New  neighbor harassment 4 april 2018


For a couple of minutes ago there was error uploading and every uploaded image or video had a bad request, so I made a Youtube instead and when I was finish with my Youtube video all videos where back again. And this is how they do – changing. It is like a gaslighting psychology mind games (constant moving and changing to consfuse).

This was how your blog look like

Neighbor above scratches  elements 4 april 2018


State of Sweden start sound tormenting

And minutes before it they fly with helicopter

And minuters before it barking dogs

Same Swedish Hunting Spirit within them all both neighbors and those who fly helicopters in Sweden

Then more problems with internet and technology same day

White or blank page on Youtube with no videos 4 april 2018

Constant error message when you blogging 4 april 2018

HBO Nordic 4 april 2019 constant  buffring problems


For a couple of days ago text and movie does not synchrobnize

HBO Nordic does not showing right episod of serie sometimes. If you watch a episod of serie 1, 2, 3, 4 and so on, and when you start wacth a new episod  (the number of the episod is right, but the content is from the earlier episod). Episod and content is wrong, and when you watch another serie text and movie is wrong and dont synchronize (same problems)


For a couple of days ago error problem on Youtube


And when you watch Swedish tv broadcasting is sounds like this


High Sounds in every tv-broadcasting in Sweden. Same psychology even in tv broadcasting

Or Swedes flying with aircraft over roofs

Swedish Air Force flying over the roofs today

You can suddenly hear the Air plane flying over the roofs but you don´t hear when  it´scoming closer in same way when the sound of the air force is tuning out. Should you not hear a sound from a air force when it comes closer in same way when they flying away..? They also airstalking you in same way with helicopters when you exercise outdoors; you don´t hear the helicopter flying closer, it is suddenly flying over your head.

Swedish media stalking and internet stalking (they imitating everything with stalking) and it seems to there is a spirit in stalking swedes and this spirot is a stalking spirit (imitating spirit)

Here is some examples how spiritual stalking and shadowing taking place in the State of Sweden and these behaviors is everywhere in the Swedish society. Is taking place in your own home, healthcare, pharmacies, food stores, employment agency,  social services, swedish media (radio, tv, news articles). They stalking, shadowing, and interference your life, your mind, your soul, your dreams, and trying to interference, mimicking, gesturing, gaslighting, mirroring, targetting you with real time “directed conversations”

I was searching for new horror movies and read about this and day after I have a new follower on Youtube including Among Us

New follower on Youtube dayafter I read about the movie “Living Among Us”. Among Us has tarted follow your channel on Youtube.


They mimicking, imitating, stalking, mirroring, duplicate, gesturing, shadowing and this is creepy like a horror movie, it is snot a horror movie, it is real in Sweden.
When you watching a movie on Youtube they stalking or mirroring content from movie day after.

Here is a clip from the movie “Final Days of Planet Earth” –  2006 Part 1- I watching from Youtube

And dayafter someone has make a comment on my blog with a username including “Birdsong”. This was a nice comment, but there is this stalking thing almost everyday

Swedish healthcare and psychiatry informs you about a existing “Dreamwatcher”

When you watch a movie on Popcorn Time they have a article about eating Popcorn at the night during the Winter Olympics is going on (dayafter I watch a movie)


And dayafter they have this article about Popcorn eating and Olympics. This total stalking behavior or total mind control feels unhuman and unhealty and wickedness

When I watch ishockey games with white background I get a 4 cm broad white line on my screen. Here is a image from my tv screen when I watch icehockey

And few days later Swedish media Aftonbladet has a article about Picassos´s painting and has same white lines in the image. It is same Swedish media who create the article about Popcorn eating and olympics dayafter I watch a movie on Popcorn-Time

Here is how State of Sweden and Swedish police stalking you when you follow the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics. Swedish tv5, channel 9 and Eurosport showing Winter Olympics and they using Queen´s song “We want it all” and Swedish police is transmitting this music chorus into my apartment every day and they transmitting this while I writing this and they even transmit this music chorus when you take a bath


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