Torture and ostracism is similar and

ostracism and scapegoating are similar and

todays gangstalking is similar to all

Sweden using Mk Ultra ”Code Green” , negative classical conditioning, fear mongering, trauma base methods against targeted individuals and psychological toture against targeted individuals in their own home enviroments

  •  The State of Sweden using psycholoigcal torture methods – Pavlov’s Dogs and Classical Conditioning against targeted individuals in their homes/apartments
  • The State of Sweden using healthcare and psychiatry as a political abuse of psychiatry
  • The State of Sweden using MK Ultra -trauma base methods to both traumatizing and sensitizing the targeted individual
  • The State of Sweden using FEAR and THREATS as a component in all gangstalking activities they using
  • The State of Sweden using stress factors, manipulation of reality, noise harassment, sleep deprivation
  • The State of Sweden using children for both gangstalking activties and noise harassment campaigns to sensitize targteted ones (they acting like when a  robot is programmed to do same thing for hours)
  • The State of Sweden also using doctors and medical prescriptions as a political and emotional blackmail to force people into a psychiatry enviroment and to stay in control in their hands. Medicines is just not  for help people in Sweden, it is used to control them and limit their lives. They create sleep deprivation so you must eat sleeping pills a doctor from the healthcare system must prescribed
  • The citizens of the State of Sweden using and abusing their own babies and children as gangstalking tools, women and mothers using baby strollers walking to gangstalking, clothing them up for gangstalking purposes, they using teenagers, elders, handicapped people, wheelchairs, pets, dogs and even the sounds of the owl to sensitizing targeted ones. There is a owl (sound of a owl – it is the new police force  in Sweden all seeing eye)  in almost every tree in Sweden  just there I use to exercise or just want to sit down and listen to birdsong or the wind for meditation. There is no silence, no privacy and no integrity beacuse they disturbing you even when you are in your own bathroom when you take a bath or sitting on the toilet, and you can´t sleep beacuse of the noise harassment (sleep deprivation). This is Sweden 2017 – no fake news!!!!

This has going on for over 6 years now. And today I have begin to analyze these behaviors and write down my insights or find text/information that can desribe these things.

It is quite easy to reqognize mk ultra and gangstalking factors and people beacuse they fullfills their own purposes and goals and it is repeating repeating and repeating actions. When you have seen how people behaving, acting, speaking in a gangstalking way you see these manipulated things used by children, teenager, adults, elders, and it is common these things are everywhere and is going on for 24/7, 365 days.

They using all people (children, teenager, adults, elders)

They using all kind of vehicles mini-motor bikes, mopeds, two wheel, four wheel vhicles, cars or power tools, movers, leaf blowers and there is no ending what they using……

They using colors and symbols

They using all hours of 24 in a day

They using all 365 days in a year

They using all forms of media (internet, radio, tv, newspaper)

They using all forms of psychological MK Ultra, gangstalking, mind control, brainwashing, noise harassment, ostracism methods

They using everything that´s can make noises, dogs, humans, power tools, flushing toliets, starts washing machines, running water, music, drums, whistle blowers, sirens, alarms, honking hornes, fast speeding vehicles, firecrackers, hitting floor sound, running fast in the stairs (same as fast vehicles/motorbikes) fast cars leaving or starts/fast/burnouts), children screaming hysterical, children bouncing balls for hours, kicking ball on the entrance door to provoke,  smashing glass, leafblowers, movers, hammers or drilling in the wall, doorslamming, car trunks/doors

Here is a post about wicked methods I somehow meeting everyday. It is my personal opinion that these methods symbols some form of wickedness, it may be acting and theater wickedness.

If someone would ask them what wickedness is the answer probarly would be; the wicked thing is to write, illustrate and exposing that these humans are using these methods. The rhetorical logic thinking is this; It is the bully that is right and the bullied one that is the problem. So the gangstalker (bully) and the gangstalked /bullied one) are experience two differents perspective.

Matthew 7:5 You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye.

The Wicked Ones (In Bible)

They try to induce FEAR in everything via noise, make you paranoid, make you doubt, making you feel unsecure by opening/lock up you apartment door, visit your apartment, reveal things about your life, try to mak you life transparent so they can see throw your life to control every part of your life 24/7

When have something cross the line and become crazy in this society?

This is just a few procent of all crazy things that´s taking place in the new world order. New bahviors are implemented every where and people are following these instructions like they have become zombies or robots.

If you write about these things you are automatical the crazy one –  not them using these methods (strange logic and conclusion tao make based on a fake illusion of the reality)

Gangstalking is a freakshow they set up and they want targeted individuals to stay in this state of mind to control them.

Let them keep their their freakshow for themselves.  They don´t have the power to leave this freak show by themselves. They are caught and infected by this psycholoigcal global matrix and break the chains to this controlling monster. In a other way to say it – they are enslaved by this force, targeted individuals are not. Targted individuals will always have their own will and the soul of God within them and will protect God´s will with the word.


Classical conditioning accounts for acguisition pf boh positive and negative attitudes and can be used for virtious and nefarious purpsoes. Classical conditioning as a form learing is understood quite well, based as it is on data from several species. Including humans, and using fear as the attitude that is unduced.

In classical conditioning models, people learn fear in much the same way as they learn positive associations. For instance, what if every time participants heard a bell they recieved an electric shock?

At extreme levels, fearful attitudes can significantly impair daily functioning. When classical conditioning is used in a negative and for nefarious purposes it is extremely wicked or villainous; iniquitous. There everything they do is evil flagrantly wicked or impious :  evil – a nefarious plot.

Mind control always involves fear. Induce a sufficient level of fear into an individual, and the traumatised persin will accpet any help that is suggested by a confident amnipulator. That´s how it´s done on a macro-polical and individual level. Trauma-based mind control is probably much older than the Nazi period in Germany, but is widely believed that the Nazis brought this ancient art of evil to a new scientific level. Driven by pervred minds like that of Dr Mengele.

Satanic imperialism continues unabated, and the battle for planet Earth moves to the next stage.

The Controllers

Sweden playing God in same way science playing God and become evil

They living in false illusion and think they can stop the piritual awakening process with fear.

Therapist Dr M. Scott Peck, author of The People of the Lie, writes: “…at one point I defined evil as ‘the exercise of political power that is the imposition of one’s will upon others by overt or covert coercion in order to avoid…spiritual growth'”.


