Macrocosmos (God) and Microcosmos (Humans) “The human being in God’s image” are made of same substance as Universe

The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and notable day of the Lord come:
The only other reference to the moon turning blood-red is the present passage in Revelation chapter 6. The prophecy of Joel is fulfilled, therefore, at the opening of the sixth seal.
If alchemy has with transformation to do and transformation has with 7 chakras or 7 seals, can acts 2.20 in fact be a symbol for alchemy on a universal level?
Sun turned to darkness
Moon onto blood-red
Her union with the sun bestows upon this lowly Matter splendour, force and dignity, says Maier: which is to say, firmness of body and soul (i.e. Fixation), The Moon, in turn, provides the receptacle for the Tincture of the Sun, and gives birth
It is the way the microcosm of the brain interfaces with the macrocosm of matter. It is the prime function of the brain itself
God, the cosmos (universal) or macrocosm, and the human being or microcosm.
The Divine qualities as intelligence were subsequently and, at a much higher degree of creative progression, finitely expressed in the human microcosm, which is expressly declared to be an “image of God.”
Microcosmos of Macrocosmos means are made to a image of God and made of same substance and this is explained with these words; Psalm 82:6 says; ‘You are gods, all of you, sons of the Most High’ and Luke 17:21 says; “The kingdom of God is within you”

exists as a microcosm in the macrocosm of Being. The two systems, human and cosmic, are linked permanently, since both are built from the same basic elements
All the elements contained in the macrocosm are also present in the microcosm.
the ancients called man the microcosm (that is, the little world) because of the similarity to the Macrocosm (that is, the big world, the world we see), because in this world there is a Principle, a moving and first cause (God has created, rules and governs it)
The solar deity is a macrocosmic example of the human microcosm, with its mental, emotional and physical vehicles of expression. Similarly, an atom is the microcosmic reflection of the human being and, in its turn, the sun is but a microcosmic expression of something far greater, and so it goes on unto Infinity. Through the cosmic evolutionary process, every atom is destined to become a sun and more, as the One Universal Being — God — expands eternally. Returning to our local ..
the cosmic ‘body’ above, the macrocosm, to the human body below, the microcosm. The city too was understood to be part of this hierarchy. It came to be seen both as a microcosm of the universe and a macrocosm of ‘man’, an urban ‘body’ placed between the macro and microcosmoi.
Neither people, the Earth, the solar system nor the galactic systems would exist if the atomic systems, of which everything is build up, did not exist. No particle in the microcosmos, however tiny, exists without being of benefit to the whole.
Knowledge of one’s true self is the result of an “inner intuition,” which confirms both that a human being is a microcosm of the transcendent macrocosm of the whole of existence, called heaven, and that one should live in such a way that one’s daily activities are a “manifestation of one’s real nature.
If we go behind the outer structures and examine the principles, potentialities and tendencies inherent in the outer form, we shall always be able to see a strong resemblance between the functions and modes of expression of the macrocosm and the microcosm. An illustration will make this point clear. A human being is a microcosmic representation of a solar system. In both cases there is a centre of consciousness operating and functioning through a set of vehicles and guiding the …

“The human being in God’s image”

Spiritual science aims to convey to the seeker an understanding of the interaction between its own will and consciousness and the cos-mic forces that manifest themselves in the
At the end of the transformation process, if all has gone well, the stone emerges as complete and united, meaning that all the parts are now organized in such a way as that they relate to each other in a harmonious effort. The philosopher’s stone then is another symbol for what Sophia saw in the Light: her source, her wholeness, and her potential. Sin’ felt separated from the source of her wholeness and wanted to tin with it. This is God’s own experience as depicted in Sophia. It is a human being’s experience that much more.

The human being on Earth creates a chaotic state in the relationship between itself and its surroundings because of still having a chaotic consciousness. This consciousness is also used to do research into the riddles of life and has of course a tendency there too to find circumstances chaotic. What is seen depends on the eyes that see, it is said, and this is true when one understands the eyes as the con-sciousness that uses them. The chaos is, how-ever, not in the universe; it is in the human being itself. But by becoming acquainted with the cosmic structure and laws of the universe, both as macrocosmic, mesocosmic and mi-crocosmic expressions of life, the human be-ing has the possibility, if it seeks to live in accordance with these laws, of changing its consciousness into cosmic consciousness.
Out of the lower into the higher vibration; out of senseconsciousness into cosmic consciousness; out of organization and limitations into freedom—the freedom of perfection, is the law and the purpose.

