Mind of Satan or Satan´s Mind Set

Satan is ”The Spirit of Darkness”, ”The Spirit of Fear”, ”The the Spirit of Error”, ”The Spirit of Confusion”, ”Spirit of Evil Counsel”, ”Spirit of False Power”, ”Spirit of Evil and False Knowledge.

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood but against rulers, against authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenenly realms (Ephesians 6:12)

2 Timothy 2:26 speaks of men in ”the snare of the devil, after being captured by him to do his will.” Satan imprison and enslaves his on subjects and rage wars against the free saints, and because they were snared they must be enslaved, oppressed to stay in Satan´s power.

Why does Satan want´s to blinded the minds of humans? Luke 11:52 taks about this; when people are oppressed and has lack of knowledge Satan can mind control their minds, deceiving and confusing them.

Luke 11:52 says; ”Woe to you experts in the law, because you have taken away the key to knowledge. You yourselves have not entered, and you have hindered those who were entering”.

We need to learn knowledge. God says in Hosea 4:6 ”My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” When we don´t know the Word of God, we can be destroyed. When people don´t use the Word against these form of government and abusive gaslighter behavior people can get their lives destroyed by these people.

One way to to take away the key to knowledge and try to destroy people is to do as The State of Sweden is doing; They close down your paid internet and then close down all you tv-channels. People in Sweden acting like they are paid by Satan to persecute, harass you or noise tormenting your life 24/7. Landlords making break ins in apartment and make a hole in your shower handle and they lock up you apartment door during the night, they pouring out colors on the streets on 25-30 places.

Is this good and morale healthcare or is it immoral and health(s)care, or is it evil? How many other thousends of people have they treat in this manipulated, destructive and manipulated ways? Here is another example from the Swedish society; they close down your internet connection and close down all your tv-channels. You can´t say the truth about what Sweden is or how things is working, for they trying to destroy and punish you for something they are doing when they persecute and harass your life. Imagine how the rest of the Swedish society is function when healtcare are destructive against you.

Therapist has business cards in a medical package. Doctors gaslighting and changing shirts. Swedish healthcare informs you humans have a suicide gene (Omega Code Green Mk Ultra Programming), Swedish healtcare anchoring the ”classified” word and then pharmacy starts using it, and then a doctor arranged a text over my journal wirh a classified text cross over the computer screen,  Swedish healthcare doctors and therapist using tolietpaper on their desk, Swedish healthcare informs you strees kills and then sports media starts using the word ”kill” in many sports program you watch, Swedish healthcare informs you there exist a dreamwatcher (probarly a symbole for a watching and working Satan during your dreams), Swedish healthcare informs you about a brain in the stomoch (abdominal brain – Satan dwells in Solar Plexus – Pergamos church- Third chakra) and starts talking about all diseases in brain,  Swedish healthcare using street theater and look alikes to affect your brain, Swedish healtcare using props they anchoring and then using in public domains, like having a ornange on the desk and then place out a orange on gravestone when you vist yhe graveyard, Swedish healthcare gives a prescription for 230 pills against sleeping problems and later they stop the prescriptions and they create sleep deprivation, Swedish healtcare (therapist) tells you to call and then the phone number suddenly has expired, Swedish healthcare calls you and hang then up, so you have to contact them again (this is destruction psychology and medical ostracism/excluding), Swedish healthcare started a fake fire alarm during therapy, Swedish healtcare create a fake power break during a conversation with a doctor, Swedish healtcare (therapist) tells you to call and then the phone number suddenly has expired, Swedish healthcare calls you and hang then up, so you have to contact them again. This how they trying to destroy your life with abuse of power and political abusee of psychiatry and ostrasize and exclude you.

Other days they transmit a sound of a cuckko clock into your apartment, or using a sound of a owls in the woods (many owls), or use a sound of a rooster on the walkways, or use a sound of a crunching door opening in the woods when you are exercise, or when they painting stones blue or orange, or when fireworkers place out firehouses in the woods, or when rthey place out shoe protection and latex gloves in the woods or on walkways, or when they start small fires so it smells smoke of fire, or when they transmit your credit card code into your apartment, or when they locking up your apartment door during the night, or when they make a hole in your shower handle (hard plastic). Then they also transmit other songs chorus; ”You have a bad taste in your mouth” (this is for create negative food aversion – also a psychological destruction psychology), ”We built this city” (nationalism/kingdom), ”Who do you gonna call” (demoralization/you are alone/no support systems), ”We control the sunlight” (Solar plexus Sun in Pergamos where Satan dwells – third chakra). This is evilness and cruel enviroment manipulation. And the energy company also gaslighting by mixing with the street light; turn light off when its dark and turn light on during sunshine, and people walking around with umbreallas in sunshine (to confuse the brain). Then they learn children screaming crazy, crazy, there he lives, there he lives and that after State of Sweden started transmit a sound of cuckoo clock into my apartment. People acting in this way all over in Sweden. These behaviors exist in radio, media and tv programs in Sweden.

Isaiah 26:3 says; ”You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you. Your mental state depends on what you think about. Keep in mind fixed on the Word of God, the mind of God, the convictions of God, the character off God, and the skills of God.

These powers can been seen in todays gangstalking when they targeted peoples souls. Most of all gangstalking methods or techniques can be found from Hitlesrs time (Mk Ultra psychology), or from Satan´s arsenal with tormenting and deceiving psychology, or have similarities how cults brainwashing people, or ostracism and persecution as psychological warfare strategy. No one want´s to be the evil cult leader, or be Satan or be like Hitler, but they like to use all these methods that´s was the definition who they are. And today they even persecute targeted individuals as Hitler did and in same way how Satan persecute and stalking people. Humankind are back in old sins and seems never to learn by their history. They persecute people in the benning, they persecute people during Hitlers time, and they persecute today when they gangstalking. Satan stalking in the beginning and still are stalking, then it become ostracism and then scapegoating, then persecution to gangstalking. Same mind from the beginning and same mind today, but with new names.