Pavlovian classical conditioning involves pairing an unconditioned stimuli with a … signal and food, confusing them with positive and negative signals …

Classical conditioning accounts for acguisition pf boh positive and negative attitudes and can be used for virtious and nefarious purpsoes. Classical conditioning as a form learing is understood quite well, based as it is on data from several species. Including humans, and using fear as the attitude that is unduced.

In classical conditioning models, people learn fear in much the same way as they learn positive associations. For instance, what if every time participants heard a bell they recieved an electric shock?

At extreme levels, fearful attitudes can significantly impair daily functioning. When classical conditioning is used in a negative and for nefarious purposes it is extremely wicked or villainous; iniquitous. There everything they do is evil flagrantly wicked or impious :  evil – a nefarious plot.

Mind control always involves fear. Induce a sufficient level of fear into an individual, and the traumatised persin will accpet any help that is suggested by a confident amnipulator. That´s how it´s done on a macro-polical and individual level. Trauma-based mind control is probably much older than the Nazi period in Germany, but is widely believed that the Nazis brought this ancient art of evil to a new scientific level. Driven by pervred minds like that of Dr Mengele.

Satanic imperialism continues unabated, andthe battle for planet Earth moves to the next stage.

Therapist Dr M. Scott Peck, author of The People of the Lie, writes: “…at one point I defined evil as ‘the exercise of political power that is the imposition of one’s will upon others by overt or covert coercion in order to avoid…spiritual growth'”.


Ostracism – you have no support system

Loud noises, sudden movements, and fast changes can induce fear and even if you get very short of time is also a creation of stress

Gangstalking include noise harassment, sudden and hard hitting or bangs in floor/walls, firecrackers, fast moving objects combine with noise (motorcycles, cars, honking hornes, movers, power tools, creation on senstitive, stress, standing close you stalking, running behind you to catch up to something, running around corners, creation on paranoia can create a higher level on fear, to make you feel unsecure is another to create more fear when you feel unprotected, and one more thing is when you have no support system you feel you are alone against all these crazy and evil gangstalkers…

 Fearmongering or scaremongering is the spreading of frightening and exaggerated rumors of an impending danger or the habit or tactic of purposely and needlessly arousing public fear about an issue.

This can take the form of psychological manipulation that uses fear-based tactics (scare tactics) including exaggeration and usually repetition to influence the public in order to achieve a desired outcome

It is a tactic used to scare or put fear into those viewing a campaign/advertisement and influence the outcome based on fear.

Conditioned Sounds: Hitting Sounds and Fear Conditioning (Ivan ….. that´s controling other with fear and fear mongering and scare mongering …

Negative classical conditioning, fear and anchoring, fear mongering, scare mongering
They bombard you with various fear sensitization activities

Sensitization often is characterized by an enhancement of response to a whole class of stimuli in addition to the one that is repeated. For example, repetition of a painful stimulus may make one more responsive to a loud noise.

MK Ultra – is to trauma base with repeating torture actions. They creating the trauma for you to break you down.

The classic fight-or-flight response to perceived threat is a reflexive nervous phenomenon thai has obvious survival advantages in evolutionary terms. However, the systems that organize the constellation of reflexive survival behaviors following exposure to perceived threat can under some circumstances become dysregulated in the process. Chronic dysregulation of these systems can lead to functional impairment in certain individuals who become “psychologically traumatized”

For the vast majority of the population, the psychological trauma brought about by the experience of profound threat is limited to an acute, transient disturbance. Though transient, such reactions can be quite unpleasant and are typically characterized by phenomena that can be grouped for the most part into three primary domains: (i) reminders of the exposure (including flashbacks, intrusive thoughts, nightmares); (ii) activation (including hyperarousal, insomnia, agitation, irritability, impulsivity and anger); and (iii) deactivation (including numbing, avoidance, withdrawal, confusion, derealization, dissociation, and depression). As these reactions are self-limiting by definition, in general they provoke minimal functional impairment over time.

The hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis

The hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis is the central coordinator of the mammalian neuroendocrine stress response systems

The hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis is the body’s major response system for stress. The hypothalamus secretes CRH, which binds to receptors on pituitary cells, which produce/release ACTH, which is transported to the adrenal gland where adrenal hormones

This surprising finding, though replicated in PTSD patients from other populations including Holocaust survivors, refugees, and abused persons, is not consistent across all studies.6 It has been suggested that inconsistent findings may result from differences in the severity and timing of psychological trauma, the patterns of signs/symptoms, comorbid conditions, personality, and genetic makeup.

Studies using low-dose dexamethasone suppression testing suggest that hypocortisolism in PTSD occurs due to increased negative feedback sensitivity of the HPA axis. Sensitized negative feedback inhibition

Induction and Expression of Fear Sensitization Caused by Acute Traumatic Stress

Fear promotes adaptive responses to threats. However, when the level of fear is not proportional to the level of threat, maladaptive fear-related behaviors characteristic of anxiety disorders result.

A single emotionally traumatic event can have a lifelong impact on the psychological well-being of an organism, including triggering anxiety-related disorders like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). PTSD leads to hyperactivity to mild stressors, especially when it bears similarity to the traumatic event, and to a propensity to form new fears.

After this experience, rats acquire exaggerated contextual and cued fear in novel situations using a single shock. This reflects a permanent sensitization of fear-conditioning circuitry because it does not depend on an explicit memory of the stressful situation

When a fear response is disproportionate to the severity of a threat, it can interfere with behaviors serving other adaptive functions, compromising function and fitness

Exposure to stress appears to sensitize the biological system involved in generating fear responses

Neural substrates of sensitization

Sensitization may also contribute to psychological disorders such as post-traumatic stress disorder, panic anxiety and mood disorders.

In “kindling“, repeated stimulation of hippocampal or amygdaloid neurons in the limbic system eventually leads to seizures in laboratory animals. After sensitization, very little stimulation may be required to produce seizures. Thus, kindling has been suggested as a model for temporal lobe epilepsy in humans, where stimulation of a repetitive type (flickering lights for instance) can cause epileptic seizures.[8] Often, people suffering from temporal lobe epilepsy report symptoms of negative effects such as anxiety and depression that might result from limbic dysfunction.

They want make you dysfunctional, aggressive, look crazy, behave crazy, to response to them in weird and offend ways with their own  crazy-ness

Do not answer a fool according to his folly, or you yourself will be just like him.

