fear, which has a low frequency of vibration, significantly affects our bodily functions

Dr. Valerie V. Hunt, Professor Emeritus of Physiological Science at University of California, Los Angeles, in her book, Infinite Mind: Science of the Human Vibrations of Consciousness,” states that “at the deepest levels, all things are composed of vibrations organized into fields that permeate the entire structure [of the human body]. Fields, whether biological or otherwise, have their own integrity. They are organized, not random, and they have the capacity to selectively react, interact, and transact—to respond passively, and cooperatively unite with other fields… My research shows that human energy fields display a continuum. The extremely low frequencies are directly involved with life’s biological processes. The extremely high frequency patterns ally with the mind-field and awareness.” Therefore fear, which has a low frequency of vibration, significantly affects our bodily functions. This is well known in medical circles. Fear in the form of stress or anxiety releases specific chemicals into the blood that support flight or fight, but have a deleterious impact on the body when they are constantly activated through anxiety.

Activation of the brain’s loss system results in stress, anxiety, disgust, pain, and even panic. The behavioral bias of loss aversion is fueled by fears of disappointment and regret, and appears to arise from amygdala activation. Loss system activation affects the entire body through bloodstream hormone and neurotransmitter release. The body’s sympathetic nervous system (SNS) prepares the whole body for the “fight-or-flight” response to danger with nerve signals.

Reptilian/Aryan Bloodlines

result they are the force behind the repression ofhuman populations in this galaxy, instilling fear-based beliefsystems
Fear is a backburner the reptilians and their crossbreeds have turned on high to ensure we stay in a panicked mode.

The low vibration of fear and its associated emotions like anger, aggression, stress and guilt produce frequencies that pour into the interspace plane and this has become the energy source of these Reptilian and other entities.

“Reptilians and most alien entities want resources. These include for the reptilians food, mining rights and military guardianship. The food takes the form of us as humans, our organs, our feelings, our fluids and most importantly our souls. They harvest each of these through various means and they need us to survive. They need us or they need other beings enough like us to harvest these items from. Therefore they need us and must remain in this negative state with us. As long as humanity, and its greater construct of beings much like us, is cursed with the presence of these reptilians we will never be free.”

The way the (reptilians) enslave a race is they reduce the number of D.N.A. strands in that race’s biological blueprint, trapping it in a vibrational prison. This prison keeps the race in a low vibrational frequency wherein the thought patterns of the race are restricted. These reduced thought patterns keep the race in a fear-based system where each member of the race fights for survival with the other members and does not evolve its intellect and spirituality. This is a perfect example of what is happening on Earth now.

The reason why the Matrix projection needs the energy of fear to empower itself is because it is fear, self-aware fear, Subconscious mind created the Matrix/Time Loop as a predictable, familiar ‘world‘, but it had lost control


We live in a time loop matrix, of a reality that has been shut off from the Omni Presence. We were born in a prison (Matrix), and that prison is run by a species that have many layers just like humans. They are called Reptilians. These Extraterrestrials chose to separate from God (they don´t want you to reconnect to universe). After their separation, they visited humans from the sky—sky people. Then they gained the trust of humans and took over this planet called Earth and then most of our galaxy. There are many planets in our galaxy that are under the false illusion or being controlled by this race of extraterrestrial, innerterrestrial, and interdimensional control—the Reptilian race.

They impose their manipulated, twisted beliefs of control, fear, and a killing agenda on humans and each other at different level on a daily, hourly basis. They manipulate our top government “humans.” They actually sit on their boards meeting with full control, and they control the people with all the money on this planet. In turn, they are the ones controlling us on their killing sprees. They live in the lower vibration of consciousness, manipulating our DNA for hundreds of years, interbreeding with humans so that we are separated from the Omni Presence and more like them. They monitor every person´s white light with fear.

