Now has State of Sweden starts transmitting and beaming same music you have in the background when they sound torturing you at night

State of Sweden sound torturing you at night with sound of grasstrimmer, sound of looping trumpet sirens, sirens, beaming voices from other people from tv-shows into your apartment at night, and even beaming these voices outdoors when you exercise. State of Sweden also using music themes from tv-shows and starts looping these day and night, indoors and outdoors. They using commerials and looping these at night and when they for example has looping commercials for hair shampoo, they start synchronizing this at same time when you washing your hair. This synchronizing is part of organized gang stalking. They shadowing you at night and even starts transmit sound of trumpet sirens or sound of grasstrimmer at night when you siting on the toilet.

State of Sweden creating sleep deprivation with sound torture and pscyhic driving, so you have some background music on all night and now they have started to transmit and beaming this background music into your apartment at daytime.

State of Sweden trying to hijacking your mind, captivating your perception, barricading your mind with constant sound tormenting to create sleep deprivation, and they stalking, harassing, tormenting with all forms of sounds and they mirroring everything you listen to or tv series you watch or tv shows you watch.

When then State of Sweden creating sleep deprivation they hijacking your sleep and then starts all forms of sabotaging sound interference. Here is some exampel how they sabotage your sleep in Sweden

When they starts sabotaging your sleep is also a collaboration between several of departments and State of Sweden using department to sabotaging your sleep. State of Sweden using firecrackers in their society to create harassment and sleep deprivation.

So State of Sweden creating sleep deprivation. It´s even worse than this. Swedish healthcare stops prescription for sleeping pills during treatment for depression, then they don´t have any new appointments to other doctors for 9 weeks. This is how they collaborating to destroy your health in same way Nazi doctor collaborated with with Gestapo.

Can Swedish Nazi Gestapo activities be real in Sweden?

For example everytime you have a new appoint to healthcare for renewal of prescription they start shooting firecrackers outside your window every night before. So these who starts shooting firecrackers has access to when you have a new appointment to swedish healthcare, and these who shooting firecrackers has also access to firecrackers all year.

So State of Sweden surveillance your visit times to healthcare and then using this to create sleep deprivation with firecrackers. They create access to your visit times to healthcare (interfering psychology), then create sleep deprivation and using firecrackers.


They selling firecrackers in Sweden at easter times and new years times, and they shooting them all year. When you then visiting healthcare they stalking you with helicopter and then hoovering over the roofs, so these people working with same methods as Gestapo was working. This is how they using their authority and access to all information where you go and when you going and then using this to control your life and interfering. Then they walking outside your apartment and shooting firecrackers for 3 weeks, 3-6 hours every day on Sweden.

So Swedish people using firecrackers in their organized gang stalking; and who has resoruces to shooting firecrackers for 3 weeks and 3-6 hours every day?

And who in Sweden has access to the swedish healthcare system to surveillance when people has new visit times to healthcare? And this is how organized gang stalking is in Sweden. They interfering with this kind of psychology by infiltration and then even using remote viewing to terrorizing your mind.

This then become a form of paranoia psychology they using. These methods is part of all organized gang stalking. They surveillance your life and then they revealing they are surveillance your life and this is the interfering. In Sweden they surveillande what tv program you watch and then take some content from these program they can use in the public domain in someway. If you watch a tv-program about art and they painting bushes blue in the nature; they mirroring this by painting stones blue there you walking or exercise. Another example is; if you start split a pill in four piecis and then visiting the pharmacy in Sweden, the pharmacy worker gives you a advice to split the pill in four piecis, and they give you this information without you asking for it. Another example is from Swedish healthcare. A doctor informs you humans has a brain in the stomach, and at same time he talks about all diseases in the brain, and at same time he has a red sensitizing t-shirt, and then does this t-shirt also has a text logo; ouch. And then does the doctor suddenly says; I see you have met my friend and he now refering to another doctor who is working in the private healthcare sector and not in the public swedish healthcare. This is how they using their system to create some form of Big Brother paranoia surveillance psychology. And therapist using same methods by informing there is an existing dream guard. Then they using same psychology for prescription. Therapist has his business cards in a medical package. And Swedish healthcare informs humans has a suicide gene and other doctors informs you stress kills and then does the kill word appearing in every sport program you watch on tv, and this is how the Swedish Hive Mind is interfering, spying, infiltration, remote viewing, stalking, persecuting and shadowing your life. State of Sweden also hacking your phone calls during therapy, and State of Sweden hacking your computer during therapy, and State of Sweden surveillance what tv programs you watch during therapy, and they hoovering with helicopters over the roogs during therapy and then stalking you to healthcare and from healthcare. So State of Sweden using all forms of interference everywhere. People even talking in this interfering way in food stores, pharmacies, or on paths.