Public rudeness / Anchoring

Do you get rude stares, bumps or unexpected actions or talk from people you do not know or strange chat from strangers on the internet like they know you?
Ex. Anchoring – In Gang Stalking, Anchoring is used to make the target have fear with things happening in your daily life that considered to be

Negative classical conditioning, fear and anchoring

Fear versus anxiety: is there a difference?

The main function of fear and anxiety is to act as a signal of danger, threat, or motivational conflict, and to trigger appropriate adaptive responses. For some authors, fear and anxiety are undistinguishable, whereas others believe that they are distinct phenomena.

Ethologists define fear as a motivational state aroused by specific stimuli that give rise to defensive behavior or escape.  Animals may learn to fear situations in which they have previously been exposed to pain or stress, and subsequently show avoidance behavior when they reencounter that situation.

Many authors, however, have argued that differences in their etiologies, response patterns, time courses, and intensities seem to justify a clear distinction between anxiety and fear.15 Although both are alerting signals, they appear to prepare the body for different actions. Anxiety is a generalized response to an unknown threat or internal conflict, whereas fear is focused on known external danger.15 It has been suggested that “[…] anxiety can only be understood by taking into account some of its cognitive aspects, particularly because a basic aspect of anxiety appears to be uncertainty.

The fact that anxiety and fear are probably distinct emotional states docs not exclude some overlap in underlying brain and behavioral mechanisms. In fact, anxiety may just be a more elaborate form of fear, which provides the individual with an increased capacity to adapt and plan for the future.

High level and short level support systems…planning and motivation for the furture….

Noise garassament.

Mk Ultra and gangstalking  is a form of created ”mental loop”, psychologically speaking, refers you a person getting stuck in a certain line of thought (keep you in this state of mind). The goal is to break down the person to depression and create overwhelming anxiety, long term stress, panic attacks, TO TRAUMA BASE the targeted one. The main goal of gang stalking is to influence the life of the victim and to condition it, in order to destroy it. The primary important factor for the trauma-based mind-control is the ability to disassociate, and to create chaos and trauma-base in the brain functions. Mk Ultra screaming effect – to exposed the targeted with massive psychological and psysical trauma, in order to cause the psyche to shatter into thousend alter personalities the programmer whishes to ”install”. They using trauma-base techniques to create overwhelming stress reactions. They making a realism and twisted it into a surrealistic world, with no end and you are trapped in this matrix, and there flashing/brighting light  can activate meomories like you are trapped in a burning building witho no escape way available out of this burning building. And they want you too be helpless and feel helplessness to create the state of mind of depression (learned helpnessless). Overwheling with emotional stress as noise harassment inducing the sudden formation of suggestible mental state.

Mind control always involves fear. Induce a sufficient level of fear into an individual, and the traumatised persin will accpet any help that is suggested by a confident amnipulator. That´s how it´s done on a macro-polical and individual level. Trauma-based mind control is prbably much older than the Nazi period in Germany, but is widely believed that the Nazis brought this ancient art of evil to a new scientific level. Driven by pervred minds like that of Dr Mengele.

One common thing for Gangstalking is isolation and  take away all support system. Gangstalking, noise harassment means a lot hitten noise. A sudden noise or loss of physical support can induce an innate fear reaction, and restraint of bodily movements triggers rage.

Conditioned Sounds: Hitting Sounds and Fear Conditioning (Ivan Pavlov)

Hitting sounds can affect the nervous system and can also cause or increase the fight-or-flight phenomenon.

One tactic is to hit things or drop things randomly, the smoke screen, and then to start hitting things when threats are made towards you or indirectly. This can be an attempt to increase the reaction that you have about the threat and to condition the affect you experience from it, such as feeling threatened or fear, with hitting sounds.

Hitting sounds are linked to physical violence, so if it’s used in combination with hitting sounds the fight-or-flight response can be greater.

Conditioned Words: The Identification Word or Trigger Word (Ivan Pavlov)

A tactic that is sometimes used on a victim is that the group doing the psychological harassment will start using a word, different actions can also be used, that is not commonly used to identify themselves and to identify themselves as being part of this group. Because the word is now associated to a group that is psychologically attacking the victim it can become threatening in the sense that the victim identifies an enemy, can expect a form of attack or threat, or simply identifies and associates the word to the group and the repetitive attacks and their result. The word is conditioned to a threat, the group and a possible coming attack.

Now that the victim has been conditioned to associate a threat, the group and the attacks, to an uncommon word, a more common word is used that is conditioned and associated in the same way to the same threat, an enemy or a possible coming attack. The word itself can also be associated to a threat, an indirect threat of physical violence for example, or a degrading theme that is not recognized by the general public which can increases the victims threat response. This can destabilize the victim further by confusing them and inducing more paranoia where the victim is wondering “who is who” “friend or foe” and can leave them responding more to more possible threats.

The conditioned word can become what some have termed a “trigger” word where the victim explodes in rage or to the threat, and physically attacks an innocent and unaware person, making them a victim of physical violence and making them both victims of this tactic, strategy, and phenomenon.

Degrading Themes: Inducing Degrading Images and Intrusive Thoughts

Degrading themes can be not only disturbing to a person, but also threatening. They are used to attack a persons dignity, self-image, self-esteem, induce stress, and often used in combination with negative conditioning.

A group can try to make a targeted individual form degrading and perverse images by using combinations of words, descriptions, sounds, and actions. When degrading themes are used on individuals, the targeted individual can suffer from a psychological disorder that some psychologists have termed “intrusive thoughts”.

Another way degrading themes are used is to try to embarrass the victim or to repetitively humiliate the victim, because of the visible signs, such as blushing, or because of the degrading theme involved.

Degrading themes are often used to try to prevent people from coming forward and psychiatry is often used as a threat in the sense of building false profiles.

When frightened, your body floods with the hormone adrenaline. This skyrockets your heart rate and blood pressure,

An alter can be accessed by anyone who knows the “codes” or “triggers”.
These triggers, which induce an altered or trance state in a programmed
victim, can be anything including telephone tones, nursery rhymes,
dialogue from certain movies or hand signals.


Therapist Dr M. Scott Peck, author of The People of the Lie, writes:
“…at one point I defined evil as ‘the exercise of political power that
is the imposition of one’s will upon others by overt or covert coercion
in order to avoid…spiritual growth'”.

