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Like a NASA rocket that needs a sustained powerful force to blast through the earth’s gravitational pull, a person must forcefully push against his or her usual thoughts and behavior and sustain that effort to break through his or her personal gravitational pull. If there is enough fuel in the rocket and it gets far enough away from the Earth, it can eventually get beyond the gravitational field of the planet. Once the rocket is beyond the gravitational field of the Earth, the Earth no longer has the power to pull it back down. This process is the same when people break away from the ego-consciousness of earth, time and 3D perception.

Like a NASA rocket that needs a sustained powerful force to blast through the earth’s gravitational pull, a person must forcefully push against his or her usual thoughts and behavior and sustain that effort to break through his or her personal gravitational pull. If there is enough fuel in the rocket and it gets far enough away from the Earth, it can eventually get beyond the gravitational field of the planet. Once the rocket is beyond the gravitational field of the Earth, the Earth no longer has the power to pull it back down. This process is the same when people break away from the ego-consciousness of earth, time and 3D perception.

The Kundalini energy is the energy of enlightenment. Buddha sat under the Bodhi Tree, activated his Kundalini energy and awakened. The great skill is to be capable of awakening the Kundalini energy. Many techniques are available for that purpose. The energy can be awaken through different chakras. It most of the time happens through the root chakra, but also frequently through the heart chakra (all-embracing love) or the crown chakra (visualize the sun or a star in the sky).

The Kundalini energy is a strong power. We need to be able to master and control it. This normally requires an Enlightened Master.

Kundalini is an etheric energy that resides at the base of the spinal column. In pictures and illustrations, it is represented by a snake asleep at the base of the spine, awaiting its activation at which time it moves up the thirty-three bones of the vertebrae, eventually resting over the brain or the crown chakra. This activation is said to bring enlightenment, a burst of new energy, wisdom, bliss, and a feeling of oneness with the universe. Those who have had kundalini activation have described the feeling as electricity, or fire surging through their body and their spinal cord.

Kundalini is revealed to those persons who have received the divine grace and Guru’s blessings. However hard one may try but it is finally the nature which protects the knowledge and reveals only to the persons who are eleigible to reeive such knowledge. Kundalini is, however, is extremely powerful.

The power of this is such that it not only helps in the physical resurrection of a person but also helps in pursuit of the spiritual knowledge. Certain Tantric knowledge is revealed to those persons and certain mantras become effective only for those who have awakened their Kundalini.

Bhakti is an intangible phenomenon and is the personal bonding between a person and God almighty. Bhakti cannot be taught, it is the bhakt’s devotion and feelings for God. Only the bhakt knows his or her feelings for his supreme master and the master knows his bhakt, there is no one in between. The true bhakt does not heed any one’s certification for his bhakti. This Bhakti is extremely powerful and in itself capable of taking a person towards the highest of all levels, Moksha.

Sadhanas are very powerful techniques which have a multi pronged effect and are capable of giving instant as well as long duration results. Sadhana is primarily chanting of a specific mantra for a prescribed number of times during a specified period for a particular diety and as per procedures prescribed in the ancient Indian texts. Sadhnas not only result in getting rid of the sins but with these benevolence of the particular diety can also be obtained in a divine and effective manner. Indirectly Sadhnas also help in calming down the mind and making the thinking of a person more coherent and the person’s wisdom develops. Sadhnas are capable of giving the following results in a divine


1. Providing immediate relief in adverse situations.

2. Correcting the thinking process of an individual.

3. Building up the intelligence in a person, especially focus intelligence.

4. Building up the defences of a person.

5. Capable of destroying negative influences.

6. Making the person move towards Moksha.

The Sadhnas must be learnt under the guidance and supervision of an able Guru or teacher. Lord Shiva at the request of Lord Krishna,

The process of Kundalini at the final stage also requires performance of advanced sadhna which should be taken up now. In this sadhana the number of mantra japa goes up to 1 crore or 100 million. At this stage a disciple conjoins with the God almighty and becomes Almighty Lord Shiva himself.

