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Negative fear programming; fear-based thinking, feeling, and negative ego/fear based/separative programming held within the four lower bodies of the earth and all her inhabitants. This faulty negative ego programming became seeded in the collective consciousness and was passed along through the generations. This is why we are bombarded daily with negative messages that frighten us. It suspends our conscious processing and keeps our subconscious mind open to suggestive programming. The kundalini system could be thought of as a seven way speaker musical crossover system. What the kundalini exercise does is to reverse the separation process e negative programming that the circle world and ourselves have put in place in our energy fields.

Negative fear programming; fear-based thinking, feeling, and negative ego/fear based/separative programming held within the four lower bodies of the earth and all her inhabitants. This faulty negative ego programming became seeded in the collective consciousness and was passed along through the generations. This is why we are bombarded daily with negative messages that frighten us. It suspends our conscious processing and keeps our subconscious mind open to suggestive programming. The kundalini system could be thought of as a seven way speaker musical crossover system. What the kundalini  exercise does is to reverse the separation process e negative programming that the circle world and ourselves have put in place in our energy fields.

The reptilian brain has the ability to shut down the other “brains” if it senses danger. Capable of paranoia, it is our reptilian brains that allow persecution of others. This is why we are bombarded daily with negative messages that frighten us. It suspends our conscious

It is very necessary to overcome the negative programming that the circle world and ourselves have put in place in our energy fields. Each time we manage to reverse a negative thought with a positive affirmation, we create a little more distance from it and create an energy space of our own, that can be filled with positive feelings and therefore energy. When we make continuous effort to do this then we are taking back control of our soul connections and our very lives. But make no mistake, the negative thoughts want us back, and they want us firmly back in the loop of the ego-driven circle world.

The subconscious will spare no tactic to protect you from any discomfort, and it will invoke some amazingly creative ways and go to extreme lengths to keep you in your comfort zone.

It is important to understand that the comfort zone is like a magnet … a gravitational force that doesn’t allow you to stray far away from your comfort zone without conscious and powerful effort. Like the rocket that needs a sustained powerful force to blast through the earth’s gravitational pull, a person must forcefully push against his or her usual thoughts and behavior and sustain that effort to break through his or her personal gravitational pull. But … AND HERE IS THE KEY … every person must do his or her own “pushing” to sustain achievements.

The bottom line is that conscious and unconscious efforts to resist change will undermine and sabotage the greatest of plans if proper attention is not given to supporting the change process from the very start.

There is a metaphor that can be used to describe the journey from nonabiding to abiding awakening: that of a rocket ship. A rocket ship takes a tremendous amount of thrust and a tremendous amount of energy both to get off the ground and then to break the gravitational field as it travels through the sky and ultimately into space.

If there is enough fuel in the rocket and it gets far enough away from the Earth, it can eventually get beyond the gravitational field of the planet. Once the rocket is beyond the gravitational field of the Earth, the Earth no longer has the power to pull it back down.

As a metaphor, we can think of the egoic structure, or the dream state, as the Earth. The dream state has a gravitational force; it has the tendency to pull consciousness into itself. This gravitational force is really what one is dealing with throughout the entirety of the spiritual journey. Awakening is breaking free of this gravitational force. Initially, it may simply be leaving the dream state, awakening from the dream state of “me” and separation and isolation. But because we’ve awakened does not mean that consciousness has gotten past the gravitational pull of the dream state. If we haven’t gone completely beyond this gravitational field, we’re going to be pulled back toward the experience of “me” and the perception of separateness.

Using the metaphor of the rocket ship is a way of thinking about the process of awakening. The dissolution of the ego takes time. While the moment of awakening is a process that unfolds thereafter – the process of getting beyond the gravitional force of the dream state. This process, this greater individualization can override and shed one´s ego, and become a kind of superself that has the ability extend the individual consciousness beyond the constraints, into a form of communication with the Divine Consciousness or Universal Consciousness.

