THE number thirteen is unlucky for ignorance only.

All so-called laws of nature may be reduced to


The origin of words and their application vary widely.

Thus the origin of twelve is circle or completeness, or

without break or sin; that is complete. All operations

that produce something may be called twelve, being com-

plete in order to produce, the product is therefore thir-

teen. Thus all machines or factories symbol twelve and

the product thirteen.


There are twelve constellations, the central suns of

which constitute the signs of the Zodiac.

One sign rises every two hours, or so appears to our

sense, because the rotation of earth causes the phenom-

enon, and the earth, or sun, makes thirteen.


There are twelve functions of the human body and the

seed, or psycho-physical germ, born in the solar plexus

every 29^ days. So then there are twelve moons and a

fraction in 365 days. The pneumo gastric nerve, vagus

nerve, that comes down from cerebellum across (a cross)

the medulla oblongata branches out at the lungs (pneumo)

and at the stomach (gastric), and is called ”The Tree

of Life” (thirteen letters), also pneumo gastric (thirteen


There are twelve mineral salts in the blood and blood

itself the product thirteen.


1st Chr., 14th ch., 3d ver. ”And David took more

wives and concubines at Jerusalem ; and David begat more

sons and daughters.”

Here follows the names of thirteen children.


The 29th and 30th chapters of Genesis record the birth

of eleven sons and one daughter, Dinah. The 35th chap-

ter records the birth of Benjamin, the 12th son and 13th


Jacob, in Hebrew, is circle, or to follow after, also

represented in Hebrew symbology by a circle of men, each

one with hand holding the heel of the one in front, and

thus describing a circle.

The origin of the allegory is founded in the rotation of

earth and the apparent rising of one of the Signs of the

Zodiac every two hours, making twelve, and the earth

itself thirteen.

The esoteric meaning is based in the marvelous oper-

ation of the wonderfully made human body. All of the

parables, fables or allegories of the human organism are

related to 13.

Moses, Joshua, Jesus, Christ and all the characters of

the Scriptures are symbols of the psycho-physical seed

that is born in, or out of the solar ”manger” in the center

of the body. (Manger =solar plexus)

Twelve symbols a circle, in Hebrew, meaning complete.

The product of twelve is thirteen. Galilee is a circle. The

Sea of Galilee, circle of water, or fluid, hence circulation

of the blood and fluids of the body. So Jacob may be

applied to the body.

Rachel means Ewe, or Mary, Eve or the manger (solar

plexus) where Mary and Jesus were found. There is no

U in the Hebrew alphabet, hence no double U. So V is

the letter, or double V hence EVE or EWE i. e.,

Rachel. The solar plexus is symboled by many names in

the Bible, all female, whether they refer to a man or a

woman, because it gives birth to the seed. This won-

drous redeeming seed is exactly the same in male and

female and plays no part in generation, but is the ”Plan

of Salvation” whereby the child ”born in sin” may be

redeemed and saved. Thus, ”In my Kingdom (regenera-

tion) there is no marrying,” etc.

For key to Benjamin, the entire chapter, Genesis 35th,

should be studied carefully in the light of the new reve-


Sixth verse, 35th chapter: ”So Jacob came to Luz, the

same is Bethel” (or Beth-lehem), house of bread, the

solar plexus. ”He built there an altar (same as ”man-

ger” or plexus, womb) and called the place ”El-beth-

el,” (God’s house of God) because there God was re-

vealed, etc.

Sixteenth verse: ”And they journeyed from Bethel

and there was some distance to come to Eprath” (fruit,

posterity, Bethlehem, seed).

Here Rachael ”had hard labor” and gave birth to Ben-

oni and died. Ben-oni means ”child of my sorrow,” but

Jacob called him Ben-Ja-min, ”Son of my right hand.”

Sixteenth to twentieth verse: ”And Rachael died and

was buried in the way to Ephrath (the same is Bethle-

hem) . ”And Jacob set up a pillar upon her grave; ”The

same is the pillar of Rachael’s grave unto this day.”

The solar plexus, chamber or manger is the pillar.

The death of Rachael, the mother, simply means that

thirteen completes the number of seeds born during the

thirteen moon months. See chapter on The Passover.

