fake coughing when you eat dinner. After this people on the streets start make fake “double coughing” and stalking you with fake coughings outdoors, in food stores and so on.

The neighbor above who using fake coughings when eating, also using constant door slamming when you make your dinner.

Then does a computer generated voice starts and is beamed into the airs when you make dinner, when you eat your inner and constant beaming sounds and voices while you eating your food.

When you are outdoors and exercise they have place out orange plastic spoons everywhere along the road and spoons is related to eating.

When you visit food stores they place out food products you buy and place them here and there in the food stores.

When you standing in the food queue people around using subliminal communication about there is no money on the account, talking about insurence, and this is subliminal economic threats and threats about lost income.

When you then leaving the food store and carry you bags someone make a comment; its look heavy, and same interference methods is been used hen you are and exercise and someone on the street make same comment; its looks heavy. Its seems it is same spirit of stalking within them all and using same methods. Same spirit using same methods. The Matrix is controlled by one spirit, and uisng the human mass consciousness within the lower matrix.

When the employment agency get you a work at a Christian organization they have place a siren on the refrigerator.

When they working outside you backyard they synchronizing so the blasting alarming signal starts same second you open your refrigerator

When you make breakfast a neighbor starts seven automatic hitting sounds in the floor

One Deception to Rule Them All and Organized Gang Stalking

Organized Ganag Stalking is the method that entangles into the matrix, to the mind prison humans is enslaved into. When a spiritual awakening occurs all forms of stalking, interference, harassment, and the art of entanglement start. Satan using a method one can call entanglement. One person can start some kind of organized gang stalking actions at one place, and this is then be used by gang stalkers that using these actions to sensitizing the mind.

Organized Gang Stalking using two forms of mind stalking “control”

One is the when a person start some organized gang stalking actions will then be used by others. For example if a neighbors starts fake coughing every 1-2 seconds for 25 minutes every day, will then be used as sensitizing method sthey using outdoors or stalking when one is the food store and start double fake coughing.

The other way is to use reverse mind control by mirroring and imitating your daily life. For example if one write about technology, mind control and mind mapping, the social wellfare secreatry has made a mind map to your apointment.

Or if your fire alarm starts when one opens the oven, the fire alarm starts during your visit to healthcare.

Or pharmacies workers giving “remote viewing” advice how one can break pills into four pieces when one not has asked for anyone advice, and this when one have started to breal pills into four pieces.

Same methods is been used when one watch reality shows, tv programs, sport program, and then starts beaming music from tv series, voices from tv programs, or commercials from sport program and beaming and looping these into ones mind, indoors and outdoors.

This is how the stalking spirit using mass consciousness and revealing the methods how mankind is been controlled.

The Earth we are speaking of is what you perceive as your planet. Your planet is not all what you see or think it is. Those of you in this third dimension see your Earth from a third dimensional point of view. Those of you who are in the third dimension see the third dimension as physical solid substance. Because of the vibration of the electromagnetic energy field, you are seeing it through light refraction. That light refraction, from your point of consciousness, is as real to you as anything is on this physical planet Earth in the third dimension. Change the electromagnetic energy field, you also change the light refraction. And that light refraction changes what you experience and what you see. That is why we teach that what you are truly seeing out there is an illusion, and it is an illusion based upon light refraction.

There is a ongoing computer generated voice that beaming constant sounds of distractions and constant beaming voices (speaking) out of the clouds (the airs), both indoors and outdoors, day and night, and people is been controlled by this computer generated voice of distractions.