Satanic imperialism continues unabated, and
the battle for planet Earth moves to the next stage.


 Classical Conditioning = A conditioned stimulus (SOUND) is paired with an unconditioned stimulus (FOOD).

Conditioned stimulus (CS) = A neutral stimulus = Like a sound

Unconditioned stimulus (US) is a natural potent stimulus = The taste of food

Unconditioned response (UR) to the unconditioned stimulus is an unlearned reflex response = Salivation

Repeatedly pairings of the Conditioned with the Unconditioned = So victim learns from experiencing the imposed pairing = The victim exhibits a conditioned response (CR) to the conditioned stimulus when the conditioned stimulus is presented alone.

Conditioned Response (CR) = Similar to the unconditioned response, but is learned (acquired) through IMPOSED experience = Relatively impermanent.

Classical Conditioning = The conditioned stimulus is not simply connected to the unconditioned response = The CR usually differs in some way from the unconditioned response, sometimes significantly. = UNNATURAL!

LINK = The conditioned stimulus comes to signal or predict the unconditioned stimulus = A CHANGE IN THINKING!

Pavlovian Conditioning = Operant or instrumental conditioning = Conditioning behaviors are modified by the effect they produce (i.e., reward or punishment).

Pavlov = Noticed his dogs began to salivate in the presence of the technician who normally fed them, rather than simply salivating in the presence of food. = Anticipatory salivation “psychic secretion.”

PAVLOV = Presented a particular SOUND to the dogs and then gave the dog food; after a few repetitions, the dogs started to salivate in response to the stimulus SOUND.  = SOUND TRIGGERED SALIVATION = Conditioned Stimulus (CS) = SOUND associated with food = The unconditioned stimulus (US) because its effects did not depend on previous experience.

Response to the CS (SOUND) caused the conditioned response (CR) (SALIVATION) = US (FOOD) was the unconditioned response (UR) (SALIVATION).

MAX LEARNING (CONDITIONING) = Found when the interval between the CS (SOUND) and the appearance of the US  (FOOD) was relatively short.

The famous example of dogs salivating when a bell rings is an example of classical conditioning. The dogs were conditioned to do this. The unconditioned stimuli may have been the smell of food and the unconditioned (normal) response was salivation. The unconditioned stimuli, the smell of food was paired with the soon to be conditioned stimuli, the bell. Eventually when one withdraws the smell of food stimuli, the bell alone produces salivation. This is the new conditioned response. Extinction is when the conditioned response diminishes. In other words, if the bell conditioned stimuli is not reinforced with the giving of food, the response (salivation) will diminish after a while. The more trials performed, the more there will be resistance to extinction. In other words, the more often the bell is paired with the smell of food, the longer it will take for the conditioned response to fade away. Generalization is when a similar stimuli produce a similar response. In this case, a bell with a similar tone or note may also produce salivation. Pavlov’s Law of Strength states that when higher intensity conditioned stimuli are paired with conditioned stimuli with shorter intervals between them or if they are overlapping, this will produce better conditioning. If the bell was rung a long time after the smell of food, the conditioning would be weaker than if it was rung at the same time or close to the same time as the smell of food.

Programming is similar to this in several ways. A survivor may be tortured repeatedly until an new alter is created. This alter will be given a cue to let them know when to come out, this could be a smell, word, number, sound, color and so on. This cue is either paired with the alter’s creation and is given to the alter to listen for or to look for. The law of strength applies to the strength of the trauma and the strength of the cue. A stronger smell may be easier to associate with a strong trauma, which makes the conditioning stronger. Also if the alter and cue are paired together or closer in terms of time, they will associate more easily.

Extinction may occur or at least the cue and programmed connection could be weakened when the survivor avoids the cult and other cues for long periods of time. But these cues could also lie dormant and be regenerated unless the survivor does the necessary work to undo the program and all its components, including the emotional components.

A specific example of this could be : In a ritual a child is tortured by being hit with sticks while being chained down on a table. The cult members chant, let Satan come out, let the evil take over. The child through practice has learned to dissociate and switch. An alter called “evil” is created by the child and named so by the cult. The cult’s cue could be the verbal phrase “evil come out.” This verbal cue is the new conditioned stimuli paired with the child’s alter state. The unconditioned stimuli was torture, the unconditioned response was dissociation. Torture is paired with the new verbal cue (conditioned stimuli), causing the new conditioned response, the alter “evil.”

William Sargant first looked at combat PTSD and compared it to Pavlov’s classical conditioning. He extended Pavlov’s model to explain how people could change their world view suddenly. This was caused by intense trauma, followed by a person’s personality breaking down, followed by the application of new ways of thinking. Pavlov’s dogs during a flood either forgot or reversed their previous training. First, Pavlov’s “equivalent” phase of brain activity or breakdown occurred. Second, Pavlov’s “paradoxical inhibition” occurred where weak stimuli would produce strong responses and strong stimuli would produce weak responses (inappropriate responses). Third, in the “ultraparadoxical” stage, responses changed from positive to negative and vice-versa. Current models of PTSD suggest that PTSD can be understood as learned helplessness, a set of foci in the brain firing repeatedly and inappropriately. Cognitively, a person’s world view is so changed as to become untenable. Pavlov’s observations on animals breaking down under extreme stress could be applied to humans and survivors.

Pavlov was able to build up and break down behavior patterns in dogs. Pavlov’s work seems to have influenced confession getting and brainwashing techniques. Pavlov’s dogs had four basic temperaments, strong excitatory, lively, calm imperturbable type and melancholic. Each type reacted differently to stress. Pavlov could cause a dog to break down by increasing the intensity of a signal (electricity), delaying the time between the signal and food, confusing them with positive and negative signals interchanged or tampering with its physical condition. If a dog of stable temperament acquires a behavior after extreme stress, it is hard to break this behavior. The could be compared to a person of strong character becoming a one-track minded fanatic. Some survivors may also become fanatics.

The implications for survivors of ritual abuse and their symptoms are obvious. Increased trauma could cause dissociation, making a person more susceptible to suggestion. The delay of gratification could also make one more suggestible. Positive and negative signals interchanged, like praise and insults given rapidly can cause a break. Or the lack of sleep, food or drugging can also make one more suggestible. And once a survivor becomes suggestible, they are easier to program or reprogram.