One fact continuously emerges of spiritual development, and that is, that the psychic powers, higher and lower, are hindrances to the highest spiritual state and must be left behind by the man who can function freed from the three worlds altogether. This is a hard lesson for the aspirant to grasp. He is apt to think that a tendency towards clairvoyance or clairaudience is indicative of progress and a sign that his practice of meditation is beginning to take effect. It might prove just the opposite and inevitably will, should the aspirant be attracted by, or attached to, any of these forms of psychic faculty.

As you believe something, you give it power; when you generate emotions around the thought, you enforce the object of your belief, gelling it, so to speak, into physical form. Even if you don’t consciously affirm/confirm a particular belief, if you don’t question or even are not aware of the underlying belief, it means that you implicitly believe in it and are part of the social agreement. When masses of people adhere to a collective belief, their consciousness has a collective creative effect.

If you are born into this system, you are educated into what is considered to be real by everyone around you, and you never come to see the cage of beliefs that surrounds you, nor do you understand your own participation and complicity in supporting the system. The Controllers very cleverly use the creative power of each individual by getting them to agree upon a system of belief that supports the Controllers who hold the puppet strings of the human collective.

They need the collective for its energetic mass—the reality that is created by consensual agreement. While there is certainly a personal reality system for every individual on Earth, the sheer pressure of the collective agreement makes it very hard for an individual to rise in vibration and attain his own personal freedom outside the collective agreement.

The Archons don´t want anyone to dissolve their ego state of mind they have been controlled for eons and thosuends of years.

Removing the Core-Fear Matrix

This clearing program and dispensation from the Spiritual Hierarchy is extremely important for each closing. Removing the core-fear matrix is accomplished by a latticework of light that the inner-plane ascended masters anchor over each individual and which will highlight any imbalanced pro-gramming in your four-body system. The ascended masters have the ability to pull all fear-based programming, all negative-ego programming, all sepa-rative programming, right out of your field, like a gardener pulling weeds. Fear-based programming shows up under the latticework of a light-matrix removal as gray and black weeds intertwined throughout your subtle bodies.

The only thing stopping us from being the love we are is the fear-based programming that we have been imprinted with.

The low vibration holds our programming and prevents us from moving out of it, and even if we do momentarily shift upward, that low vibration will take us back into behaviour programmed by our chip.

We need to lift the shadow into light, expose it, and look at it head on, so that we can lose its darkness and so change the level at which we are vibrating.

Bliss is hardwired in our brains and bodies, and this comes about from the divinity of the ‘whole’. ‘All’ is part of a greater plan — there is no separation, me and them, them and me. The whole world and everyone in it is just an extension of who we are, and the world simply reflects our current vibrational form and what we need to heal. From the smallest one-cell organism, we all have the chemical for bliss in us (endorphins), so the natural form of the world should be in bliss.

 The positive and negative become one and we lose the duality of dark and light that holds us back all the time.

What keeps us from awarenesses is the fear of being unprotected, the fear of being unsafe, the fear of experiencing uncertainty, and the fear of insecurity. When it is okay with us to be afraid and uncertain, then we do not fear our fear, and we are somewhat more secure about our insecurity, and somewhat protected by feeling less of a need for protection. When we are not afraid of our fears, we have a greater feeling of a sense of belongingness with an adequate number of people. When we are not afraid of our fear, we have more of a sense of respect and self-esteem, and we feel like we have a greater chance of transcending dichotomies, so that what we do that is good for us is simultaneously good for those around us.

In duality consciousness, individuals see themselves as better or lesser than others, resulting in a hierarchy that mirrors the lay-ers of fear.There is no common source that unites everyone within this system. Only fear is shared by all, but this commonality produces no bonds because its sources are as numerous as those who experience it.

This fragmentation is not without its benefits to certain people. Those who want to maintain control can use the fear of their subjects to manipulate them, keeping them focused on one threat today and another tomorrow. The fragmented structure of duality can exist only as long as we entertain the belief that this chaotic world of separation is rational.