Satan, the adversaty of god, the antichrist, etc, is the mind, the beast within. Your mind is now in front of your spirit, and it needs to be behind you. One common thing in gangstalking is that all people are playing street theater or acting in front of you in somehow. Gangstalking working in same way as satans spirit does. The Devil or Satan is just a name for the force of deception in all our lives. The adversary of God, the opposite, Antichrist etc, is the mind of the beast within.

Therapist Dr M Scott Peck, author of “The People of the Lie”, writes..at one point I defined evil as the exercise of political power that is the imposition of one´s will upon others by overt or covert coercion in order to avoid spiritual growth.

M Scott Peck writes; Evil is the use of power to destroy the spiritual growth of others for the purpose of defending and preserving the integrity of our own sick selves. In short, it is scapegoating (or today´s gangstalking)

Satan is master of distractions

Satan and gangstalkers using psychological torture; fear

Satan has a doctrine of methods for creating fear.

Satan has imprisoned the human soul in the body

The human spirit is thus imprisoned in the human body by the evil Satan

All humans beings were satan´s subjects and kept them all imprisoned.

2 Timothy 2:26 speaks of men in ”the snare of the devil, after being captured by him to do his will.” Satan imprisons and enslaves his own subjects, but wars against the liberated saints.

Jesus come to earth to deliver us from Satan´s snares and darkness

The Devils final objective is to enslave every human being on earth to worship him.

Earth is the Pit into which the devil is cast, then; a kind of holding cell for all the dross of universe, a ”prison planet”.

Earth is a fast becoming ”prison planet”

Satan´s plan as fallen one from heaven is to deceive, enslave and degrade the human race.

Freedom is dying, and the the whole world knows it is taking place! Satan has fabricated a form of freedom that will lead to the destruction of man and trying his best to spread it around the world. Freedom has become poisoned by Satan.

Satan hates God. Satan hates God, but the can´harm God in the sense of making God less than he is. So, Satan hurts God by hurting God´s people.

Satan roams like a devouring lion to destroy faith. He makes people sick and diseased by poisoning their minds

Satan is ”The Spirit of Satan”, ”The Spirit of Fear”,  ”The the Spirit of Error”, ”The Spirit of Confusion”, ”Spirit of Evil Counsel”, ”Spirit of False Power”, ”Spirit of Evil and False Knowledge. These powers can been seen in todays gangstalking when they targeted peoples souls. Fear does not come from God, so it must come from Satan and Satan controls by the spirit of fear (fear is a emotion in the stomach)

II Timothy 1:7 says; “For God has not given us The Spirit of fear; but of power and love and of a sound mind.” But he who fears has not been made perfect in love. Love drives out fear.

Satan has imprisoned the human soul in the body, and it could be realead only by death. Jesus came to earth to break this bondage. This death means to be born again in the Spirit of God.

Jesus never allowed Himself to come under control of others, because he was a free man, death could not keep Him bound.

Satan’s psychological state is troubled; he is restless and alienated Satan has his own kingdom and he is campaigning day and night to get followers into this horrific kingdom. Note how often it is used to refer to the intellectual and spiritual darkness of Satan and his infernal kingdom of error.

The Devil takes no holiday; he never rests. If beaten, he rises again. If he cannot enter in front, he steals in the rear. If he cannot enter at the rear, he breaks through the roof or enters by tunneling under the threshotd. He tabors until he is in. He uses great cunning and many a plan. When one miscarries, he has another at hand and continues in his attempts until he wins.

Satan sowing error instead of truth.

Satan has a doctrine of methods for creating errors.

Satan striving to lead God´s people into error and failure.

Gangstalkers also trying to destroy the targeted individuals, create mind errors, failures, break downs, make them look foolish, drive them to madness or suicide. This is legal when it´s illegal and criminal.

Satan Kingdom is darkness, the exact opposite of the Kingdom of God. In, addition, there is still another great difference. God´s Kingdom is legal, whereas the Kingdom of Satan is illegal. The whole universe as created by God and belongs to Him; hence, God has legal right to reign. On the contrary, Satan´s kingdom was etablished by rebellion against God; hence, it is entierly illegal. Satan´s kingdom is the sphere of Satan´s reign.

The Lord Jesus once called Satan ”the prince of this world”. This revals that satan not only has his kingdom, but also reigns in his kingdom. Today these are the principalities, powers, rulers, dominions, and spiritual host of wickedness of the air.

Satan being their head. Satan trying force people to worship him and obey his authority, and if not he will try to silence you, make your life to a hell or nightmare, and if someone has faith in Christ they will be persecuted and targteded individuals as part of Satan´s spiritual warfare and psychological warfare.

Satan is creating fear in humans and are producing fear to control them and their destiny, and keep them away from God, the truth, the en(LIGHT)ment, their true selves, The Word of God and the Spirit. That´s why Satan targeting mind and the soul with tormenting and terror 24/7. Satan and gangstalking is using same source of fear – (The Ultra Ego) to control them.

Satan´s Mind Set is formed by opposite energies to God´s energy

All life is built up of energy, frequencies and vibrations. God´s energy, frequenices and vibrations is built up by high frequencies of LOVE. Satan energy, frequenices and vibrations is built up by the opposite FEAR frequencies. What does this meaning shows; Satan´s Mind Set is formed by opposite energies to God´s energy. It means God is in power over all good energies and Satan must therefore use lower and negative energies. So Satan´s darkness or lower frequencies cannot co-exist with God´s higher frequencies. Lower energy frequencies can not take over higher frequencies becuase the higher frequencies will destory or purify every dark or evil based frequency.