An example for ritual abuse survivors could be the variety of techniques used on them to break them and cause dissociative states. As in the previous example, the child’s alter called evil could become extremely stubborn and pedantic. This alter could have a totally different behavior pattern than the other alters in the child’s psyche. The new alter may be very edgy when it comes in contact with weak stimuli or very calm in the presence of strong stimuli, like Pavlov’s paradoxical inhibition.

Propaganda techniques are similar in many ways to programming techniques. One could say a person is being programmed when being propagandized. The combination of vision and sound on TV make a person more suggestible. Most people get their news from TV. Once a person is overly emotional or numbed out, they become more suggestible and less likely to critically think about their choices. Subliminal learning is then enhanced.

As I mentioned yesterday, social mind control techniques may be similar to ritual abuse mind control techniques, but usually differ in intensity. The use of guilt in rituals is an example of this. Allowing a child in a ritual to get close to a small cat or dog and then forcing the child to kill the animal because they performed a previous ritual badly or were heard telling someone about the cult, in a set up situation.

This guilt is used to condition the child to fear telling on the cult. To break this conditioning , the child (or adult) may need to repeatedly tell their story and break the fear, this is called habituation, not reacting to or following the previously conditioned stimuli (cue) and response (fear), but resisting it. This is a way of breaking a conditioned pattern. This also helps the survivor re-associate the information into conscious memory. Habituation or systematic desensitization is also used with certain disorders, like OCD.

People can also be conditioned this way. A person will act, speak or dress a certain way to gain approval or to avoid insult. According to Skinner, freedom is not dependent on the feelings the contingencies generate, but it is dependent on the contingencies of reinforcement. In other words, it is not how you feel, but the result that determines your action.

How Cues and Programming Work in Mind Control and Propaganda




A coomon used MK Ultra pose in Swedish media is this…..




Organized harassment can be thought of as psychological manipulation, psychological torture, or even brainwashing. Sensitization is an important tool of manipulation, and often one of the very first steps in a campaign of organized harassment.

Sensitization involves making a target audience aware that a certain stimulus – a sound, shape or color, for example – is significant. This stimulus becomes part of a secret language shared between the target audience and the persons using the stimuli.

How a stimulus is made significant

Sensitization’s primary purpose is to make it possible to manipulate or provoke the target audience, deniably…

Pay attention to me: a person may go out of his way to draw your attention to the stimulus. Or, someone may display obvious aggression (again, catching your attention) while delivering the stimulus: the honking of a car horn; an article of clothing; his ethnicity; and so on.

Repetition: the stimulus may occur far more often than chance allows.

Doing it to yourself: when trying to “catch the stalkers”, for example, you may study the license plates of cars that seem to be involved. In this example, you’re training yourself to pay attention to license plate codes, setting yourself up for disturbing exposures later.

Stimuli targets get sensitized to, and how they’re all alike

  • Particular kinds of automobiles: white vans/trucks; red autos; police cars.
  • Particular ethnicities or ‘types’ of people.
  • Strategically-placed pieces of trash.
  • Loud noises: gun shots; explosions in the distance; sirens.
  • Lights: brighting from passing cars; parked cars which have their lights on; sudden flashing sirens on police vehicles.
  • Numerological themes: double digit numbers, such as 11, 22, or 44; particular times of day, such as 9:11; or a ‘personal’ number.
  • Car signals: car alarms going off; chirping noises from a car being remotely unlocked repeatedly and unnecessarily; honking (or patterns of honking).
  • Communications devices: cell phones, radios, portable music players with ear buds.
  • Colors or images.


People acting, behaving, speaking in a Paranoia way

People acting like a symtom of something – acting hysterical

People acting like the symtoms of panic attacks – acting screaming

People acting like the symtoms of madness – repeating, repeating, and repeating same thing

People acting like the symtoms of anxiety – acting anxiety

People acting like the symtoms of PTSD . creating the stress enviroment (noise, fear)

People acting like symtoms of FEAR. By acting with fear

This causes us to freeze or involuntarily jump — the “fight-or-flight” response.

They create sleep deprivation…

“feel the symptoms” because of greater sensory sensitivity.

When someone’s in the process of experiencing a panic attack, it may be argued that they’re hysterical, because panic attacks themselves are an emotionally overwhelming response. Panic attacks occur when a person responds to a change in their body (however small) and feel like they’re suffering from a heart attack, often with accompanying symptoms.

You freeze, your heart feels like it might beat out of your chest, your legs shake, and the hair on the back of your neck stands on end.

It’s a familiar feeling that can be triggered by anything from a scary movie to someone jumping out and yelling “Boo!” But why does the body react this way when we get scared?

Fear starts with a trigger. When something frightening happens, like someone jumping out at you in a haunted house, that’s a stimulus that signals to your brain that you might be in danger.

Hysteria is not a medical term. It’s a term used to describe people whose emotions have caused them to lose control in some way. Often the idea of “hysteria” is that the emotions are so powerful that they become overwhelming, often – although not always – more than they should in any given situation.

Under this definition, many things can lead to a feeling of hysteria. Anxiety disorders absolutely lead to hysteria, and although they are not often thought of as “true” hysteria, they absolutely cause overwhelming emotions that can cause you significant distress, embarrassment, and fearhere are a wide variety of possible stimuli, but there’s one characteristic they all share: they’re all extremely common. This strategy serves a few purposes.

  1. The stimuli the target has been sensitized to will be available in a wide variety of scenarios, to be used at a moment’s notice.
  2. It’s easy to deny. These stimuli could come from any number of sources with no obvious connection to a psychological warfare campaign.
  3. The target can expect to encounter the stimulus repeatedly, and he may end up right where his harassers want him – grappling with demons that his own mind has created, imagining total innocents to be ‘in on it’.

Objectives; and, observations

Sensitization is great for covert operations involving illegal or quasi-legal activity, with ‘buffers’ to shield higher-ups from the consequences of what their henchmen do. (Deniability is a good buffer.) This tactic is a good fit for intelligence organizations.

Once sensitized, the target audience is in a position to receive secret messages which the general public will not notice. In short, sensitization’s primary purpose is to make it possible to manipulate or provoke the target audience, deniably.

For a targeted individual, the provocation comes from the disturbing manner in which stimuli are delivered. The manipulation comes from what the TI is led to believe the placement, frequency, and timing of the stimuli must mean.

You may have drawn several conclusions from the sounds and sights you were exposed to, and their context. But you’ve never been told those conclusions directly; you were allowed to believe them.

