Midgard was created by Odin, the left side of the brain being Midgard (Earth) and the right side representing Asgard.


“Then Odin and his sons made a race of men and women and gave them Midgard to live in.

Could this race be the Anunnagi human-hybrid Anunnagi is from the God Anu and nagi means serpent

Two separates trees at the top, symbolizing the left brain, the Tree of Knowledge of pleasure and displeasure/good and evil that is capable of analysis and abstract thought, and the right brain, Tree of Life, of intuition, creativity, and spirituality

In the Northern Tradition this great tree was usually guarded by a serpent or dragon. A giant ash, Yggdrasil, was the World Tree that links and shelters all the worlds. Which tree of the life is the serpent guarding; Tree of Knowledge (left brain scientific)or Tree of Life (right brain spiritual).

“Looking at our planet, we have two groups of human. One group is religious. The other group is a scientific group. The religious group believe that God created everything, the whole Universe the suns, the solar systems, the trees, the plants, the animal, but we humans are the crown of creation. The other group, the scientific group, they think we know everything about mutation, selection, that we are on top of evolution.

Bildresultat för tree of life good and evil

Is left brain “scientific” hemisphere guarding right brain “spiritual” hemisphere? When Odin created the Midgard (left brain) he place the race he created in the Left brain hemisphere that represents Tree of Knowledgeand and not Garden of Eden that is represented by the right brain hemisphere.

Then there is seven chakras guarded by seven Archons

Then there is a watchtower Odin then watching over all world is The Pineal Gland (“Heaven is my throne (right brain), and the earth is my footstool” (left brain is the Earth)

Then he has the “Huginn and Muninn fly every day, over the whole wide world

If Odin could create Midgard and left brain, he could even create Pineal Gland to then watch over everyone
The god Odin had two ravens, called Huginn and Muninn, who sat one on each shoulder. … all that they had seen and heard, and in this way Odin kept himself marvelously informed of all that was going on in the world.

Is all these alien- annuaki surveillance functions

Odin turned himself into a serpent to enter the cave where he found the mead of poetry.

If Odin created Midgard and this is the left brain, and if Odin is from the Anunnagi (from God Anu and Nagi serpent) this could be the social engineering experiment and creation of the Annuaki – human-hybrid.

If God of this time created The Annuaki, The Archons, and Odin (God) created Midgard (the left brain), could even the Scriptures be Annuaki influenced and has a hidden plan

In Typhon as a Dragon God, we remember Odin, who himself was often portrayed as a Dragon or serpent, a Naga, and that he too was an Aesir, a member of the old, warlike order of gods. Odin is always associated with Yggdrasil or Yggd-Rad-Aes-Hel, the World Ash of the Norse. Here we will recall that the tree’s name means Steed of Yggd or Odin and was a goddess who performed the same function as the Queens of Avalon. As a serpent he is often seen entwined around the Aes Tree, echoing the depiction of Samael as the Serpent (N’H’SH), entwined in Lilith’s branches.

At this juncture we must break off and study the Aryan Naga—the serpent devas, guardians of treasures “hidden in water”. We will do this by first looking at the Hebrew word nahash. This word means serpent (and thus Dragon) and derives from the consonant root N’H’SH a snake.
*Titan derives from the Sumerian TI.TI.AN which means:

1) The breath of life of Anu (the Sons of Anu—the Nefilim)
2) The Spirits of the Stars (the Star People)

Annuaki – Anunnagi (Anu – nagi God- serpent

The Viking Runes consist of twenty five stones carved with ancient symbology. Scholars are still mystified as to the origins of the Runes, the name taken from the Gothic word “runa,” which means mystery.

Mythologically, the Runes were discovered by the God Odin after much personal anguish. In the epic poem above called Ha’vamal Odin describes how he obtained the magical Runes after hanging for a long time in a tree.

Is the rainbow bridge the corpus callosum in the brain, a structure analogous to a bridge between the two hemispheres of the brain
pineal gland as the bifrost gland and the rainbow bridge

From the Book; A dissertation on the origin and progress of the Scythians or Goths

In Aryan (ancienst Scythian) the Asuras are also called Devas, the shining ones. Earlier scholarly sources have the name Annuaki name translated also as a variant of the Shining ones.

Thor, whose hammer was a variant of the labrys. The spinning hammer was thought to form the shape of the Swastika
Nine, which is the number of Yesod, the Sephira of the Moon, whose Phoenician God was the Sumerian SIN or SHIN—She’en.
The symbols associated with SIN included the Axe, the Labrys which is a device which, as we know, depicts the Vulva. The Axe symbol, prevalent in Mittani and Minoan Cretan culture, became the spinning Hammer of Thor (the Swastika) who, as Zeus, was the wielder of the lightning bolt. This, in northern Europe, was symbolised by the Norse “Sig” Rune. Sig—the lightning bolt of inspiration ( Mead of Inspiration)—is the Greek Sigma which is the Hebrew Shin, the last consonant of N’H’SH, and SIN—Sumerian god of the Moon.

Sig is the serpentine lightning bolt that courses down the Qabalistic Tree of Life. In one sense it represents Enki-Samael entwined around Lilith. The upturned crescent moon is also said to be associated with Samacl (Sumaire-El) and, in an ancient Sumerian picture, the moon as a dish is depicted next to the Star of Anu, below which is the serpent N’H’SH entwined around the tree, symbolising Lilith.

In Knytlinga Saga and Icelandic books, Zeeland is called Sio-land, a name preserving affinity with Suiones; as Suitod, the old name of Swedes and Sweden, in these works, does with Sitones. Perhaps Sitones sprung from (latin) Situne , the old name of the chief civitas in Sweden, near Birca.
Suitod, the old name of Sweden. Wheares Suiones resemles more Zee-womers, or dwellers in the sea, whence the noble fertile iland, which forms the best part of Danish domination
Again, others assert that the Suiones were the descendants of the Suevi, and that Suiones is a contraction of Sueviones. The most reasonable conjecture is Wachter’s, viz. that the Suiones derive their name from Sax. swein (swan).

Somner gives Sweon, the Suiones, Sweoland, Suecia, Suedia. Ihre says the Swedes are called in A. S. monuments Sweon, and the country Sweon-land. In Ice. the Swedes are named Sviar ; the king of Sweden, Svia honour ; the kingdom of Sweden, Svia velldi. Lye gives Sveo- vel Sveod-land, Swede-land ; Sweon, Suiones, Swedi. The Sw. Sveriga is a contraction of Svea-rike, i.e. the kingdom of Svea or Sweden. See also Cluv. lib. iii. ; G. Ant. c. 91 ; and Tacitus.

Suiones is a contraction of Sueviones. The most reasonable conjecture is Wachter’s.

In the Northern Tradition this great tree was usually guarded by a serpent or dragon. A giant ash, Yggdrasil, was the World Tree that links and shelters all the worlds. If the World tree was guarded by a dragon.

In the Book of Enoch, they are called B’nai Elohim (Children of God), the Nephilim, and the “Watchers”.

In the Bible, in passages later suppressed, such as the Book of Enoch, they were called the Nefilim, the Watchers, the observers that have known man from the beginning. The Anunnaki created the first modern man— a Neanderthal/alien hybrid— to work the mines.

Organized Gang Stalking in Sweden

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