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October 20, 2017

Manipulation behaviors in the swedish system and society


Manipulation behaviors in the swedish system

Gaslighting is the attempt on one person to overwrite another person´s reality. Gaslighting is a tactic in which the victim is manipulated into questioning their reality. Trough methodical mental exploitation, the perpetrator is able to control the victim´s perceptions of themself and their enviroment, thereby providing control over the victim´s behaviors. They telling you you or others you are crazy, ot a liar or dangerous. Not only is this dismissive and aimed to make you question youeself, it also creates fear that others will side with the gaslighter to question your sanity and honesty. Satan is a accuser and liar, the father of all lies.

What does The State of Sweden do when they can´t change your reality by gaslighting you for over 6 years. They hijacking your internet connection and all your tv-channels and close them down, and then starts using the internet connection as a tool or weapon to gaslighting and trying to take control over you. The abuser and gaslighter (The State of Sweden) trying to make me more dependent of them when they abusing me even more.

Manipulation usally centers around a direct or indirect threat that is made in order to influence another person´s behavior. Gaslighting uses threats as well. The on who is gaslighting is always transformed into the victim. Gaslighting is an insidious form of emotional abuse and manipulation that is difficultt to recognize.

The gaslighter and government abuser State of Sweden wants to appear superior to the one being gaslighted. By making their victim feel completely helpless, completly powerless, completly lack of knowledge, with very low self-esteem, negative and depresssed, no control over their own destiny or control over the future, with very low self-esteem.

The State of Sweden gangstalking people and they gaslighting targeted individuals life 24/7 with abuse of power and abuse of authority. They trying to: overrule, overwrite, overthrow  and drown out with non-stop “low frequency sound” all night and make noise campaigns the rest of the time. These methods with all other methods impact each other. Drown out something meaning, definition, what is drown out something: (of a sound) to be loud enough to block the sound of something else.

Gaslighting and emotional and psychological abuse of power. The State of Sweden is this abusing gaslighter/abuser. I think peole who are acting in this manner has lack of knowledge and have a very low self-esteem. The gaslighter living behind a false power of selfconfidence. The gaslighter protecting himself. Gaslighters gave the tendency of lifting themselves up by putting others down.

Gangstalking or “Scapegoating is “deceptive, since the persecutors are convinced that their violence is justified”.  Rationalizations are exuses that allow people to deceive themselves into believing that their actions are justified.

Gangstalking or “Scapegoating is “deceptive, since the persecutors are convinced that their violence is justified”

Rationalizations are exuses that allow people to deceive themselves into believing that their actions are justified.

The group members project hostility into the entity of “the group” while disowning it in themlselves. The group then acts outan attack on the scapegoat. However, the individual group members do not experience themselves as engaged in an attack; “the group” seems to be the responsible agent.

When they closing down you internet and all your tv-channels it shows how desperate they are to keep control over you and want to keep you isolated even more.

Isolation (physical, social or emotional) is often used to facilitate power and control over someone for an abusive purpose.

When they closing down you internet and all your tv-channels it shows…..their abuse and how they want to keep on with this emotional- and psychological abuse, and they want me to be more dependent of them as abusers….and they want you to be disorientated (and that´s why they gaslighting you everwhere and mirroring your life 24/7), and it shows how desperate they keep people enslaved in this psychological matrix). The State of Sweden are these criminal gangstalking abusers

Isolation reduces the opportunity of the abused to be rescued or escape from the abuse. It also helps disorientate the abused and makes the abused more dependent on the abuser. The degree of power and control over the abused is contingent upon the degree of his or her physical or emotional isolation.

When they closing down you internet and all your tv-channels it shows…..how they want to isolate you from the outside world

An important element of psychological control is the isolation of the victim from the outside world.

When they closing down you internet and all your tv-channels it shows…..it shows how desperate they want to control all your life and limiting what I can read on internet, and limiting you from see tv. They don´t want you to live in reality, they want you to life in their created bizarre and sadistcis gangstalking surrealistic world.

They want to keep targeted individuals entrapped and surrounded by walls of wickedness and don´t want them to live normal lifes, so they sabotage their reality to keep them in their created surreality. Without tv and internet you cannot hold you updated with news or information, and they can go on with their abuse and by closing down these functions they think they controls you, they think they have more power over you. It´s make them look stronger and powerful, but in fact it is the opposite a sign of weakness and false power to be this desperate and close down a service you have paid for. They don´t care about if you have paid for a service in Sweden. With no tv or internet they can gangstalking your more hours per day and that´s the sadistic control part of it.