All great Master’s continually leave the logical realms of consciousness behind and encounter the seeming incongruities that make up the substance of spiritual reality. This is the trick of the Masters—to be able to laugh when the pressure of kundalini realization becomes too great.

Other Beings on Earth prevent every human spiritual transformation and development.

The higher Universal Center exists in eternal Samadhi or bliss. High frequencies are slowly building in Earth, especially in 2D, which is transmuting humans in 3D into silica-based (instead of carbon-based) creatures.’

Earth-people is monitored, controlled, and is enslaved to this low frequency matrix-system, and has been for thousands of years. When people attain Samadhi by opening their crowns, we can detect these waves, and at same time are no longer in reach to be monitored and controlled by the Matrix. It´s like go beyond time and break the bound to gravity on Earth´s 3 dimensional reality and perception.

By managing your crown chakra, you also can move in and out of 3D at will, but few have attained this skill because first you must purify your emotions. By opening your crown chakra, you can detect the 7D sound waves.

When people on Earth spiritual progress their carbon based body into a silica-based body-cells they now longer can be monitored by those who control us today.

Here is another secret; Kundalini Energy: Kundalini is actually the power of consciousness, whether it’s in our body or in the universe at large. The awakening of kundalini is the greatest enterprise and most wonderful achievement in front of man. That inner light is the kundalini. In most of us it’s only operating at 40 watts. In great saints and tantric masters, it functions at a thousand-gigawatt amperage.

By keeping your mind into a state of low watts or low frequencies they can control and monitor your world of thoughts and emotions.

The power to move from the three dimensional world to the fifth dimensional world lies in one´s subconscious mind.

The magical power of our subconscious mind is the greatest discovery of mankind. It has the power to overcome the constraints of time and space, as such, one´s subconscious mind posses all the information, wisdom and resources you need to know and have for survival and success. One do not need to attain this power by purchasing any equipment, software or perform any rituals. One do not need to learn this skill as it is always within. One just need to learn to unleash and use it effectively. When one know the correct way of doing so, one can benefit from it for the rest of one´s life.

The subconscious will spare no tactic to protect one from any discomfort, and it will invoke some amazingly creative ways and go to extreme lengths to keep one in your comfort zone.

It is important to understand that the comfort zone is like a magnet … a gravitational force that doesn’t allow one to stray far away from one´s comfort zone without conscious and powerful effort. Like the rocket that needs a sustained powerful force to blast through the earth’s gravitational pull, a person must forcefully push against his or her usual thoughts and behavior and sustain that effort to break through his or her personal gravitational pull. But … AND HERE IS THE KEY … every person must do his or her own “pushing” to sustain achievements. This is exactly why it is so critical that every key person (actually every person in the organization if fiscally feasible) have their own personal customized strategic plan. The customized personal strategic plan is the blueprint for exactly how, given their personal strengths and weaknesses, a specific individual can break through their personal gravitational pull and make needed changes while achieving critical objectives that support the organization’s master strategic plan. The bottom line is that conscious and unconscious efforts to resist change will undermine and sabotage the greatest of plans if proper attention is not given to supporting the change process from the very start.

There is a metaphor that can be used to describe the journey from nonabiding to abiding awakening: that of a rocket ship. A rocket ship takes a tremendous amount of thrust and a tremendous amount of energy both to get off the ground and then to break the gravitational field as it travels through the sky and ultimately into space.

If there is enough fuel in the rocket and it gets far enough away from the Earth, it can eventually get beyond the gravitational field of the planet. Once the rocket is beyond the gravitational field of the Earth, the Earth no longer has the power to pull it back down.

As a metaphor, we can think of the egoic structure, or the dream state, as the Earth. The dream state has a gravitational force; it has the tendency to pull consciousness into itself. This gravitational force is really what one is dealing with throughout the entirety of the spiritual journey. Awakening is breaking free of this gravitational force. Initially, it may simply be leaving the dream state, awakening from the dream state of “me” and separation and isolation. But because we’ve awakened does not mean that consciousness has gotten past the gravitational pull of the dream state. If we haven’t gone completely beyond this gravitational field, we’re going to be pulled back toward the experience of “me” and the perception of separateness.

