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Only by overcoming the desire to remain physical, can one hope to overcome death. “Escape” “the World”, your “life” depends on it. We are all in “Heaven” right now; we are just unconscious of it. God (our spiritual father) wants us all to simply “wake up”. When the mind identifies with the ego, kundalini flows downward. It descends to the level of muladhara chakra, the lowest chakra in the seven-chakra system. And it remains there, coiled up and asleep.

Only once we have destroyed our egos, and purified (let go of physical desire) our spirits will we then be removed from quarantine. This is a path we must all walk on our own. This is where the psychedelic experience and kundalini awakening come in. You will find at a “level 5” psychedelic experience “ego death” is common, and kundalini awakening is assisted by removal (or destruction) of ego.

The ego separates us from God, and divided we fall. We are all “born” into the “physical world” with the ego-consciousness in control of the “body”. The ego doesn’t want to lose control of the body and it uses fear to maintain control. Do not be afraid, just let it go…

In the beginning of your “awakening” you realize this is where you are and you’re small and located around the pelvis area of the shell. Naturally we begin to move upwards towards the head. Moving upward, feel the unfolding of energy from within.

As we focus and progress through the chakra gates up, we find the last gate to open, the thousand petal lotus, and the illusion of “death”. It is this very illusion that guards the door to immortality and enlightenment. After overcoming the fear of death by surrendering to it, the final gate opens and a full transcendental awakening is achieved.

A fully awakened one no longer thinks (suffers) with the physical mind and its limitations, rather the kundalini (“God’s child”) operates the body (pursuing the spiritual goal (divine will) free from distraction) in order to free others as it has been freed.

The truth is that we are all already “born” “dead” from birth. We are all dead in this “world of the dead” because we are each born with a dormant kundalini, with the ego-consciousness in control. This “dormant” kundalini (the real you) is simply a seed of God’s consciousness.

To an immortal being, unconsciousness, (or dormancy) is as dead as it gets. In this dormant state, we act as merely a battery which powers the body. We are slaves to the body, as a battery is a slave to what it powers. The body (your vessel which you power) has its own preprogrammed insatiable physical desires (“sins”) which constantly distract our attention and constantly try to get us to expend our energy on pursuing its desires.

Only by identifying those desires as they are can one become strong against their distractions. Only once you’ve overcome the desires and influences “of the flesh”, can you learn to focus on your one true spiritual goal, fully awakening (spiritual consciousness= heaven), and then awakening others.

The most important thing to remember is: to be physical is to be “dead”.

Only by overcoming the desire to remain physical, can one hope to overcome death. “Escape” “the World”, your “life” depends on it. We are all in “Heaven” right now; we are just unconscious of it. God (our spiritual father) wants us all to simply “wake up”.

When the mind identifies with the ego, kundalini flows downward. It descends to the level of muladhara chakra, the lowest chakra in the seven-chakra system. And it remains there, coiled up and asleep.

If the germ or seed does not die the plant cannot be born. It is necessary to die. The animal Ego that lives in our psyche and feeds from our energy has to die within ourselves, if we want to enjoy Authentic Illumination. I will say to you that Illumination is not possible meanwhile the Ego, our Personality is not eliminated.

‘Normally’, the Consciousness or better to say, ‘abnormally,’ our Essence is bottled up among the ‘myself, among the “I” of our psychology. It is clear that while the Consciousness remains bottled up or imprisoned among the Ego, it will be asleep, it will work according to its own condition, it will be subjective, incoherent and imprecise.

When one destroys the Ego and passes through the Buddhist Annihilation or Inner Death the Consciousness is liberated and the incoherencies finish, all what comes forth is total Illumination, without spots or incoherencies of any type.

When one has an Objective Mind in contrast to the Subjective Mind, the only thing that remains is the clarity of the spirit. Then one walks through the world of the mathematics and perfections. However, all of that would not be possible if before one does not pass through the Buddhist Annihilation or complete Inner Death.

Observing all of this clearly, we see the necessity of a power that is superior to the Mind, and this power is not other but Kundalini, the igneous serpent of our magical powers. Only she can disintegrate all inhuman psychic aggregates of anger, greed, lust or envy, etc., etc., etc.