Great latitude must be given to writers of parables,

fables and allegories.

Genesis, 35th chapter, 10th verse: ”And God said

unto him, thy name is Jacob (the circle), thy name shall

not be called any more Jacob, but Israel shall be thy


Israel here clearly points to the seeds, thirteen, one

every moon, that cross Jordan. Twelfth verse, 35th

chapter: ”And to thy seed after thee will I give the


Jacob (circle) means complete operation; and thirteen

the seed, Israel, the product.


In the book of Joshua (Son of Nun), a fish born in

the solar plexus twelve times in 365 days and a fraction,

see Leap Year, it is recorded that the host marched

around the walls of Jericho once daily for six days and

seven times on the seventh thirteen.

Jericho, captured by the British troops, 1917, is situ-

ated thirteen miles outside the walls of Jerusalem.


Before the crucifixion of Jesus, the seed, fish, there

were twelve Disciples or workers and Jesus was the thir-

teenth. After the crucifixion, which means to increase in

power, (note the increase in power of the electric current

when the wires are crossed), Paul was added to the

twelve Apostles. Paul is made to say: ”I was born out

of time.”

The meaning of Paul is small or the ”still small voice,”

as P is from the Hebrew letter Pe, to speak, or the

mouth. S is from the 21st letter of the Hebrew alphabet,

Schin, meaning falling short of completeness as there are

22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet. So the allegory makes

the allegorical character Saul before conversion, or re-

generation, the preacher, after the transmuta-


There are no dates to the so-called Epistles of Paul.

Neither are there dates to any of the writings scrip-

tures gathered by the Council of Nicara under the Pa-

gan Emperor, Constantine. No one knows when they

were written.


The thirteenth degree of the Zodiacal Sign Cancer was

rising July 4th, 1776, when the Declaration of Independ-

ence was signed. Cancer represents the breast and is

therefore the mother sign, or woman. M is from Mem,

the thirteen letter of the Hebrew alphabet, and means

woman. The United States plays the part of mother to

all peoples and gathers them under her protecting care.

We commenced our individuality as a nation with thirteen


In 1782 the obverse side of the United States Seal was

made and contained thirteen stars, thirteen stripes, and an

eagle with a quiver containing thirteen arrowheads in

one talon and an olive branch with thirteen leaves in the

other. And the motto U E pluribus unum” contains thir-

teen letters.

About this time, 1782, an unknown man appeared in

Philadelphia and offered the drawing of a seal (see cut)

which he suggested be added as the reverse side. This

man declared that the seal would be adopted in the Year

1921, the digits of which equal thirteen, and that the

eagle would no more be used.

Strange to say the stranger’s seal was adopted, but has

not come into prominence until within the past three or

four years.

The reverse side of the United States Seal shows part

of the pyramid of Egypt, the base of which covers thir-

teen acres.

There are thirteen steps or terraces. The motto over

the pyramid, ”Annuit Cceptis,” contains thirteen letters

and is Latin for ”Prosper us in our undertaking.”

Our solar system has passed out of the water sign

Pisces, and thus occurred the ”end of the world” thir-

teen letters.

So our great fleet of planets and flag ship Sun is now in

the air or spiritual sign Aquarius.

In the allegory of the suns or sons of Jacob (see Gene-

sis 29), the fifth son born was Dan, a judge, thus Daniel

”Judge appointed by God,” as El is face of God in


The first son or sun was Reuben or Libra, the loins,

therefore the fifth would be the legs, or Aquarius, sign

of man, where the solar system is now and where it will

remain for over 2000 years.

Day means an indefinite period of time thus we say

Napoleon’s day or Lincoln’s day. Therefore, it is plain

to be seen that we are now in the ”Day of Judgment,”

thirteen letters.

Woodrow Wilson 13 letters. He landed in France,

both trips to Europe, on the 13th. American soldiers

crossed the Rhine the 13th. Gen. Pershing was born on

the 13th.

The League of Nations is printed on thirteen pages.

Every 4th year there are 13 moons.

Every year there are 12 moons and a fraction, thus

leap year 1920, two new moons, July 1st and 30th.


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