2 DNA strand and 12 DNA strand re-organization
We might imagine that the intelligence of the higher self, with its 12 strands, is far greater than the intelligence of the third-dimensional mind, with its two strands. What are the creative potentials in … No one standing on Earth’s sphere has attained the kind of power to transfigure this world and create a new one.
Within God’s plan was a beautiful promise, that each soul would be joined to a perfect stellar complement with whom he or she would be spiritually bound and forever unified. In the beginning, God created twin souls, not singular individ-ual souls who had no one to play with. God created two together who would be the example of the love that God wished to be propagated everywhere and forever. Two who would be in communion with each other and with God always. The Creator birthed them along with other soul twins within huge soul groups—spiritual brethren. The twin souls or “stellar twins” were linked through a beautiful template of love within the Stellar Heart, a signifi-cant masterpiece at the center of the fabric of the oversoul. Within this chasm of the Stellar Heart, stellar twins would be forever harmonized, no matter how far apart their souls might travel. The harmony of one was locked into the heart of the other in spirit and fused by love. And when creatively together in purpose and intention, they created a magnifica-tion of God’s love everywhere they traveled.

Each individual soul was made of radiant harmonies that were different yet complementary to others’. Complete and whole within itself, each soul had both male and female aspects. Each soul was therefore androgynous. The unified creative intelligence of both male and female harmonies with-in each soul was a perfect intelligent design and a reflection of God’s unified intelligence. The masculine angular, brilliant intelligence that was the active creative principle abounded with glory and higher intelligence. The feminine receptive, intuitive and emotional side was pure wisdom. These two light harmonies intertwined in a unified dance of everlasting creative intelligence in spirit form. They were equal in power and intelligence and yet different, the way colors have differ-ent hues and melodies have different notes. These harmonies were unified into a complex matrix and web of light that was crystalline in structure and made up the complete design of the Stellar Body—a God Suit.

Much like the intricate and individual design of a snowflake, the matrix for each individual soul was a unique coded design with distinct individual attributes and charac-teristics. Each soul was both god/goddess blooming with the radiant attributes of the individual matrix God had chosen for them. This unified essence is still locked indelibly within the oversoul DNA and within the human form as spirit. We can look to the structure of the double helix spiral of the human DNA to find biological evidence of a binary nature in the primary structure of human biology. Two strands of DNA intertwine in a spiral ladder, with a multi-tude of genes and message sequences coded in pairs. There are some 35,000 genes arranged on the DNA molecule com-prising chemical bases arranged in approximately three bil-lion precise sequences. They carry a digital code of informa-tion and messages, which represent a special language about
states and empowered themselves to create small miracles within a limited field of manifestation. In fact, the co-creative design between twin souls creates their reunion through this field of harmony. Synchronicities and serendipitous experi-ences are the result of the creative experience of this unified intelligence on a creative field known as the fifth dimension. Within this fifth dimension, thoughts, desires and intentions bring manifestations of opportunity through the door. We think it and there it is. The fifth dimension also offers us lessons of limitation that challenge us to grow in increments toward a better understanding of the creative laws of the universe and push us to apply the ingredient of love in every sit-uation. Though many have achieved enlightened states and ascended in their consciousness beyond the third dimension, the Kingdom of God remains unrealized, still locked within the matrix of the Stellar Heart. As Jesus reminded us, the Kingdom of God is within. For many, a transformation and rebirth of the soul to embody its androgyny may be the first step in realizing some of the potentials of the oversoul.