So Satan has built up his world or kingdom of low frequencies (darkness) and God´s kingdom is built up by high frequencies (light). Satan can therefore not use light as a resource to progress itself in a positive way because light or truth will destroy his (”The Ultra Ego). When Satan want´s to sit on God´s throne there is many problems with this desire. Satan has deceived himself with a desception. Satan can never sit on Gods throne because he can´t enter God´s kingdom because he is not (born again) of water and the Holy Spirit. Satan cannot enter God´s kingdom with a fear based consciousness (low frequencies), because he has not the right ”KEY” of vibration or frequencies to enter God´s kingdom (high frequenies). God´s kingdom will not opening up and evolving light in a fear based conscoiusness. The third eye will slowly start opening when the amygdala begin healing by love not fear. Love will open the third eye and fear will close it. Satan want´s duality and God want¨s oneness. Amygdala can unify dualities to oneness by healing the brain.

Jesus says: ”Fear not”..II Timothy 1:7 says; “For God has not given us The Spirit of fear; but of power and love and of a sound mind.” But he who fears has not been made perfect in love. Love drives out fear. Luke 11:52 says; ”Woe to you experts in the law, because you have taken away the key to knowledge. You yourselves have not entered, and you have hindered those who were entering”. Satan´image of His is ”Mark of the beast” and God´s image is the ”Seal of God” (Pineal gland). Lower energy and frequncies formed by fear has not same image as something that is formed by love and higher frequencies from God and His image. So Satan can´t never be like God. So Satan has not the same building material to build up a kingdom as God´s kingdom because he have to use lower energy frequencies that is the opposite of God values and beliefs.

Fear are the work of the Devil, Satan., to deceive people, but those who are true believers do not respond to this fear. This is the correct way to react to the low-frequency emotions from Satan when he is fear mongering. If someone accepting a sich gaslighers reality and rules of abusive behaviors they will soon be infected by same illness. Governments (State of Sweden) submission people to sickness by forcing them accept a unhealthy system. That´s why they trying to overwrite and overthink your reality, or Satan cannnot accept other have God´s point of wiev and not Satan´s worldview. Satan using fear tactics to scare, stress up people brains and minds.

Satan cannot be the ruler of the real world, so he has built his own kingdom on opposite values and beliefs from God´s. When Satan built his kingdom of opposite values and beliefs he had to work with opposite energies to God´s energy, darkness instead of light, low frequency (fear frequency) instead of love frequency (high frequency), deception and falsehood instead of truth, enslavement, snares and trap people instead of freedom. When something is built on the opposite of God´s valuee and beliefs it cannot progress or evolving positively forward and transform in a good way, so this opposite progress become instead a process of destruction and death. It cannot transform itself to something better beacuse it hates everything that´s can tranform it to something better. And beacuse of that Satan will try to destroy everything that has to do with God and Christ. Satan has alway worked with strategies how to destroy, deceiving, manipulate, tormenting, fear mongering, accusing, persecute people who have faith in Christ. This dark forces with no own positive progress ablilities is accusing others. And then starts imitating and mimicking others. Then he hates and make other people starts to hate each other (destruction psychology of humankind). When something is the opposite of God, and when it can´t co-exist with ”light”, ”truth”, ”the Word”, or with higher frequencies as love he become the ”father of all lies” because he hates everything that can progress positive.

Then Satan starts his hate campaign. Then Satan start his deceiving campaigns. Then Satan start his tormneting campaigns. Then Satan start his persecution campaigns. Then Satan start his fear mongering campaigns. Then Satan start his pyscological noise torture campaign. Then Satan start his mind-error creating campaigns. Then Satan start his slandering campaign. Then Satan start his accusing campaign. Then Satan start his obstructing campaign. Then Satan start his interference campaign. Then satan start his sabotage campaign. Then Satan start his gaslighting or confusion campaign. Then Satan start his communication and noise interference. Then Satan start his ostracism and excluding campaign. Then Satan start his infiltration campaign. Then Satan start his demoralization camppaigns. Then Satan start his demonization campaign. All these methods are a symbole for Satan´s own perfection and others evil he thinks. Satan is demonizing others when he is the one who are a symbole for evil and working with demonic powers. Then Satan start working 24/7 campaign. This is Satan´s work and gangstalking use same methods as Satan does, and with same purpose to destroy.

Satan hates God, Satan hates Christ, Satan hates The Holy Spirit, Satan hates the Light, Satan hates the Truth, Satan hates the Word. Satan is the negative spirit that moves and operates around us. Satan throws arrows of negativity into your mind through thoughts constantly. Satan is a image of darkness. Satan´s war is a ”invisble war” (spiritual warfare) and gangstalking is ”invisble war” (psychological warfare). These are not two different wars, they are the same war. Everything become a negative copy and imitation of God. Anti-Christ instead for Jesus Christ, false kingdom, false principles, teachers and prophets, mark of the beast instead of seal of god, and Satan kingdoms is ruled by lawless and gangstalking is a good example when it´s legal to persecute people, to destroy their lives, noise harass them and use noise torture, psychological torture, brainwashing, sensitizing people, victimzing, trauma-base people, mind control, mk ultra programming, ostrasize and isolate people, create sleep deprivation, drive people to insanity or to suicide.

Pergamos had become a hub for false religions and pagan cults, and perhaps this why it was refered to as a place ”where Satan´s” throne is. Throne of Satan os etabilshed by superstition, wickedness and persecution of the people. Pergamos wa not only a wicked city, but the headquarters of persecution and heresy. Pergamos as so wicked as to be more like hell than earth. Righteous was grieved, and his spirit was vexed with the filthy conversation of the wicked day by day.

Why does the occult darkness deceiving and manipulate everything around it and need to mind control people?


