When you go down into the subconscious, because it represents the collective side of the universe and is part of the cosmos, of the vastness, you enter into universal life, the ocean of universal life, and you become part of it, you melt into it and vibrate with it, through your solar plexus.

Unconsciousness corresponds to the mineral kingdom
The subconscious corresponds to the vegetable kingdom
Consciousness belongs to the animal kingdom
Self-consciousness belongs to the domain of human beings
Superconsciousness to the domain of the Angels, which is also the domain of Masters, Initiates and supermen.

Superconsciousness does not emerge from the intellect but manifests through other faculties that are more subtle and sensitive, such as the intuition that lives in the soul and spirit.

The Superman is one whose centre of gravity is shifted from the domain of Ignorance to the domain of Truth. He is in possession of a divine Principle— the Supermind – that is illumined by the Supermind which is a pure principle of integral Truth-vision and sovereign Truth-effectuation. This is the central key and work with meditation; to release the bounds from the “knot of ignorance”. Gravity is bound to the lower self (ego) and its state of ignorance. Teaching saying; Deep sleep is the knot of ignorance; when it is removed through meditation, we can discover our true nature and eternal peace.

The first requirement for freeing consciousness from the gravitational pull of mortal body-consciousness is to activate energy,

Truth-Consciousness, where there is light without shadow, knowledge without ignorance, growth without limitation,

The ego-mind has no access to anything outside itself. Awareness can’t be bothered with the ego’s idea of reality. The ego-mind can experience only itself and its creations (opinions, emotions, identities). It cannot look beyond itself. It is incapable of seeing anything — itself included — without the bias of its own filters. It is incapable of awakening, of escaping/liberation from its own gravitational pull.

Man A Transitional Being

MAN is a transitional being; he is not final. For in man and high beyond him ascend the radiant degrees that climb to a divine supermanhood. There lies our destiny and the liberating key to our aspiring but troubled and limited mundane existence. We mean by man mind imprisoned in a living body. But mind is not the highest possible power of consciousness; for mind is not in possession of Truth, but only its ignorant seeker.

The fifth chakra is termed as “mind”, “ether” and belong to the one of the five senses.

Beyond mind is a supramental or gnostic power of consciousness that is in eternal possession of Truth. This supermind is at its source the dynamic consciousness, in its nature at once and inseparably infinite wisdom and infinite will of the divine Knower and Creator. Supermind is superman; a gnostic supermanhood is the next distinct and triumphant evolutionary step to be reached by earthly nature. The step from man to superman is the next approaching achievement in the earth’s evolution. It is inevitable because it is at once the intention of the inner Spirit and the logic of Nature’s process.

The appearance of a human possibility in a material and animal world was the first glint of some coming divine Light, the first far-off promise of a godhead to be born out of Matter. The appearance of the superman in the human world will be the fulfilment of this divine promise. Out of the material consciousness in which our mind works as a chained slave is emerging the disk of a secret sun of Power and Joy and Knowledge.

The supermind will be the formed body of that radiant effulgence. Supermanhood is not man climbed to his own natural zenith, not a superior degree of human greatness, knowledge, power, intelligence, will, character, genius, dynamic force, saintliness, love, purity or perfection. Supermind is something beyond mental man and his limits; it is a greater consciousness than the highest consciousness proper to human nature.

The Superman is one whose centre of gravity is shifted from the domain of Ignorance to the domain of Truth. He is in possession of a divine Principle— the Supermind – that is illumined by the Supermind which is a pure principle of integral Truth-vision and sovereign Truth-effectuation. The brain is as much a product of the mind as the chromosomes are a product of forces about whose nature we know as little as what we call gravitation, light or consciousness.

I.K. Taimni interprets this as meaning that Udana (fifth chakra) is obviously connected with gravitational pull of the earth on the body, and by controlling this particular prana it is possible to neutralise this pull. Man’s mind is not limited by his physical body, although he usually thinks it is. But it is the intellect and the ego that bind him there. The psychic body has no weight, and, therefore, gravitational forces cannot work on it.

Knowledge and belief systems about gravity can limit the mind in science that binds the mind to matter, and science of yoga teaching how to advance, liberate, disentangle the gravitational forces from matter. Fear is like gravity, it pulls down life by suppressing belief systems and fear doctrines. Fear of death is what binds the mind to matter, in same way gravity binds matter to itself.

