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Nimrod’s tower fell, as did Alexander’s, Cyrus’s, Napoleon’s, Hitler’s…They all fall, and the European Union is next. The recent European elections are the next place to watch for the death of globalism. The EU ‘is the institute of the plutocratic world-elite’ controlled by the Deep State of U.S. Elites were more invested in “EUtopia” than their peoples. The EU is one step for the One World Government. The Deep State has ring-fenced the EU.

Presently, Europe is run by the irresponsible elite of bureaucrats that are the shadow government, instructed by the deep state New World Order architects whose roots are mired in the foundation of the Illuminati and Freemasons — and again, we know who the driving force behind these secret clubs is.

Zionists have merged to form a Triad that are the movers and shakers in the Anglo Western governments. They form the principal components of the Illuminati, the Freemasons, the Bilderbergers, the CFR and financial Empire.

The EU became closer but not more perfect. Elites were more invested in “EUtopia” than their peoples.

The idea here was that the American Dream had fallen into decay and decline – caused by sinister anti-American forces and fifth columns of traitors (the Deep State, etc.) – and that’s why America was no longer the great power it once was.

The US Military is still the most powerful in the world, and for the New World Order to take hold there will be only one world army that is controlled by unelected bureaucrats exactly like the European Union is currently set up, with absolutely no accountability. N.A.T.O was also created to protect Rockefellers and Rothchilds global interests and their wealth.

The EU is one step for the One World Government sought that was sidestepped by the Presidents refusal of the Trans Pacific Partnership which would have put the US into the same kind of world organization as the EU. One state senator said in a radio program that Bible believing Christians have no right to indoctrinate their children in their religion because the state is preparing them for a one world society in 2000 and their children will not fit in.

The ongoing political crisis in the European Union is yet another feature of the consequences of American foreign policy.

In the words of globalist in chief Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the European Union, “in these [may 20191 elections, those who promote foolish nationalism will pay the price for it.” Hating the common man and woman while elevating their own self-righteousness and power, the global elite at places from Davos to Bilderberg and from the United Nations to the European Union and especially in the mainstream media and the deep state want to end life as we know it—in the “little platoons,” as Edmund Burke called them.

As was explained above, they abhor freedom, family, and especially faith. They want one huge psychobabble and one-world government controlled by them. The conservative worldview is founded in the dignity of persons and their flourishing in freedom; in contrast, globalism is a worldview of domination.

This new order would be neither democratic nor representative; it would be what Oakeshott termed an “enterprise” association: a unitary Leviathan. It bears mentioning that Leviathan, a mythical sea monster whose defeat precedes civilization, is syncretic with Ouroboros, the snake that ate its own tail. This description fits the Eurocrats perfectly.

Like the Tower of Babel, today’s acts of global arrogance run contrary to the very nature of humankind. Defeating it will allow the flourishing of a new Europe of sovereign nations. It sounds lofty, perhaps even idealistic, to bring people together and facilitate some far-reaching new do-good international order. It always does. But it is just the same sin over and over.

Nimrod’s tower fell, as did Alexander’s, Cyrus’s, Napoleon’s, Hitler’s…They all fall, and the European Union is next.

Why? Because such global geopolitical projects, even when buttressed with so-called noble reasons, are utter vanities. They are not noble at all. So too globalism itself must and will fall. Once new politics for the masses overrun Brussels, we can begin freeing the rest of the world. The recent European elections are the next place to watch for the death of globalism.

The deep state exercises its extraordinary power to defend against threats, real or imagined. It is a clandestine operation with no legal mandate or authorization from the parliament. It influences so-cial and political institutions shaping society in service of the status quo Its web of cadres, institutions, rules, and regulations is omnipotent and omnipresent.

The deep state’s goal to protect the nation has been corrupted by a lack of transparency. Civil servants are seduced by its absolute power.

Among the most persistent far-right conspiracy theories are suspicions of a New World Order dominating the world. Tales of the phenomenon have been prevalent over the last two centuries. Most often they revolve around global elites manipulating national governments. Commonly these bands of concealed evildoers are also accused of controlling international organizations behind the scenes, such as the International Monetary Fund, the United Nations and the World Bank. The European Union is perhaps the international actor most often sus-pected of being this kind of a New World Order.

The EU ‘is the institute of the plutocratic world-elite’. He insisted that the EU was not constructed for the benefit of the European people, but by the world-ruling elite.

‘It is the transnational monetary cartel holding power over states that wants to get rid of national states by all means.’

The global system was `controlled from one single centre’ and moved on to insist that the ‘world-ruling elite has gradually annihilated the achievements ofthe Enlightenment’.

The EU has indeed for long been a target of many conspiracy theorists. Well-paid EU functionaries are popular culprits in many tales of a malig-nant order of this sort.

Some say that the EU is the Roman Empire resur-rected, others have claimed that it is a super-state led by the Antichrist. There are even those insisting that the institution itself is the Antichrist.

In one version, it took the formation of a computer hiding deep within the Brussels apparatus, keeping track of everyone in the world.

A Deep State are controlling countries behind the scenes. In these, a domestic band of clandestine elites is suspected of rul-ing nations or regions. In these stories, society is seen not to be ruled by its official authorities, but instead by a secret band of hidden actors, a covert bureaucratic class.

That Deep State operates secretly in cooperation with the Federal Reserve, the Comptroller of the Currency, as well as federal law enforcement agencies including the FBI and the DOJ to allow the Deep State to pursue clandestine operations, including illicit drug dealing and supplying weapons to terrorist groups, that further the “New World Order” goals of the international globalist elite.

This global elite currently controls a number of important international organizations, including the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund, and the European Union.

The Deep State maintains its secrecy through the willing cooperation of a corporate-owned and government-controlled mainstream.

The Deep State has ring-fenced the EU. The EU was ill advised from its outset. Europe is not the United States. Its countries do not share a common language or culture.

Each has its own cycle of recession/inflation. They cannot possibly be modulated under a single monetary policy via the ECB.

One begins to appreciate how the Deep State’s interlocking directorates and corporate networks work.

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