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December 30, 2017

Mind control

Mind control is sound control in State of Sweden

Sweden don’t just use mind control and brainwashing, they using sound (mind) control to targetting your sleep, thoughts, mind, soul to total mind control your life with sounds 24/7.

Sound is a weapon and State of Sweden targetting your mind with this sound-weapon-psychology-technology every day so it become to tormenting psychological torture.

Sound control is noise torture control

State of Sweden and swedish police using sounds to mind control your mind and they noise tormenting your mind with constant sounds or noise.


Torture with electricity is torture to the body and noise is torture to the mind. Noise torture kills in same way psysical torture can kill.


Now when I writing this they start there washing machines on the centrifuging. Another neighbor starts drum playing sound.

State of Sweden has surrounded my apartment with noise tormenting technology.

Neighbors seems to be driven by same tormenting mission to create a constant noise or distractions and noise harassment and this harassment driven and tormenting force seems to be able to make everyone acting in same way and this tormenting driven force seems also be able to synchronize to start several noise harassmenting activities at same time.

This image illustrates how it is when they persecuting you and isolate you then surround your apartment with noise tormenting weapon technology and when neighbors starts with noise harassment and whem swedish police is creating sleep deprivation and noise torture.

Constant noise harassment and noise tormenting or constant noise interference or communication interference has become to a obsessive behavior. This image illustrates how they surround your apartment with tormenting technology and it also illustrate your conciousness or your awakening subconciousness. Constant noise tormenting has same purpose as fear: to scare or to hindering. Fear hindering light from expanding in conciousness mind and constant noise building blocking walls of sound to push back the subconciousness mind from expanding light.

When they targetting your mind with sound-noise tormenting technology they creating sleep deprivation and noise tormenting and it is psychological torture when they surround all your apartment. State of Swedem has created a room 101 – torture chamber as in Orwells novel “1984” – and these people, neighbors and swedish police are these sadistic tormentors. I dont think these people control these activities by themselves – I’m convinced their is a force of rulers, authorities and principalities from the spirit world who is synchronizing this tormenting.  And there is a famous creature who is this tormenting force.

Some maybe think this is science fiction – we living in a science fiction reality today. And this force is the Beast system and im the Solar Plexus is Satan dwelling and Solar Plexus means ego. Satan is this ultra ego. And the storehouse of energy is also in the Solar Plexus and this Satans Ultra ego symbolize the animal selfishness and Solar Plexus belongs to the lower chakra system and Solar Plexus is a animal kingdom and selfishness is this animal selfishness Beast.

They attacking your mind with constant sound or noise harassment and swedish police creating sleep deprivation and torture day and night. They stalking you with same music you listen to. This morning they started transmit same music you had listen at night. You must sleep with music and headphones every night because of noise tormenting.  If you wake up in the night and visiting toilet they start playing sirens or grassyrimmet sound. They occupy the space with noise, so there cant be any silence from noise. Even when you going outdoors they stalking you with sirens, music or stalking with helicopters. They stalking your mind with constant sound or noise harassment.


This ongoing noise tormenting is just noise torture to create sleep deprivation and pain and horror, it include wickedness psychology and they using music chorus to create pain and sadness.

They using music chorus in their psychological warfare and playing music chorus like; “We control the sunlight” and this mean the solar plexus – the ego is solar plexus. Swedish healthcare even informs you about a brain in the stomach, so State of Sweden is aware of this energy or powerhouse. They even play this music chorus when you exercise outdoors.

They transmit music chorus like; “Now I know, now I feel the pain I should felt before” – this is psychological music torture

and they play music chorus like; It is so painful, it is so painful.

They make people screaming hysterical for hours or high-pitch screaming even after midnight

State of Sweden using wickedness psychology to create feelings of craziness when thwy transmit sounds of a cuckoo clock

After they transmit this children starts screaming crazy, crazy, crazy outside your window

They start noise harassment and starts and then turn off their noise harassment. They starts engines and then turns off and then starts and turn off again.

They start vaccum cleaner and then turn it off for several minutes

They playing drum beats and changing the beats constantly

They open water cranes and let water running for hours or open the water cranes for a few seconds and then opens the cranes again

Swedish police transmit grasstrimmer sound to create stress for your brain and they pushing these buttoms to maximum to create noise torture and then play sirens. So they dont want you to sleep. And healthcare stops prescription for sleeping pills. And Swedish police even hacking your computer and manipulate your music files and then they even hacking your computer at night when you listen to music and starts changing the volume (this reveals they dont want you to sleep) and this is this kind of psychological warfare methods they using when they noise tormenting you.

After I publish this post they started playing drum beats and time is after 23.00, so there is a very strong tormenting gene activated in the swedish diffuse hive mind.

This how State of Sweden or “Spirit of State” starts and synchronizing a psychological attack.

  1. Firecrackers outside window
  2. They start playing drum beats
  3. People appearing outside your window starts acting laughing and talk loud
  4. Neighbors talk loud or make loud sound and drop things on the floor
  5. More talk loud and drop more things on the floor and then drops more things on the floor and then drops more things on the floor and drops more things on the floor and 04.00 they still make hitting sounds in the floor or drop something in the floor
  6. Swedish police playing tormenting sounds – sounds like some form of frequency weapon, playing sirens and a shouting sound.
  7. After I post this someone appearing and talk loud when they passing your window 04.17. These people are Twin Peaks creepy

This is how they create sleep deprivation this night and all people seems to be driven by same force and this force is not from God. It feels more like psychopath behavior because they stalking or shadowing you from room to room. If you visit toilet swedish police starts playing sirens or grasstrimmer sound.