microcosmos and the macrocosmos, so that through logical thinking it can come to realise its own potential and consciously take a share in the work on its own further development. We need only study the expressions of life on our own planet in order to realise that vast, strong, cosmic or universal forces have for millions of years worked on it appearing in the purposeful form and state that it has to-day. Why is it round? Why does it turn upon its own axis and move around the sun? Why are there minerals, plants, animals and human beings on it, and why does there exist in the human being a longing for the Earth to be-come a world of peace, where something beautiful and of benefit to the whole is created? Is it the effect of coincidental combinations of matter that could just as well have been quite different? No, it is the result of logical thinking and creation, a manifestation of the consciousness that exists behind the entire universe, and which the human being calls God. From having been an ocean of fire the Earth, over an immense period of time, has been transformed into an inhabitable
The Earth in a kind of embryonic state
Planet for animal life and a dwelling for the future “human being in God’s image”. This latter human being already exists on the Earth in a kind of embryonic state. Its creation is not complete yet, although the creation of the Earth is just about complete; the human being is about to come about by it getting to know itself, just as it is getting to know the world in which it lives. It calls itself “human being”, because it feels superior to the other animals on the planet, but it is in reality still only part human being and part animal. The planet and mankind are, however, now undergoing an accelerated evolution, and in the course of a relatively few thousand years there will exist a manifestation of life on this planet that will far surpass people’s dream of “one world” or “the united states of the world”.
the Kingdom of God remains unrealized, still locked within the matrix of the Stellar Heart

This state of Earth as embryonic state can be illustrated with these words;
Butterflies stand for freedom and spirit, yet they have been long sought after as specimens for their beauty.

You have all seen the butterfly, but how many of you have seriously reflected on this great secret which Nature has inscribed in it and on what she wants to reveal in the transformation of the caterpillar into a butterfly?
Dying in order to live appears to be a most absurd formula, but in reality it is the greatest secret that spiritual science has to offer.

Alchemy; a secret language of the mind….

…….which is to be transformed like a cocoon changes into a butterfly.

Alchemy was more -art than science, and it’s most important and most interesting aspect “was the spiritual transformation of the alchemist himself.” For the mystical alchemist, the art involved both a chemical and spiritual process that transmuted the alchemist “from a state of leaden earthly impurity to one of golden spiritual perfection.”
And finally, once our metamorphosis has been completed, we reveal ourselves in our true splendor, just like the butterfly. Seeing a butterfly in a dream may indicate that the dreamer is going through a process of inner transformation; or, depending on the context, it may announce a change on the outer level.

Being made into a new creation is like a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. Originally an earthbound crawling creature, a caterpillar weaves a cocoon and is totally immersed in it. Then a marvelous process takes place, called metamorphosis. Finally, a totally new creature — a butterfly — emerges. Once ground-bound, the butterfly can now soar above the earth. It now can view life from the sky downward. In the same way, as a new creature in Christ you must begin to see yourself as God sees you. If you were to see a butterfly, it would never occur to you to say, “Hey, everybody! Come look at this good-looking converted worm!” Why not? After all, it was a worm. And it was “converted.” No, now it is a new creature, and you don’t think of it in terms of what it was. You see it as it is now — a butterfly. In exactly the same way, God sees you as His new creature in Christ.

Butterflies stand for freedom and spirit, yet they have been long sought after as specimens for their beauty. Dying in order to live (upgrading from Lower Self to Higher Self appears to be a most absurd formula, but in reality it is the greatest secret that spiritual science has to offer. Jesus defeated death and get eternal life.

This process is a journey when the “Foundation stone and Loading Stone” (root chakra) become a “Living Stone and The Philosopher´s Stone” (Crown Chakra).

This process of transformation from catepillar to a butterfly – the first Adam and second Adam (Christ) is a symbol for same transformations process – or the Lower Self (catepillar) transforming to the true Higher Self Identity.
Butterflies stand for freedom and spirit, and Christ stands for freedom and Holy Spirit. This spiritual transformations process can also be the upgrading process human/man to Divine beings. Therefore this butterfly process is from duality and otherness to “crystallized into Oneness.

The death that is valid for us is unknown to him. He knows only death followed by Resurrection. Butterfly process – born again of Holy Water to a new being or New Mind (Higher Self).

New Testament ethics are to creation ethics what the butterfly is to the caterpillar. Creation ethics in the Old Testament are crystallized in The New Testament. Christ crystallized the essence of Old Testament precepts and expanded them as elevated standards of personal godliness.