To keep out the light

To hindering people from their spitual growth

To keep out the higher energy vibration needed for evolving higher DNA activation

To keep humans from find their true self

To keep out the spirit of truth

To stay in control for deceiving the masses and daily brainwashing them, mind control them by media, oppress, scapegoating and ostrasize targeted individuals by other groups, obstructed and gangstalked by  the systematic, & ritualistic persecution of an individual, and corrupt double minded in their minds

Thats why the flesh is called corrupt and that´s why the flesh and spirit is struggle against each other

Gangstalking is just a money selfish, cruel, evil, aggressive, unmorale, criminal political hidden maffia occult agenda

The democratic society is replaced by this hidden agenda and there is no longer any humans rights for all people, and therefore it is legal for drive people insane, psychological torture them, drive them to suicide and everyone is free to volunteer and participate. This new system encourage people to induce more of everything that can make more harm and scaring the targteted individual, and they even using children for gangstalking and there is nothing insane with this

The spirit of light. By raising our vibration, any anger or hive mind attacks that surround us will necessarily disappear since, again, a low vibrational energy cannot co-exist with high vibrational energy


After been gangstalked for over 6 years in Sweden I have learn this knowledge and can see similarities between dark forces, cults and todays gangstalking. This is my personal experience and opinion about what actually gangstalking is about. How can all Satan´s purposes and methods match with gangstalking without have any strong connection? It is all these method that gives form to what Satan is or working for, so if Gangstalking are using same methods what does they become if not the same. Satan in this context means Ultra Ego, and this Ultra Ego is a symbol for the three lower chakra systems. State of Sweden also transmit another song chorus into my apartment and even when I´m exercising outdoors. In same way they playing sirens outdoors they also play different music chorus and one of them is; ”We control the sunlight”. They also give me a new secretary in social services and her name is ”SUN”.

Why does State of Sweden playing this song? One thing can maybe have something to do with the third chakra system: Pergamos – believers in Pergamum – is related to the SUN, in the solar plexus chakra. Are Sweden telling they control the sunlight in Pergamos in the stomach maybe? It is strange thing to come up with a idea to transmit this song indoors and outdoors. Maybe it means someyhing else in Sweden. Maybe that´s why they close my internet and and all tv-channels when I wrote a post on my blog: Satan is King of Evil. If that´s the true there is no democracy in Pergamos because they have their own rules. And that´s can explain why the can hijacking your sleep as well in apartment life. If you are participating in some form working project they always manipulate the enviroment or working tasks. A christian organization has a police siren on their refrigerator in the lunch room (bizarre feeling), another christian organization has created a working moment there you have to move the swedish flag everytime you move a pallet (felt manipulated). So even christian organizations in Sweden are gangstalking and part of persecution, enviroment manipulation and sensitizing you. If you study how cults working, how today´s MK-Ultra psychology/technology is from Hitler, and how Satan´s psychology all is used in gangstalking. No ones want´s to be like Hitler or Satan, but every evil methods they are using for gangstalking is from these persons or figures. In the end of this post you can read and compair and make your own conclusions.

Satan is the ultra ego. Fear comes from ego. Satan is fear mongering. Fear drives Satan. Fear is the force that drives a cult. Fear is the force that drives gangstalking. Fear creates a fear based consciousness. Fear is emotions. Fear comes from stomach. The Spirit of fear is Satan (Ultra Ego). And Satan the lower light (the ultra ego and darkness or lesser enlightment) is located in the solar plexus. Solar Plexus is symbole for the sun in the third chakra system. The third chakra system is also the church of Pergamos and Pergamos is Satans church (Ultra Ego). So the spirit of fear is from Pergamos. Satan using fear to stay in control. Fear and emotions is located in the solar plexus. Satan (Ultra Ego) controls people by deceiving and manipulate these emotions. Humans are trapped and enslaved by fear and living in a fear based cultue and with a fear based conscoiunsness. Fear using wickedness, fear using stress and fear mongering, fear using tormenting methods as noise torture and terrorizing. Satan producing fear. Satan ostrasize and isolate the body of human by persecute them. Satan creating errors. Satan hates the Word and he don´t want you to understand how he is working with emotions to stay in power over humans, their emotions and their reality.

Satan is creating fear in humans and are producing fear to control them and their destiny, and keep them away from God, the truth, the en(LIGHT)ment, their true selves, The Word of God and the Spirit. That´s why Satan targeting mind and the soul with tormenting and terror 24/7. Satan and gangstalking is using same source of fear – (The Ultra Ego) to control them, their life, their sleep, their communication, tv, internet, their destiny, their social life by isolate them. Satan is this ULTRA  EGO. Gangstalking is a product of the ultra ego and this Ultra Ego think it can force humans to submission by sabotage their lives and make their life to a hell, create sleep deprivation, make their life to a nightmare with noise torturing or take away all forms of joyment from their lives, so they are caught in a total boredom. This kind of Ultra Ego is lack of knowledge.

Satanic agenda and gangstalking similarities

Satan’s psychological state is troubled; he is restless and alienated Satan has his own kingdom and he is campaigning day and night to get followers into this horrific kingdom. Note how often it is used to refer to the intellectual and spiritual darkness of Satan and his infernal kingdom of error.

Satan methods: Satan´s old ancient agenda Gangstalking method: Gangstalking is a hidden political agenda

It is the end stuff of nightmares and what has been called dark propecy or conspiracy theory is actually ancient agenda in its final stages of being played out.

Satan methods: Deception´s is Satan program Gangstalking method: Organized Stalking is a destructive criminal program built on deception

The democratic society is replaced by this hidden agenda and there is no longer any humans rights for all people, and therefor it is legal to drive people insane, psychological torture them, drive them to suicide and everyone is free to volunteer and participate.

