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Opening the seventh seal, That inner light is the kundalini. In most of us it’s only operating at 40 watts. In great saints and tantric masters, it functions at a thousand gigawatt amperage. The sword is the Kundalini. the power of the Kundalini in the spinal column of each body makes them a priest, a magi, a magician. Magi, or mag, means “priest.” Crucifixion means one who has mastered his lower nature, and has been made clean in the consciousness of the Innermost.”

Opening the seventh seal, That inner light is the kundalini. In most of us it’s only operating at 40 watts. In great saints and tantric masters, it functions at a thousand gigawatt amperage. The sword is the Kundalini. the power of the Kundalini in the spinal column of each body makes them a priest, a magi, a magician. Magi, or mag, means “priest.” Crucifixion means one who has mastered his lower nature, and has been made clean in the consciousness of the Innermost.”

The gross body of every human being is called pindam, but the kundalini shakti remains in a latent form in the whole body. Until and unless you can withdraw the senses from the coccygeal center to the sacral center, the sacral to the lumbar, the lumbar to the dorsal, the dorsal to the cervical, the cervical to the medulla oblongata, and the medulla oblongata to the cortical center (i.e., fontanel), you cannot perceive the indwelling divinity. The sounds of the fifty letters of the Sanskrit alphabet are in the spine between the coccygeal center and the pituitary gland. The first letter ham is in the pituitary gland, and the last letter sa is in the coccygeal center. If all of these letters are withdrawn and consciousness is locked in the pituitary, this is the hamsa stage.

Now, let me define a few terms. Prana is the life force of the atom. Apana is elimination or the eliminating force. These are two forces, positive and negative, in us which are governed by pingala and ida; that is, right and left. When we join these two energies under the power and the science of Kundalini Yoga, we mix the prana with the apana and, under that pressure, bring the Kundalini up. When it passes through the central nerve or Sushumana, it reaches the higher chakras or lotuses, and thus man can easily look into the future. His psychic power becomes activated. He can know his total surroundings and he is a blessed being.

The pineal gland or seat of the soul, does not work when the tenth gate (top of the head) is sealed, but if the pineal will secrete (when the Kundalini heat comes), your pituitary will act as radar, keeping the mind from negativity. Yes, Kundalini is known as the nerve of the soul. This is to be awakened. Your soul is to be awakened. When soul gets awakened, there remains nothing. What else?

The fact remains that without having your Kundalini awakened, your soul is not awakened. If your soul is awakened, what else do you need? If you will get into the actions that awaken the Kundalini, the nerve of the soul, then this car of yours will be driven or chauffeured by the soul and not by the negative ego, and then you will have found the God in you.

When you do yoga, please, for God’s sake, remember you are playing with the energy which is the life force of the atom. You can well understand what you are doing. I’m giving you a word of warning. The prana has been described in the Shastras (Yogic Scriptures) as that which makes the atom live. The voltage here in the wall socket is 110. And do you touch it without insulation? No! Then how can you play with the pranic energy? (Proper technique and preparation is the insulation you need.)

A fully awakened soul is powered by the power of 1000 lotus flowers. Kundalini Energy: Kundalini is actually the power of consciousness, whether it’s in our body or in the universe at large. The awakening of kundalini is the greatest enterprise and most wonderful achievement in front of man. That inner light is the kundalini. In most of us it’s only operating at 40 watts. In great saints and tantric masters, it functions at a thousand gigawatt amperage.

The Apocalypse refers to the book sealed with seven seals, the book that is within our organism with its seven churches. It clearly tells us that only the Lamb can open its seven seals with the sword of the Kundalini.

The sword is the Kundalini.

The conquest of each Vertebra in the Dorsal Spine signifies fighting to the death against the ADEPTS OF THE SHADOW.

Fortunately, those who work with the Kundalini receive the FLAMING SWORD and they defend themselves with it.

Sometimes the Student, exhausted’ from the battle, yet still holding the Sword in his hands, achieves the entrance into the Temple. This Path is full of dangers from within and from without.  Many are those who begin, yet few are those who finish.

The Elixir of Long Life cannot be acquired without this stone.  The two columns of the Temple, Jachin and Boaz, are the Man and the Woman who are allied in order to work with the Philosophical Stone.  Whosoever finds the Philosophical Stone is transformed into a GOD.

The Stonemason'”, who is covetous, abandons the Great Work when he finds other work even when the latter is indeed of darkness. Covetous [people] withdraw themselves from the Great Work.  Many are those who start the Work, yet few are those who finish it.  THE RESURRECTED MASTERS can be counted on the fingers of the hands.