The characteristics for this work triggering all form of emotions and thoughts. Here is some examples how it sounds in the airs around my living area

It using sound waves and looping sound scripts
Constantly looping words like “fear”, “anxiety”, “panic” into your apartment
Beaming and looping words “they gonna kill you”
Beaming words like; “Now you are dead”
Constantly beaming and looping words; “now he is mad”
Beaming words like “now it is dangerous”
“I warning you”, and “I warned you”
Beaming ” I reject you” , I reject you
Looping words “heaven is near” (the kingdom of heaven is near)
Beaming and looping devil, devil, he is the devil, he is devil, anakim, anakim (this is the process of demonizing and organized gang stalking)
These words is been beamed indoors when make dinner, when you eating, are outdoors and exercise, and when you sitting on the toilet, when you trying to sleep,
When you are outdoors and exercise this computer generated voice beaming “those eyes, those eyes, those breathing, those breathing, it´s going well now, its going well now
It´seems neighbors working with same methods of constant interference, noise harassment, shadowing, starts door slamming from 04.30 in the morning to 22.30, and then standing outside your window and banging in the fence, standing there like a Archon for maybe 4-6 hours every day, then garbaging in your backyard. It seems gang stalkers is connected to same computer generated voice, and using noise harassment to distract, disturb, and distort. And neighbors dropping things on the floor and dragging furniture

Fear mongering
Street theater

This symbolize the fall of Man or fall of consciousness into the lower matrix or the three dimensional world of matter. Humankind or the spark of light is therefore trapped and held as a hostage in the world of the Archons world.

Then we have

Mind Control
Mk Ultra programming
Subliminal programming
Syntethic telepathy
Voice to skull technology
Electro magnetic frequencies
Silent Sound Spread Spectrum (SSSS)
Social engineering

Then we have

1) Covering
2) Blaming
3) Damning
4) Whining
5) Worrying
6) Demanding
7) Persecuting
8) Reframing
9) Substituting

Here is a lists of example words that indicate 9 different non-coping attitudes that Satan and organized gang stalking is using to sensitizing, inducing, provoking, affecting or infecting like “negative” computer virus. These methods can be found in different ways in Satan´s spiritual warfare and organized gang stalking. Look for examples of their use in your life and relationships or organized gang stalking. The words are listed alphabetically by category.

COVERING ATTITUDE: affectation, black market, blindness, blocking, censorship. concealing, darkness, dead, denial, fake, false front, feign. front. hidden, hiding. inhibition, journalism. news, obfuscate, obscure, posture. pretense. protecting. put-on. repression. screening. selective abstraction, sham, shielding. sheltering, show. shrouding. smoke screen. smothering, suffocation, suppression. unclear, underground. unseeing.

BLAMING ATTITUDE: accusing, adversarial, allegation, anger, ascribing, attribute, berating, blaming, captious, carping, charge, chiding, critical, disconfirming, discounting, discrediting, enemy consciousness, externalizing evil, externally referented, faultfinding, holding accountable, imputing, indictment, journalism, lay at their door, nagging. news, pointing the finger at, read-the-riot-act, reprimand, reproaching, scolding. taking to task, witch hunt.

DAMNING ATTITUDE: abhorrent. abominating, anger. apartheid. autosuggested hate, belittling, closed-minded. condemning. conflict, cursing. damning. demonizing. denigrating, denouncing. depression. derision, despising, detesting. devilifying. discrimination. disparaging, dooming. downgrading, hatred. intolerance. journalism, loathing. low self-esteem, minimizing. mocking. negative propaganda. news, political cartoons. prejudice. put-downs, racism, ridicule. running down, scoffing. self-abuse, self-castigation, self-denigration, self-downing. self-reproach. shame. splitting, strife. terrorism, undervaluing. upbraiding.

WHINING ATTITUDE: awfulizing. beefing. bellyaching, bickering. catastrophizing. carping. complaining. crying. devastation, dramatizing, fretting. fuming. fussing, griping. groaning, grumbling. horrorizing, journalism. low frustration tolerance, moaning, news, personalizing, pouting, raise a fuss, raise a stink, relationship therapy, sniffling, squawking, supportive therapy, temper tantrums, teniblizing. wailing, whimpering. WORRYING ATTITUDE: agonizing. anxious, anxious type. apprehensive. brooding. discomposed. disquietude. distracted, distressed, disturbed, dwelling. fearful, fidgeting. fretting. going nowhere fast. looping, losing hean, losing sleep over. nervous. obsessing. restless, ruminating. self-toment. stuck, stuck between a rock and a hard place. superstitious. tied up in knots, troubled, uneasy. worry wart.