Duality distorts who and what we are; to know only dual-ity is to know very little. We live in a perfectly ordered universe, but because disharmony, imbalance, and disunity permeate duality thinking, we cannot see the order that lies beneath the perceived disorder. Duality is costly and destructive, wasteful of resources. In its fragmentation and fear, peace is unachievable.

Duality leads first to conflict, then to war, as we ratchet up the force required to achieve submission. Duality seems to be real because its fragmented construction restricts awareness to only that which conforms to its distorted view of reality. This leads to a world of distorted perceptions that must constantly be defended because they are fabricated, and not reality. Withdraw the belief that duality is real and it is exposed as dysfunctional, wasteful, and a recipe for ever-present fear, pain, and disaster.

Fear arises only where duality —because each point of the duality wants to possess ti other. The desire for possession always generates a fe; of dispossession. But when there is no duality, who wi possess whom? Where possession itself is negated, thei fear can have no abode.

The fundamental note of all mysticism is transcending the realm of Duality. To reject the demands of Duality one by one is the only way that leads the spiritual aspirant to the rich experience of Non-duality. The Way of mysticism is the Way of Love, and surely Love can come into being only when Duality is completely negated. Fear exists only in the realm of duality; in the state of non-duality there is no fear. There is fear so long as the other exists, but when the “other” is not there of what shall man be afraid? In the realm of duality, Death reigns supreme. And so no solution of the problem of Death can ever be found in the field of duality.

Mind controlled by ignorance engages in delusions, among which the most basic, the root of all others, is dualistic grasping in terms of subject and object. When the mind does not know the extent of its openness, instead of experiencing without center or periphery, we perceive everything through one central point of reference. This point, the center that appropriates all experiences, is the observer, the ego-subject. It is in this way that the mind, ignorant of its openness, engenders the delusional experience of a “me” or an “I.”

“Bliss is the essential nature of man. The central fact of man’s being is his inherent divinity. Man’s essential nature is divine, the awareness of which he has lost because of his animal propensities and the veil of ignorance. Man, in his ignorance, identifies himself with the body, mind, Prana and the senses.

There is no bliss in the finite. Bliss is only in the Infinite. Eternal bliss can be had only from the eternal Self. To know the Self is to enjoy eternal bliss and everlasting peace. Self-realisation bestows eternal existence, absolute  knowledge, and perennial bliss. None can be saved without Self-realisation.

The ego prevents the manifestation of infinite knowledge already latent in the soul, and is the most formidable obstacle to the attainment of God. “The human ego denied its own source in man’s inner knowing and inner being”. It is the veils of ignorance that cause pain are ignorance, ego, attachment.

The limited mind is the soil in which the ego is securely rooted, and this ego perpetuates ignorance through the many illusions in which it is caught. The ego prevents manifestation of infinite knowledge, which is already latent in the soul; it is the most formidable obstacle to the attainment of God. ‘It is extremely difficult to pierce through the veil of ignorance, for it is a rock on the fire.’ Just as a flame cannot rise very high i f a rock is placed upon it, a desire to know one’s own true nature cannot lead to the Truth as long as the burden of the ego is placed on consciousness.”

So a new centre of organisation must be found. Ignorant ego must be replaced by Truth and Reality. “Man is then driven by the logic of his own experience to find the true centre of experience and reorganise his lift in the Truth. This entails the wearing out of the ego and its replacement by Truth-consciousness. The disintegration of the ego culminates in realising the Truth. The false nucleus of consolidated sanskaras must disappear if there is to be a true integration and filfillment of life.””All the problems of the ego can be tackled only through intelligent and conscious action. Therefore, complete annihilation of the ego is possible only when all the constituents of the ego pass through the fire of intelligent consciousness.”

In some ways the world can be seen as an illusion, and in others not quite. A separately existing, dualistic world is an illusion. However, our experience is true.

Here we come to the concept of Maya. Through the mind and its concepts the world appears to us as a real, objective existence in which we are a subject. We mistake the world for something it is not. In ignorance we believe it to have a separate being and substance. Maya is that ignorance, that veil that does not let us see who we are, and that projection that makes us believe we are something we are not.

