New targetting your mind when exercise: now sirens, Unibet commercials and politician voice from ongoing elections

When you going outdoors and exercis they start targetting you even before you have leave your apartment. They start with sirens a few minutes before, then does people suddenly starts screaming, another neighbor starts banging in railways and then door-slamming a few times, and this is minutes before you leaving your apartment.

Then their is ongoing stalking and harassment everywhere.

Beeping cars sound

Helicopter or airplane

Sound of sirens

Beaming Unibets commercials several of times and different versions of it when you exercise

When you exercise a person suddenly appearing behind you and running up near you and saying Halloi Hallo

Then more of State of Sweden harassmnet sound of sirens and Unibet:s commercials

Then they beaming a swedish male politicians voice into your mind when you exercise and this is from ongoing swedish elections,

When you are home again after you exercise they start beaming your mind with looping Unibet commercials, and when you take a bath they start beamaing Unibets commercials

This is the Swedish Organized Gang Stalking and this is the Swedish Hive MInd

And when I write this is presence time they start same looping Unibet commercials

This is the real Sweden – the hidden police state

And one minute after I publish this you hear a person saying Hallo Hallo (same as the person that appearing behind you when you exercise and saying Hallo Hallo- these people has a spirit within them and that is not Spirit of God. God is not a stalker and God is not a bully, but Gang Stalkers are stalkers and they bullies.

This Spirit that living in these Swedes of gang stalkers imitathing everything. If the Swedish governmnet starts beaming sirens, using sound of owls, or beaming sound of a cuckoo clock into your apartment, or if the uisng barking dogs, people then imitating these behaviors and starts same human made sound of sirens, owls, cuckoo clock, or barking dogs.

When a person running up behind you and then saying hallo, hallo is fake and conrtucted to provoke or triggering threat/fear and stalking behavior, and when you then writing about it; this stalking spirit of Sweden must overwrite this or overrule (narcissism).

These behavior is more like psychological street theater and clownery. These people are puppets in a Matrix.

Organized Gang Stalking in Sweden

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