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One of the greatest ways to overcome fear is by praying. Prayer gets our all-knowing, all-powerful God involved. When the ego is in operation, it shuts down the heart centre, and when the heart centre is open and in control, it shuts down he ego.” Then ego is mass consciounsess, the heart is shut down by the matrix of the this world. Tavistock Institute. Part 142

One of the greatest ways to overcome fear is by praying. Prayer gets our all-knowing, all-powerful God involved.

Reconnect with your heart. As long as we are alive, it is never too late. We are free in each moment to choose the path of our heart, which never stops quietly whispering to us, urging us to follow it. The second key to successfully following our hearts is to learn how to deal with fear. Fear prevents people from reaching their fullest potential in life. It comes in many flavors—fear of looking ridiculous, fear of failure, fear of rejec-tion, fear that we simply aren’t good enough, and sometimes even fear of our own potential greatness.

Unfortunately, no one else can overcome our fear for us; we must learn to master it on our own. The most important insight about fear is that it seldom exists in the pres-ent moment. It is almost always about the future, something we are afraid is going to happen.

When we direct our attention fully into the present moment, fear greatly lessens or disappears. The second important insight about fear is that it is almost always a creation of our minds; it rarely exists in the physical world. We can dissolve fear in our minds by bringing self-awareness to it and consciously choosing not to give any additional energy to the fearful thoughts.

Rather, we should use the energy that fear creates to focus the mind more intently on the present moment—where fear doesn’t exist. We must learn how to do this if we really want to be free from fear and stay connected to our hearts and to our higher purposes. Contempla-tive practices that teach us how to quiet our minds and focus our attention can also help us overcome fear.

When thy heart is pure the darkness will disappear. When thy mind is freed from passion, thou wilt reach the end of trial, and when the thought of self-preservation is yielded up, there will be no more cause for sorrow.

Until you overcome your fears, especially the fear of failure and try something new, something totally different from universal norms, you can never get your vision realized.

He who never risks anything will never gain anything worth-while. God wants us to master our faith and extinguish our fears. In His mind, fear is a matter of personal choice. This is why Jesus said—”Do not allow your hearts to be troubled. Trust in God. Trust in Me and My ability to help you. Fear not. I am going to give you a supernatural peace that the world at large will not be able to understand because they have not been able to grasp it. You won’t be able to understand it yourself except to know that your confidence comes from Me” (see John 14:27).

Fear cannot remain in God’s presence. He doesn’t allow it.

God is dwelling among his chosen people. God is dwelling in the heart. God is greater than the heart. God is all, not a part, yet every part. Love God with all your heart. Love yourself with the same devotion. Love all who come to you as you love God. But practice finding the loving within yourself before you look out. With loving, nothing is impossible. With loving, you can overcome all things. You can overcome your fears, your insecurities, your disturbances, everything. Through the Christ consciousness that is your heritage, you are born anew, resurrected in Spirit.

The outer forms are designed to focus and direct the mind and provide a structure to relate to. But the changes, the growth, the learning, and the understanding all take place within you. It is not an outer process as much as an inner one. The Spiritual Traveler has the ability to touch the inner consciousness, communicate with you directly through your inner spiritual essence, and affect change from the inside out. Change can never be imposed on you from the outside; change takes place inside first and then manifests on the outer levels.

You are a god in your creativity, and in Spirit you have access to spiritual power. You do not necessarily have access to that spiritual power here on this level. If you can keep the two levels separated very distinctly and understand the different values of the spiritual levels and the laws governing them, you can start leading a very enchanted life.

The quality of the Soul is different than the quality of the Inner Master. They are not the same, except perhaps in the macro consciousness where there is no separation and no thing is different from another. In expression, however, the Soul is an individualized spark of the God form, and the Inner Master is an extension of the greater Master form we call the traveler or the Christ within.

God’s agent has manifested itself in a very special form and has run an extension through all levels of creation and maintained it through nurturing care and loving concern. It is like an iron rod giving strength and a focus around which you can gather your energy.

The Inner Master is, in essence, a rod of power. It is indeed an all-knowing, all-encompassing, and totally loving force field that knows the intimacy of your beingness. In its wisdom, it realizes the functional reality of the Soul’s experience, gained as you dabble consciously in this world. The Inner Master stands back, much like a benign Iftather, as you make your mistakes, learn your lessons, destroy, create and progress through he world.

The Inner Master is present in everyone in greater or lesser form. In those who are following a spiritual path and are consciously seeking to attune themselves to Spirit’s inner guidance, the Inner Master takes on a more solid form.

The Inner Master forms an identity level within you as something that is cognitively real. It is not a hallucination, but something you can communicate with, ask questions, and ask for guidance. It is something you can love and adore. You can also ignore it, yell at it, or criticize it, and it will continue to love you because it knows the ultimate with which you’re dealing and keeps the ultimate present with you whether you’re expressing and experiencing the macro or the micro consciousness. The Inner Master makes sure that you never really lose track of the vision.

Now you have another lesson to learn. Do more spiritual exercises. Chant your tone more. Build up all the Light units you can. Strengthen your awareness of the rod of power present inside of you.” Use every opportunity to make your contact stronger with the Inner Master.

This is the central key for the Illuminati; Fear controls the mind and lack of knowledge make mandind easy to mind-control-manage by fear.

When you deal with fear by indulging it, when you address insecurity by catering to it, it grows and grows. There is another path, a way to overcome fear. That way is never to succumb to fear, never to buy the lie that you were born insignificant and now need to acquire things and prove yourself to others to start mattering.

If you are now out of your heart source, go back in. Just say, “Heart source.” Set your intention to experience the change of energy as it moves in you. Now this might be difficult to experience, because how do you know what the energy is outside you? Feel the energy as it comes in to you.

