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Many people talk of light as bringing in universal consciousness, which in turn brings the ability to receive and transmit love and knowledge. Materialism causes limitations on our view and causes us to see God as an amphomorphic being that is separate from its creations. Our mind creates the time and the distance and the differences . our mind divides everything and separates . This world of varieties exist because of our different minds

The light associated with physical body merges with one universal light; similarly, the light associated with the prana merges with the universal light and the 3′ part of the light enters the Swar loka, which is the genesis of all luminaries. Your manifestation thus, gets an affectionate welcome.

Our mind creates the time and the distance and the differences . our mind divides everything and separates . This world of varieties exist because of our different minds .

It takes about seven minutes for the ray of light , the photon to reach the earth , the speed of light being 300,000 kms per sec . Nothing else can travel at the speed of light as per Einsteins theory of relativity . In case something travels at the speed higher than that of light , then the distance between sun and earth are reduced , the speed being the same that of light . In this scenario , it is the reduction of space interval between sun and earth , but not the shortening of the time length . space length is subjected to variations at different speeds , time itself remaining same .

So far we have not come across anything that can travel at the speed of light other than the light itself .

You may ask yourself, well if the photon is a little packet of electromagnetic radiation, what is the size and shape of the photon? The answer is that physicists do not have a good answer to this question.

Depending on observation, the photon can behave either as a particle or a wave. If it is particle-like, then physicists will tell you that it has no size or shape; it is fundamentally just an ideal point.

If it is wave-like, then the basic size of the photon may be related to its wavelength, but only in some nebulous way.

Adopting the “worldview” of the photon, one can say that the photon exists outside of spacetime as we know it. This is because Einstein’s theory of relativity says that for a particle moving near the speed of light, the particle length gets shorter and its local time gets slower with respect to an observer who is not moving relative to the particle.

Now photons always move at the speed of light so, for the photon, there is no time and no distance or movement. From the photon’s perspective, it is a stationary entity in the “void”. It comes into existence at a “place” and goes out of its existence at the same “place”.

It’s interesting that we use the word light in both senses. We talk about light as a physical phenomenon, such as the light from the sun or a lamp, and we also use the word light at times to describe our inner experience. Now we should remember that just as we were discussing earlier with color, the expe-rience of light is not the same thing as light itself, and although there are fascinating parallels between physical light and the light of our consciousness, we need to be clear about which one we are referring to at the time.

When we talk about the light of consciousness, we often say things like ‘The inner light” or the light” when we feel inspired, or things like ‘The lights went out” when we fall unconscious. There is a long tradition in many spiritual traditions that the mind is lit from the inside, that it has its own self-illumination that we sometimes call the light of consciousness.

This is really the essence of experience, because when we have an image in the mind or we experience a feeling, we could say we are aware of it because it is lit by consciousness. Everything we experience is a form consciousness takes on as an image in the mind, and so everything we experience is lit by that light of consciousness, and so in that sense, it is an absolutely universal phenomenon.

Now when we go into the physical world, every interaction above the level of atoms is mediated by light. Photons are the universal principle here because any energy exchange above molecules is mediated by light, so every-thing we know in a sense—every activity, every interaction, every exchange of energy—is a form taken on by light in the physical world.

Also, if you look at the implications of Einstein’s special theory of relativ-ity, the faster you go, the slower time goes and the shorter distances become, and if you could ever travel at the speed of light, time would stop and distances in the direction of travel would contract to zero. However, because light has no mass, by definition it always travels at the speed of light.

So if we look at the universe from light’s point of view, it implies that light itself is not traveling in time or space. Because light has no mass, it is not in space, and since it is not in space, it takes zero time to travel, so it’s actually a direct interaction between the noint where it is emitted and the noint where it is absorbed.

This implies that light doesn’t actually travel anywhere because it doesn’t experience space or time, and so it doesn’t actually need to be a wave or a photon.

From our point of view, we see light traveling through time and space, and we project onto it that it must be either a wave or a photon, because it seems to act sometimes like one and other times like the other. We think it’s one or the other or that it’s both, but if light could speak, light would probably just laugh and say “How crazy! I don’t need to be either one—that’s just your projection, your mind, your experience.”

So once again, we’re projecting our own concepts on this phenomenon called light and trying to make it fit our everyday experience. All the while, its true nature lies hidden and much deeper than this.

The whole planet (and perhaps the entire cosmos?) is permeated by a complex network of DNA-based life forms, all emitting photons, carrying information about their host organisms. Any suitably sensitized DNA, such as the DNA in a shaman’s brain cells, could pick up images and information from any living being anywhere in the global network. Since photons are nonlocal, that “global” network of messages could extend to the entire universe.

Master´s or Gurus may be picking up coded information not only from the plants and animals of the Earth, but also from the heavens. Photons may be messengers of the gods.

Tesla always said, “He who controls the photons, controls the universe.”.

It is a new ‘light software’ for your ‘operating system’ – consciousness, which is ‘encoded’ with high spectrum of luminous healing vibes of the Universal Language of Light

Since Light has no mass it cannot be detected by practical means. Science based on chemistry only acknowledge element atomic number 1 up to atomic 118. If scientist were open minded they would recognize element with atomic number zero.

Organize religions paint God in a bad light which turned many off. Therefore when scientists who are material atheist come close to discovering element atomic zero, they become tone death to what it points to. Element atomic number zero is Light. It is living Light of every conceivable frequency and wavelength. The number zero element is light — THE ENTIRE LIGHT SPECTRUM — and the light spectrum is simply the mind/soul.

The zero element is actually the complete and consistent set of all possible photons of Light. It is Universal Consciousness which is Mind, which is God which is the sum total of all individual consciousness. In Buddhism it is considered emptiness and the no-self. The Universal Mind is like a great ocean, its surface ruffled by waves and surges but its depths remaining forever unmoved.

As long as one is attached to the material realm they cannot fully understand this.

Buddha said “So long as people do not understand the true nature of the objective world, they fall into the dualistic view of things. They imagine the multiplicity of external objects to be real and become attached to them.”

This lack of understanding makes it hard for people to comprehend the enormous unlimited eternal of existence. All manifestations are infinitely smaller and infinitely larger. Lacking the understanding of the objective world causes us to be small minded. We cannot comprehend how huge the Universe is.

Materialism causes limitations on our view and causes us to see God as an amphomorphic being that is separate from its creations.

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