Using the metaphor of the rocket ship is a way of thinking about the process of awakening. The dissolution of the ego takes time. While the moment of awakening is a process that unfolds thereafter – the process of getting beyond the gravitational force of the dream state. This process, this greater individualization can override and shed one´s ego, and become a kind of superself that has the ability extend the individual consciousness beyond the constraints, into a form of communication with the Divine Consciousness or Universal Consciousness.

Here is another spiritual secret; with low watts follows very slow manifestation of your thoughts and desires. At a state of a thousand-gigawatt amperage people would be able to manifest their thoughts into reality almost instantly fast.

The rulers of this planet is only interesting in:

  1. Keep your mind tuned into a 40 watt state
  2. Keep your Kundalini in a sleep state
  3. Direct your mind into a artificial global world brain (so they can control and monitor people´s thoughts and emotions)
  4. Prevent mankind expanding their consciousness beyond their control
  5. Keep mankind in a suppressed state of mind, were they are able to just use 6-8% of their totally brain capacity

Every awakening empowered soul is a huge threat to their matrix of control, and they will try beat every awaken soul and push them back into a fear-state. Awaken souls don´t react to concept of fear or other fear doctrines.

That is why they are trying to stop the transmutation of our cells from carbon to silica-based because they would no longer be able to control us.

They can’t monitor silica-based technologies; however, extraterrestrials from stars can. Everything is linked.

Here is a deep secret that scares the hidden rulers of planet Earth; It takes around 12 years to opening all of the seven chakras. In fact, it´s enough for just one person to break the 3D Earth plane  to raise consciousness on whole Earth, and they don´t want a mass-awakening of the masses.

World has not progressed beyond Kundalini awakening to a large extent. Non-dualism is must have after Kundalini awakening for enlightenment. Actually, Kundalini gives power to non-dualism.

How foolish it is to think that this body the ‘overcoat’ worn by your soul— will be permanent. It seems real now, but it will disappear. Then where will your soul go? To the astral world—the ‘heavenly’ realm of light and indestructible life, the realm of vibratory life energy hidden behind the veil of the gross material universe. Light is the real essence of everything. This earth is not “earth” as you see it; it is light. Your True Nature From the astral world we come at birth, and there we shall return at death.

All your old structures, which you have connected on the basis of this ignorance that you are the body, and then on the basis of your two nerves—Raga and Dwesha, has to be destroyed. The Kundalini will consume it in fire to make you free from it. In meditation also, until the Kundalini is active, you have to be very conscious of these two things.

Guru is one who has full Self-illumination and who removes the veil of ignorance

Self-realization is the process of knowing our true nature; and living the true self in thoughts, words, and deeds. Self-realization is a process, and not an event. It is also called, God-realization. Self-realization is a process, and not an event.

Is Self-realization difficult? Self-Realization seems to be a difficult process because it’s a catch 22-process. The, ‘Self has to be set free from the BMI using the BMI itself. Theoretical wisdom has to be acquired for which, ‘Mind’ has to work. Practical knowledge has to be experienced for which intellect or ego has to be fully controlled. And to control, ‘mind’ and, ‘ego’ meditation would be needed for which, ‘body’ has to play a great role. In the entire process body, mind, and intellect will have to cooperate and balance greatly.

`Self is the creator and, `BMI’ is the creation. But like a spider gets caught in its own web the ‘Self gets caged in its own BMI. And when that happens the BMI has to work hard to set the, `Self free.

This process can be compared to NASA sending space shuttles. Assume the, ‘Space shuttle’ is the, `Self and everything else within Earth’s gravitational pull is the BMI. A tremendous force has to be applied to throw the Space Shuttle out of Earth’s gravity and send it to the space.

To push anything out of Earth’s gravity, force from the Earth itself has to be used. Similarly, to set the, `Self free from BMI the BMI has to utilize all its power. In Nirvikalpa Samadhi the BMI frees the, ‘Self, and then pulls back the ‘Self into the BMI exactly same as a Space shuttle is pushed out of Earth’s gravity, and pulled back into the gravity.