Christ is the “first fruits.” In other words, Christ crystallized the idea of immortality. The Butterfly process is a quantum evolutionary from 3 dimensional consciousness to 5 dimensional, Christ is the bridge between two dimesions (matter and spirit). Passing from one state of existence to another, from one level of the consciousness to an new mind (cosmic cosciousness). The Butterfly metamorphosis symbolize a SELF-REALIZATION FELLOWSHIP The Second Coming of Christ. The Monacrh Butterfly process or metamorphosis is activation of the original Blueprint of God (the seed that falls in the ground and starts growing). This process can also be the passover from left brain to right brain hemissphere

In a even bigger perspective this transformation process can be the marriage between heaven and earth and the New Jerusalem (Oneness).

You have all seen the butterfly, but how many of you have seriously reflected on this great secret which Nature has inscribed in it and on what she wants to reveal in the transformation of the caterpillar into a butterfly?
Say that a previous user had looked up the meaning of the word “monarch” and established a link to “king.” Then, when you point to “monarch” meaning a kind of butterfly, you might find yourself in the midst of a discussion of the divine rights of hereditary rulers.

The word that best describes this kind of change is metamorphosis, derived from both Latin and Greek meaning to transform. A great example to guide us in the use of this word is a monarch butterfly that goes through a metamorphosis, a transformation, of four distinct developmental stages of life. Likewise, we who call ourselves Christians also pass through what I believe to be four distinct stages of maturity in our growth in Jesus Christ. In the development of the monarch butterfly if there is a disruption of any of these four life cycle stages, then we do not see the beauty of the final and total transformation process of the butterfly. So too, if you do not pass through and experience the interdependence of the four distinct stages of growth in Christ, you too do not exhibit your beauty nor get to live your life in the total transformation of your spiritual growth and development.

To be transformed means to be in a spiritulized state of progresse or metamorphosis.

The necessity of spiritual perspectives
The solution of the mystery of life cannot be found by staring out into space towards dis-tant constellations and galaxies nor by dis-covering the constituents of the nuclei of atoms. These physical perspectives, however, are of great value as parts of an outlook on the world and on life, but they must be supple-mented by spiritual perspectives in order that the human being can experience the reality to which it contributes and which it experiences. Life is so wisely structured that nothing what-soever can go on being a mystery for living beings. The structure of life exists in all sizes or formats, so there will always be a format that suits each intellectual set of senses. Through the format of the life structure that precisely suits our set of senses we can attain the experience of the solution of the mystery of life.
Looking out into space is looking at a format that is too large. and the nucleus of an atom is too small. We have the mystery of the universe concentrated in a format that in quite another way suits our sets of senses, namely in our own organism. It contains a combina-tion of systems that are analogous with the systems of the universe outside us. We already know that all matter appears in the form of atoms or small micro-systems that look very like the solar systems and the galaxies. In the micro-world the atoms are small centres of force around which there are small planets or globes, the so-called elec-trons. This means that our organism is no sol-id phenomena, but consists of small particles between which there is empty space, which is many times greater than the particles. This in turn means that if we imagine a human organ-ism enlarged so much as to be analogous with our starry sky we would see it not as an or-ganism but as an entirely new starry sky with specific constellations and systems. By ob-serving it more closely we would be able to learn to differ between the various systems. We would see that the stomach constituted its

starry sky, the musculature constituted anoth-er, the heart and lung regions would be a par-ticular constellation, the brain and the nervous system another, just as the sexual organs would constitute a system on their own.

The “empty space” is not empty
One would. if one were an initiated being. discover that the empty space between all stars or particles was an empty space merely from a physical point of view. and that it in reality was filled by the being’s true self and the essence of its being, an enormous area, a gigantic central system of high-psychic mat-ter. From here one would see that low-psychic forces flowed out to low-psychic central plan-etary systems. which means the micro. particles in the psychic organisms or spiritual bodies of the enlarged human being in ques-tion. Through the empty space one would in turn see huge streams of force and impulses being hurled between microparticles, each of them finding its way to the respective physi-cal suns and planets in the system. The initiated observer would see that from the so-called empty space the entire sys-tem was in reality maintained and directed. From hen; the speed and rotation of the parti-cles was organised and controlled. New physical planets and worlds would arise, be developed and face their destruction in order to be replaced by others. It would also be evident to the initiate that impulses and vital forces reaching the physical particles, or suns and planets. came from a particular system in this galaxy. namely its organs of consciousness (its brain and nerves). The initiate would also see how these thought impulses created a reaction in the micro-systems.