There is fear in duality. There are quarrels and wars in duality. Duality is ignorance.

The whole world is firmly established in the false idea of separateness, and being caught up in the illusion of duality. The root-cause of the illusion of manyness is that the soul, in its ignorance, identifies itself with its bodies or with the ego-mind.  Those who have cast off the veil of duality experience the soul through itself independently of any mediums or vehicles.

The veil of conceptuality can be pierced but only by the enlightened consciousness.

Ontological idealism, which claims that the external world of objects is actually a creation of the mind. The alternative reading considers Yogacara to be a form of epistemological idealism which contends that unenlightened minds are unable to distinguish the world as it actually is from the conceptual constructions which we place upon it. The unenlightened mind is thus unable to gain knowledge of things as they really are because it is trapped within a web of conceptual fabrications. The world as we experience it is a projection of our own minds to the extent that it is always a product of our own interpretive categories. These impositions are fueled by ignorance and craving.

“Lifting of a veil” is a rising of consciousness that knows no fear of the unknown.

If the history of psychic research tells us anything at all, it is that we are surrounded on all sides by nonhuman intelligences who habitually lie to us for no discernible reason other than to amuse themselves. These entities are at least as old as human conscious-ness (hence the near-universality of the Trickster motif in legend and folklore) and seem curiously dependent on us for their continued existence.

Shamans have always known how to enter these realms consciously, how to direct their awareness to attain their objective, and how to return to the three-dimensional world and apply what they’ve learned to the subject at hand. Stated another way, individual awareness penetrates the objective psyche, maintains its integrity as a subjective observer, and then returns to consensus reality. Everyone who has emerged intact from a major acid trip understands what this is like. Because these mental realms are spatial dimensions—that is, they have breadth, width, and height appropriate to the mode of consciousness of the plane in question, we will label them collectively as “hyperspace.” This is not a metaphor; these lokas are worlds and dimensions equally as real and infinite as external, physical space-time. The only difference is that they are inside of us. This seeming impossibility tells us something of extreme importance—it reveals that we are multidimensional observers confined to three-dimensional bodies in three-dimensional space. The gnostic version of the Perennial Philosophy characterizes our predicament as one of exiles far from home who are held captive within a three-dimensional prison by manifestly demonic forces called archon, or rulers. The gnostics pulled no punches in the way they described the human condition:

to this: consciousness is your only reality. Awareness is all you have: your body is only an object of consciousness, a temporary vehicle for living in a three-dimensional world, though you won’t hold it for long, even if you live a hundred years. All your beliefs about your reality are based upon your experience as an observer since you entered the physical body. This includes imprinting from parents, race, class, culture, language, etc.—all the data hardwired in your brain-computer, all the objects of perception that provide the convincing illusion that you know who you are and that you understand your experience. Unfortunately, circumstances like these are made to order for the fabrication of truly grotesque illusions. The gnostics would say it’s a setup.

Ego is one of the main programs that can stop you from reconnecting with the God within, but ego can be broken. It’s a distraction that produces emotions that must be mastered in order for you to see the illusion of separation for what it is, an illusion. Ego divides, which is what the Archons want.

Man must reach a new relationship to the world around him…. To do this he must give priority, not to external problems, but to the mind that is considering them…. Hardly a beginning has yet been made to bring the illimitable inner world that has recently been opened to us, the world of the unconscious, the world of the dreaming mind, into living contact with everyday life…. Our problems are plainly growing beyond conventional human control, and consciousness has no choice but to enlarge itself to meet them. The trouble is, consciousness per se has not the power to do this. It must look beyond itself for help.’

All of these data support the postulation of transcendent dimensions of being linked to space-time through consciousness itself. The uncon-scious is actually a dimension of dimensions. The rather narrow band of forces we call space-time then becomes only one portion of an apparently infinite multiverse of superficially invisible realms of experience.