DEMANDING ATTITUDE: a real Hitler. aggressive. always right. authoritarian. can’t delegate. can’t-stand-it. commanding. compulsive, control freak, controlling, dictating, dictator, doesn’t know when to delegate. doesn’t know when to quit, doesn’t know when to retreat, dominating, domineering, forceful, forward, has to. got to. insisting, into everybody else’s stuff. journalism. know-it-all, macho. nagging. negatively perfectionistic. never say die, news. pushy. sick and tired of. sick to death of. unrelenting.

PERSECUTING ATTITUDE: abusing. agonizing, attacking. beating. character wassinazion. combat. crucifying, defaming. demolishing, destroying. diatribes. din throwing, excruciating. fighting. genocide. gossip. grinding down, harassing. journalism. jumping to conclusions. messenger as message. mockery. mud-slinging. news. nagging. oppress. paparazzi. persecuting. plaguing. political campaigning. promoting damning. punishing. rage. ridicule, sarcasm. satire. scandal, scolding. scapegoating. stalking. talebearer. terrorism, tongue-lashing. torment, torture, urge demonizing. whipping, wrecking, war, war slogans.

REFRAMING ATTITUDE: brief therapy. camouflaging. cloaking. clouding. cover-ups. deception. defending. disguising. dissimulation. distorting, dream mechanism, evasion, excusing. facades, falsification, feigned appearance. fogging. guise, image. intellectualizing. journalism, justifying, legal defense, lobbying. lying. mask, masking. masquerading. misinformation. misleading. mixed-up. melodrama, news, obscuring, pathological lying. plastic, phony. political campaigning. propaganda. press agent. pretending. pretension. promoter. public relations, rationalizing, romanticizing. sentimentality, smoke screen. snowing them, spin, spokesperson. subterfuge, theatrical agent. veiling. veneer, verbal realities.

SUBSTITUTING ATTITUDE: appearance. alternative, avoidance. behaviorism, distracting. diverting, doubling for, dummy. escapism. exchanging. false front, journalism, legal defense, lobbying, mask, misinformation. news. political campaigning. slandering campaigns, propaganda. proxy. public relations, replacing without removing, red herring, standing in, supplanting.

One Deception to Rule Them All and Organized Gang Stalking

In organized Gang Stalking they using subtle and hidden covert and overt methods to; sensitize, ostrasize, paralyze, victimize, dysfunctionalize, traumatize, paranoidize, “wickednize”, polarize, terrorize, imprisonize, disempowerize, despiralize, demoralize, demonize. These methods is spiritual and psychological warfare strategies and is both spiritual and psychological evil aggressions againt the human mind and soul.

The oft-quoted passage about spiritual warfare in the Book of Ephesians: “We are not contending against flesh and blood, but against the principalities, against the powers, against the world rulers of this present darkness, against the spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places” (6:12). What, one might well ask, is the meaning of “the spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places”? Isn’t the locus of evil spiritual forces in hell, which is traditionally conceptualized as being below rather than above the earth? In this passage and others that might be cited, “heavenly wickedness” refers to the archons. Even the word “rulers” here is a translation of the Greek archon, so that the original passage reads,”archons of this present darkness.

In the universal order pain is not generally experienced by the creation. It is generally only experienced in reality systems that are controlled by the archons, in order to control, manipulate and render powerless those whose energies they feed off because they have lost their connection to the universal exchange energy system.

Archons uisng pain to control humankind on Earth in one form or another, and none is immune to it. The archons have done this by disconnecting all other soul beings here from Source, and wiping out their eternal divine memory of who they are, where they come from, and what their purpose is. Instead, they have connected us to cellular memory that limits our remembrance of who they are, where they come from, and what their purpose is. Most people consider that memory is contained in the brain, or central processing unit. This is not true here on earth. Memory is stored in the cells of our physical bodies. Only short term memory (a few minutes) is stored in the Hippocampus in the brain. It is called the cellular memory. Pain comes from our cellular memories stored in our bodies.