In principle, there’s nothing wrong with sending or receiving secret messages; however, you should only act on secret messages as a peer, not as a minion scurrying about trying to divine the will of unseen or even imagined masters. If you form opinions or act on the basis of these messages without knowing their significance, you’re a puppet in the hands of the messages’ originators.

To restore your free will and counter the manipulative nature of the secret messages, you have to know what you’re being asked to do. Without that knowledge – and you’re never going to know by what “they” tell you – you might as well learn to ignore the messages.

Common pitfalls

Trap #1: mental illness trap

A person who has been sensitized should be careful in complaining about the stimuli. Ill-considered complaints will support a psychiatric diagnosis of delusions of reference (a delusional belief that common events refer to the complainant).1

Trap #2: gathering ‘evidence’

Having had his eyes opened to a secret world, or so he imagines, a targeted individual or member of a targeted audience may seek to gather proof with which to win the public over. By obsessively searching for instances of the stimuli to document, the person is playing into his manipulators’ hands – he’s hyper-sensitizing himself to the stimuli.

Beating sensitization

There are three basic approaches to teaching yourself to ignore the provocations associated with secret messages.


By deliberately over-exposing yourself to the stimuli, you’ll become desensitized to them.

  • Move to an area where you can expect to experience the stimulus frequently.
  • Play audio stimuli in a portable music player.
  • Watch visual stimuli in movies, or scatter them all over the place.
  • If the stimulus is time-themed, you could set a computerized alarm to go off during those times.

Public confrontation.

If the use of a stimulus is obvious and in public (usually involving an actor), draw peoples’ attention to it – but don’t be predictable about this.

For example, when I was having lunch with another TI in a cafeteria, a beggar entered the room and headed directly for our table, ignoring everyone else, and asked me for change. I exclaimed loudly, “Did you see that? The beggar didn’t go anywhere else– just my table. This happens all the time!”

If you’re willing to be confrontational, but you’re also unpredictable about it, you can expect the tactics you’re exposing to be dropped.

The Role of Fear- 1984
“In the end the Party would announce that two and two made five, and you would believe it.” (Orwell, 83)

Everyone is afraid of something
What are you afraid of?
Thoughtcrime does not entail death: thoughtcrime IS death
(Orwell, 30 )

Examples of fear from George Orwell 1984

  1. You have the constant surveillance by the Party through telescreens which ensures Party memebers abide by Party rules.
  2. The Thought Police, which kind of works with the telescreens, fear is instilled in the people because they know if they do anything wrong, such as when Winston writes in his journal or pursues a relationship with Julia, they will be found and vaporized by the Thought Police.
  3. Constant warfare around them, in the second part of the book there is a segment in Emmanuel Goldstein’s book which talks about how the Party uses constant warfare to foster fear and how the Party uses this to create a sense of unity. If we’re all afraid of the same enemy we feel as if there’s a them (the enemy) and an us (the Party). I don’t know if that will make sense to you..
  4. The children in 1984 also generate fear. They have been manipulated by the Party into reporting any act against the Party that even parents are afraid that their own children will turn them in to the Thought Police.

1984 George Orwell

The Ministry of Love (or Miniluv in Newspeak) serves as Oceania’s interior ministry. It enforces loyalty to Big Brother through fear, buttressed through a massive apparatus of security and repression, as well as systematic brainwashing. The Ministry of Love building has no windows and is surrounded by barbed wire entanglements, steel doors, hidden machine-gun nests, and guards armed with “jointed truncheons“. Referred to as “the place where there is no darkness”, its interior lights are never turned off. It is arguably the most powerful ministry, controlling the will of the population. The Thought Police are a part of Miniluv.

The Ministry of Love, like the other ministries, is misnamed, since it is largely responsible for the practice and infliction of misery, fear, suffering and torture. In a sense, however, the name is apt, since its ultimate purpose is to instill love of Big Brother—the only form of love permitted in Oceania—in the minds of thoughtcriminals as part of the process of reverting them to orthodox thought. This is typical of the language of Newspeak, in which words and names frequently contain both an idea and its opposite; the orthodox party member is nonetheless able to resolve these contradictions through the disciplined use of doublethink.

Orwell warned of a state of permanent war and fear

In 1984, Orwell added, people are controlled by inflicting pain. In Brave New World, they are controlled by inflicting pleasure. In short, Orwell feared that what we fear will ruin us. Huxley feared that what we desire will ruin us.


A world of fear and treachery and torment, a world of trampling and being trampled upon, a world which will grow not less but more merciless as it refines itself. Progress in our world will be progress toward more pain. The old civilizations claimed that they were founded on love and justice. Ours is founded upon hatred. In our world there will be no emotions except fear, rage, triumph, and self-abasement. Everything else we shall destroy- everything.

New Brave World – What is SOMA in New Brave World?

“Euphoric, narcotic, pleasantly hallucinant”—that’s what Mustapha says of soma. It’s arguably the best tool the government has for controlling its population. It sedates, calms, and most importantly distracts a person from realizing that there’s actually something very, very wrong—namely, that the citizens of the World State are enslaved.

Everybody takes a drug called Soma which makes them feel happy and content. They take it all the time, so that they always feel good and never have to think about anything.

Soma is not Ecstasy, and it’s not Prozac. Soma is television – hypnotic televison

New brave world..

Welcome to the World State, where “all men are physico-chemically equal” and “everybody’s happy now.” People are conditioned by genetic engineering, electric shocks, and hypnopaedic repetition to accept these and other mantras as the sum of their identities, to promote complacency and simple desires.

Room 101

“Room 101” is a torture chamber (in George Orwell’s 1984), which also included “Big Brother”, brainwashing program or place of punishment so terrible that it is spoken of only in whispers. No one knows just what is done there; those who are sent there either never return, or else are so traumatized that they cannot speak of the torments they experienced there.

“Room 101” redirects here. For other uses, see Room 101 (disambiguation).

Room 101, introduced in the climax of the novel, is the basement torture chamber in the Ministry of Love, in which the Party attempts to subject a prisoner to his or her own worst nightmare, fear or phobia, with the object of breaking down their resistance.

You asked me once, what was in Room 101. I told you that you knew the answer already. Everyone knows it. The thing that is in Room 101 is the worst thing in the world.