The Archons prevents spiritual progress; The third bhanda, Neck Lock, allows prana to move up through the neck, awakening the third eye and pituitary gland and radiating into our aura. Neck Lock opens the fifth chakra —the throat—so kundalini energy can flow to the sixth, seventh, and eighth chakras

The third bhanda, Neck Lock, allows prana to move up through the neck, awakening the third eye and pituitary gland and radiating into our aura. Neck Lock opens the fifth chakra —the throat—so kundalini energy can flow to the sixth, seventh, and eighth chakras. Without Neck Lock our energy is often blocked at the throat, and our soul light cannot reach the higher chakra frequencies of intuition, sacred wisdom, and surrender to the divine. The traditional yogic word for Neck Lock is Jalandhara Bhand (pronounced “jahlunn-dah-rah bond”), which literally means “neck lock.” Sometimes we experience a sense of fear when we begin to connect deeply to spirit, and we pull back from the cosmic breakthrough that happens when energy flow reaches the third eye and awakens intuition. If you feel fear, please remember that prana is love. There is no reason to do any of this except to awaken and blossom so the fragrance of your soul can be sensed as part of you. The third eye is where we discern the unseen reality behind the surface, the eternal ebb and flow of the energy of life. The intuition requires complete neutrality in order not to shrink back. The crown chakra, at the top of the head, is the gateway to our rare divine consciousness. And in the aura we become an integrated, coherent whole rather than a series of separate chakras. The line between our finite idenity and infinite consciousness becomes blurred. We blend. We are not separate.

When the three locks—Root Lock, Diphragm Lock, and Neck Lock—are practiced all together at once, as they often are, we call it Great Lock, or Maha Bhand (pronounced “mah-hah bond”). Maha Bhand enables the totality of our energy to flow as one unimpeded circuit. These three locks is also known as the knot of ignoranve and the goal his to keep humankind within the lower matrix separated or disconnected from the higher self and higher intuition, and instead is been fed with ego knowledge that prevents movement towards higher realms of the human consciousness.

“The (alien) group” requires that we don’t develop our natural psychic senses (open the third eye and learn yoga science of liberation), because this would give us the ability to see beyond “the veil of ignorance” that’s been set in place around us for eons and thousands of years. With our natural psychic senses fully developed, we would begin to intuitively become aware of their presence and the lies that have distorted our perceptions of ourselves and our world for so long. Recognizing and developing our psychic abilities would free us from the clutches of any deceptions that they have used against us for most of our history. It has been deeply ingrained into the social fabric to doubt and even ridicule anyone who purports to have psychic powers. The commonly held belief that we don’t have these abilities is by itself the greatest impediment to our being able to develop and use them. The heart center is surrounded by what has been called the “veil of tears,” and it is the last veil to be cleared on the path of enlightenment. We learn then to see beyond the illusion and limitations of ordinary reality.

The neck lock is beyond the five senses world, so this world don’t want anyone progress through the five first chakras and its five senses, so it makes everything to prevent anyone progress beyond the fifth chakra.

The archons who has been controlled this world for eons, thousands of years, generation after generation has been working with negative programming to shut off the divine connection to the true source of knowledge.

Once you realize this is going on, you will be able to lift and clear the patterning that does not belong there, and bnng yourself into a purer state. That which does not belong, will just lift off. It will have a hardened, and locked-in feeling, but the more you focus on your perfect sovereign self, the more you will be able to direct your soul energy to assist in lifting off these locked in patterns that prevent your soul expansion and evolution.

The human body have been pre- programmed with negative programming, by the fallen hierarchy of the archons. This just keeps us on a negative spiral, and giving our power away, instead of realizing our divine birthright as sparks of Divine natures.

Negative programming makes it more difficult to carry the crystalline light body of cosmic consciousness, so it is difficult to hold and maintain those higher states as one goes about the day. There are no codlings and structures to maintain the higher more evolved states, and this there indeed needs to be. The higher states come in and have no anchorage point in the realms of duality. The polarity will just split off the perfect consciousness, causing one to experience both extremes, by which time the energy has been pulled out of its perfect state of unity and harmony, and now looks nothing like it originally did.