When you can wake up from mind control, you can break the spell of false illusion—fear, anger, and the false reality of serving and being a slave you were born into. You can then start the real work of returning and connecting to the Omni Presence as your truth will be revealed with an understanding your soul can acknowledge and understand. Once you get this: game over. There is nothing to fear. We never die, we never end, and we all are always connected.
“Reptilians are humanities most dangerous enemy. They are obsessed with power. The reptilian vibrational connection to humanity is through the emotion of fear. The reptilians themselves live in a fear-based system containing specific hierarchies.
“There is a race of beings that have a great deal of control over the Earth at this time. They are known as Reptilians. They exist on the lower fourth dimension, although they have the ability to manifest in the third dimension.

“The Reptilian’s purpose with the third dimension is to create a psychic field that promotes fear. You would have noticed that all control on the Earth is based on fear. Fear is used by every government, their departments and agencies almost all religions and radical factions — all for the purpose of controlling everything and everyone so they can achieve whatever their private agendas may be. “Control through fear is a system engineered and implanted by the Reptilians. But all systems based on fear must eventually collapse in on themselves. This is because it’s the nature of fear to limit and diminish life. “Eventually, continuing to live in this way becomes impossible and an implosion must occur. This implosion is happening to societies on Earth as we speak. The Reptilians’ purpose for introducing a fear-based system was to prevent humanity from becoming aware of the astral realms. If humans do become aware of the other dimensions of their lives, they’ll also become aware of the Reptilians. If that occurs, there is no way the Reptilians could maintain control.”

Humans has psychic abilities such as telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, psychokinesis, levitation, and even materialization and dematerialization – The alien group requires that we don’t develop our natural psychic senses, because this would give us the ability to see beyond the veil of ignorance that’s been set in place around us.

When the reptilians unplugged ten of humans 12 dna strand this actually mean; you can´t see them, but they can see you. This is like today´s Big Brother; they can see you, but you can´t see them.

There will soon not be any poltics for the masses to participating in in when the One World Order of Domination is in place. Today´s world is govern and ruled by secret societies and the shadow governments of the Illuminati and Freemasonry. 

The Nazi-agenda or the reptilian agenda has same goal of domination;
The Nazi agenda and master race of domination
The New World Order and the reptilian master race of domination
New World Order; seek to impose upon the inhabitants of the earth a corporate-controlled world dictatorship with a one-world government, one-world currency, and one-world religion.

The Illuminati have been working to a long planned and coordinated agenda to create a world government, central bank, army, and a micro-chipped population linked to a global computer. This also include The Global World Brain or “Computer Brain”, and computer brain will then be programmed to think in one way; one-world government, one-world currency, and one-world religion (or worship one god and the Illuminati and Freemasonry worship Lucifer/Satan).

This idea of One World Government Domination is the secret rulers of the world who want to enslave you to their own insidious agenda. The reptilians has infiltrated and enslaved governments around the world, industry, society, royalty, and they controls the human mind by keep them tuned into their range of fear-frequency.

‘AI’ may even be more dangerous than nuclear weapons. Artificial intelligence can destroy humanity, destroy man and destroy God´s creation and create a cyborg-hybrid controlled by a global world brain that is disconnected from God and the Word of God. That´s why AI could be more dangerous than nuclear weapons because this process is happening slow and covertly today.

The Matrix imprisons humanity in a dream state Everyone that was living inside the matrix was actually asleep in some type of stasis Humans are trapped in a Matrix – a biological computer world – this is what reality is today and is The Moon-Saturn Matrix. If human today live imprison in this Matrix, this dream-state, asleep stasis, this biological holographic computer world, what do they think next step will be in this reptilian agenda? It will be the computer brain reality and RFID identity (and the end and exit from the 2 biological dna strand). After this there will be no go back and this could be the end for freedom and liberation from these reptilians chains of repression – oppression – supression and domination.


The television should really be called “reptilian-vision” and its operating channels should really be called “subliminal mind-programming frequencies.” These tactics have also worked masterfully on other planets conquered by Greys and reptilians.

David Icke says; The Illuminati have intervened in this process, however, to control human perception. Their aim is to disconnect the functions of these two distinct parts of the brain so we can be manipulated through the right brain while only being aware of the left – or manipulated through the subconscious while only being aware of the conscious. The movie and television industries are not only owned by the Illuminati – they created them.


Organized Gang Stalking in Sweden

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