There is a metaphor that can be used to describe the journey from nonabiding to abiding awakening: that of a rocket ship. A rocket ship takes a tremendous amount of thrust and a tremendous amount of energy both to get off the ground and then to break the gravitational field as it travels through the sky and ultimately into space.

If there is enough fuel in the rocket and it gets far enough away from the Earth, it can eventually get beyond the gravitational field of the planet. Once the rocket is beyond the gravitational field of the Earth, the Earth no longer has the power to pull it back down.

As a metaphor, we can think of the egoic structure, or the dream state, as the Earth. The dream state has a gravitational force; it has the tendency to pull consciousness into itself. This gravitational force is really what one is dealing with throughout the entirety of the spiritual journey. Awakening is breaking free of this gravitational force. Initially, it may simply be leaving the dream state, awakening from the dream state of “me” and separation and isolation. But because we’ve awakened does not mean that consciousness has gotten past the gravitational pull of the dream state. If we haven’t gone completely beyond this gravitational field, we’re going to be pulled back toward the experience of “me” and the perception of separateness.

Using the metaphor of the rocket ship is a way of thinking about the process of awakening. The dissolution of the ego takes time. While the moment of awakening is a process that unfolds thereafter – the process of getting beyond the gravitional force of the dream state. This process, this greater individualization can override and shed one´s ego, and become a kind of superself that has the ability extend the individual consciousness beyond the constraints, into a form of communication with the Divine Consciousness or Universal Consciousness.

One fact continuously emerges of spiritual development, and that is, that the psychic powers, higher and lower, are hindrances to the highest spiritual state and must be left behind by the man who can function freed from the three worlds altogether. This is a hard lesson for the aspirant to grasp. He is apt to think that a tendency towards clairvoyance or clairaudience is indicative of progress and a sign that his practice of meditation is beginning to take effect. It might prove just the opposite and inevitably will, should the aspirant be attracted by, or attached to, any of these forms of psychic faculty.

These subtler pulls are in opposite directions: toward the upper spine and the brain, and toward the lower parts of the spine and body. The pull downward, relative to our normal upright position, is that of the subconscious. The pull up-ward is that of superconsciousness.

The ‘light’ of primordial awareness is descriptive ‘light’, as it appears as darkness until transformed into your observer-knower as a self-referencing individual consciousness. When that transformation occurs, pure awareness is now an activated ‘light’ of primordial awareness, referred to as actual ‘light’, as the ‘light’ is used by the observer of pure awareness to see by its illumination, allowing the pure knower to know what is seen, which is subliminal self-awareness.

Insights removes darkness and illuminates. Insights manifests in the multitude of light. Insight opens the third eye and travels through the Crown of the head. Insights reveals the path to salvation. It brings cosmic visions. Insights removes gravitational force of the earthly matter from the human kind and elevates the human kind to a higher platform.

Intuition emerges as a flash of light when the consciousness of man meets the Superconscience. Intuition comes even without the contact of the individual consciousness with Superconscience. It also comes when the individual consciousness directly feels the hidden truth that lies behind the appearances of things, beings. etc. It is to be noted that Intuition comes as a spark or flash of intimate truth perception out of the contactual unity of our consciousness with spiritual reality of things and beings and is more powerful than the sight and conception of Illumined Mind and Higher Mind.

Intuition is a power of consciousness nearer and morc intimate to the original knowledge by identity; for it is also something that leaps out direct from a concealed identity. As intuition flashes on the dark veil of ignorance of human mind, it is covered with a thick mental coating. Thus when intuition is subjected to reason of the mental consciousness it ceases to be true or original intuition. So long as intuition is subjected to mental reason it is reduced to a mixture of ignorance-knowledge.

Intuition has a four-fold power. A power of revelatory truth-seeing, a power of inspiration or truth-hearing, a power of truth-touch or immediate seizing of signifi-cance, which is akin to the ordinary nature of its intervention in our mental intelligence, a power of true and automatic discrimination of the orderly and exact relation of truth to truth — these are the four-fold potencies of Intuition.’

Intuition by its power can transform the mind, the heart, the life and the body into a greater integrality and turn them into the stuff of intuition. But the ascent of the individual consciousness to the level of intuition is not capable enough to bring down the whole body of identity-knowledge to the lower triple of matter-life-and mind. The foundation of inconscience is very deeply rooted in our nature. So intuition, in order to transform the ignorance or inconscience of the lower triple to the superconscience level, depends on another gradation of consciousness which is known as Overmind.

