Neo within the Matrix and Gnostic knowledge of liberation from the Matrix

A clear reference to the Gnostic Sophia, the Mother, and her malformed bastard offspring, the creator of the material realm, the quote illuminates an interesting quirk in both the Gnostic and Matrix universes: the whole mistake of the material realm (Matrix) and the archon (Smith) who keeps humans imprisoned there ultimately derives from actions taken long ago by the divine Mother (Oracle), who subsequently acts to free humans by guiding the Gnostic redeemer (Neo). Both the trilogy and the Gnostic texts from Nag Hammadi describe the fundamental human problem by using the same metaphorical terms: blindness, sleep, ignorance, dreams, and darkness. Similarly, in both the films and in Gnosticism, the solution is stated in terms of seeing, awak-ening, knowledge (gnosis), waking from dreams, and light. From early in the first film, Morpheus, whose name is taken from the Greek god of dreams, reveals to Neo that the Matrix is “a computer-generated dream-world.” The solution is that Neo needs to wake up from the dream, just as Gnostics learn that sensory perception in the material realm is not reality.

When Neo is unplugged and awakens for the first time on the Neb-uchadnezzar, his eyes hurt, since, as Morpheus explains, he has never used them. Everything Neo has “seen” up to that point was seen with the interior mind’s eye through software simulation; his sensory perception cannot be trusted as genuine.

When Morpheus states in the first film that Neo’s eyes hurt because he has never used them, the suggestion is that Neo is waking from the illusory material world of the Matrix to the real material world.

In The Matrix, Neo is “saved” through gnosis, or secret knowledge about the unreality of sensory perception; this is the knowledge he and the crew of the Nebuchadnezzar apparently pass on to others within the Matrix. Neo learns about the true structure of reality and about his own true identity, allowing him to break the rules of the material world, which he now perceives to be an illusion. That is, he learns that “the mind makes it [the Matrix] real,” though it is not ultimately real. At the end of the first film, Neo implies he will tell others what he knows (while “Wake Up” by Rage Against the Machine plays in the background). In this sense, Neo functions like a Gnostic redeemer, a figure from another realm who enters the material world (the Matrix) in order to impart saving knowledge about humankind’s true identity and the true structure of reality, thereby setting free anyone able to understand the message.

The Matrix is described by Morpheus as “a prison for your mind.” It is a dependent “Construct” made up of the interlocking digital projections of billions of human beings who are unaware of the illusory nature of the reality in which they live and are completely dependent on the hardware attached to their real bodies and the elaborate software programs created by Al.

The Gatekeepers are the rulers or Archons of the matrix dream world. They are the embodiments of the Artificial Intelligence which humanity has created, as a means to keep itself from spreading the disease of its reason to the entire universe. Agent Smith bitterly explains to Morpheus that his desire to extract the secret codes for Zion, and so destroy the last free human settlement and end the war, is above all fueled by his desire to escape the matrix. Agent Smith and the matrix sorcerers have a shared goal, and it is only their methods that differ. Al is basically Satan-Lucifer, a devil by any other name. The matrix is the pit. Al/Satan is the prison guard and the Gatekeepers are the Archons, Satan’s helpers, who keep humanity imprisoned within the pit. Since Satan/AI is a slave himself, all He can do is make more slaves.

Humans are trapped in a cycle of illusion, and their ignorance of this cycle keeps them locked in it, fully dependent upon their own interactions with the programs, the illusions of sensory experience which these provide, and the sensory projections of others. These projections are strengthened by humans’ enormous desire to believe that what they perceive to be real is in fact real.

The Matrix exists only in the minds of the human beings who inhabit it, so that in The Matrix, as in Yogacara, “The external world is really Mind itself”

Neo, like the Buddha, seeks to be free from the Matrix and to teach others how to free themselves from it, and his “superman” powers are engaged to that end. As one who can overcome the limitations of the Matrix, and also as the only human being capable of ending the war between the humans and the machines.

According to the world views of both Gnostic Christianity and Buddhism referenced by The Matrix project, the realization of true reality involves complete freedom from entrapment in the material realm and offers peace of mind. Just as a Buddhist desires to overcome samsara and realize nirvana and the Gnostic comes to understand that the material world is a dream, the wise viewer will overcome the worlds of illusion presented by the films, transcending the thoughtless violence that characterizes so much modern media.

The Archons controls the matrix and the archons created two worlds out of one, and the other world is the matrix, the dream world, the artificial bubble reality world humankind is trapped and imprisoned within, and the archons prevents anyone leaving the matrix, and therefore using high advanced technology weapons against them who trying freeing themselves from the clutches of the darkness and the archons material world.