Below the thin layer of brain called the cerebral cortex, where the rational mind functions, lies the 90 per cent of our being that we are unaware of—the primitive, reptilian brain. Within this aspect of the mind lies our subconscious connection with our ancestors and their ancient knowledge. When we are able to access this memory or connection, we are able to draw from the powers within our subconscious mind and this is where that aspect of our spirit talks to us about who we are and what we want from our lives.

Amazez can powerfully activate the ‘Mouth of God’ chakra near the top of the spine at the back of the head. This is an extremely important point on the energy body, and is the source of many mystical experiences. It coincides physically with what is called the ‘reptile brain: The reptile brain, our oldest brain structure, has been mistakenly maligned, because it is seen as primitive. However, it is also spiritually the portal of the risen kundalini as it pours in to illuminate the whole brain. It is called the ‘Mouth of God’ because it is through this portal that the Breath of God flows into us when conditions are right. Amazez can awaken and help open this critical passage so that our latent Divine energies can circulate properly and bring us to enlightenment

The kundalini system could be thought of as a seven way speaker musical crossover system. What the kundalini  exercise does is to reverse the separation process, thereby causing the energy of the seven colors to be pumped backward into the cord or line called sushumna. As the energy flow is reversed, the colors begin to mix back towards their original state. That state being white light. As the colors mix, they give off their magnetic charge. This charge saturates Ida and Pingala with negative and positive current. The filtered charge flows upward in “hidden ducts” to the jaws of the mouth. This path reaches beyond the medulla oblongata, or what is called the oblong gate. When the “yogi” or student starts the process, they lock or seal the body. One lock is at the neck, while the other is at the root chakra.

Most people do not move beyond the first three levels of consciousness represented by the first three chakras. The controllers of this world keeping humankind trapped within the three dimensional world and reality through fear concepts and negative programming of the mind.

Fear attacks the amygdala, the reptilian, survivor portion of the brain. The induction of fear bypasses the operation of the frontal lobe, the logic, reasoning, and reality center of the brain.

Fears and intimidation blocks the access to easily obtain information.

Fear is generally the reason those with access to higher conscious awareness are persecuted.

When fear blocks the ability of visions, it prevents us from seeing reality as it is. and make true learning, or real change. It blocks and creates major restrictions to knowing the real Higher Self and creates an illusions one is living in a comfort zone, and when one start to leaving the comfort zone the ego reacts with negativity, fear, stress, anxiety or panic, and if one continues to progress against these emotions and thoughts, then the mass consciousness will start organized gang stalking actions (spiritual and psychological warfare to prevent one from make any changes and leaving the matrix).

When fear blocks visions, it blocks us from seeing reality as it is, and this blocks new input of information, and when this input of new information is blocked, this then blocks the process of learning, and when the learning process is blocked, then the ability to change is blocked, and when the ability of changed is blocked humankind is imprisoned in the looping matrix of old concepts of duality. Freedom is the ability evolving and freedom is the ability to be able to change. And this controls the 2 dna strands from progressing.

Fear blocks visions and and it blocks new input of information, and when this input of new information is blocked, this then blocks the process of learning, and when the organized gang stalker program creates sleep deprivation this means; “When we don’t sleep well, we lose the ability to integrate and synthesize information and this hindering spiritual growth. The organized Gang stalking hindering the process of new information from be configurated into the human body system. The organized gang stalkers does have any education in these advanced methods of psychology and everyone seems to know how to use this knowledge. Darwin evolutionary theory may just be a deception. Feedback loops are the normal cycles of information integration. If a feedback loop is broken and the information being received cannot be processed and stored in the appropriate category within the stream of consciousness, then cognitive chaos arises. Organized Gang Stalking using gaslighting psychology and the goal is to create confusions in the mind, create breakdowns and triggering cognitive chaos.