This is how cults works and Sweden works exactly like a cult behavior (when they close down your internet and all your tv channels)

Isolation includes controlling a person’s social activity: who they see, who they talk to, where they go and any other method to limit their access to others. It may also include limiting what material is read (gangstalking, closing down your internet and all you tv-channels).

It can include insisting on knowing where they are and requiring permission for medical care. The abuser exhibits hypersensitive and reactive jealousy.

One way of establishing isolation is by divide and conquer (same behavior as Satan himself)

When they closing down you internet and all your tv-channels it shows…..you don´t have same or any acceess to news or information in the same way (you are isolated from information in a information society)

Isolation is a common element of workplace bullying. It includes including preventing access to opportunities, physical or social isolation, withholding necessary information, keeping the target out of the loop, ignoring or excluding.

You cannot send email and you cannot get any email and read them at your computer at home

Various isolation techniques may be used by cults separating from family and community

  • taking control of the handling of the victim’s resources and property
  • undoing (mind control)
  • physical isolation
  • extortion/dependency tactics
  • controlling victim’s access to necessities.

Isolation is a common element of workplace bullying. It includes including preventing access to opportunities, physical or social isolation, withholding necessary information, keeping the target out of the loop, ignoring or excluding.

Isolation itself as abuse or punishment

Isolation may itself be considered to be abuse or intended as punishment – see silent treatment, ostracism, social rejection, shunning, social exclusion, blacklisting, solitary confinement and sensory deprivation.

Non-coercive isolation

Isolation may also be voluntarily sought by an individual or as a response to circumstances without being directly imposed by another – see social isolation, emotional isolation, solitude, recluse and hermit.

When the The State of Sweden closing down you internet and all your tv-channels it shows…..

The manipulation of a person’s environment without their control creates a sense of powerlessness by subjecting the person to intense and confusing actions which are intense and often conflict each other. You can understand why this constant form of torture is likely to create anxiety.

When the The State of Sweden closing down you internet and all your tv-channels it shows…..

Environmental manipulation causes emotional distress and impacts cognitive processes, values, ideas, attitudes, conduct, and ability to reason or make decisions. Changing a person’s environment can also refer to the sudden rejection of their information or opinions, setting permissible topics to discuss, and having strict control over their communication.

Here it begins: some of all swedish manipulations strategies and they are everywhere in the Swedish system and structures. How does all these manipulations actions working together with the swedish democratic self-image?

The State of Sweden using your paid internet connection and all you tv channels to messing around with your life and mind.

  1. After a day it seems you have internet connection again and try to test it and if works. This time you have internet connection for 90 minutes and then they close it down again
  2. After a week they starts the internet connection again, to trick you to be happy, and one minute later when you start to use the internet they close it again.
  3. It is not enough with closing down your internet and all tv-channels. When they don´t get that results they wanted they make you believe you got your internet back, and when you start using the internet they close it down again to try another time to break you down.
  4. Then they start the internet again and then close it down after 90 minutes
  5. After this you try to fill up your iphone with surf and phone, but you get a message you have not enough of money to upload new surf- and phone calls. So you have to call the phone company so they can fill your phone with surftime. And when they try to do this; they get a error message: you have already use it. How can I already used something when the phonenumber arrive with post same day I called them and they can see I can´t load up any money to this number, when they have to do it. How can I spend something when I cant load up any money and the number is new? This psychology are Swedes using. Afterwards when I trying to use the phone and internet via my iphone I don´t have any connection after 15 minutes, and if you try download any other virus program for your iphone your internet connection stops working
  6. After another day you have internet connection 05.00 in the morning and 07.00 they have close it down. This is how The State of Sweden is working. They using your internet connection and your tv-channels to affect your mind and gaslighting your life, and trying tu unnerve your life, make you imbalance, confused, make you feel powerless with no control at all.
  7. After another day they start the internet connection in the late evening (23.00) and 05.00 in the morning they have close it again Tjey start and close, so you don´t know when it´s working or for how many minutes or hours it will work. It seems that the State of Sweden have a daily need for their sadistic and abusive behavior. From gangstalking terror to internet and tv-channels error.

