New State of Sweden computer hacking after midnight a few minutes after you trying to sleep

When a government like State of Sweden using efforts to raising volume on your computer at night, these people doing everything to harassing 24/7 and this is a spirit which never sleeps, and they beaming sounds when you sitting on the toilet. This is the bizarre surreality in Sweden.

16 august and State of Sweden start your night with hacking your computer and raising the volume on your sleep-relaxing music you have in the backgriound when they creating sleep deprivation with sound torturing

This is how the Swedish government Hive Mind is working in State in Sweden

They both shadowing you at night and they remote viewing your life, and they using these methods for mind control, brainwashing, harassing, stalking,, tormenting and terrorizing your mind.

State of Sweden synchronizing these sound torture at same time you doing something and then starts beaming sounds to your mind. This going on and off all day. Then they waiting when you visiting toilet or when you sitting on the toilet and they start beaming sound of sirens or sound of grasstrimmer. So Swedish government people who is shadowing and using remote viewinng using this methods to stalking and harassing your life when you sitting on the toliet and whe it´s time to sleep they waiting and start direct when you close your eyes or after a few minutes beaaming your mind with sound of sirens or voices from tv-shows or music chorus.

State of Sweden has hacked my computer and raising the volume on your computer.

10 august
11 august
12 august
14 august

and 16 august

You see these strange behaviors everywhere in Sweden. People acting like they where controlled like robots.

Creating sleep deprivation and sound torturing is hijacking your sleep, life and health. Hijacking your sleep is like hijacking all your food so you can´t eat. Sleep has same function for health and life, as food has for the human body.

When they hijacking your sleep and starts sound torturing and creating sleep deprivation is like someone else deciding when you going to eat and how much you can eat.

This is the evil organized gang stalking in Sweden

Then they transmit hair shampoo commercials into your apartment, and the even starts synchronizing this at same time when you start washing your hair.

So State of Sweden hacking your at night and rasing the volume

State of Sweden beaming sound of sirens when you sitting on the toilet

State of Sweden beaming hair shampoo commercials when you take a bath and washing your hair

State of Sweden then also transmit sound of cuckoo clock into your apartment

State of Sweden using sound of owls outdoors to stalking you when you exercise

All these behaviors is made from the spirit thats never sleeps. Working day and night with mind control, brainwashing and domination (oppression and supression)

When State of Sweden beaming and targetting your mind with theme songs from tv shows and tv series or music chorus, tv-commercials, beaming voices from people from these tv-shows it´s revealing what the hidden purpose is with television is in Sweden ( is used in same way as in Orwells “1984”).

When you watch a tv show or tv serie in Sweden they start beaming this into your apartment and even outdoors when you exercise as a Orwellian mind stalking device and the usng radio in same Orwellian way in Sweden. When you listen to radio in Sweden or listen to music on Youtube they start beaming and looping these music chorus for hours some days. And they using sirens in same way they using looping music chorus for hours, they beaming and targetting your mind with constantly sound of sirens for hours every day and this is the Orwellian Police State



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