Fear not just blocks the flow of energy, visions, it blocks the pathways and it blocks the source of information. Fear makes the alpha bridge to dissapear, and the alpha bridge carries the codes that the theta divine brain waves need to start healing the old evolutionary brain. When the alpha bridge is re-builded one get access to divine theta information of bliss, and through this new information; humankind can reprogram the whole brain and evolving new spiritual gifts.

When fear blocks visions its blocks the third eye of intuition. The power of intuition dissolves ego and duality. Insights and visions reveals the path to salvation and fear hindering this process and the archons prevent the soul from ascending and obstructing the pathway to higher consciousness, and therefore using all forms of negative, fear mongering, stress inducing, senstizing methods create harm by using harmful covert and overt methods of spiritual and psychological warfare (organized gang stalking).

Energy is information, and information is history. Its like the key and lock together. Ancient text then reveals there is three knots of ignorance and these blocks the natural flow of energy in the human body-system, and then energy is information, and information is the “history” humankind is trapped in and living in the state of ignorance or the slumbring state.

The Leviathan spirit comes to constrict your mind and speaking from the path that God has for you. It paralyzes you from speaking what is on  your mind; it also works with procrastination, laziness, fear and attacks the prayer life and speaking forth the word. It also attacks your ability to teach, preach and prophesy. The goal is to destroy  faith and visions through fear, intimidation, doubts and confusion (and gaslighting).

The ultimate result of visionary insights is when duality becomes oneness and the principle is; the further backward you look, the further you can see forward. In the state of Oneness everything is experienced in present time (past and future becomes now). When humans abilities slowly disconnects from her roots of evolutionary history and evolutionary reference, in combination with lost of ability to self-reflection, and lowered levels of Consciousness it will be more difficult to see further in the plans of future. The logic is easy; to see forward you must have ability to see backwards. When they disconnected 10 of humans spiritial dna strand they disconnected their evolutionary references and their intuition, and therefore lost the abilty to see beyond the veil of ignorance, and this gives them the advantage to control and make humankind manageable and easier to keep them enslaved in the Matrix.

Icke effortlessly constructs correspondences (and substantive identity) between symbols and actors across time, culture, and political and religious identities. They all derive from the same source and have the same purpose: “casting a spell on the human mind and emotions” in order to destroy human understanding of “who we really are” — part of an energetic, divine whole, and the archons reptilians don´t want humankind to understand their divine nature. The goal is to keep humankind connected and controlled by the reptilian brain.

Therefore the reptilians altered and conditioned energies, vibrations and frequencies into the low vibrational “reptilian wavelengths”. More broadly, the construction of fear is said to stimulate the kind of society and behaviour the reptilians desire, and to do so through “vibrational patterns” leaving traces in our DNA. As if that was not sufficient, the reptilians are also claimed to work their mind control through technology, including “implants” of thought control devices 69 These are, again, part of the plan to take control of human agency so that it is locked to a fearful existence on this plane of being. A preparation for this, recalling Steiner and his modern disciple, is the weakening of the mind-body through vaccines, which have been a tool of keeping mankind ill and functioning below par, and an important development in getting “access keys to the body-computer”.’

Fear is essential to how the reptilians control humans. Fear weakens the mind’s control of the nervous system, unsteadies the nerves. Fear creates and strengthens the illusionary ego-perception. Fear creates the ego, and ego produces fear, and this creates the veil of ignorance, and this becomes the illusions of this world, and then the world is been controlled by the forces and spells of maya and illusions.

Humans who understand their true nature, power and worth would be impossible to manipulate … Only by delinking humanity from this knowledge has it been possible to orchestrate the reptilian-Brotherhood Agenda over thousands of years. The creation of official “science” has been fundamental to that and … the same secret societies were responsible for establishing both.”

It is fear and ignorance that make people feel powerless and there is a veil of ignorance in place to continue keep humankind in the spiritual slumbering state of the mind. Vibrational fields created by the rituals produce the frequency environment in which the reptilian and other entities can manifest in the five-sense frequency range, and it is through the five senses they control humankind.

Peter Horttanainen

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