Waiting time and uncertainty. The wait is devastating because it is associated with uncertainty, doubt, inability to control, constant questioning and confronting one’s fears. It is associated with constantly thinking about what has happened — magnifying every detail and reaction, every piece of information — in an attempt to find spaces of control that allow survival (that´s why they occupy a targeted individuals life and stalking 24/7 so there will be no space for recovery. Gangstalking and obstructing (hindering and blocking your internet and tv-channels) is designed for create terror and psychological torture creates errors Terror as the keystone of torture. All torture systems create a situation in which each element is designed to create terror. That terror does not necessarily involve physical pain. The indelible mark is not the beating; memories of terror are deeper than memories of physical pain.

Swedes are using this form of confusing psychology or gaslighting psychology everywhere; In swedish healthcare, political abuse of psychiatry, they gaslighting you via social services, pharmacies playing Big Brother, phone companies acting like in this example, your landlord make break ins and make a hole in your shower handle, lock up your apartment door during the night and creating noise harassment, cashiers acting in food stores, people playing street theater, walking groups arranged by social services to improve your health are gangstalking groups

These methods they are using by closing down your internet and all your tv-channels is how a (d)evil minded person or Sweden trying to trick someone and deceiving them to break them down. Abusive power and control (or controlling behaviour or coercive control) is the way that abusers gain and maintain power and control over a victim for an abusive purpose.

Here is some of all Swedish honest manipulation strategies they are using against targeted individuals, and this is not a beutiful self-image when you summerize all these Swedish gangstalking methods:

Here is a example of political abuse of psychiatry in a Police State of Sweden and the Swedish  healthcare during one year in therapy. They airstalking you with a helicopter (persecution) on your way to the therapy and then also hovering over the roofs during the therapy (persecution again)

They anchoring and chaining and using words in Swedish healtcare/psychiatry and then using this in media and tv (sport programs). It almost felt as a form of subliminal programming to try to destroy your life with MK-Ultra Code Green. They call this therapy and treatment, I call it political abuse of psychiatry. They just don´t implement and ancoring things/objects to mind control you, they also using words in same gangstalking using “trigger words”. Here is a example from swedish healthcare/psychiatry:

  1. One persons in Swedish healthcare informs you humans has a suicide gene (Mk Ultra Monarch Programming – Code Green) Ostracism project execution – self destruction – drive insane or to suicide
  2. Therapist tells you to call and the number has suddenly expired and not in use (psychological excluded and ostracism project execution) and same strategy is used in the regular healthcare when they calling you up and then hang on, so you have to di the internet booking twice (psychological excluded and ostracism project execution)
  3. Therapist informs you there is something called dreamwatcher/dreamguard (Swedish Big Brother psychology)
  4. Pharmacies in Sweden using Big Brother psychology to affect you psychological when you bying products from them (Swedish Big Brother psychology)
  5. They using big firecrackers outside your window every evening before you have a appointment to a doctor next day for new prescriptions for sleeping pills (to rush you up so you can´t sleep). Together with these others projects and psychology it can make people depressive, paranoid, drive someone insane or to suicide)
  6. They airstalking you with a helicopter (persecution) on your way to the therapy and then also hovering over the roofs during the therapy (persecution again)
  7. A new doctor informs you stress kills (anchoring and chaining process)
  8. After this they start using the word “kill” in media and almost in every sport program I watch (anchoring and chaining process)
  9. Strange voice messages appearing (not from my thinking system)
  10. They start implement or anchoring the word ”classified” in psychiatry and then chaining it to pharmacies, and then even arranged same text over the computer screen on my journal in swedish healthcare
  11. The therapist has a medical package on his desk and in this medical package he has his business card
  12. I get prescription for 230 pills against sleeping problems
  13. They informs me about the brain in the stomach (abdominal brain) and brains all diseases and I didn´t understand nothing. It felt they trying to overwhelming the brain with flooding of feelings (project execution – self destruction). This information they give me when my Kundalini energy is awakening. They knew this and that´s why they talk about the abdominal brain in the stomach to activate more energy for destruction.
  14. Later they stop the prescription for sleeping pills during treatment for depression, and there are no new appointment times for 9 weeks to any doctor, and the sleep deprivation, noise harassment going on 24/7 (psychological excluded, medical excluded to break you down or medical blackmail)
  15. They create sleep deprivation, noise harassment during night, manipulate music files you listen when you trying to sleep and they also hacking your computer when your are offline and listen to music. They contsant changing the volume during the night so you wake up, or a neighbor smashing something in the floor in the middle og the night
  16. And after this they have close down my internet connection and even all my tv-channels to make me depressed and caught in boredom and totally isolated (ostracism worse than a nazi camp during 1940s).
  17. They treat people like this who are experience a powerful kundalini process, struggle with a new life situation and a new form of challenge or crisis, and struggle with sleep problems and start persute people, create sleep deprivation, gaslighting you, mirroring, misleading you, brainwashing you, confuse you, fear mongering stresses you.