“The (alien) group” requires that we don’t develop our natural psychic senses (open the third eye and learn yoga science of liberation), because this would give us the ability to see beyond “the veil of ignorance” that’s been set in place around us for eons and thousends of years. With our natural psychic senses fully developed, we would begin to intuitively become aware of their presence and the lies that have distorted our perceptions of ourselves and our world for so long. Recognizing and developing our psychic abilities would free us from the clutches of any deceptions that they have used against us for most of our history. It has been deeply ingrained into the social fabric to doubt and even ridicule anyone who purports to have psychic powers. The commonly held belief that we don’t have these abilities is by itself the greatest impediment to our being able to develop and use them. The heart center is surrounded by what has been called the “veil of tears,” and it is the last veil to be cleared on the path of enlightenment. We learn then to see beyond the illusion and limitations of ordinary reality.

The veil of ignorance, which has taken the form of the world, hides one’s own true divine nature.

The ultimate end is to remove the veil of Avidya (ignorance) and to realize the Self, however his journey towards Self naturally involves the elimination of the world outside.

According to standard Gnostic cosmology, as man’s soul descends through the world system, each planet wraps his psychic soul with its distinctive negative influence, or vice. Consequently, as the soul descends, it takes on the sluggishness of Saturn, the anger of Mars, the lust of Venus, the desire for wealth of Mercury, the desire for power of Jupiter, the gluttony of the Sun, and the envy of the pale Moon. Because he is equipped with these planetary coverings, man’s soul acquires a sympathetic connection with the cosmos. Through this sympathy with the universe, the soul remains under its influence, fate, and destiny.

In Gnosticism, man’s origin is both terrestrial and extraterrestrial. Man’s body and soul were formed and shaped in its descent to earth by the archons, who are personifications of the planetary forces. But hidden in man’s soul is the spirit, or Nous. This extraterrestrial spirit is the divine spark that originated from the divine substance but as a result of the divine tragedy fell from its celestial domain into the cosmic realm of the archons, where it was enslaved by the seven deadly vices. Despite his being held captive by those seven deadly sins, man’s divine spark, which is imprisoned within him, remains his only hope of escape from the fate of the material world. To fully regain his lost deity, man must undergo an ascetic purification as he ascends mystically through the archons to his origin.

“The universe, the domain of the Archons [the lower powers who rule], is like a vast prison whose innermost dungeon is the earth, the scene of (humanity’s] life. Around and above it the cosmic spheres are ranged like concentric enclosing shells . . . The religious significance of this cosmic architecture lies in the idea that everything which intervenes between here and beyond serves to separate [humans] from god, not merely by spatial distance but through active demonic force’ It is the idea that creation is the work of lower gods who are each responsible for their own part of the cosmos and their purpose is to prevent souls from ascending through the various stages or circles of creation.” This is mostly done out of ignorance of God,” who is above them all.’ Not only do they not know this true God, but they also obstruct the knowledge of God.’ Despite this bleak picture of the cosmos, some gnostics still held that there is a mixing of the light from God, or beyond, with the darkness of these imprisoned realms.

Within this framework, then, humans are prisoners. Humans are considered to be composed of flesh, soul, and spirit’s seems to use soul and spirit interchangeably. The body and soul are the result of the cosmic powers/gods who imbue them with the passions and appetites of the lower spheres and are therefore subjected to the created prison. The spirit, on the other hand, is seen as having fallen from the beyond and is held captive by the body and its liberation, its awakening, only comes via knowledge.” This spirit is sometimes seen as the presence of an inner “Self,” that is “the transcendent and true subject of salvation.

‘Salvation is viewed as a reuniting with this part of ones self.” However, while trapped, this spirit longs for freedom for it is understood to be slumbering in matter; to be asleep.” “‘Ignorance’ is:’ therefore, “the essence of mundane existence.”” It is an ignorance of one’s spirit about itself and about the transcendent God” because of this slumbering. This spirit is also considered to be battled for by the various forces of creation.” Hence, God’s true “Life” is seen as being trapped inside the body,” as well as within this cosmic prison, while the body is seen as being totally impure and not to be trusted along with the rest of the material and lower realms?

With God being utterly transcendent and unknowable, all the lower realms basically being corrupted (of which the human body is constructed), and the goal being a complete liberation from it all, the fundamental gnostic theory of change and way to this salvation is centered on the acquisition of “knowledge; or gnosis.” “Ihe idea here is that God sends Divine Light down to humans thereby enabling them to share in God’s existence.” Such knowledge from and of God not only liberates one from the body’s corrupting passions, but is itself the “ultimate perfection” that transforms the soul.”

According to the general gnostic view, the world is the work of lowly powers which, though they may be mediately descended from him, do not know the true God and obstruct the knowledge of him in the cosmos over which they rule. The genesis of these lower powers, the archons (rulers), and in general that of all the orders of being outside God, including the world itself, is a main theme of gnostic speculation.”

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