According to Sri Aurobindo, the Ovcrmind is the source of Intuition. It is the true link between the mind and the Supermind. The Ovcrmind easily establishes direct contact with the Truth-consciousness. It pos-cetros the power of cosmic consciousness. It is the principle of global knowledge which carries in it a delegated light from the Supramental Gnosis.

Thus, according to Sri Aurobindo, the descent of the Ovennind brings about an entire subordination of the centralizing ego sense and its final annihilation in the largeness of the being, it is replaced by a wide cosmic perception and a vast Universal Self.

The consciousness of the Ovcrmind is global in its cognition. This means that the Overwind consciousness embraces the totality of all experiences but it lacks the power of complete integral experience. It considers each aspect and power of the Supreme Reality and constitutes a separate and independent reality. Sri Aurobindo explains the phenomenon.

The Supermind works on the basis of integration. It always acts on essential truth of things, total truth and the truth of its individual self-determinations clearly knit together; it maintains in them an inseparable unity and between them a close interpenetration and free and full consciousness of each other; but in the ovcrmind this integrality is no longer there. And yet the Overmind is well aware of essential Truth of things; it embraces the totality, it uses self-determination without being limited by them. Overmind-Energy proceeds by an illimitable capacity of separation and combination of powers and aspects of the integral and indivisible all comprehending unity.

The Overmind is like a covering which hides the Truth-consciousness, as with the wide wings of some creative Oversoul this whole lower hemisphere of Knowledge-Ignorance, links it with that great Truth Consciousness, while yet at the same time with its brilliant golden lid it veils the face of the greater Truth from our sight, intervening with its flood of – infinite possibilities asatonceanobstacleand a passage in our sccking of the spiritual law of ourexistence, its highest aim, its secret Reality.’

The overmind is a son of inferior Supermind because it is still a gradation of the lower hemisphere, it lacks the total integrality of the Supermind. But it is the highest gradation of the lower triple hemisphere and higher than mind. The overmental consciousness does not divide. it separates completely the aspects of the supreme reality for purposes of manifestation. However what to the mental mason are irreconcilable differences present themselvesto the Ovenn nd intelligenceascoexistent correlatives; what to mental reason are contraries are to the Overmind intelligence complementarics.

We can present the evolutionary process with the following diagram:


When the Overmind liberates itself from its limitations it can easily ascend into the Supernind. The Overwind, no doubt, stands above the Higher Mind, the Illumined Mind and Intuition in the ladder of evolution. It exists just below the Supermind. The Supermind descends through the Overmind to Intuition, Illumined Mind, Higher Mind, Mind, Life and Matter. The descent of the Overmind is not strong enough to transform the ignorance basis of inconsciencc to the Supramental consciousness. The gravitation force of inconscience pulls down the individual consciousness from the overmental stage to the lower levels. Hence the individual can liberate himself from inconscience only when the Supermind would descend into the dark chamber of inconscience.

This (the greatening process) would continue until the point was reached at which Overmind would begin itself to be transformed into Supermind; the Supramental consciousness and force would take up the transformation directly into its own hands, reveal to the terrestrial mind, life, bodily being their own spiritual truth and divinity and, finally, pour into the whole nature the perfect knowledge, power, significance of the supramental existence. The soul would pass beyond the borders of the Ignorance and cross its original line of departure from the supreme Knowledge: it would enter into the integrality of the supramental gnosis, the descent of the gnostic Light would effectuate a complete transformation of the Ignorance.

The Supermind, unlike the mind, is not shrouded by Igno-rance. Its knowledge is not confined to narrow ego-sense. The integral knowledge at the Supramental level is not veiled within the dark chamber of inconscience. The vision at this level is cosmic, all comprehensive, all extensive, all inhabiting, the subjective timeless, spaceless static self-awareness and the objective dynamic knowledge in space and time are simultaneously present at this level of consciousness.

The Higher Mind is not only a higher form of cognition, it also possesses volitional and effective aspects. It works always on mind, heart, feeling, life, body etc. by virtue of its power of consciousness. It seeks to purify ignorance through knowledge and is created by the innate power of knowledge.

The Higher Mind is more developed than our ordinary mind but it is not powerful enough to sweep out all the obstacles of ignorance to realise the Gnostic or the Superconscience. The Higher Mind facilitates a first change and an ascent towards the higher consciousness as much a descent to prepare an integration of the being into a greater Force of Consciousness and Knowledge.