More of High quality of swedish democracy. Here is how The State of Sweden misuse of technology and manipulate computers

  1. The State of Sweden closing down internet connections and all your tv-channels, and then starts the internet connection to close it again when you start to use it, and then they start it again and then close after 90 minutes, and then they start your internet connection 05.00 in the morning just for close it 07.00 in the morning (abusive gaslighting), and here are other behaviors they also are using in Sweden. This seems to be widely spread techniques they using for gaslighting, confusing, sabotaging, delaying, interrupting, hindering, blocking and changing functions to gaslighting you (this close down the internet is their latest project when I´m writing this 19 october 2017)
  2. The State of Sweden manipulate computers, manipulate software programs, moving menues
  3. The State of Sweden attacking computers so they freezing or crasches (can happen 1,2,3,4 or 5 times per day at most sometimes)
  4. The State of Sweden manipulate software program you using to write with so it suddenly stops working and you lose texts you are writing in (Word)
  5. The State of Sweden manipulate function on your computer when you need copy images from one page to another, or when you need copy texts you need to copy this 3,4, 5, 6, 7 times before the text are been copied
  6. The State of Sweden sabotaging software programs you are using for making Youtube videos about gangstalking in Sweden, other video capture software are removed or the sound stops working, there are errors when you try to load new software programs
  7. The State of Sweden slowing down your internet connection when you exporting your Youtube videos
  8. The State of Sweden directing your access to websites
  9. The State of Sweden moving and changing icons on your computer so they dissapear or suddenly are somewhere else
  10. The State of Sweden changing functions on your bank websites
  11. The State of Sweden changing website functions on healthcare webpage if someone need to contact them (same as bank websites)
  12. The State of Sweden make links not working in your mailbox
  13. The State of Sweden gaslighting computers by changing the volume when you listen to music and this even when computers are offline during the night, so you can´t sleep with music when they harassing you with sirens or sounds similar to a grasstrimmer
  14. The State of Sweden changing and manipulate files on your computer. Music files you are listen to at the night are changed and manipulated the speed in the music files, so it sounds strange
  15. The State of Sweden hacking computers during people are in therapy in Swedish healthcare
  16. The State of Sweden hacking phones during people are in therapy
  17. The State of Sweden surveillance which tv-programs you watching and then use this to targeted you in public domain
  1. The State of Sweden surveillance what music you listen on Youtube for then mirroring you
  2. The State of Sweden surveillance which movies you watch on Netflix and then use content from these moveis to mind control you and use them as trigger words people going aroundand screaming and repeating
  1. The State of Sweden manipulate public domain computers on libarys that people are free to use to gaslighting you and text are dissapearing when you copy it from a Word document or get a strange layout on your blog
  2. The State of Sweden using Man in the Middle Attacks
  3. The State of Sweden directing webpages
  4. The State of Sweden using directing and targeted ads when you using the internet

Here is more Swedish manipulation behaviors to affect your life, mind and amygdala

Gangstalking in The State of Sweden is a form of Man-in-the-Middle Attack

In a psychological way gangstalking in Sweden is like this; they trying to mess up and mind gaming your emotions, mind and brain to errors with some form of double two of everything psychology or no integrity or no privacy or using no walls technology, mimicking everything, and use noise and communication interference: these behaviors and all other examples in this post can be summarized with they use a form of:

Paranoia psychology or (two of everything);

  1. Ancoring and chaining psychology to everything
  2. Negative classical conditioning
  3. Look alikes
  4. Persecution
  5. Shadowing
  6. Stalking
  7. Sleep deprivation can make you paranoid
  8. Repeating words two times
  9. Duplicating
  10. Mirroring
  11. Mimicking
  12. Gesturing
  13. Gaslighting
  14. Noise torture
  15. Double-speaking
  16. Double-binding
  17. Open apartment door during the night
  18. Open door psychology/interference
  19. Transparence psychology/interference
  20. Gatekeeping psychology/interference
  21. Wickedness psychology (to drive someone to insanity/madness)
  22. Transmit credit card number code into your apartment
  23. Make you feel unsecure, unprotected
  24. Fear- and scaremongering
  25. In healthcare they say there is a dreamwatcher to mislead you
  26. Constant stress, subtle threats
  27. Implement the word “kill” in differents ways; swedish healthcare informs you stress can kill you and then media starts using this word in every sport program)