Such is the purported omniscience of the state in the society of Nineteen Eighty-Four that even a citizen’s nightmares are known to the Party. The nightmare, and therefore the threatened punishment, of the protagonist Winston Smith is to be attacked by rats. This is manifested in Room 101 by confronting Smith with a wire cage that contains two large rats. The front of the cage is shaped so that it can fit over a person’s face. A trap-door is then opened, allowing the rats to devour the victim’s face. This cage is fitted over Smith’s face, but he saves himself by begging the authorities to let his lover, Julia, suffer this torture instead of him. The threatened torture, and what Winston does to escape it, breaks his last promise to himself and to Julia: never to betray her. The book suggests that Julia is likewise subjected to her own worst fear (although it is not revealed what that fear is), and when she and Winston later meet in a park, he notices a scar on her forehead. The intent of threatening Winston with the rats was to force him into betraying the only person he loved and therefore to break his spirit.

Orwell named Room 101 after a conference room at Broadcasting House where he used to sit through tedious meetings.[2] When the original room 101 at the BBC was due to be demolished, a plaster cast of it was made by artist Rachel Whiteread and displayed in the cast courts of the Victoria and Albert Museum from November 2003 until June 2004.

Fear is defined as a condition between anxiety and terror either natural and well-grounded or unreasoned and blind. Fear is one emotion that everyone dislikes, and it is as unavoidable as night or day.

Contrary to capitalism, it is claimed that socialism can solve the production and … and a terror regime with persecutions and purgings of all critical elements. “Socialism” is simply another flavor of state-cartel capitalism.

Dogs: The dogs constitute the pigs’ private army; the pigs used the dogs to maintain a climate of terror which silenced all opposition to their rule. From this point on, the dogs are the pigs’ bodyguards—they intimidate and threaten the other animals to make sure that the pigs get their way in exchange for treats and cushy beds up at the farmhouse.

Todays gangstalkers playing these Dogs: secret police – The reign of terror: In the bbook “Animal farm” Napoleon uses fear and terror to silence the animals and to make them obedient.


  • Napoleon uses the threat of Mr Jones’s return as justification for the pigs’ privileges.
  • Napoleon kidnaps the dogs from birth and uses them for his own cruel plans. He uses the dogs as a pseudo army to entrench his power and intimidate all opposition.  During a meeting, they seize four pigs and drag them “squealing with pain and terror” to Napoleon’s feet and extract false confessions of insubordination.

Scapegoating: Napoleon transforms  Snowball into the enemy.

Accordingly, access to knowledge and information empowers the leaders.  In the wrong hands, such a monopoly can be dangerous. Squealer is so persuasive and manipulative that he convinces the animals, once again through reverse psychology, that Snowball had designed to “leave the field to the enemy”. He states, “I could show you this if you could read it”.

How Does Napoleon Use Animalism, Fear And Propaganda To Control The Animals On Animal Farm?

Napoleon’s use of the nine dogs as a fear creating body is just one example of how fear is used to bring the animals under his supremacy. There are numerous other occasions in the book when either Napoleon himself or his spokesperson Squealer would use one of these techniques to either persuade the large number of animals or force upon them a set of ideas.


Ostracism is a form of “social death” and gangstalking is a form of “slowkill”. These persons are collective murderers.

Ostracism is a form of social, emotional, psychical and psychological alienation, excluded and not included. That´s why they call it: “social death”. It describes the loss of visibility inherent in physical separation, exile, isolation, time-out in a separate room, or interpersonal level, spend less or no time with an individual. Ostracism and social death means lost of human four basic needs as; social affiliation, self-esteem, control and meaningful existence. This is just ostracism and targeted individuals living in this enviroment every day, and gangstalking also include to demoralizing, down grading peoples self-esteem, attacking their dignity and honor, blacklisting, slander, campiagns, persecution, stalking with humans and cars, symbols and numbers, hunted with noise harassment and sirens, honking horns car alarms and thousends more things.

Ostracism – modern ostracism

Brief History

Ostracism was introduced as a method in Syracuse after 454 (BC). The method then known petalism and was a form of expulsion similar to the ostracism used in Athens around 488-487 (BC). In Syracuse wrote the citizens in a separate vote on the “petala” (leaves and leaves), while in Athens wrote on the different “ostraka” (shells) the names of those who wanted to banish from public life. A number of such votes would then send the person in exile in ten years. In Athens it means that if a person got its name written 6000 times would that person to live in ostracism in ten years. It was then possible to return and return to his limited citizenship.

This exclusion has probably been through evolution and in all human cultures in different proportions. Ostracism as a social and biological phenomenon is to recognize throughout history. Societies have always developed different types of standards that provides a breeding ground for exclusion. The method was introduced for approximately 2500 years ago are now back again as cyberostracism in technology society and also exists as an exclusion function in most social areas. Different synonyms for the concept of ostracism against is: ostracism, exclusion and discrimination, the boycott, exile and exists as a human and biological phenomenon within society most fields and permeates both the private and public life.

The actual function of ostracism against is a limitation to comment critical of the democratic assembly. As a further development of modern democracy introduced freedom of expression, but despite this is a new form of ostracism against time called “cyberostracism”. The traditional history of science is full of stories about how journalists, writers, scientists and philosophers muzzled by a boss who want to have a monopoly on knowledge-truths. A recurring theme throughout history have been the order to burn all objectionable books. Religious persecution was of the order of the day. Spinoza were banned. Author exiled. Both philosophers were threatened and persecuted. Witches was burned. Galileo Galilei got atone. John in the Book of Revelation was relegated to the prison colony island Patmos. Jesus crucified for their convictions. Books have been banned for far later be successful.

Humans are back in old times

Intentional and unintentional exclusion

The word ostracism against often used in scientific studies to designate exclusion and ostracism, comes from the Greek ostrakismis and labelled in ancient Greece banishment of a person who became the expelled from the Community. There could be various reasons for expulsion, but many times it was that the person in question was too powerful and could threaten the group and thus also the people the freedom. In Sweden and in other Germanic countries there was eventually a similar penalties and this was called the hid for paid gunman. This means that the sentenced to fredlöshet was established outside the society and its protection. Far back in time was fredlöshet only detent milder than a death penalty for the risk of being killed was large. The peace the redemption of all legal protection, all property confiscated, his properties was burned. In kyrkoböcker and in other public documents are deleted all references, person “was not”. This penalty was understandably feared. In the Swedish law history was also used the word biltog, from old swedish biltugher. In addition to being excluded from the community, the judgment also means that anyone could kill the outlawed person, exclusion meant literally a death threat. Gangstalking is similar to this with subtle threats, just in a new package with the same meaning.