Satan methods: Satan call it spiritual warfare     Gangstalking methods: Gangstalkers call it psychological warfare

Satans methods: Trying make you believe your hear God´s voice speaking to you Gangstalking methods: Using technology to lure people to think they hear God´s speaking to them

In fact, this is the most clear evidence that Satan and Gangstalking is working for same God deceiving purpose and with same methods, but they have just other names. Persecution, ostracism, scapegoating and gangstalking means blaming, excluding and isolation, they have just other names. It is cruel, evil and sick to make people believe they hear voices


Satan methods: Satan is unseen and invisble  and acting as God Gangstalking methods:   Gangstalking handler is unseen and invisble and acting like he his God


Satan methods: Great effort is given to keep satan’s plans hidden. setting up distractions and keeping people in positions where they sit in darkness and in the shadow of death. Satan whispering messages to your mind. Satan don´t want see God´s plan succed and Jesus Christ people to be born again. Almost every Youtube video about gangstalking are made by people who believe in Christ, so they are a targeted. Gangstalking methods: Great efforts is given to keep political gangstalking game plan and real purpose hidden. There is just a political bogus cover up investigation, because the game plan is to stop spiritual growth and hindering Christ consiouness from mature,  total break down, destruction,  drive to madness or suicide. Gangstalkers are also hidden in dark places when they stalking. They can stand or sit in darkness when you are outside and walking to make you unsecure. They garding in darkness and probarly to make people feel paranoid.


Satan methods: Satan are accusing          Gangstalking methods:   Gangstaling accusing with a bogus investigation


Satan methods: Satan scapegoating           Gangstalking methods: Gangstalking pesrecute/ostrasize/scapegoating


Satan methods: Scapegoating is a defense maneuver Gangstalking methods: Gangstalking is a defense maneuver


Satan methods: Satan is stalking and persecute Gangstalking methods: Gangstalkers is stalking and persecute


Satan methods: Satan working 24/7 and never sleeps Gangstalking methods: Gangstalking also using sleep deprivation and noise torture 24/7


Satan methods: Satan´s methods is to chain and enslave people mind, so they never feel free. If Satan not is free why should he let anyone be free. (This method are combined with todays persecution and ostracism (to create a social- and mind prison) Gangstalking methods: Gangstalking using anchoring and chaining methods to imprison people minds and control them in a mind slavery. You are not allowed to feel free or have a free will. (This method are combined with todays persecution and ostracism (to create a social- and mind prison)

The spirit of fear, which is from Satan to try to keep you in bondage and from doing anything. Since fear is a tormenting spirit, we know that it does not come from God. And if it does not come from God, there is only one other source fear can come from, and that is from Satan! Fear is also the devil s tool to keep us in bondage to the opinions of man. We are afraid of what people will think or say about us. We become afraid that we might not be accepted in our denomination if we go all the way for God.


Satan methods: Satan hell; Torture and pain, people are screaming in pain and suffering  Gangstalking methods: Gangstalking hell; psychological torture, noise harassment, pain, horror, terror, suffering, trauma, people (often children) are screaming hysterical for hours (horror and terror screamings to make it look natural)


Satan methods: Satan attacks and targeted  the body, mind and soul Gangstalking methods: Gangstalkers attacks the body, mind and soul


Satan methods: Satan is like a computer programmer of energy. He is trying to install his belief system as a hidden computer code. This manipulated energy will very often manipulate people in their dream state to reinstall or strengthen limiting sub-conscious programming. Gangstalking methods: Gangstalking using subliminal messages and using enviroiment manipulation to affect the humand mind. This is a daily programming and brainwashing poeple don´t are aware of.


Satan methods: When Satan trying to take over the mind there is no privacy or integrity, there is no silence, there is no peace of mind, and there is no happiness in hell Gangstalking methods: When gangstalking methods trying to take over the mind there is no privacy or integrity, there is no silence and there is  no time for recovery


Satan methods: Satan trying to create errors, breakdowns, destruction, insanity, suicide Gangstalking methods: Gangstalkers trying to create errors,  failures, breakdowns, insanity, suicide


Satan methods: Satan attacks self-image, indetity,  self-esteem Gangstalking methods: Gangstalkers attacks self-image, indetity, self-esteem


Satan methods: Gangstalkers demoralization/demonization Gangstalking methods: Gangstalkers demoralization/demonization


Satan methods: Satan is slandering   Gangstalking methods: Gangstalkers are slandering


Satan methods: Satan intimidate and humiliate     Gangstalking methods: Gangstalkers intimidate and humiliate


Satan methods: Satan is constant fear mongering Gangstalking methods: Gangstalkers constant fear mongering


Satan methods: Satan misleading and confusing Gangstalking methods: Gangstalkers are confusing and gaslighting


Satan methods: Satan imitating and mimicking, duplicate, double-speaking Gangstalking methods: Gangstalkers imitating, mirroring, mimicking, gesturing,


Satan methods: Satan isolate Gangstalking methods: Gangstalkers isolate


Satan methods: Satan is gatekeeping hell Gangstalking methods: Gangstalkers is gatekeeping – police-security patrolling


Satan methods: Satan is obstructing/hindering     Gangstalking methods: Gangstalkers obstructing/hindering/blocking/delaying


Satan methods: Satan don´t want spiritual  growth of Christ, they want  spiritual death (they don´t want people be born again) Gangstalking methods: Gangstalkers don´t want spiritual growth of Christ, they want  spiritual death (they don´t want people be born again)

One of Satan’s primary weapons against the believer is the spirit of fear. It is important to understand that fear is satanic in nature and does not originate in God.


