New organized gang stalking; beaming commercials lyrics at night and morning; Nano Casino, Hajper Casino, Ojo Casino, and then beaming “We built this city” with Starship

When you trying to sleep they start beaming and looping commercials for “Nano Casino” and the lyrics line; Nana Nana Nana talking about you and me
Nana Nana Nana talking about you and me

When you awakening in the morning they continue beaming commercials for Nano Casino, and then starts beaming commericals for Hajper Gaming

After beaming these three commercials for gaming companies it then starts beaming and looping “We built this city” with Starship. Built a city of gaming and then beaming this into your apartment and mind, at night and morning. This builder also created or build organized gang stalking in this world or this CITY.


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