The sliding scale of exclusion/alienation

many times we are talking about relationships as if it was a division: included or excluded; in the Community or in the loneliness. Really it is not as simple as that, it is more a question of a sliding scale from absolute community total solitude, which land leary describes in his book and in the scale you can choose to align against the Community. In the book describes a scale of absolute inclusion of persons who are popular, even so popular that people in his or her environment is actively looking for a person up again and again, to individuals who are frozen out and excluded. Between these terminals are many between forms. In brief, summarise his description in seven categories. The degree of inclusion under Leary.

The auther Peter String writes that he believes many people are in categories 3 to 5 in the Learys scale. It must be with, but we must also take the initiative as there is a danger to be sitting at home. We can take a moment to reflect whether society is successful if the majority of people are between 3 to 5 on this scale when you read the scale below.


  1. Maximum inclusion
    2. Active Inclusion
    3. Passive inclusion
    4. Ambivalence
    5. Passive exclusion
    6. Active exclusion
    7. Maximum exclusion
  1. in the first category as listed in the table above are persons maximum included and popular. This is the people who are all to socialise. Often to feel satisfied after socializing with such a serial.
  2.  In the next category which he calls for active inclusion, there are people who are always welcome and appreciated whenever they appear, but which is not necessarily actively looking up. The third category is described people who may participate if they want to, but they raise any special feelings
  3. The third category is described people who may participate if they want to, but they raise any special feelings.
  4. In the fourth category, which Leary classified as ambivalence, we find individuals surroundings watching with indifference. It is of little consequence if they are included or excluded.
  5.  The fifth category call Leary passive exclusion. People in this category are ignored. They are far out on the periphery, but no counting on them and it is not even sure that people notice them.
  6. In the sixth category are persons surroundings avoid.
  7. In the seventh and final category which Leary call for maximum exclusion, are those persons who actively and studiously excluded, subjected to the silent treatment of all and in some cases being thrown away physically.


TO Be A PART OF- about loneliness and fellowship – Peter String

From the book; ATT HÖRA TILL – om ensamhet och gemenskap – Peter Strang

(text is machine translated from my Swedish text to english)

MK Ultra and Gangstalking means to harm and traumatizing targeted individuals and cause pain- It is similar to ostracism

Social exclusion: means an emotional withdrawal which takes place in the physical presence of the objective (e.g. the removal of eye contact, not talk and not listen). The source and destination of social exclusion, remains visible to each other. Common Terms “silent treatment”, “cold hand” and “Freeze” are likely to refer to social ostracism. Ironically, despite the fact that the victims are visible under the social exclusion, it is with this type of ostracism that the objectives can actually feel invisible; being physically ostracism which are not in fact seen probably do not know invisible (Williams, 2001).

Cyberostracism: covers all forms of ignored or disclosed in cases other than those interactions that are face to face, as not receive e-mail (e-mail or posted letter), phone calls or other forms of communication (e.g. PM) , or ignored in chat rooms, mud (multi-user domains), or other forms of interpersonal communication or participation on the Internet (Williams, 2001).

Modern uses

the social psychologist Kipling Williams has written extensively on ostracism as a modern phenomenon. Williams defines ostracism as “each document or documents ignore and excluding by an individual or groups of an individual or a group” [19] Williams suggests that the most common form of ostracism in a modern context refuses to communicate with a person. By refusing to communicate with a person, the person effectively ignored and excluded. [20] The advent of the Internet has made ostracism much easier to engage in and vice versa much more difficult to detect, with Williams and other describing this online ostracism as “cyberostracism”. In the e-mail message, in particular, it is relatively easy for a person or organization to ignore and exclude a particular person, by simply refuse to communicate with the person. Karen Douglas describe the “unanswered e-mail” which constitutes a form of cyberostracism, [21] and in the same way Eric Wessel and Kipling Williams describes “ignored e-mail” as a form of cyberostracism. [22]

Cyberostracism – modern censorship of texts and limited opportunities to publish and to reach out with its texts—in the technology world, Internet and blogging…….the freedom of expression in the modern world era…….. After several centuries of “theological imperialism” we have had three centuries of an even more aggressive “scientific imperialism”, and the result has been an increased confusion and disorientation. Now probably a long or perhaps short period of “technological imperialism”.

Technological imperialism is more advanced. Even in the passionate intensity Dominion and capitalist democracies are economic, social and political repression, with the difference that only takes the form of a more elaborate and undefined approach, which today is known as cyberostracism.
Ostracism and switch alarm
research suggests that ostracism is a common retaliation strategy used by organizations in response to the reporting of information. Kipling Williams, in a study on the American whistleblowers found that 100% reported after the whistle blowing ostracism. [23] Ostrakism means ostracism but has a dual significance. With the proscription follow confinement.

30 June – 7 July 2010 in the autumn of 2003 the psychologist Kipling D. Williams an experiment where he chemically their subjects for social ostracism by playing Cyber Ball – a virtual ball game where three players fits the ball between themselves. After a while, two of them over to the exclusive fit each other. The third, o knowledge that he played against the computers, experienced directly a strong feeling of being excluded and the selected. The feeling was so strong that with the help of magnetic resonance imaging could measure an enhanced activity in exactly the same part of the brain that purely physical pain.

Gangstalking means repeating brain torture and traumatizing and sensitizing to make it even make the targeted even more vulnerable to the torture. This is facism and nazism and evilism. It is the way from civilization to evilization.

“The fear of exclusion has been so huge that exclusion from the group is considered to be the worst punishment a person may be subjected to, because the exclusion often has meant a Suffering/painful but sure way to a soon social death. Are still being counted insulation cell in all cultures as a stricter punishment than to sit on a standard title in prison. A PRISON SENTENCE is bad enough, but it is still in a context, we talk and socialize with other prisoners and with the jailers. That´s making the isolation cell to a worse punishment is the affected loneliness. It is therefore not a coincidence that the loneliness is used as a metaphor or clean concrete as one of the most difficult penalties. Already in the Bible be punished Adam and Eve of God with Loneliness: they are out of the Community of God, they may not remain in the garden of Eden. A punishment cannot be worser than this, even in the Bible.”



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