Satan methods: Satan is deceiving, trickering  manipulate the enviroment     Gangstalking methods: Gangstalkers is deceiving, trickering, manipulate mind, emotions, enviroment


Satan methods: Satan is interfering Gangstalking methods:     Gangstalkers communication and noise interfering


Satan methods: Satan mind invading   Gangstalking methods: Gangstalkers mind invading

Satan methods: Satan trying to change your  beliefs, values, worldviev Gangstalking methods:Gangstalking is trying to change your  beliefs, values, worldview beliefs, values, worldviev


Satan methods: Satan´s demons  revealing  personal things  about your life Gangstalking methods:  Gangstalkers revealing personal things  about your life


Satan methods: Satan´s demonic power manifest  themselves by open/close doors  make sounds in walls and floors,  making scratching noises Gangstalking methods: Gangstalkers demonic energies manifests themselves by constant open/close doors, knocking in walls/floors making scratching noises

Everyone who has seen a paranormal tv-serie or a paranormal movie have seen how demons revealing personal things about other persons life, how they make scary sounds hitting sounds or scratchings in walls or floors, and how often they using doors or windows to open or to ble closed, and how strange voices appearing, or how technology starts or turn of (tv can start or turn off), or how watercranes suddenly starts. Gangstalking people who are noise harassing are working and manifests themselves in same way. Demonic power or entities also stalking and occupying space in other persons life in same way gangstalkers occupying space in others persons lives.


Satan methods: Satan is The Spirit of fear and  using fear Gangstalking methods: Gangstalkers using the Spirit of Fear

II Timothy 1:7 For God has not given us The Spirit of FEAR; but of power and love and of a sound mind All fear can be either directly or indirectly linked to Satan.


Satan methods: Satan trying to take over the human mind to control and enslave Gangstalking methods: Gangstalking means they trying to take over your mind to control it


Satan methods: Satan demonic energies is working through low frequencies tv-radio       Gangstalking methods: Gangstalkíng technology is using technology to control by brainwashing, create internet connection problems/freezings


Satan methods: Satan´s methods are described as wickedness in Bible Gangstalking methods: If Satan´s methods are described as wickedness in Bible what does it revealing about todays democratic society there gangstalkers are active 24/7


Cult Indoctrination and todays gangstalking brainwashing similarities

Cults grow and thrive to the extent that they succeed in destroying their followers confidence in themselves and in their followers own belief systems. Probably the most powerful and intimidating methods used by cult leaders are various types of gaslighting.

Cults know that if they can control your relationships then they can control you (same in gangstalking)

Gangstalking; if they can control your relationships then they can control you, if they can control your access to information they control your life, if they can control your sleep they control your life, time and even you health (when you are lack of sleep and tired)


Cults; Those who control the information control the person. In a mind control cult any information from outside the cult is considered evil, especially if it is opposing the cult. Members are told not to read it or believe it.

Gangstalking; Changing a person’s environment can also refer to the sudden rejection of their information or opinions, setting permissible topics to discuss, and having strict control over their communication

 Cults also try to cut you off from your friends and family because they hate others being able to influence you (same in gangstalking, no support system)

Gangstalking/isolation; includes controlling a person’s social activity: who they see, who they talk to, where they go and any other method to limit their access to others. It may also include limiting what material is read


Cults; A mind control cult will seek to manoeuvre your life so as to maximize your contact with cult members and minimize your contact with people outside the group, especially those who oppose your involvement.

Gangstalking; An important element of psychological control is the isolation of the victim from the outside world

Cults: Many pathways have subtle or obvious rules or pressure tactics lo keep members in the fold, in a state of fear, in a state of wickedness, in a state of manipulation of reality and derception. If you declare that you are ready to move on, the institution goes into intense threat-and- survival mode. Leaders tell you that you need to stay in the organization for life or you will be lost or go to hell, they hi-jacking your communication and information channels by closing down your internet and all your tv-channels to try make you even more dependent of them as abusers.

Gangstalking; Isolation reduces the opportunity of the abused to be rescued or escape from the abuse. It also helps disorientate the abused and makes the abused more dependent on the abuser. The degree of power and control over the abused is contingent upon the degree of his or her physical or emotional isolation


Cults: Mind control cults keep their members so busy with meetings and activities that they become too busy and too tired to think about their involvement. Gangstalking: Mind control. They feeding your brain with negativity, traumabasing, overwhelming, floodings, pain, terror, sensitizing, stress, fear, anxiety, paranoia activities, and what´s feeding your mind controls your life. They mental garbaging your brain and mind to keep you busy and tired.


Cults; Time control also helps the cult keep their members immersed in the manufactured cult environment. Gangstalking; Time control or sleep deprivation helps the government abuser keep their targeted individual in the manufactured gangstalking surreality enviroment they have created. Gangstalking – controlling people, if they can control your sleep they control your life

Fear is the force that drives a cult Fear is the force that drives  gangstalking (people walking around on the streets and trying fearmongering your life and trying to scare you with sounds around your apartment)


Cults; People in a mind control cult will also hide their true thoughts and feelings, and instead wear a mask which presents them as a perfect cult member. This mask is a defense against being reported to leadership and being punished for not measuring up (cult members never feel like they measure up to the cult’s ideals, and yet often believe the other members around them do, when in reality the others feel the same as them). Hence cult members are trained not only to deceive outsiders, but also to deceive their fellow cult members. Gangstalking; Gangstalking is a masquerade “Wolves in mental sheep´s clothing”. They are dressed as all others, but their evil double-minded and twisted purposes are hidden agendas (hidden masks) to psycological torture, harm, terrorize and traumabase. The walking around here and there and spreading mental poison and mental garbage. They deceiving people, and gaslighting them to make them confused, and manipulate their perception and enviroment. The manipulation of a person’s environment without their control creates a sense of powerlessness by subjecting the person to intense and confusing actions which are intense and often conflict each other. You can understand why this constant form of torture is likely to create anxiety. Environmental manipulation causes emotional distress and impacts cognitive processes, values, ideas, attitudes, conduct, and ability to reason or make decisions. Changing a person’s environment can also refer to the sudden rejection of their information or opinions, setting permissible topics to discuss, and having strict control over their communication.