Text source; “The Indian Scriptures and the Life Divine”

Regeneration in Spirit

ONCE REGRESSION IN THE service of transcendence has returned the ego to the Ground, a developmental reversal occurs: the dark night of the soul comes to an end and a period of psychic renewal commences. The period of regressive deconstruction is over and the ego enters a period of transcending reconstruction, a period that, adopting traditional terminology, this is regeneration in spirit. The developmental reversal that sets the ego on this course has been expressed in a great number of symbolic images. Included among these images are, for example, those that depict a transformation of violent waters into life-giving springs and founts, infernal fires into the flames of spiritual purification, raging winds into the breath of life, hell into purgatory, passion into resurrection, and, in general, death into new and higher life.’

In the West, a second influential coneceptions of the regenerative process is that of alchemy. It is the assumption of alchemy that universal transsubstantiation is possible, and in particular that base metals can be transubstantiated into gold and that the fallen soul can be transubstantiated into a soul that is spiritually perfect. The process by which the soul is transubstantiated is conceived differently in different alchemical systems; however, most systems agree that the process has at least the following stages.

(1) The soul is subjected to intense inner heat through the practice of rigorous ascetic disciplines.

(2) This heat gradually decomposes the soul and reduces it to prime matter—which, according to Aristotelian metaphysics, is the universal matter underlying all distinct substantial forms.

(3) Upon being desubstantialized, the soul comes under the catalytic agency of the philosopher’s stone or, as it was also called, the elixir (the power of the Ground as spirit) and begins to be reconstituted or transubstantiated. And

(4) the process of reconstitution continues until the soul reaches a state of spiritual perfection, that is, until the soul is no longer merely something that is subject to the transforming action of the philosopher’s stone but is itself the full and perfect embodiment of the philosopher’s stone. The alchemical account of regeneration, then, is one that, like our own, conceives of the regenerative process as being a period of psychospiritual reconstitution that follows upon a period of radical psychic deconstitution.


Let us first consider the general features of the regenerative process; then we can turn to some of its more specific dimensions.

  1. The calming of physico-dynamic potentials. The conflict between the egoic and nonegoic spheres that occurs during regression in the service of transcendence consists of a double action. One of these actions is an upsurge of physico-dynamic potentials which, no longer contained by original repression, break free from underlying instinctual regions and erupt into the higher, mental-egoic domain.

In this sense, regression in the service of transcendence is like a volcanic upheaval that spews highly energized materials from psychic depths into the stratosphere of consciousness. Occurring simultaneously with this upsurge of physico-dynamic potentials, however, is an equal but opposite downfall of the ego into the prepersonal unconscious, the gravitational pull of which, no longer blocked by original repression, now acts directly upon the ego. In this sense, regression in the service of transcendence is like plunging into an underlying deep, into an abyss seething with sinister forces. The violent conflict between egoic and nonegoic poles occurring during regression in the service of transcendence is therefore both an eruption of the psyche’s repressed underlife and a submersion of the ego in this underlife.

And this conflict is both of these movements at once, since the regressive return of the ego to nonegoic life is at once an explosive derepression of the latter and a precipitous collapse of the former. This eruption/submersion ordeal escalates throughout regression in the service of transcendence, since the eruption of nonegoic potentials and the submersion of the ego proceed through ever-deeper and more highly charged levels of the unconscious.

The ordeal comes to an end, or at least begins to do so, only when the most ulterior and potent levels of the unconscious have vented themselves and the ego has been pulled to the deepest of the depths. Only at this point does the conflict between the two psychic poles begin to abate and do the ego’s prospects begin to look up toward a brighter horizon. This turning point marks the end of regression in the service of transcendence and the beginning of regeneration in spirit.

It is signaled in two immediate ways: (1) the ego is released from the abysmal gravity of the Ground, and (2) the violence with which physico-dynamic potentials discharge themselves significantly diminishes.

The ego is released from the gravity of the Ground not because the power of the Ground loses any of its magnetism but rather because the ego finally reaches the bottom of the abyss, and therefore touches Ground.

The ego re-establishes contact with the point in the psyche from which the gravity of the Ground emanates. It is re-Grounded, and, consequently, it is relieved of its prior impulsion toward the Ground.