The consciousness of the individual is made up of all recorded experiences. Therefore, it constitutes the distinctiveness of the soul. The soul that attunes to the ones frequency becomes not only aware of the one but it also gains awareness of all-that-is. It creates a perfect unity with all other souls. The only experiential element of souls journey that is lost, is ego.

It is defined as a desire to do differently than the highest energy. Therefore, ego is a collection of experiences that keep the soul on lower frequencies of vibrations. The ego dissolves progressively as one experiences higher frequencies. It is annihilated after the soul attunes to the one’s unconditional love and harmony vibration.

The ego can already be perceived now by many people who develop spiritual awareness. They notice those elements of themselves that make them act selfishly. The ego is best dissolved when one chooses to love unconditionally. At first it appears as self-sacrifice but in fact it is self-growing in perfection directed towards liberation.

The soul is as powerful as the one as it is its extension. It possesses the unconstrained activity of the mind with its imagination. When the soul first was created it remained within the spirit of oneness. The individuality of the soul did not experience much of difference from the spirit that originated it. The new soul observed the creative flow Of its thoughts admiring the possessed power.

In a similar way as the primary energy of the spirit moved from a passive self-contemplation to creative action, the soul began acting upon its thoughts. From there souls gained experience of co-creating with the original spirit. Some souls became very curious and began experimenting with the mechanically lower vibrations of the creation. They absorbed the particles of the stars and various cosmic substances.

They wanted to experience them as they are. Those souls caused unbalance in their forces, which gradually lowered their awareness of the highest frequencies. Therefore. many of them started losing direct connection with the source. They became very much focused on their new physical awareness that dimmed the higher perception Those souls became too concerned and involved in their own creation.

This was the beginning of human beings. Humanity was those souls who had developed another form of consciousness in order to experience the physical universe from the ‘material perspective. In fact, here is no material essence, but just one sort of energy, which operates on different frequencies. Everything that is constitutes a part of the one. Consequently frequency is a form of awareness.

The universe is multidimensional and there is an unlimited verity of life forms operating on different frequencies. There are also other souls experiencing physical forms in different locations other than this planet. At the same time there are other multidimensional beings that have influenced life on this planet. Some of those beings possess a higher level of awareness.

They are interested in reconnecting the humans to the source. However, there are also some extra-terrestrial entities that retain higher knowledge of technology but are disconnected from the spirit of oneness. They are only interested in exploring humanity. These have interfered with the souls of this planet as well. Additionally, some humans have gained a higher knowledge of the universe but they are not sufficiently morally developed.

As a result they use the power to manipulate humanity and the planet in a destructive way. Some of these people have been pointed out by what you call ‘conspiracy theories’. However, I can assure you. these theories are but the tip of the iceberg. There is no need to fear as fear empowers those malevolent minds. You will learn more about that at the right time.

When a soul decides to acquire another realm of creation it must obtain its consciousness. As a result it parts for the time being from the consciousness of its own soul. This causes a break with the spirits’ awareness. The soul stops being the active part of the creating and drifts temporarily unaware of its power. Further the souls drift into the lower frequencies, less aware they become of their nature. Solar systems and various dimensions of the universe became very attractive to some souls who became lost in the lower frequencies. The immersion of lower awareness dims the power of free will.

All that is experienced is transmitted back to the True Energetic Self via the links to the incarnate aspect, but it is the “beingness” of the ego that is not, and this is because it is a false condition. It doesn’t exist. Those experiences that are consistent with the ego and the True Energetic Self itself are transmitted as stated previously. ME: You are suggesting that the “beingness” of the ego dis- solves then, it dies, and so if an aspect relates to itself as the “beingness,” the “personality” of the ego, then it dies with the ego. 0: That personality dies with the ego.

The ego was created out of the separation of the communicative ability of the incarnate aspect, or shard, resulting from low-frequency immersion. Even though it is separated out in this way, it is still part of the True Energetic Self. Or, if projected from the aspect itself, a shard. All that was the ego in isolation was created in isolation and so it remains in isolation until the demise of the human body. Upon the demise of the human body the energy that became the ego is re-assimilated back into the True Energetic Self as part of the aspect. Then and only then is the “beingness” of the ego, the essence of separation, integrated back into the aspect as an additional set of experiences. The personality dissolves but the essence of separation becomes one with the True Energetic Self.