If you reach the Buddhist annihilation, if you attain the radical death, you will awake absolutely here and now; then you will become conscious of the life in the Superior Worlds.

It is necessary to die in order to awake, I repeat, here and now. When one truly awakes, the problem of the astral projection finishes. One remains Conscious in the physical world and in the Superior ones; then it does not matter if the body is asleep or awaken because one always lives Consciously.

The problem of the astral projection disappears definitively because if the body is sleeping, one is conscious in the Astral world, one lives and acts consciously there and comes back to the physical body at will when one wants it. Then, where is the problem of the astral projection? That problem has finished. What really counts is to Awake.

Many Eastern teachers believe the awakening of Kundalini within the human body to be an essential prerequisite of enlighten-ment. Like the king cobra she is asso-ciated with, Kundalini is both mag-nificent and deadly and must be treated with the utmost respect and caution.

The Indian yogi Gopi Krishna has written a compelling account of his experience with the inadvertently awakened Kundalini, whose tremendous power, like a stray lightning bolt, nearly destroyed his life and burned his body to an ember.

Any encounter with the serpentine energies is a step into unknown territory outside the ego’s jurisdiction, a journey across the borderlands between our everyday reality and the great beyond.

The greatest spiritual power lies in Sahasrara and not in Ajna chakra. The Sanskrit translation of the word Sahasrara explains everything – “Thousand-Petal Lotus”. In the Kundalini Yoga, each chakra is symbolized with its own number of petals, but Sahasrara has the most.

The symbolic meaning for thousand petals of Sahasrara is the thousand spiritual powers in humans that lead them to the highest point of spiritual evolution. It leads the yogi to a power and knowledge beyond normal human understanding.

This chakra is beyond all experiences because the spirit that observes the act of observing and the object of observing become one. The consciousness is at the top level and faces maximum expansion.

When Kundalini Shakti reaches this point of spiritual height, the consciousness of the yogi that has passed the three main energy channels, awaken all lower chakras and come to the door of Sahasrara explodes and disperses into a million pieces and rejoins again in one big mighty unity.

One consciousness fades away until it dies and a new purified and illuminated one is born. The Ego and all its manifestations are destroyed in the final battle and the yogi has been set free from the eternal circle of life and death. That is an experience of Nirvana. It is a state of the spirit that only a few – the most worthy ones will be lucky to experience during their lifetime.

A very interesting fact is that the nature of the Kundalini energy is bipolar but when it rises and reaches Sahasrara chakra it becomes mono polar or one complete unity. This unity of Kundalini born in Sahasrara chakra, in ancient India was called “The great joining of Shiva and Shakti”. In the old scripts of Kundalini Yoga, Shiva and Shakti represent the male and female principle in humans.

In Sahasrara, the ecstasy of the spirit is infinite and new horizons (greater than the ones opened when Kundalini was passing through the Ajna chakra); appear in front of the yogi. No word can describe this experience, which in fact, is the highest spiritual achievement. When this has been accomplished, the yogi has beaten the weal of Karma and now blissfully floats on the level of Nirvana.

It is just then when the yogi is much higher than the Karma can reach. The yogi is finally free, because once the yogi’s worthy spirit has touched the subtle energy of Nirvana’s plane, he or she will never have to reincarnate again except if a decision has been made to help the global spiritual evolution of humankind.

According to a Yoga tradition, a spirit that has reached the Nirvana and taken a physical form again, comes from the love of humanity, so it is called an Avatar – The One, who brings the message of God. An Avatar always offers the path of cosmic love, peace and understanding. The Avatar’s spiritual vision is always the same: “To help every living being to discover the path that will lead it to its true home”.

However, most of the effects that appear when Kundalini energy passes through Sahasrara are beyond the analytical mind because they are present much higher on the planes than the physical, and only those who have experienced them can understand them.

Perhaps the best association for this experience is what some yogi said once: “The light that radiates from the Sahasrara chakra stretches in all directions where the third eye can reach”.

Rudra destroys this false entity, the ego, by destroying the world. The ego does not want to die but true knowledge shows that there is no death. Death is only a change; change is eternal and happens within the body all the time.

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