Neighbor harassment 15 april 2018 dropping things on the floor above you head when you trying rest

This sounds in same way when they stomping and stamping on the floor or suddenly walk heavy on the floor


Mostly they stop noise harassment for a while when you start recording them or someone else has make your software from working

So this stalking and harassing Spirit of Sweden knows hen you start recording them and when you recording them or capture some of all sound or noise harassment they stop software from working.

This sound in from neighbor above when you trying to rest. And this sound harassment is used when you trying to sleep. Just when you fall in sleep they drop something heavy above your head so you wake uo or they drop things in the middle of night. This around 16.00


During the time you write about how the program suddenly stop from working – the program working again. Same when they shooting firecrackers 02.00 and created high booms 02.30 this night. This is like a form of psychological gas-lighting. This strategy is used in same way everywhere. Start and turn off machines, watercranes (open and close)



So it same concept use by them all. Booms at night and neighbors create high booms by dropping things on the floor.

This was from this night

Around 02.30 High Bangs. After I recording program stop working. See left corner.

First firecrackers around 02.00 and around 02.30 HIGH BOOMS- Earlier it was Firecracker outside your window and this sound more like a HIGH BOOM/BANG

First you can hear the BOOM/BANG FAR AWAY

Then it sounds closer

And then closer and louder when they are closer your apartment around 02.30

And this was around 02.30 in the middle of the night in the Swedish society.

Program that earlier not was working suddenly is working again.


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