The ego continues to be affected by eruptive pulsations arising from the physico-dynamic sphere, but having completed its descent to the Ground, it is no longer subject to the lure of the deep. In the words of Nietzsche’s Zarathustra (1966), the soon-to-be overman is at last disburdened of the oppressive “spirit of gravity” and, now rooted in Dionysian depths, begins to climb toward the clear atmosphere of mountain heights.

I.K. Taimni interprets this as meaning that Udana (fifth chakra) is obviously connected with gravitational pull of the earth on the body, and by controlling this particular prana it is possible to neutralise this pull. Man’s mind is not limited by his physical body, although he usually thinks it is. But it is the intellect and the ego that bind him there. The psychic body has no weight, and, therefore, gravitational forces cannot work on it.

The release of the ego from the gravity of the Ground is indicated in the disappearance of the morbid transfixions that are symptomatic of the second stage of regression in the service of transcendence. If we remember, the mental ego during this stage is vulnerable to being captured by black holes in psychic space and to falling into blank trances.

The mental ego is vulnerable in these ways because the power of the Ground, having infiltrated the egoic sphere, exerts an irresistible magnetism that commands the mental ego’s attention, arrests its activities, and holds it fast, as if in the grip of death.

The mental ego, caught in this stranglehold, panics and struggles to keep itself from being sucked under. Despite its fears, however, the mental ego is hypnotized by the power of the Ground and thus, paradoxically, is drawn toward the very thing from which it seeks to escape. Morbid transfixions such as these are symptomatic of the second stage of regression in the service of transcendence because this is a time during which the ego is open to but still unanchored in its underlying Ground.

Accordingly, the ego does not overcome its susceptibility to these transfixions until it has completed the regression to the Ground and, taking root therein, is released from the Ground’s downward gravitational pull.

When the ego is finally released from the gravity of the Ground, it also begins to be treated less violently by resurging physico-dynamic potentials. This happens in part because the most highly charged of these materials have by this time already vented themselves.

Coinciding with the ego reaching the bottom of the abyss is the discharging of the most potent strata of the prepersonal unconscious. Another reason for the decrease in violence is that physico-dynamic potentials, in discharging themselves, do not reaccumulate to authentic spiritual life. In short, what the ego had perceived as breakdowns, it begins perceiving as breakthroughs, and what it had perceived as vulnerabili-ties, it begins perceiving as emerging strengths.

This movement of spirit as it forces its way through repressions and breaks down facades is at the heart of the purgative process. Considered in this light, purgation can be seen to be a process that is similar to childbirth, since, like giving birth to a child, purgation is a process by which an emerging life breaks through resistances and is delivered into a new plane of being.

Even more closely resembling physical birth, purgation is a process that (1) unfolds by way of alternating dilations and contractions and (2) involves not only agonizing pain but also ecstatic joy.

Purgation begins with dilation. The power of the Ground forcibly opens and penetrates the egoic sphere. Now, assuming that the action of spirit has begun being affirmed, the ego responds to this dilation and penetration in a twofold way. On the one hand, since it affirms spirit, the ego eagerly invites spirit to enter the egoic sphere and assists spirit in the dilation-penetration process. This is the attitude of faith. However, despite its sincere desire for spirit, the ego is still burdened by deep-seated resistances to openness and transparency.

Hence, the ego no sooner welcomes the penetration of spirit than, in being touched intimately within itself, it is struck with visceral fear, and therefore contracts. It aborts the birthing process; it cuts short the adventure in faith. But the ego by this point realizes full well its need of spirit, and so in time it resummons courage and begins again to cooperate with the movement of spirit. Consequently, it is again dilated and penetrated, this time more widely and deeply than before. But once again, given its remaining resistances, it contracts in fear, although this time less severely than before.

And so the process unfolds. With each succeeding phase the egoic sphere is dilated more widely, penetrated more deeply, and contracts less completely than was the case in the preceding phase. By these steps of the birthing process, then, the ego becomes progressively more open and progressively less resistant to the movement of spirit.

Restricting defenses are gradually broken through, facades are gradually dismantled, rigid postures are gradually dissolved, and fears are gradually dispelled. Everything within the egoic system that encumbers the spontaneous life of spirit is gradually purged until, finally, the egoic sphere becomes fully open and transparent, a perfect vehicle-mirror of spirit.

Text source; “The Ego and the Dynamic Ground: A Transpersonal Theory of Human Development”


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