As the earth is not separate from the rest of the universe these Cosmic Energies are also within and around the earth. In this way the earth is in communication with the universe. Once we open ourselves to the different energy levels within us, we can tune into all living things, be them rocks, animals, plants or fellow human beings, and all beings invisible to us. We become active participants in a universal process.

If I encounter blocked energy in a place, I need an awareness of this block, a consciousness and a will that it will be transformed. Creative energy can then dissolve the block and allow the energy to flow again.

The image of a radio comes to mind in regard to the tuning into the different frequencies of energy. By changing the frequency, we get access to different radio stations and their programs. We can tune into different frequencies and receive different ‘programs’ and messages. What are the stations or energy fields we can tune into? We can tune into nature spirits, into the souls of deceased people, into the past and into the future, into past civilisations, into aliens, into the spiritual light network spanning the globe like an international electricity network. into the communication networks of nature spirits, into the specific personality of a place, an area and its purpose — to mention but a few.


In our culture we only acknowledge energies from the vital energies downwards and can therefore only acknowledge what we can see and touch as real. Reality is out there. We strive to get everything we need from the external reality.

To get in contact with the energies of places and spaces is an inner experience. And even though the cosmic or universal energies are objective. they become subjective as they are filtered through our personal beliefs.

Once your ego begins to dissolve, inner quiet will begin to replace your mind’s chatter by effortlessly releasing that which comes to it but is not serving your higher self. As the mind chat-ter lessens and softens, the distinction between your ego and your true self will become more evident. You must want this clarity as your mind will not readily release its grip. After all, the mind desires routine and comfort. Any change at all is sure to disrupt the status quo as far as the mind is concerned. Distinguishing between the mind’s voice and the voice of the higher (true) self can be difficult at first. Part of the challenge is learning to recognize the true self. Knowing the true self is a deep personal desire on the path of expanding consciousness. Most people are content to remain ignorant of their duality of being. This perpetual state of detachment of the higher and low-er self creates an energetic dissonance within the soul.

The birthing of the seed of light initiated within the silver cocoon continues its developmental growth here. It is recognized as the crystal lotus seed. As more and more rainbow strands are refracted, the seed will eventually bloom, becoming the crystal lotus, the embodiment of the higher aspect of the flower of life.

As the inner process of change spirals into new attributes, it will affect the sacred geometric structure of the Merkabah, the sacred containment field that protects the Adam Kadmon body. At the same time, the particles of light continue to rerefract and will recalibrate the Merkabah into a new configuration, first into the Merkivah and then rising into the Merkana. This structure will hold the new body, a new model, a human body of higher frequencies that will contain more of the adamantine light particles.

It is the transubstantiation of flesh and bone into a body of radiating light particles, an alchemy process of restructuring carbon molecules into more silicon-based particles that can contain more light. It forms the basic structure of the “space suit” we need to enter fifth-dimensional space

The process is ongoing, and up to this point, no one really knows when the final model will be reborn. As the human consciousness continues to rise and reach unprecedented levels of heightened awareness, it will affect the configuration of the new structure, the new human vessel that will be the new container and that will be able to exist in the higher dimensional layers. This has never happened before, and it is being observed with excitement and full attention from all energy life-forms throughout the omniverse.

The crystal cocoon is a metaphor for an etheric chamber, a type of safe containment field within which the transformation, similar to a kind of transmutation, will take place. Change will always happen first in the etheric layers, unseen by the three-dimensional human sight and thus often not recognized or even discounted.

When completed, the changed field will descend and begin to flow and manifest into the physical body structure, the bubble of biology. This system has been in place since the human form first entered the earth realms. Energy healers have recognized this remarkable system and have known that any disease of the physical body originates in the auric etheric layers of the body before they manifest and become visible in the human body.

All three cocoons are interconnected, and when one reaches the crystal cocoon, all three will merge and facilitate the transformation at all three stages in complete unison. The whole system becomes more centralized to allow for the next steps of evolution and transformation into the light body of ascension.

Peter Horttanainen

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