Borderline psychology:

  1. no integrity
  2. no privacy
  3. no silence
  4. no walls
  5. trigger words
  6. name or word dropping
  7. revealing personal information about you
  8. using constant and non-stop babbling conversation=crosstalk
  9. using noise- and communication interference
  10. in gangstalking they doing things simultaneously as you do or harass you with same noise sounds or same door-slamming,
  11. leave or arrive apartment/house simultaneously when you doing things in your life.  A person could be tortured to death for any spurious reason, in this context of constant psychological pressure often combined with illogical actions, contradictory messages, arbitrary decisions, cruelty and nonsense.

schizophrenia psychology

  1. They using interfernce psychology or no walls psychology
  2. They using communication interference and noise interference, and
  3. They try to make you delusional and confused
  4. Misleading and deceiving you
  5. Manipulate your reality and worldview to something else
  6. Make reality to surreality and bizarre
  7. Gaslihting you to make you believe you hear things on meetings with your social services secretary for an example when the try to gaslighting you. Doctors gaslighting you when they changing shirts during your therapy time. In shirt when you came to the healthcare and another when you leavingh the healthcare
  8. Mk Ultra psychology, create pain and terror with hysterical screaming for hours, traumabasing and sensitizing psychology
  9. They using sick psychology and evil methods to try make you sick or drive you insane/crazy.
  10. If they must use tons of method to make or drive somebody crazy 24/7 it means the opposite; they are not crazy. If someone are crazy they don´t need tro drive them crazy. To be able to drive someone to insanity/madness or crazy they must use sick psychology and evil methods

interference psychology

  1. they invading your privacy, integrity, dreams
  2. using noise interference (noise harassment and noise torture, or non-stop communication interference
  3. or when they dropping personal information or name dropping),
  4. they using mirroring psychology to copy all you do to create a feeling they controlling time, your mind, life, your destiny and future. Here is some of all double two of everything psycholohy they using;
  5. double-minded techniques,
  6. double mindedness,
  7. double binding,
  8. double thinking (Orwell 1984),
  9. double-speaking (repeats the last word in the sense that the other person finished) or use a word twice when they are speaking,
  10. double standard, gaslighting,
  11. mirroring,
  12. duplicating,
  13. imitating,
  14. mimicking,
  15. gesturing,
  16. shadowing,
  17. trauma-basing,
  18. cloning and splitting to new alter ego,
  19. social engineering, interfering,
  20. double whammy,  look alikes,
  21. repeating trigger words, repeating and sensitizing process,
  22. gangstalking,
  23. cross-talk- (noise interference or communication interference).

self-image destruction psychology:

  1. Gangstalking including psychological attacks;
  2. rumors,
  3. lies,
  4. blacklisting,
  5. demoralization,
  6. slandering,
  7. mockering,
  8. they mind gaming with the minds, gaslighting to confuse,
  9. attacking self-image, self-esteem, and identity,
  10. attacking to obstruct your ability to relate God,
  11. dowdgrading, humiliation, intimidation, affecting  self-confidence,
  12. physically and psychological assaults, will power attacks,
  13. demonization,
  14. attacking privacy,
  15. laughing, attack a persons dignity and honor,
  16. attacking integrity,
  17. destroying personal life, and destroying social life.

Here is more Swedish manipulation behaviors about obstructing

Gangstalking means to putting difficulties in its way on every level in a sadistic, systematic and ritualistic way. Noise harassment hindering you from relax and be concentrated if you take a walk, watching a movie, listen to music, read a book.