Because pain is located in our cellular memory, we easily feel it, and experience it, because it is stored as memory in our cellular structure, that is why anesthetics work. When the cellular form is deadened no pain is experienced.

Over time, our cellular bodies are ‘loaded’ with pain memories, and so we begin a process of avoiding pain, and the whole societal and social structure here is designed to avoid pain, i.e. a re-occurrence of previous pain. That is understandable and also sensible, unless one understands that it doesn’t have to be that way. It works this way. Once we are thoroughly indoctrinated with the notion of pain we avoid pain, and feel it before it has actually occurred.

Pain resides in our cellular memory and we can feel it before it occurs or our bodies are subject to any kind of damage. Most of us can remember some pain or other from our past, and don’t know where that memory comes from, how it is stored in the cells of our bodies, why we try to avoid a re-occurrence of it, and why it is there.

Fear here is largely the avoidance of previously stored pain and the memory of it. That is how the archons have captured, captivated and controlled us like sheep. We exist, mainly to avoid pain.

Understanding that all species here are similarly afflicted by pain, and that our pain sometimes causes us to inflict pain on other soul beings, as we do, may provide us with the basis for overcoming pain. Pain is essentially a memory that is carried in our cellular bodies, so that we can feel the pain and recall the memory, even if we are not under any duress or affliction. We all remember some pain or other, and we spend most of our lives, and doings, avoiding that emotion and the memory of that pain.

Pain is the system of imprisonment here. The pain body and system here was specifically designed to control us, and to keep us subjugated and imprisoned in a system and a prison with no bars, and of our own making. This is done by building a memory base stored in the cells in our bodies that ‘punishes’ us when we don’t conform to their system of control, and we feel ‘pain’, when we don’t conform.

It’s a bit like being in a prison with electrified iron barriers, and if we try to get out of the prison we are given a shock. That is the role that pain has in the archon system.

The archon system is designed to keep us enthralled in their system and ignorant of how the universe actually works.

They don’t want us to know this information, because if we did, we would walk through the prison bars and free ourselves from the prison.

This is the planet Earth and Satan and its habitants in this living area.

The Darwin evolutionary theory may just be another form of created deceptions by same entities that have genetic manipulated the human dna strand and how knowledge about all these endless mind control methods everyone using.

Here is examples how they using water for mind control. They using in same way when the neighbor above started constant fake coughing for 25 minutes every day and then starts using fake coughing everytime you make breakfast or eat dinner.

Neighbors above open water cranes in bathroom and letting water running for hour after hour, just for hook up your mind to a constant background sound. Then they start using this to shadowing you in your apartment and interference at same time you moving around in your apartment, or visiting toilet for some example.

Then has someone be in your apartment and make hole in the shower handle.

Then the water pressure started to changed while you take bath

In present days the water tempature change from cold to warmer, and then from warmer to colder. When the water becomes warmer you change it to colder, and after some minute it starts to change, and when you have change it to colder, it starts be warmer.

The energy companies is also part of organized gang stalking. They turn off light outside your backyard at night, and turn on light daytime, and they turn on streets light daytime when you exercise.

Neighbors around your apartment have technological devices that creates all forms of sound distractions. Neighbors above has a device that creates seven automatic hitting sounds in the floor, and was used 26/9 whn you make breakfast.

The landlord may have place a device that creates high sound of door slamming in the bicycle room.

Another neighbors have technological device that can produce drum beats in all forms, and even sound like heart beat, and then speeding it up.

Another neighbors using music and drum music.

Then their is constant ongoing computer generated voice speaking out of the coulds and beaming sounds and voices day and night. Every night starts with 60-90 minutes with sound beaming terror into your mind.

Latest night neighbor above dragging furniture in the floor in the middle of the night and dropping things on the floor, and when your mind has awaken in the morning neigbors above drops things on the floor above your head.