Here is a another compairing I made between physical torture when you are in a prison and if you are ostrasized in a apartment life in Sweden (ostracism is a form of psychological prison when it including abusive gaslighting and psychological torture content)


Physical Torture: Prison life Psychological Torture Sweden: Ostracism in partment life

Physical Torture: Panopticon Psychological Torture Sweden: Ostracism ‘social death‘

Physical Torture: No Human rights Psychological Torture Sweden: Gangstalking no crime

Physical Torture: Accused Psychological Torture Sweden: Scapegoating

Physical Torture: Visble leader Psychological Torture Sweden: Invisible handler

Physical Torture: Sleep deprivation Psychological Torture Sweden: Sleep deprivation

Physical Torture: Physical Equipment Psychological Torture Sweden: Invisible techniques


Physical Torture: Psysical violence Psychological Torture Sweden: Psychological Trauma-base

Physical Torture: Physical scares Psychological Torture Sweden: Psychological scares

Physical Torture: Attack the body Psychological Torture Sweden: Attack the amygdala

Physical Torture: Prison isolation Psychological Torture Sweden: Hijacked life/amygdala

Physical Torture: Electricity Psychological Torture Sweden: Sound harassment


Physical Torture: Physical pain induce Psychological Torture Sweden: Psychological terror screamings


Physical Torture: Psychological Torture Sweden:

Physical Torture: Psychological Torture Sweden:

Physical Torture: Food deprivation Psychological Torture Sweden: Negative classical food aversion conditioning


Physical Torture: Hurt farniljy members Psychological Torture Sweden: Hurt personal interests

Physical Torture: Induce fear Psychological Torture Sweden: Fear monhering


Physical Torture: Stress position Psychological Torture Sweden: Long term emotional stress

Physical Torture: High music or light Psychological Torture Sweden: High music, brighting, flashing, drum beats

Physical Torture: Interruption Psychological Torture Sweden: Doorslamming


Physical Torture: Manipulation Psychological Torture Sweden: Gaslighting, mimicking, mirroring

Physical Torture: Guarding and patrolling Psychological Torture Sweden: Gangstalkers Police and Security patrolling

Physical Torture: Sirens Psychological Torture Sweden: Sirens, alarms, car alarms, honking homs

Physical Torture: Humiliation Psychological Torture Sweden: Social Humiliation (urinate in front of you]

Physical Torture: No integrity Psychological Torture Sweden: No integrity, stalking when taking bath or during toilet needs

Physical Torture: Drowning Psychological Torture Sweden: Flooding, overwhelming with negative feelings

Physical Torture: Sensory deprivattion Psychological Torture Sweden: Sensitizing

Physical Torture: Restriction of movement Psychological Torture Sweden: Obstructing, hindering, blocking, delaying, door-slamming

Physical Torture: Isolated from others Psychological Torture Sweden: Cut of from others and no support system

Physical Torture: Breakdown Psychological Torture Sweden: Mental breakdown, collapse, suicide

“Psychological torture techniques”

Sensory overload

Sensory overload occurs when one or more of the body’s senses experiences over-stimulation from the environment. There are many environmental elements that impact an individual. Examples of these elements are urbanization, crowding, noise, mass media, technology, and the explosive growth of information.[1] Sensory overload is commonly associated with sensory processing disorder. Like its opposite sensory deprivation, it is being used as a means of torture.


Sleep deprivation is the condition of not having enough sleep; it can be either chronic or acute. A chronic sleep-restricted state can cause fatigue, daytime sleepiness, clumsiness and weight loss or weight gain.[1] It adversely affects the brain and cognitive function.[2] However, in a subset of cases sleep deprivation can, paradoxically, lead to increased energy and alertness and enhanced mood;



Classical distinction treatment between torture and cruel, inhuman and degrading

Level 1. Degrading treatment Level 2. Cruel or inhuman treatment Level 3.Torture

  1. Treatment that grossly humitiates a person ur drives him to act against his will or conscience.
  2. Treatment that deliberately causes severe suffering, mental or physical, which in the particular situation is unjustifiable.
  3. Inhuman treatment which has a purpose of obtaining information or confessions, or the infliction of punishment, and it is generally an aggrevated form of inhuman treatment.

‘The systematically and applied subtle techniques of psychiological manipulation which nullify the human will’

Qualification of torture is based on psychological suffering (in the form of humiliation, debasement and instilling fear or anguish).

Most torture techniques are in fact both physical and psycliological because the distinction between body and mind is artificial; the two are inseparably interconnected. Sensory deprivation, deprivation of food and inundation with white noise are all techniques that attack basic functions of the body, weakening the person and finally attacking the mind. Hunger. in theory a ‘no-touch‘ technique. can produce unbearable physical pain.

Thus we can distinguish; – Pure psychological techniques (such as humiliation) – Attacks on the self through attacks on bodily functions (such as sleep deprivation)

In fact, prolonged sleep deprivation is an especially insidious form of torture because it attacks the deep biological functions at the core of a person’s mental and physical health.

Constant psychological pressure

The communication between guards and detainees, the absolute and unquestionable submission and the extreme terror experienced are only understandable in this context. A person could be tortured to death for any spurious reason, in this context of constant psychological pressure often combined with illogical actions, contradictory messages, arbitrary decisions, cruelty and nonsense.

Inducing/Introjection of fear

Inducing/Introjection of fear. Permanent fear remains years after release, even in minor situations. The persons lives as if he was waiting for (delayed and unexpected) death at any moment.