Meaning and definition obstructing:

  • block (an opening, path, road, etc.); be or get in the way of. “she was obstructing the entrance”
  • to hinder from passage, action, or operation, constant interruptions obstruct our progress, was charged with obstructing justice by lying to investigators
  • to cut off from sight, a wall obstructs the view
  • to block a road, passage, entrance, etc. so that nothing can go along it, or to prevent something from happening correctly by putting difficulties in its way
  • to try to stop something from happening or developing

Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me, and I am the door. If anyone enters by Me, he will be saved. These gangstalkers acting like wolves who are gatekeeping the door from the materialistic world to the spiritual world, they think they have the authority to decide this by themselves (they has done the same thing as Satan did, replace themselves with God). It is not through the life of gangstalkers morale the human shall pass to find Gods Kingdom, but through Jesus to come to the Father in heaven. That´s why they living in delusional minds. gangstalking is a bogus investigation with a hidden obstructing agenda to hindering people from evolving their spiritual growth and personal progress, and entering a spiritual reality. The authorities are obstructing their own bogus investigation with airstalking, noise harassment, psychological torture, just because it is just a bogus investigation and a cover up reason to gangstalking and persecute people searching for God´s Kingdom. The bogus investigation is just a way to legitimize their activities.

Gangstalking and obstructing is “psychological speed-bumps”

Gangstalkers using obstructing psychology and all methods they are using is to create psychological speed-bumps that will blocking, hindering, delaying and slow down the human and spiritual growth and progress in different ways

  1. block, close, bar, cut off, plug, choke, clog, barricade, shut off, stop up, bung up (informal) Lorries obstructed the road completely.
  2. hold up, stop, check, bar, block, prevent, arrest, restrict, interrupt, slow down, hamstring, interfere with, hamper, inhibit, clog, hinder, retard, impede, get in the way of, bring to a standstill, cumber Drivers who park illegally obstruct the flow of traffic.
  3. impede, prevent, frustrate, hold up, slow down, hamstring, interfere with, hamper, hold back, thwart, hinder, retard, get in the way of, trammel, cumber The authorities are obstructing the investigation.
    impede help, support, further, aid, encourage, advance, favour, promote, assist, abet
  4. obscure, screen, cut off, cover, hide, mask, shield

“The purpose of these gang-stalking activities is not just to unnerve the target and make them look foolish or even crazy in public, or to frustrate or intimidate them, or to punish them for some perceived misdeed. The deeper purpose is to coerce them into conforming, to force them to silently accept what is going on, and to break their will and draw them into taking part in this system of control. Anyone around the target will appear to be delusinonal should he or she mention anything to anybody. The sence of isolation that often results, due to a lack of anywhere to turn for help, is ment to break down the target and force his or her silent submission.” 

Here is more manipulation techniques they using to control all aspects of your life 24/7 as the do in gangstalking

Gangstalking is a form of obstructing with a Man-in-the-Middle Attack on every level of the targeted indiviuals life.

  • Obstructing psychology including control of your time
  • Obstructing psychology including control of your sleep (sleep deprivation)
  • Obstructing psychology including control of your computer – internet/software problems
  • Obstructing psychology including control of your minds and thoughts
  • Obstructing psychology including control of your feelings/emotions
  • Obstructing psychology including control of your privacy and integrity
  • Obstructing psychology including control of your inner silence of peace
  • Obstructing psychology including control of your future and destiny
  • Obstructing psychology including control of your spiritual growth
  • Obstructing psychology including control of your health functions
  • Obstructing psychology including control of your free will
  • Obstructing psychology including control of your morale (demoralization)
  • Obstructing psychology including control of your faith and knowledge
  • Obstructing psychology including control of your authority as a divine being
  • Obstructing psychology including control of your life with torture and noise harassment
  • Obstructing psychology including control and destuction of you with gangstalking and persecution

A hi-jacked life by the State of Sweden

  • Hijacked sleep – Sleep deprivation, hypnopaedia, noise harassment, psychological torture, sirens
  • Hijacked brain – Obstructing, create difficults, sabotage, keep your brain busy with this
  • Hijacked amygdala — Create fear, noise interference, induce stress and fear, anxiety, panic attacks
  • Hijacked emotions — Gaslighting, FOG, Mirroring
  • Hijacked reality – MK Ultra, bizarre gangstalking, make reaility to surreality, traumbasing, sensitizing, victimzing, brainwwashing, mind control, street theater
  • Hijacked communication – Drown out, communication interference, non-stop babbling, crosstalk, background communication
  • Hijacked social life — Create paranoia, mirroring, imitating, persecution, gangstalking, ostracism, scapegoating, isolation
  • Hijacked computer – Technological gaslighting, changing software functions and sabotage software, problems with internet connection

Where in the brain does the Swedish gangstalkers store all this hidden evil and double.minded knowledge and who are these rulers and principalities of this world?