See whether you can feel the subtle changes as the energy moves in through your crown, the back of your heart center, the front of your heart center, or your first chakra. Notice how the energy subtly changes as it moves. it acclimates to your energy according to your intention. When you bring energy in from the creative chaos with the intention of creating form — whether that form is something in the physical or something that happens within you, such as spiritual expansion — it combines with your current energy and you can work with it more easily.

Those of you who have made a pot out of clay, what is the process? First, you kneed the clay until all the bubbles are out. You pick out any impurities, such as small pieces of twigs or leaves. You keep kneading it until you know it is the correct texture and smoothness, and you feel for what you are going to create —a pot, tea mug, bowl, or other beautiful artwork. You bring that energy you use for creating your form into you and work with that energy. That is what happens when you bring in energy with the intention of creating something new.

The vibration begins to change as soon as you set that intention. When that vibration is to create something new in your life, such as spiritual expansion, the energy takes on the vibration needed in union with the energy you already have to spiritually expand. if your intention is to learn a new language, that vibration comes in. It is automatically the energy of the Ein Sof, the chaos, the creative-force energy. You’ve already begun to change it with your intention.

Yes, that energy is pure love. It is undifferentiated love. It is love without form. And through your intention, you create form. Consider that. That is how powerful your intention is to create that form. As soon as you set that intention, the energy changes.

The team at HeartMath have also sought to measure the electric and magnetic fields produced by both the brain and the heart. They report that the heart’s magnetic field is over five hundred times bigger than the brain’s and that the heart’s electrical field is sixty times bigger than the brain’s. This effectively means that your heart fields radiate out into life, transmitting and receiving information, constantly interacting with the energy fields of other people and mass consciousness. As information travels back through the heart fields into your body, the energy is transmuted, physical changes occur and you receive feedback in the form of emotions, feelings, and intuitions. There is a strong argument to suggest that many of the subtle intuitive feelings we have arise from fluctuations within these subtle energy biofields as they detect energetic shifts in the “quantum energy soup” of life.

Not only does the heart create measurable energy fields that extend beyond the physical boundaries of your body, the heart has a mind of its own that sends meaningful messages to the brain and other areas of the body. The heart has a complex neural network, which has led scientists to refer to it as the “mini-brain.” Its neural circuitry enables it to act independently of the cranial brain, to learn, remember, make decisions, and even feel and sense via the secretion of a number of hormones and neurotransmitters. There are more ascending neural pathways than descending—this essentially means that the head sends more information to the brain than the brain sends to the heart. This gives an entirely different picture to our usual idea that intelligence takes place exclusively within the brain.

“When the ego is in operation, it shuts down the heart centre, and when the heart centre is open and in control, it shuts down he ego.” Then ego is mass consciounsess, the heart is shut down by the matrix of the this world.

Don’t live life aimlessly and without purpose, or thi small daily insignificant things or problems will start erode you away. Look at tM greater picture of all tire days put together in the future, but learn from the past and live positively now in the present and get your, mind set right to be truly happy.

Which way is the wind blowing, wind being your mind. The journey to the centre of the heart is a challenging one, and there will be many trying moments, and each of these trying moments is there to teach you/me/us something. It’s how you approach each of these trying moments which decide your highs and lows and your future and our future.

With Self Realization each one of us reaches a certain level in their journey at different times and the infor-mation obtained by us, and the message received doesn’t necessary have the same meaning to another person on their level of their cycle of life, and the raising of their consciousness. You choose thit direction and the people you want to be with, whether it’s forward, around or even backwards. So choose wisely.

The Sculp of Self is a never ending process. So you decide what you want to look like by chiselling and moulding your shape, your personality. You can call back traits that you don’t like and put forward the one’s you do, a process of moulding and carv-ing your seed, that seed grows to be the big “YOU”. When the ego is in operation, it shuts down the heart centre, and when the heart centre is open and in control, it shuts down he ego. When you become AWARE of Yourself, you can become Peace and Love which is connected to Light.

Alchemy is the transmutation of base metals into gold. Inner alchemy is the journey through the CHAKRA’s (energy bodies), from the base chakra – earth body to the crown chakra. At the end of a rainbow you will find a pot of gold. You will find this gold which is the halo, or mouth piece to the Great Spirit when you learn the lessons of each ” vibration or body’. Our bodies are the same colour as the rainbow, hence HU (=Colour) Man (= US).

You need to ascend up from the red root earth body, through to the orange emotional body, through the yellow fire or spirit body, though the green wind intellectual body, though the blue communication body, though indigo vision body, though violet the crowning glory body learning the lessons that each bring, transmuting the dense energy into higher energy. This process must be done by been constantly aware of your thoughts, actions and deeds. There are no short cuts.

You turn base metals into gold by using the elements which we are made from which are earth, water, fire, wind. By working with these elements you create the golden halo around your head which is the ‘pot of gold at the end of the rainbow”.

En- Lighten-Ment. Each element and chakric body resonates at a different vibration, and brings its own set of challengers and lessons and only when you have mastered each body, can you successfully move up to the next body, layer or level. Your whole world is what is going on inside of yourself, as this reflects outwards in your outer world. So if you keep looking outside yourself to make you happy, you will always be hollow and unhappy. But when you start to look inside yourself for contentment and blessings, you will find what you are looking for, and your turbulence water/emotions will become still. Don’t allow outside influences to get the better of you.

Awareness and imagination are two great tools we have at our disposal, so start to notice what is going on inside, and outside of yourself by using these great tools.. Release your suffering by becoming aware of your every thought, your words you speak and the actions you perform, and take yourself into your Divine kingdom.

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