State of Sweden using some form of paranoia psychology. The Swedish ironic double standard; they using all forms of interfering psychology, spying and infiltration psychology, using your visit times to healthcare to create sleep deprivation, and when you visiting the swedish healthcare doctors stars using the “classified” word, and then does all pharmacy workers starts using the classified word, and the doctor who informs humans has brain in the stomach and talks about all diseases in the brain also has manipulated the computer screen and your health journal, so it has a classified text cross over the screen. They talking about how classified everything is and at same time revealing they surveillance everything.

This is the covert and overt organized gang stalking in Sweden and this is today´s psychological warfare, political and psychological terrorism when they start targeted tour mind and life. So psychological warfare, psychological and political terrorism is political abuse of of psychiatry in Sweden, or describes when healthcare becomes health(s)care when even healthcare is used in organized gang stalking and psychological terrorism.

And all these activities starts when you spriritual awakening process starts and they have using these methods for 7 years soon. When your spiritual awakening process starts they reccomend therapy for one year and then the organized gang stalking show is started. Organized Gang Stalking is psychological warfare and it means they gardering information how you think, what you watch on tv or what music you listen to, when you exercise, when you leaving your home or arriving to your home, when you eat, when you going to sleep, and then starts interfering and targetting your mind. And when you spiritual awakening process starts and they reccomend therapy they then start using every information about your life and using this to targetting your mind and life.

They using all forms of sound torturing and then starts looping these

Psychic driving and beaming several of sounds to your mind at same time to create pain, horror, terror and chaos in the your mind

Gaslighting – they start hacking your computer at night and change the volume

Hacking your muic files you listen to at night and manipulating the speed

Healthcare stops prescription for sleeping pills during treatment for depression

Then they don´t have any new times to other doctors for new prescription for 9 weeks

When you then starts buying healthcare products from pharmacies they start using interfering psychology. They give you a transparent shopping bag and when you leaving the pharmacy the alarm starts shouting

Swedish healthcare also informs about an existing “dream guard” (Big Brother surveillance psychology)

They flying helicopters late night around your apartment before you trying to sleep or after midnight

They walking around with firecrackers outside your window and shooting these in the middle of the night

They start late conversation outside your window

They screaming high pitch sound in the middle of the night

People walking around and dropping iron pipes on the ground in the middle of the night

They dropping heavy things on the floor above your head so you wakening up and then laughing loud

Swedes interfering everywhere, they acting interfering, they talking intefering, they moving interfering (shadowing from room to room), they interfering when going outdoors, when you exerise outdoors and indoors, when you take a bath, when you visitng toilet, when you washing your hair

When the employment agency in Sweden get you some working project everyone workplace using enviroment manipulation or talking in a interfering way or tasks is manipulated in some form of Swedish Big Brother Survillance way.

You may move the swedish flag every time you move a pallet. Organized Gang Stalking exist even in Christian organization in Sweden

If you get another working project they have place out a siren on the refrigerator in the lunch room in a Christian organization

When you going outdoors and exercise State of Sweden using sound of owls to interfering and surveillance and stalking your mind. They using remote viewing for this purpose and can then synchronizing so these starts when you exercise.

Cars in Sweden driving around acting like “Horus Surveillance Eye”. Swedes has manipulated so one light on their cars in broken. You can see 4-8 cars passing you every time and every day you exercise.

In same way the interfering everywhere in Sweden and using every department, the also has organized so their stalking vehicles has same bluish colors. Swedish helicopter is airstalking everywhere, the swedish postal service truck has same bluish color, eve the swedish ice cream truck has same bluish color, and a cleaning compnay has same bluish color and all is used for organized gang stalking in Sweden. So it cars that driving around with one broken ligth on their cars and other cars same stalking color.

Another ways to create paranoia and surveillance in Sweden is:

Lock up your apartment door during the night

Make a hole in your shower handle

In some way transmit/beaming/remote viewing your credit card number code into your mind

And this is same psychology to reveal your credit cards number code, lock up your apartment door, have access to when you have a new visit to healthcare, pharmacies using remote viewing and give you advice to split pills in four piecis when you already have started to do this and they give you this advice without you asking for it, doctors suddenly says; I see you have met my friend, information about an existing dream guard, a brain in the stomach, and then they beaming music chorus like “We control the Sunlight” indoors and outdoors (control the sunlight means control the Solar Plexus Brain or the Ego)

Swedish healthcare using props and then uisng these props in organized gang stalking. Therapist can place a orange on the desk and when you few days later then visiting the graveyard someone has place out a orange on th gravestone. An dthis is how they start anchoring and chaining things and the starts sensitizng and triggering or targetting your life. So they organized gang stalking everywhere in Sweden. And it seems this spirit never sleeps and stalking around everywhere.

After this they start sensitizin your mind by dropping orange peels on the streets everywhere, in same way they sensitizng with colors or word dropping. People don´t usually eating oranges on paths cold winter days and throwing peels everywhere.

So people in Sweden walking around and living some form of surveillance and stalking cult life in Sweden. It seems the swedish mind living in a total surveillance enviroment and looks like people minds is robotized or just follow some form of stalking, harassing scripts.


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