Who is the creator behind all these methods if they don´t come from God?

Here is more Swedish manipulation and acting behaviors in their gangstalking

Infogad bild 1

Here is different manipulation props the Swedes using when they manipulating the reality for others

They using whistle blowers, sound of a owl everywhere, transmit a sound of cuckoo clock to my apartment, using orange on gravestones, sirens on a refrigerator on lunch room in working place, firehoses in the woods with no burnings, toiltpaper on the desk in swedish healthcare, people walking around with umbrellas in sunshine (15-20 degrees)

Infogad bild 2

Here is more swedish manipulated ostracism behaviors to isolate others they using psychological torture methods to manipulate reality with noise and fear and isolation

Firts they persecute you, then isolate you, then noise torture you day and night, and then even using gaslighting techniques everywhere, mirroring, using enviroment manipulation, using props to manipulate

Infogad bild 3

Here is more swedish manipulated ostracism behaviors to isolate others they using psychological torture methods to manipulate reality with noise and fear and isolation

Torture is based on constant attacks on identity

Gangstalking including; rumors, lies, blacklisting, demoralization, slandering, mockering, they mind gaming with the minds, gaslighting to confuse, attacking self-image, attacking self-esteem, dowdgrading, humiliation, intimidation, affecting  self-confidence,  physically and psychological assaults, will power attacks, demonization, attacking privacy, laughing, attack a persons dignity and honor, attacking integrity, destroying personal life, and destroying social life and people thinking these methods are democracy or these methods are from God but they are not. 

  • Psychological torture: attacks on dignity and identity. ‘Another element‘
    involved in psychological torture is their contempt for and derision of the values
    that are important to you.
  • Psychological torture: perplexity, helplessness, and no rule of law.

All these acting behaviors and manipulation behaviors is like wolves in mental sheep´s clothing

Infogad bild 4

Together all these behaviors making reality to surreality, a really bad horror movie like Twin Peaks society.

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The Science of Thought Control and a malignant idea. The dream of totally controlling a human mind. At its heart brainwashing is a malignant idea – the dream of totally controlling a human mind, which affects all of us one way or another. Brainwashing is the ultimate invasion of privacy: it seeks to control not only how people act but what they think. It arouses our deepest fears.  Threatening the loss of freedom and even identity. Yet we know remarkably little about it.

Both brainwashing and gangstalking is the ultimate invasion of privacy and integrity.


The birth of Scientific dictatorships and a diffuse HIVE MIND. Gangstalking is also malignant idea to totally mind control the humand mind. Gangstalking in Sweden for example is like a invisble technocratic dictatorshop. Big Brother sees you, but you can´t see Big Brother. Gangstalking is a totalitarian and malignant idea to force everyone or brainwwashing everyone to be like them. It is similar to how cults working; forced to submission. They are not satified with regulating the outward behaviors. They want to posses and dominate the souls and minds of their victims.

Gangstalkers physical and psychological garbaging and poisoning and infecting other humans lifes and minds with garbage, negativity, flooding feeling, obstructing, trauma-base, provoke, stress, fear, scare mongering, sound harassment, screamings, wickedneess, duplicating and acting wicked, trigger words, panic, horror, terrorizing, victimzing, senstizing, mind controlling, and invading and intruding humans integrity and privacy by crowding, intidimiate, garbaging by humiliate themselfes, soical humiliation, interrupting, intergrating, disturbing, overwhelming with negative thoughts, emotional flooding, trying to activate or provoke subconsiouness fear patterns in amygdala, attcking self-image and self-esteem, demoralization and so on…..


The double  whammy is a harmful method of mind control employed widely in everyday life as a methods for attaining dominance over others through causing emotional distress and impairing, at least temporarily, their cogntitive functions. The most common ays individuals control and dominate others are by inculcation of painful emotions such as shame, guilt, fear, anxiety. When gaslighting and/or the double hammy are done repeatedly, the psychioc damage may be serious, it can inlude enduring types of chronic psychiatric disorders.

The birth of Scientific dictatorships  has become the new tyranny over humans freedom, personal privacy and integrity, freedom of speech.


Developement of convergent technologies programs: This is the most promising area of the elite´s research to create a “hive mind”.” Through these programs, the Technocracy intends to eventually download human consciousness into a computer-based network. Within this electronic matrix, the individual will be subsumed by a psychocognitive singularity.