Same neighbors above then drops things above your head at daytime, then doorslamming the apartment door, then door slamming the entrancé door, and then standing outside your window and banging in the fence. Neighbors above stalking around 18 hours every day, and every hour.

Neighbors above can drop heavy things on the floor in the middle of night and awakens and then fake laughing, and it is same neighbors that sitting in their apartments and fake coughing for 25 minutes every day. Same neighors above using drilling machines and drilling in walls here and there, and then hammering in the floor, and making hitting sounds. Neighbors above seems to be using a whole science of stalking and harassment psychology.

The Darwin evolutionary theory may just be a deceptions for what kind of races living on Earth.

Everyone seems to be in control of this stalking spirit, even miltary using same methods.

Organized Gang Stalking mirroring and imitating your daily life actions and is then been used by anyone you meeting.

For example when you write about technological mind mapping the social wellfare secretary has made a mind to your appointment. This is the reverse remote viewing of mind control.

When you write about speed of light; air defense military airplanes flying over the roofs for two days

When you watch tv series, tv shows, tv programs they mirroring music and voices from these and beaming these indoors and outdoors and stalking your mind.

When you write and the tv is on and you write the word “crystallized”, the sport commentator using same word some minute later.

When some area of your tv screen gets a white stripe, day after there is a news article about a famous painting that has a white stripe in it painting.

When you mediate and say thanks after you meditation, and then goes to the food store the cashier say thanks.

When you visiting your internet bank your neighbor above starts make hitting sounds in the floor.

When you write a mail to social wellfare the neighbors above starts make hitting sounds in the floor.

When you watch tv series or tv programs neighbors above dropping things in the floor, or make fake coughing sounds, or make high made human sound when something is happening in the tv serie.

When someone gets shooted in the head in the movie, a minute later someone shooting a firecrackers

When something is happening in the movie the neighbor above door slamming and then running down the stairs and doorslamming.

When you exercise at home neighbors starts looping drum beats.

There is more than 15 methods used to create sleep deprivation. Healthcare who informs humans have a brain in the stomach, and healthcare who informs humans has a suicide gene, or therapeut who has business cards in a medical package, and doctors who stop prescription for sleeping pills during treatment for depression. And when you then buying healthcare based sleeping pills thet don´t alarm off the products you buy so the alarm start shooting. And when you buy products from the pharmacy you get a transparnet bag that is been used when someone want´s to return medication they no longer using, and pharmacy worker start make 15 seconds fake coughing, and pharmacy workers giving advice how to break pills in four pieces without you having asking for any advice and you alreadu have started to break pills in four pieces. And when you visting pharmcies they playing psychological communication theater, and starts talking so loud so the whole pharmcy can hear the conversation they have about medication prescription.

It same methods everywhere and is been used by any department you visiting, food stores, pharmacies, libary, shopping malls, or wherever you go, landlords, garden workers, energy companies(turn off light at night and turn on light daytime).

The carnal mind is highely activated in this living area of the world and its habitants.

And these actions continues from companies, landlords, banks, trade unions and so on.

There is a common organized gang stalking all companies is using; they either delaying or don´´t send your the invoices, so you need to write to them.

Banks for example stop sending any notice about payments into your account. The payment is not your account same day you waiting for payment in the morning at 08.00, then after 09.00.

Last month there was no money at your account before 18.00 because there was problems with their systems. And sometimes you can´t access your bank account through internet. There is organized gang stalking strategy all companies and departments using.

Social wellfare who is sending the money stop sending you notice about payment day, and this notice arriving one week after your money is on the account. The social wellfare secretary using to sign with name and day for payment and then stop write the payment day.

Trade union stop sending your invoices, so you need to write to them. And the trade union stop sending the yearly calender.

Broad company don´t sending invoices so you need to write to them.

Today it is 27/9 and the landlord hasen´t send your invoice for your appartment, so you need to write to them

It is something new every month.

This method is used by all companies and departments in their organzied gang stalking


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