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Nobody can ever comprehend his or her actual self until this Kundalini is stirred.” It is stirred through the serious contemplation to the Universe or God. In the book Kundalini Secret to Life

“Nobody can ever comprehend his or her actual self until this Kundalini is stirred.” It is stirred through the serious contemplation to the Universe or God. In the book Kundalini Secret to Life,

(Kundalini-Muktanada 2) The swami alludes to Kundalini as a female vitality. One that ascents in the focal point of the body by method for the spine. These energies evacuate blockages that reason humanity to be wiped out, unfocused and discouraged. The procedure of its ‘rising’ is the electric flows with the human body arousing certain territories or ‘chakras’ in the body.

There are seven chakras; the crown situated on the highest point of the head, managing otherworldliness, the third eye chakra related with mindfulness, the throat chakra, managing correspondence, the heart chakra managing affection and recuperating, the sun powered plexus, on of the more important chakras as it deals with wisdom and power, the sacral charka which deals with ones sexuality and creativity and lastly the root chakra associated with basic trust.

When the kundalini awakens, it travels in a snake like fashion awakening or activating the above listed chakras. As you see these chakras have a purpose in our personal development and the more activated, they are, the more positive our human characteristics. When asleep or dormant, we cannot live to our highest potential. A Kundalini awakening is the process of all parts of the body necessary to be our best selves becoming alive and aware through a power source we are already born with.

This source is activated by way of focus meditation; however, some awaken by its own natural occurrence. It is nothing to fear, but something mighty to embrace when one seeks self-improvement as a whole.

This kundalini force is treated with great respect in the East. Described as being like fire, it has the capacity to harm or heal, to heighten consciousness and increase psychic powers, or to depress consciousness and cause insanity. Hindus insist that people who undertake yogic practices to awaken the serpent from slumber should do so only wider the guidance of experienced teachers who are able to help them avoid the dangers, for the kundalini may destroy as well as give life. Three channels for this energy run vertically along the spine. It is imperative that kundalini energy rises through the central channel, otherwise problems occur. Gopi Krishna thinks that kundalini may be some strange form of energy whose source does not lie in the physical body. Anything that makes us stiff can also break us. [Only] if we are supple, will we never break.’

Through the body you gain the flexibility and strength necessary for keeping the mind and kundalini balanced so that you may experience deeper states of awareness. Yoga encourages the healthy flow of pranic (breath) life-energies through the physical and spiritual bodies and the chakras. The word ‘yoga’ actually means ‘union’. One of hatha yoga’s main purposes is to establish and maintain flexibility in the body and its functions as part of an overall spiritual discipline. Yoga unifies the physical and psycho-spiritual (non-material) bodies. Its aim is essentially spiritual, to help you experience serenity, think clearly and conduct yourself with calmer sanity and greater humanity. In MysteriesColin Wilson states that:

[Life] conies front beyond the body — our individuality sustained by a greater individuality. Man gets his life by turning towards the source of greater life, as a sunflower turns towards the Sun.

Yogis believe the evolutionary future of mankind depends on neural transformation promoted by specific  breathing, sexual, and meditative practices to raise Kundalini.

There is the soul and the spirit or energy of nature; the Kundalini is the divine cosmic energy transformed into natural energy and is a latent life force in everyone. When this energy is awakened it gravitates towards the soul. The spirit’s concern is energy or subtle matter, whereas the soul’s concern is gross matter—that is, cells and organs.

A spiral staircase, or corkscrew, is a single helix. If another helix is intertwined in the opposite direction, it becomes a double helix, like two snakes. The Caduceus is a powerful symbol, both ancient and modern; it depicts two snakes coiled around a vertical staff. Medical schools emboss it on diplomas, and medical associations use it as logos. To physicians, it represents the secret of life as embodied in the healing arts; it also stands for knowledge and wisdom.

In ancient Greco-Roman mythology it was emblematic of the Greek god Hermes (Later called Mercury by the Romans). In modern western science, the double helix is emblematic of the DNA molecule; the “secret of life.” In Hindu mythology it is represented as the Kundalini, a tradition at least five thousand years old that persists in India and Tibet.

Yogis claim that the chakras centers have natural energy coiled within them. They are critical junctions that determine the state of the body and mind. Just as the brain controls physical, mental, and intellectual functions through the nerve cells, similarly, chakras tap the natural energy that lies within all living beings, transforming it into spiritual energy. There are seven chakras centers.

When the reptilian and mammalian brain has been mastered through education and discipline, the primitive animal instinctual reflexes become part of a disciplined cortical controlled consciousness. However, if the cerebral cortex cannot master a lower chakra center, it maybe stuck at that level of functioning; or, if it is severely oppressed through religious politics it becomes “unnatural?’ “chained?’ or “zombie-like.”

Science is unable to establish the difference in energy sources of these functions postulated by the chakra system; however, science has been astounded by the recent findings of the Trieste submersible voyage to the bottom of the Mid-Atlantic ridge. This exploration found living creatures that do not depend on oxygen for energy, but sulfur dioxide, opening the idea that other energy forms exist.

If the double helix of the chakra system and the environment shape our lives, is this what is meant by destiny or calling?

Humankind’s understanding of themselves and nature are evolutionary and occur first through experience and later by expanding consciousness through mythological understanding, or art as language. This appears to have shaped the right hemisphere of the brain and has influenced pictorial consciousness and dreams. Later, as humans settle and become more in control of their environment, they expand consciousness through the brain’s left hemisphere, through stories, that is, language as art or mythological-philosophical understanding. Then they turn to pure philosophical understanding, which strives for the wisdom of words and frequently evolves into scientific understanding and knowledge. This knowledge develops the left hemisphere and relegates the right side to sleep and dreams. There is also the disciplined means of expanding consciousness through learning meditation and deep relaxation, which in the past has been associated with religious rituals, though now is embraced

There is a popular misconception that is very misleading, which implies that the two cerebral hemispheres endlessly vie for control of our mental life. Instead, each of us has a single brain. Each localized part of the brain, not the cerebral hemispheres, is quite differentiated and contributes its own specialized abilities to the activity of the whole. But in the end, the marvelously complex, extraordinarily sophisticated skills that we each display depend on the whole brain and on the coordinated actions of all these components. Our hemispheres are not cerebral competitors. Instead, they pool their specialized capacities to produce a seamlessly integrated single mental self.

There is just one consciousness; however, the information from each hemisphere is controlled by a filtering system called the corpus callosum, which is probably related to Freud’s repressive barrier. Obviously, we can’t be inundated by all the information available, as this would be a very disorganizing experience, perhaps experienced as Schizophrenic psychosis. Evolutionary experience has led to prioritization of survival information. Since we have become more in tune with other humans and less the lone hunters and wanders of yesteryear, the left hemisphere dominates the flow of information to consciousness in most people.

Peter Horttanainen

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