Sound or noise tormenting or noise or communication interference has a purpose to infect the mind in same way a aggressive virus attacking a cell. Satan is like a virus or virus programming. The virus is being comprised of DNA, (DNA is the brain ofxa cell) cannot do anything unless it gets into a cell. Satan has same purpose as a aggressive attacking cell and it is to get into the human mind or heart. One the virus enters the cell, it replaces the cells normal DNA prompting the cell to do what the viral DNA demands. Satan has trying to re-create God’s original blueprint to his image since day one. Noise or sound torture is a created psychological aggressive virus programming to destroy or take over or hijacking humans functions. When a virus attacking it change the normal enviroment and infect the enviroment. Satan changing humans enviroment by changing their enviroment of reality and make this enviroment to a enviroment of surreality. That is the psychological reproducing, not what the cell was before, but what the cell has become.


It replaces the virus and it looks like the virus, it acts like a virus, and it becomes the virus and produces other virus of its own kind. No wonder that, when humans are controlled by Satan (the ultra ego), humans begin to look like Satan, act like Satan, and then speak and acting as Satan does.

Today you can see how swedish people in my neighborhood has started and acting like a aggressive tormenting virus programming that creating noise distractions or noise or sound tormenting day as night. This tormenting force has taken control. This force using children to make them hysterical screaming for hours and years and this force make these children going out at nights and high pitch screaming in the middle of the night.  When you see this you understand there is other evil forces who makes them acting like a tormenting programming.

This is reality and State of Sweden are controlled by a force which trying to hijacking your reality and this is made by sound or noise infected the enviroment.


These horror and terror screamings are hysterical and are constructed to create noise torture for the targeted mind. When children high pitch screaming after midnight there is a purpose behind these strategies. This force using children in a psychological warfare in Sweden.

Horror and terror screaming is used for;

  1. To create fear and pain
  2. To sensitizing the mind and trauma-basing
  3. To break down willpower
  4. To break down the cognitive thinking pattern
  5. To create false amygdala attacks and create confusion
  6. To create harm and long term stress
  7. To obstructing and hindering the amygdala from healing the brain and start creation of light
  8. To overwhelming the brain and mind with negative emotions and to trying to activate older thinking pattern
  9. To rush and push the amygdala go red and to work 24/7 and then create paranoia, break downs and to sensitizing the amygdala and to make the amygdala feel unsafety and constant attacked by psychological pain, horror or terror to create error

They using all vehicles they can and they driving around your apartment for hours, revving to create sounds

They have been shooting firecrackers for 25-30 hours from 27-31/12. They have been shooting firecrackers 4-5 hours every day in a low income neighbothood.


Today they have been shooting firecrackers 7-8 hours. And they continue after 02.00 and then continue shooting outside your window 04.00 and even neighbors making hitting sounds in the floor.


Wickedness in high places


And day after the swedish helicopter appearing before 09.00 in the morning on this first day of this year. So they end last year with firecrackers and the helicopter start with airstalking from high places. And ambulance is parked on the walkway with sirens on and helicopter flying over the apartment.

Then they continue to airstalking you with helicopter when you exercise and when you exercise people makes psychological comments “It looks heavy today” when you running and passing them. And when you exercise at home they starts playing drum beats. So swedish has a mind thats is trying to interference with distractions sound. Now the neighbor starts doorslamming and same neighbor opens water cranes and sitting and changing the water pressure like a gaslighting psychopath. Earlier they open the water cranes and letting water running.

So they seems to be have some force within them thats make them stalking, shadowing or create noise interference to create mind “sound” control.

And the landlord must be one of the worst in Sweden when they let people shooting firecrackers for 6 days and 30 hours. They are part of this psychological warfare. And they let people creating sounds for hours by playing drum beats. They let people and swedish police install sound tormenting technology surround your apartment. And this landlord close down your internet and all tv channels

https://gardstensbostader. se

Then Swedish police transmit constant sound sirens or grasstrimmer sound. So same forces who is shooting firecrackers is same force that drives the swedish police. Swedish police is the tormentors and playing different torture sounds. Swedish police or this “force” is same force that transmit sounds of cuckoo clock and this is the same force of intelligence thats make swedish police using sounds of owls in the woods to stalking you. And same force in people using sound of s rooster. And same force make people walking around with barking dogs. And the landlord is part of same psychological warfare force.


Time is 20.04 1/1-2018 and they still shooting firecrackers since  after 15.00-16.00 when they started. They have shooting these firecrackers for 4-5 hours even today. So swedish society is using firecrackers in their psychological warfare. Swedish police are or has supplying these people with firecrackers because they have a storage of firecrackers all year they can use whenever they want. So this is how the swedish police is working and they are same people who transmit sound of cuckoo clock and use sounds of owls and these police supply these firecrackers shooting people.

21.46 State of Sweden starts playing sirens

21.46 They start shooting firecrackers

22.13 They still shooting firecrackers and swedish police playing sirens

22.31 more firecrackers and more swedish sirens

22.45 more firecrackers and moee swedish sirens

It feels like Satan is working with Gestapo, one shooting firecrackers to tormenting and Gestapo playing sirens. It feels like Orwell “1984”

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