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Kundalini which has the power to prevent or give us access to the hidden realms within us. You must not fear Kundalini or the pain. She will not come up if you are afraid, so never be afraid of forwardness, this is how we evolve. If Kundalini wakes up, you can do anything, you can go anywhere.

The seven seals were representations of the planets and metals from the lowest and least pure (lead) to the highest and most pure (gold). … “You must open and go as deep as you possibly can—deeper than you’ve ever been before.

Kundalini which has the power to prevent or give us access to the hidden realms within us.

You must not fear Kundalini or the pain. She will not come up if you are afraid, so never be afraid of forwardness, this is how we evolve. If Kundalini wakes up, you can do anything, you can go anywhere.

What we are doing with this kundalini-rising breath meditation is critical to all the later steps in this program. We are awakening the kundalini waterdragon so that its vast feminine power can surge upward and break the surface of our consciousness. We are using our willpower to turn the lotus flower upward, so that the magical sexual energy lying dormant at the base of the spine can rise.

The chakras are also symbolized by the seven lamps and the seven candlesticks, for when awakened, the fire or energy of KUNDALINI, one of the vital forces of nature, streams through them.

Again, they are the seven seals, for the scroll which they close is the human body, quite accurately described as “written inside and at the back,” in allusion to the spinal column.

To “open the seals” successively, as is done by the Lamb, is to arouse one by one these dormant forces to activity. Upon the energizing of these chakras follows the awakening of the seven corresponding higher centres within the brain. They are here represented as being stirred to activity by the seven trumpet calls, which follow the exact order of the opening of the seals.

Each trumpet call indicates a new note interiorly responded to, a higher rate of vibration produced in the aura.

The meaning of the Holy City has already been touched on. It is perfected man clothed in his glory body. The city is in the form of a cube, which is a square raised to a higher dimension, i.e., material existence lifted to a higher level of being by a process of transmutation.

The twelve gates of the city are all the avenues of perception, trained and utilized both as ways of approach to spiritual consciousness and means for its expression.’ There is no need for any “light” (external illumination) in this redeemed nature, for the Lamb, the Higher Self, is enthroned in the midst of it, the Divine Indwelling is completely realized.

Two women figure largely in the Apocalpytic drama —the scarlet woman, the great harlot, Babylon, and the celestial woman clothed with the sun.

These are the two aspects of love in its earthly and heavenly qualities, divine love, the regenerating power, and its inverted reflection on the lower plane, carnal passion or lust, signifying bodily generation.

Babylon the mighty is the human body dominated by earthly passions; this is the city that must “fall.” As there are two crucifixions, the first the descent of spirit into incarnation, here referred to as “Sodom and Egypt,” the second the crucifixion of the lower nature that the spiritual self may conquer, so there are two “falls,” the first, the fall of spirit into matter, and the second, the destruction of the lower animal nature that the spiritual man may rise triumphant.

This is the Babylon that must be overthrown. Her celestial prototype is the woman victorious, clothed with the sun, the “Bride” of the spirit. She symbolizes the soul which, by the energizing of an interiorly active divine force, has become spiritually creative, conceiving and gestating within the androgynous centre of the brain and finally giving birth to itself as a God.

The seven channels of light that open to the stages of truth are really the seven primary chakras. A complete and divine-based kundalini process, which combines the red or serpent kundalini with the golden and spiritual (radiant) kundalini, will evolve the chakras to the point that while you’re alive and in-body (living in the elemental pathway), you will be able to transmute the plagues in the seven bowls of existence. Thus, you will be assured of the following:
• Complete security through knowing there is no evil (first chakra)
• Continuance of life by understanding that the Creator only creates, so there is no death (second chakra); when the final curtain falls, death is only a means of creativity
• Clarity of knowledge through release of judgment or belief of the Spirit as judgmental (third chakra)
• Unconditional love through understanding of the Spirit’s love as the only true source of power (fourth chakra)
• Provision of receiving and providing only godly guidance for knowing of the delusion of suffering (fifth chakra)
• True vision for discernment between imagination and reality (sixth chakra)
• Spiritual joy for acceptance of beginnings within endings (seventh chakra)

In Revelation the elimination of the seven lies or plagues is followed by the appearance of the “Holy City,” seen as encompassed by a great wall with twelve gates. Three gates are found in each of the four main directions; they are labeled according to the twelve tribes of Israel. All the gates are made of pearl.

The Holy City’s twelve spiritual gates are the evolved twelve auric fields, just as the seven basic chakras serve as the illuminated seven channels of light. The wall of the Holy City also has twelve foundations, each made of different stones and different colors.

Through the city flows the water of the river of life; at the bank grows the tree of life. The nations will be healed; there will be no more curses nor need for light, for all shall be given light by God. Here we see the final conclusion of wakefulness, the enlightenment from within available to all who choose to serve the “Lamb,” the one who showed the way to love God and to love thy neighbor as thyself.

All mystical insight points to the potential transformation available to us all, the state of wakefulness, at which point our consciousness evolves in order to transmute our problems.

We do not lose our human consciousness and knowledge, nor must we die to life to become holy. Our individual selves become holy and sacred spaces, the compilation of all the truths that remain in the human consciousness after we have dispelled the seven bowls—the seven illusions—that we all face and battle.

The distortions in the Bible are so numerous and so cleverly made that they can be detected only by an expert in the Ancient Arcane Science.

The Masters who developed this science knew that the creative or transformative Intelligence is phenomenon that rises from the orderly operation of polarized atoms, and this polarization they represented in the Caduceus by a white (positive) and a black (negative) serpent, also called the Good and Bad Serpent.

Cosmic Intelligence of the atom attains its highest point in man, making him the Supreme Being of all organized bodies in both the visible and the invisible worlds.

The anthropomorphic god of theology is an imaginary entity invented by the church and in which they centered and combined all the powers and principles manifested in the lawful processes of polarized atoms, plus solar radiation, the animating principle.

Man can never rise above his present low level and emerge from the fog of illusion until he is made to realize that he is the Lord of the whole earth and the God of the Universe (Zech. 4:14).


The words “die” and “death” in the philosophy of the Ancient Masters did not imply extinction. They used these terms to designate Renovation, Re-Birth.

For the Life Power in man is the same as that which constantly renews vitality in all the realms of Nature, as explained in the Bible.

That which thou sowest is not quickened, except it die (1 Chor. 15:36).

Then the dying process is illustrated in the planting of grain. The grain does not die. The physical form disintegrates and returns to dust, as the Life Principle in it lives on again in the new plant.

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