Each of these bodies is just a vessel, a vehicle like your physical one, but better, because it is not made from fornication, it is not made from sin. It is made from divine atoms. They are bodies of incredible beauty, splendor, and power. They are acquired for a reason, not for fun and games, not so we can go in the astral plane to investigate the lives of other people, spy on our neighbor, or see if what we suspect about our wife is true. These bodies are needed because in order for us to completely eliminate the ego, we need these weapons—we need the protection, we need the armaments. If we try to go into our own infernal worlds with our protoplasmic bodies—which are infected by ego—we have nothing to defend ourselves with—no defense, no protection—because the protoplasmic bodies are diseased. The solar bodies are perfect—well, on their way to perfection. The solar bodies are perfected in initiations of the Serpents of Light, which come later. A master is one who has reached the Initiation of Major Mysteries related with the Sephirah Tiphereth, and has received a sword. The sword is symbolic. We have all heard about the flaming sword that guards the way to Eden. The flaming sword of any great God or Angel is the Kundalini. What does the sword represent? Will power.

Right now, our will as a humanity is in conquering each other, stabbing each other in the back, stealing and lying, feeding our lust. Our will is all about serving our self-will. But the Divine Mother gives a flaming sword to a Master who will serve her, who will become an exponent of Divine Will. Kundalini is that sword. That is something that is earned. It is not given for free. This is what the Divine Mother wants. This is why we exist. It is to create the soul, and to return to God, and to advance our evolution.

Through the Initiations of Major Mysteries the initiate is transcending the mechanical laws of nature. All of us right now are complete victims of the mechanical laws of nature. We have little or no control over what happens in our lives, in our communities, in our culture. We cannot control ourselves, and we cannot control nature. We think we can, but a little storm comes along and shows us differently, or somebody falls asleep at the controls of a machine and kills a lot of people, or destroys an area of nature from negligence and foolishness. We cannot even control our own nature inside; we are slaves of our animal nature.

A Master commands nature. We have all heard about masters like Krishna and Moses creating miracles, Jesus raising the dead back to life. All the prophets have performed miracles; all the saints, all the Buddha’s, could fly through the air, walk on the water, command the flames, call the tempests, split the earth. That is because the power of the Kundalini in the spinal column of each body makes them a priest, a magi, a magician. Magi, or mag, means “priest.”

“The cross does not alone represent a cross upon which a man was hung, but also a thing upon which glory descended. The cross is the symbol of one crucified and reborn into the Innermost, and not a thing of torture and pain. Crucifixion means one who has mastered his lower nature, and has been made clean in the consciousness of the Innermost.”

The cross is our personal body and mind that must be conquered and tamed in, by and of the will of Christ the divine high priest whom enters the synagogue or temple of your body & mind to resurrect you from an unconscious dead sleep that is of the mental and physical.

The size, armor, puissance, and snake references pertain to the celestial energy they wield: they are masters of kundalini, the Supreme Being’s creative energy. In other mythic portraits, this “snake” energy or kundalini is presented as a massive sword, such as the Sword of Goliath, the giant that David overthrew in Hebrew myth.

Explanation: The giant Goliath is a coded sign for the Elohim, an angelic family temporarily in human, though giant, form and charged with tutoring early humanity in divine knowledge and practices. David did not overcome and slay Goliath; rather, he mastered the teachings offered him by the Elohim and thus earned the right to wield the sword because he could do so responsibly.

The sword here stands for the array of psychic powers and magical abilities (siddhis) that come with the awakening of kundalini (the god? fire, in Greek myth) illuminating the chakras in an embodied human with free will. It is sometimes called the Word Sword, suggesting spoken incantations or the power of speech to shape reality. Without expert and strict tutoring, it’s only a matter of time before this power gets abused and people start getting hurt.

The Stroke is also insight used for oneself in a separatist sense, rather than insight used for the good of many with the interests of the individual self secondary. The wounding of the once Rich Fisher King, who now becomes the Wounded Fisher King, is actually a punishment and limitation, not an injury.

The excesses perpetrated on the world and humanity by the undisciplined use of the Sword of Goliath (i.e., divine knowledge of the Elohim) led to the curtailment of the possibility of its use. The injury (the Fisher King wounds himself in the upper thigh or groin, i.e., the root chakra) means consciousness cannot complete the intended circuit of root chakra to crown chakra and the corresponding flow of the gods’ fire (kundalini) through it, illuminating all.