Adaptation even to the horror

At night you hear men and women screaming, dogs barking to terrify prisoners. The officers also shout, threaten, yell insults. After a while in the cells one can sleep even with the desperate cries of the tortured.

Sweden for example using children around 4-10 years old walking around and screaming hystrical for hours and for years outside my apartment. Same high pitch screaming can occur after 01.00 in the night just before you go to sleep, and can occur 04.00 in the morning, and can starts 07.30 direct when you open your window.

It can sound like this:

Elements for a definition of psychological torture

  1. The process

There is a carefully studied torturing process that includes several constant elements. It begins with a softening period of isolation and uncertainty that produces anguish, urninated dreading. This is alternated with physical maltreatment. When the interrogation officially begins, the torturer has already established the conditions for rapidly breaking down the individual with minimal effort.

  1. Attacking identity

The unconscious search for closeness and affect. Isolation fosters the need for closeness, for someone who talks to the prisoner, who explains, provides logic, and perhaps even cares about him or her. The relationship with the torturer constantly oscillates between ruthless cruelty and the emotional closeness and intimacy of the confessional. Human beings seek love to preserve their identity; the duality between closeness and violence can destroy a person seeking protection and affection. The dilemma has no solution, and results in psychological exhaustion: if detainees close themselves off to affection, they may feel that they have lost the opportunity to stop or ease their suffering. But if they open thelnselvcs up to affective closeness they become vulnerable. and any sudden switch to cruelty is devastating. These oscillations. like everything else in the torture system, are usually unpredictable and illogical.

  1. Isolation. Nobody knows, nobody cares.

Part of the process is instilling the feeling of abandonment, of nobody knowing where the person is, and of society ignoring what is happening or even justifying it. Feelings of social detachment deepen hopelessness and promote bonding and vulnerability at the smallest sign of affection from the torturer.

  1. Psychological struggle. In the struggle to maintain one’s integrity, different strategies arise, including dissociation, ‘habituation’ to horror, and emotional detachment to the suffering of others. Hope is demoralising, and living from one day to the next without expectations or hope often appears to be the hest approach. Small and subtle acts of resistance and dignity serve as affirmations

of the self.

  1. Cooperation. Resilience sometimes implies partial compliance with the demands of the torturers, which causes anguish over whether to consider compliance to be ‘.-rvival‘ or ‘cooperation’. Guilt is unavoidable.
  2. Consequences. – In the long term, torture leads to the interiorisation of fear and the development of internalised policing in the detainee. – Survivors may also feel permanent distrust towards others, or minimise the suffering of others. – Trauma ensues and is mostly experienced through nightmares and flashbacks. – Psychosomatic disorders are frequent bodily expressions of suffering. ~ Survivors of torture may feel many kinds of guilt, mostly related to surviving or to minute decisions made during captivity.
  3. Memory is outside the realm of one’s control. Forgetting may produce guilt, while remembering may cause trauma to be revived. Lack of control over the ability to remember or to forget causes further anguish.

Elements for a definition of psychological torture

  1. Torture is always psychological. Torture is physical. of course, but above all, it is psycliological. Torture does not equal pain, though pain is often present. Torture is a process of breaking a person. And the best way to understand this. To understand the concept of ‘waiting’. lt is a key concept in that it shows that the ‘wait’ is more devastating than the torture itself, to the extent that physical beating may even come as a relief.
  2. Waiting time and uncertainty. The wait is devastating because it isassociated with uncertainty, doubt, inability to control, constant questioning and confronting one’s fears. It is associated with constantly thinking about what has happened — magnifying every detail and reaction, every piece of information — in an attempt to find spaces of control that allow survival.
  3. Terror as the keystone of torture. All torture systems create a situation in which each element is designed to create terror. That terror does not necessarily involve physical pain. The indelible mark is not the beating; memories of terror are deeper than memories of physical pain.
  4. Every banal aspect can destroy you. The irnporlanee of the arbitrary disruption of bodily functions (sight, sleep. food or liquid intake) is an example of how the most seemingly banal aspects of detention (even those which might be not considered to be torture on their own) can destroy the detainee. Torture entails the combination of attaelts on dignity and on identity, feelings of helplessness and lack of control. the stress of waiting and the weakening process.
  5. Torturers control time. The message is ‘there is no reason to hope’. Nobody knows what is happening, and nobody can do anything to avoid what will happen if the person does not speak. When the time between torturing sessions finally arrives, it is a time of wearing down the detainee, of psychological exhaustion from the effort to maintain control, and of constant self—questioning and obsessive rethinking of one’s actions.
  6. The processes of weakening the detainee physically, emotionally and mentally go hand in hand.


Elements for definition of psychological torture

  1. The possibilities for torture are endless. The only limit is boredom of the torturers or their desire to be distracted by the prisoners.
  2. Systematic sensory confusion is created through: – The psychological exhaustion associated with physical and sensory fatigue. Using sensory overload or environments that produce symptoms similar to psychosis. – Using deception and lies; manipulating information and the environment.
  3. Threats, especially to family members, are very effective torture strategies, even more so than physical torture.
  4. Torture is based on constant attacks on identity, including nudity. mockery,


Physical torture; beatings – Psychological torture; fear

  1. Psychological torture: attacks on dignity and identity. ‘Another element‘ involved in psychological torture is their contempt for and derision of the values that are important to you.
  2. Psychological torture: perplexity, helplessness, and no rule of law.  Anti-Terrorism Law. Suddenly you flnd yourself helpless andtotally unprotected by the law, all alone. Alone with your interrogators who are representing the law.

Psychological Torture: Definition, Evaluation and Measurement ( Text is from this book on Google Books)

Here is more manipulation techniques they using to control all aspects of your life 24/7 as the do in gangstalking


Gangstalking is a form of obstructing with a Man-in-the-Middle Attack on every level of the targeted indiviuals life.

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