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Kundalini Power of the Universe Lies Within and Cosmic Code of Life

Kundalini Power of the Universe Lies Within and Cosmic Code of Life

Any encounter with the serpentine energies is a step into unknown territory outside the ego’s jurisdiction, a journey across the borderlands between our everyday reality and the great beyond.

The word kundalini refers to an energy that exists inside everyone, but which usually lies dormant. This means that the majority of people don’t feel this energy and in most cases don’t even know it exists. However, in a few rare cases, this power can come to life by being activated and aroused.

Kundalini, the power of the serpent lying latent in all humans, waiting to be awakened. The power of an awakened Kundalini has to be experienced to be truly understood.

As per Yogic wisdom, the snake also stands for the power of kundalini, which is described as a coiled serpent lying dormant in the muladhara chakra of all human beings and ascends upwards when one starts his spiritual journey and becomes increasingly oriented to the divine.

How Shakti replaces fear of death with a trust in existence? When Cosmic Energy or Universal Shakti comes into contact with its latent Shakti, called Kundalini or Serpent Power, hitherto lying dormant, it awakens and activates the sleeping Kundalmi. The awakening of Kundalini is a sure sign of active Shakti; although, in its inactive state it still supplies the energy, which keeps us alive. The individual consciously feels the oneness of one’s own Shakti Kundalini with the Universal Shakti, just as a drop of water feels the union when it contacts the ocean.

With the rising of the serpent power comes the intuitive knowledge that there is no death. When this happens the inner state of the aspirant quickly changes; there is calm, inner contentment and synchronicity with life not present before. Accumulated karma from other lifetimes gradually loses potency until all karmic debt is dissolved.

The practitioner then experiences Shakti active within him/her as an all-encompassing and expansive energy. The body of the practitioner becomes the entire cosmos, as the cosmos and the practitioner complement each other. The practitioner experiences a unified, eternal flow of life force or energy circulating between he/she and Universal Consciousness.

The physical limits of the practitioner are now extended to the cosmic level and all distances come within his/her reach; the third eye is opened, other dimensions can be seen and travel to higher realms becomes a reality. Not only is the “fear of death” gone forever but also one begins living fully, totally awake for the first time. At this level the Self-realized person can do anything on earth except the Divine processes of creation, preservation and destruction.

A kind of “mechanical switch” develops enabling the persons to live either in this world or others, as they wish. Kundalini energy can be awakened through three main practices: (i) Yogic postures, mudras and breath-control exercises, (ii) Grace of the Guru, and (iii) the accumulated results of spiritual practices through several lifetimes. Awakening Kundalini through the grace of a guru is often seen as the best and most natural way of stirring this energy

Kundalini is known as serpent power which is spiritual energy and lies dormant at the base of your spine. ‘What is outside is also inside. The whole universe, all knowledge, the answers to the mysteries of human existence and true happiness all lie inside man and become available to him by the awakening of the Kundalinr- Swami Muktananda.

Kundalini works through and purifies the mind and thoughts, and basi-cally takes a person to the realm of pure absolute consciousness (chitti.) It is the latent life and spiritual force in man and it carries great power. This dormant energy or ‘serpent power’ lies like a coiled snake at the base of the spinal column and when released is said to bring about psychic and sexual energy, joy and a powerful cleansing of the whole being.

Once it begins its journey up the spine it works through the chakras (psychic nerve centres) until it finally reaches the 7th chakra at the very top of the head. Completion of this whole progression leads one into Samadhi (bliss.) It also purifies and works on all the four bodies in man—the gross body (physical), the subtle body (dream realms), the causal body (subconscious) and the supracausal body (superconscious.) It is important to remember that it is an enormously powerful energy and can be very dangerous if not guided and undertaken with a guru or a good classical yoga teacher. Those who understand and control these energies eliminate all possible danger.

Kundalini Rahu and Kem indicate the kundalini, which is derived from the Sanskrit word kundal meaning a coil of rope similar to a snake lying coiled while resting. Kundalini also means coiling, spiralling and winding. It is a form of Duty or Shakti – the female power – and is the hidden power that Iles dormant within us.

As the kundalini awakens it starts to rise upwards against the gravitational pull in the same way that a snake spirals out of its coil. While the kundalini is dormant we remain unaware of our extra potential, the sleeping fire we are harbouring. The search for self-knowledge eventually brings us to a higher level of awareness, beyond the normal state of human consciousness, and the kundalini provides the link.

As its energy changes from static to dynamic, a whole new inner world is opened to us. It one of hidden power, individual consciousness and links to past, present and future lives. The force of the dynamic kundalini rises through the psychic centers or the chakras of the body towards the sahasara or crown chakra. Here It Is surrounded by a great light of consciousness that ends the separation of human from spiritual.

When the kundalini is fully awakened, the soul becomes one with eternal consciousness. The image of the kundalini rising against gravity is shown by the retrograde motion of Rahu Kern. The other planets mostly travel forwards but Rahu Kern always move backward against the trends and the forces of life. Rahu Ketu, when representing the static kundalini, indicate the power within us that can change the course of our destiny, but this power is untapped and static until awakened.

The serpent in the coil sleeps with his head downwards. It is when the kundalini rises from a dormant to a dynamic state that most problems are created. As the head of the snake faces downwards the first experiences are of a more worldly nature. While the kundalini is awaking it is as yet unregulated and undirected to its true path. The lower kundalini can be destructive, and turning it from a downward to an upward flowing energy requires great care. Many Yogic practitioners try to waken the sleeping kundalini voluntarily, but one has to be careful in waking the sleeping serpent.

It can bite us if we are unprepared and its venom can create psychological problems. Just as the snake charmer learns to play the right music for the snake to dance to his tune, we need knowledge and preparation to learn the control of this potent force within us. Interpreters have only tended to perceive Rahu Ketu as the destructive side of the kundalini, forgetting that its highly beneficial and positive side takes us to the highest level of perception. When we become masters of our Rahu Ketu energy, we are able to change the course of our life.

Peter Horttanainen

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