When Shakti or Kundalini is understood as the Redeemer: it is the force which liberates the Yogi from the cycle of rebirth of samsara and the illusion of maya. In this way, it is – to use the Western equivalent – the Messiah, or one might say “the messianic force”

The Lamb is our interior Angel that is to say, our Innermost. When the seventh seal is opened (the seal that is related with the church of Laodicea, situated on the head) then the Lamb teaches that the seven Angels of the seven trumpets are the same seven Angels of the seven churches. The Angel with the golden censer is our Innermost, who triumphantly enters into the White Hierarchy along with his Diamond Soul. He becomes another Perfect One among the community of the Elected Ones… “And the angel took the censer, and filled it with the fire of the altar, and cast it into the earth: and there were voices, and thunderings, and lightnings, and an earthquake.” -Revelation 8:5 Here the Apocalypse tells us that when we have opened the seventh seal with the sword of the , then the seven churches open their doors for us and teach us the wisdom of the seven great terrestrial periods, which correspond to the seven great cosmic periods. The eighth chapter of the Apocalypse continues in reference to the seven Angels, stating that when they consecutively sound their respective trumpets, the great cosmic events are successively occurring.

As we have learned, the exalted Son of Man is both the Lamb of God and the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. Because of His perfect obedience to His Father to live a sinless life and die for our sins, He alone is the worthy Redeemer who is able to open the seven-sealed scroll. This scroll contains the prophecies for the last days leading to the return of Jesus to Earth. The Lord opens the seven-sealed scroll to reveal horrific end-time events. God’s just judgments are not against His people but against those who oppose Him. In fact, the judgments are God’s answer to the prayers of His people for God to avenge them. While this is a time of doom and gloom for unbelievers, it is the greatest opportunity in all of history for God’s people to witness to their faith in the One True God and His Messiah, Jesus of Nazareth. To this point, God has opened the first six seals. The seventh seal is the seven trumpet-shofar judgments and the seventh trumpet-shofar is the seven bowl judgments. Whereas the first six seals are somewhat general, the seventh seal releases the trumpet-shofar and bowl judgments, which are much more specific and severe. Before opening the seventh seal, God places a mark or seal of protection on His own. While God’s people are protected from His wrath, which is now going to be revealed, they are persecuted by those who hate God. In his apocalyptic vision, John fast forwards to the end of this time of tribulation and sees the people of God before the throne of God. They are the victors who overcame the evil one by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony (see Rev. 12:11). With this assurance of victory for His people, the Lord now opens the seventh seal.

When one enters into the spiritual life, does the kundalini automatically arise, or does this happen only in certain people? There are various paths that lead to the Goal. Kundalini yoga is one path that offers special power, but there are other paths which also offer similar powers. Let us say there are three roads leading toward the same destination. One road has quite a few trees and flowers, the second has a few trees and flowers, and the third one does not have any at all. While walking the kundalini path, you see some power, but this power is definitely not the ultimate power. For those who have no spiritual or occult power, kundalini power seems very vast.

But in comparison to the power of the Goal, kundalini power is nothing. On some paths, this kind of occult power is not there. The road is clear and you Just go forward and reach the goal. Then, once you reach the goal, you get the omnipotent power, spiritual power. But the follower of kundalini yoga often Just stays with his limited power.

On very rare occasions seekers have , fallen from the spiritual path because they have achieved spiritual power. Kundalini power, occult power, has taken many, many sincere seekers away from the truth. Most of the time, kundalini power is a curse and not a blessing. If you misuse kundalini power, then you are ruined. You destroy all your possibilities to realise the Highest, and God knows how many incarnations

it will take you to come back to the right path again. Ninety-nine percent of the time the kundalini power is misused. But if you use it properly, then you get inspiration to do something good for the world. There are many spiritual Masters of the highest order who do not have kundalini power because they have not followed that path, but they have spiritual power, which is much stronger.

The real power, spiritual power, comes to the seeker in the process of his inner growth. Again, if God is pleased with a seeker who is following a different path, He can give the seeker a little bit of kundalini power. If He feels that the seeker may need kundalini power in the future in order to manifest Him in a specific way, then God sends some messenger who is working in kundalini to give that person power.

All the different spiritual qualities are in God’s Room. If you enter into God’s Room, here you will see one box marked peace, and other boxes marked light, love, delight and power. Now you are only caring for peace, but God feels that you may also need a little bit of power. The world is such that if you don’t show a little bit of power, people don’t believe. So if God feels the necessity for power in your life, even though you don’t want kundalini power, God will give it. But if God does not feel any necessity, then even if you cry for kundalini power, He will not give it to you.

It is said that Maya, the Lord’s Sakti, is more powerful than the Lord Himself. In the very first verse of (Soundarya Lahari’ Acharya Sankara says, ‘United with Sakti, Siva is endowed with the power to create the universe. Otherwise, He is incapable even of movement:’ Sri Ramakrishna himself expressed the same idea to the Holy Mother when he told her during his last days at Cossipore, ‘What after all has this one done? You’ll have to do much more.’

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