You have the brain, which is the particular physical, objective medium, you have the mind which contains the inner realities facilitated by the physical medium, and then you have all intelligences inhabiting this mind, this cognitive system, all being specialized, all engaged in a similar reasoning, specialized in whatever they do. They all form their own realities containing their own replica of their world to carry their abilities, which are their inner intelligences, inner intelligences that also open inner realities throughout thinking in order to make mental models and predict outcomes, and so on.
In considering the relationship existing between a microcosm and a macrocosm, it is necessary to remember that it is the underlying principle or life embodied in the outer form, which is reflected in the microcosm; and that the outer structure may or may not show any points of resemblance in a particular case, though this happens frequently. If we go behind the outer structures and examine the principles, potentialities and tendencies inherent in the outer form, we shall always be able to see a strong resemblance between the functions and modes of expression of the macrocosm and the microcosm. An illustration will make this point clear. A human being is a microcosmic representation of a solar system. In both cases there is a centre of consciousness operating and functioning through a set of vehicles and guiding the vehicles in their functional activities. If we take the physical solar system and the physical body of man there is hardly any resemblance between the two, but there is a functional resemblance which will startle anybody who studies it for the first time. It is not necessary to deal here in detail with this question but a few facts which show the microcosm-macrocosm relationship between the Monad and the Logos may be pointed out: 1. In both cases there is an eternal Centre of consciousness functioning on seven planes through a set of seven vehicles. In Hinduism they adopt a fivefold system of classification because the highest two planes are considered Divine and not really in manifestation. 2. In both cases the vehicles are functioning within larger and subtler planes which provide the basis and the field for evolution—cosmic planes in the case of the Logos; solar planes in the case of the Monad.
3. In both cases the tower vehicles undergo a more frequent alternation of manifestation and dissolution than the higher ones. 4. The sun pumps vitality and other types of energy throughout the solar system, as the heart pumps the vital blood throughout the physical body. 5. Not only does the Monad show a triple nature like the Logos but even his limited expressions in the form of the individuality and personality show this triple nature, and function generally as a microcosm in relation to the Monad. We could take aspect after aspect of this interesting relationship between the Monad and the Logos but it is not necessary to go into further details here. We are concerned chiefly with the constitution of the Monad. The total constitution of man has been dealt with very thoroughly in Theosophical literature and much interesting and detailed information is available about this subject of such vital interest to students of the Divine Wisdom. The following salient features of man’s total constitution may be noted: 1. In spite of the multiplicity of vehicles and great differences in the nature of manifestations through them, the consciousness functioning through them is one and the same. 2. As we go from the periphery to the centre, the vehicles become less and less material and complex, and consciousness becomes increasingly predominant and all-inclusive. 3. Although the different vehicles of a particular Monad are on different planes, and the manifestation of consciousness working through them differs from plane to plane, they function in sets of three. Consciousness working in each set as a whole is a unity, although this unity is subordinate to, and is contained within the larger unity of the next higher manifestation. This fact is illustrated in the following diagram which shows the constitution and mutual relation of the three components of our total constitution—the personality, the individuality and the Monad.

Another interesting question we may consider before closing the subject is: Who is Liberated? We have all along been talking of Liberation as the present goal of human evolution and it is pertinent to ask after considering the constitution and nature of the Monad what Liberation really means. Is it the personality which is liberated from the bonds of illusion and human limitations when Jivanmukti is attained? Obviously not, because the personality is a mere shadow, a temporary expression of the Ego or the Individuality in the lowest three worlds for gaining experiences of various kinds and developing certain faculties which become a permanent part of the immortal Ego who functions through Atma-buddhi-manas. After its work is over it gradually disappears completely without leaving any trace except the essence of its experiences and a memory of its past existence in the mind of the Ego.
This world is organized after Duality and Polarities and nothing can organize to a higher level by stay in a mind of polarities. To get from a 3 dimensinal world to 5 dimensional world…….
Materialistic organization….
Spiritual organization……

Omega Point…..

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