A new machine- “religiosity, a blind worshipping and use of the technology

Tyranny: despotism, domination, suppression, oppression,
coercion, cruel authority. harshness. totalitarianism—these
synonyms for tyranny describe what can happen when a tribe,
a nation, an alliance, a religion, an interest group or a political
group gives a way of thinking and perceiving—a belief system-
absolute, unquestioning power.

Beliefs are an unavoidable part of the human experience. It
is apparent that conflicting beliefs exist in this world side by side,
and from a collection of beliefs entire cultures are created. Those
living in a particular belief system perceive the world in a way
unique to that mindset.

Our world is full of a diversity of beliefs, customs, foods,
religions, laws, etc. Each cultural group agrees to live by certain
rules and customs, and those who deviate from those rules and
customs are looked upon as outsiders within that culture. They
can even be punished or executed for their deviations from the
accepted norm, That is how much power humankind has given
belief systems.

“He who controls these media controls part of the
nervous system of every member of society”

The contents of these media become part of the contents of every individual’s brain (Shea 86
Wilson, p. 796, 1975). Immersed within the surrogate realities provided by electronic media,
human consciousness is unified in a somewhat diffuse “hive mind”.

The “All Seeing Seeing Eye above the unfinished pyramid,” the ultimate end of
society governed by scientism?

Indeed. “war is peace.”

The “peace” afforded for the technocracy at the expense of others shall mean perpetual“war”
for the rest of humanity

The Bible speaks of just such a time:

For when they shall say. Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh
upon them, as travail upon a woman with child and they shall not escape (1
Thessalonians  5:3)

lt is central to the occult Darwinian doctrine of the ruling class

The citizens of the global “scientific dictatorshop” shall hear talk of peace, but she shall
see nothing but war. This is because war is integral to the evolutionary script
that the elite have written for humanity. lt is central to the occult Darwinian doc-
trine of the ruling class.

The elite’s occult Darwinian doctrine constitutes part of this “l0ng—term
occult agenda” and, therefore plays a significant role in the shaping of world
events. lt is within the body politic that the Hegelian framework of‘ the elite’s
evolutionary script is rangibly enacted. Thus, this portion ofthe text will examine
the geopolitical ramifications of‘ the elite’s “long-terrn occult agenda.” Having
esrablisliecl the centrality ofwnr to the World Controller’s evolutionary script for

Politics have become a hidden and occult agenda driven by secrets societies behinds close doors

Politic has become a cartel of secret societies (they replacing th democracy) and very few people knowing what they planning for humans. Ordinary people are no longer a part of this. There is no longer a democracy for people, instead there is technocracy (this is the political pole shift from democracy to technocracy).

The masses are trapped in the matrix and are not given any information and for some people they close down internet and tv channels so they can´t have access to any information

C.Wright Mills claims that “members of the masses are captive in their own environment. Only the “elite” can go beyond the environment in which it is located, as long as the “mass community” prevails. Only the elite of society’s command posts reaches a general overview. In contrast to the elite, the mass lacks a viewpoint from which it can overlook the social structure as a whole. The members of the masses are not organized for coordinated political action. ”

Why does the occult darkness deceiving and manipulate everything around it and need to mind control people?

  • To keep out the light
  • To hindering people from their spitual growth
  • To keep out the higher energy vibration needed for evolving higher DNA activation
  • To keep humans from find their true self
  • To keep out the spirit of truth
  • To stay in control for deceiving the masses and daily brainwashing them, mind control them by media, oppress, scapegoating and ostrasize targeted individuals by other groups, obstructed and gangstalked by  the systematic, & ritualistic persecution of an individual, and corrupt double minded in their minds
  • Thats why the flesh is called corrupt and that´s why the flesh and spirit is struggle against each other
  • Gangstalking is just a money selfish, cruel, evil, aggressive, unmorale, criminal political hidden maffia occult agenda
  • The democratic society is replaced by this hidden agenda and there is no longer any humans rights for all people, and therefor it is legal for drive people insane, psychological torture them, drive them to suicide and everyone is free to volunteer and participate. This new system encourage people to induce more of everything that can make more harm and scaring the targteted individual, and they even using children for gangstalking and there is nothing insane with this
  • The spirit of light. By raising our vibration, any anger or hive mind attacks that surround us will necessarily disappear since, again, a low vibrational energy cannot co-exist with high vibrational energy









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