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Kundalini is the divine mechanism for the transformation of the whole race from an aimless crowd of jostling, fighting people into a harmonious assembly of illuminated beings.” As you know, we are at a point in human history where we are standing with our spiritual backs against the ecological wall

Kundalini is the divine mechanism for the transformation of the whole race from an aimless crowd of jostling, fighting people into a harmonious assembly of illuminated beings.” As you know, we are at a point in human history where we are standing with our spiritual backs against the ecological wall

Kundalini-Shakti manifests herself as a higher spiritual intelligence, as which she guides the Kundalini forces inside of the yogi/ yogini. In cooperation with a tutelary deity or with guides, the Kundalini energies are cleaned and raised. The body is healed, lighted and comes into a higher vibe.

Through an inner alchemistic process, Ching (water and life force) and Chi (fire of the heart) are transformed into vapour (ascending water), which ascends the spinal column to get lightened by Shen (heavenly light) in the head region. Through this process, the golden life elixir is developed, which accumulates in the abdomen and grows to become the immortal body of light. With ongoing meditation, a body of light or even several bodies of light are formed and released.

Gopi Krishna said in his book Kundalini for the New Age, “Kundalini is the divine mechanism for the transformation of the whole race from an aimless crowd of jostling, fighting people into a harmonious assembly of illuminated beings.” As you know, we are at a point in human history where we are standing with our spiritual backs against the ecological wall.

If we don’t act to expand our spiritual intelligence and channel more love and wisdom into our environment, we might very quickly destroy human civilization as we know it. There is much talk these days about our being in danger of destroying our fragile planet through our anti-ecological actions. However, as Dr. Lewis Thomas has pointed out in The Lives of a Cell, “It is an illusion to think that there is anything fragile about the life of the earth. Surely this is the toughest membrane imaginable in the universe. We are the delicate part, transient and vulnerable.”

Our striving for higher consciousness through kundalini awakening is not to save the planet itself, but to preserve the more delicate species, including our extremely delicate human culture that exists so precariously at the top of the life chain. Along with the magnificent whale and dolphin populations, we humans seem to be the vanguard of consciousness here on planet Earth. Our challenge is to accelerate the evolution of human spiritual awareness into more humane dimensions, rather than perpetuating lower levels of consciousness.

We are in many ways the eyes and ears of God. We have an inherent responsibility to refine our spiritual senses so that we perceive reality clearly and act accordingly.

Kundalini awakening from my point of view is not a solitary pursuit done purely for selfish reasons. On the contrary, kundalini meditation is an act of communal intent, as we personally awaken our internal contact with our spiritual essence and let this spiritual power flow outward through our actions to the benefit of all of humankind. Infinite energy is available in the universe, as the new physics shows us.

Our challenge as human beings is to learn how to participate in this lifeforce energy in safe yet powerful ways. These are big words, and they need to be balanced with pragmatic programs that in fact offer access to this heightened level of human consciousness. Let me explain clearly at this point the approach we are going to use in this book for realizing both our ecological and spiritual desires.

All true spiritual teachings emphasize that the only place we will ever find God is right here, right now, in our unfolding present moment. God is to be found neither in the past nor in the future. The past and the future are after all nothing but mental extensions of the infinite, eternal present—as mystics have been telling us for thou-sands of years.

Therefore, all true spiritual teachings naturally begin by helping students move into present-moment consciousness. This is done by learning ways to let go of the mind’s chronic habits of drifting off into concepts, fantasies, and memories.

Some meditative techniques employ “karate” attacks on the thinking mind, in order to kill off the ego and silence the personal flow of words through consciousness. I greatly prefer to use “judo” in-stead. We don’t have to become hostile or negative toward the thinking mind in order to silence its chronic thought-flows.

The great trick in quieting the thinking mind is to give it something worthwhile to do—a challenging task which directly aids in the process of focusing our attention fully on the present moment. Breath meditation does exactly this, when approached properly. It puts the thinking mind to work at an essential spiritual job—that of conscientiously observing each inhale and exhale as breathing unfolds in the present moment.

Fear is the great enemy of spiritual growth. And there must be a certain sense of faith within us, if we are to risk expanding our consciousness in spiritual directions. Joseph Chilton Pearce speaks of how faith plays a vital function in chakra awakening, and I certainly agree. If we don’t deep down trust in the spiritual universe, if we don’t make contact with our inner Master and feel we are being guided in positive directions, then we won’t be able to open ourselves to kuncialini awakening—because who knows what we might encounter as we let go of the known past and venture into genuinely new territory within us.

We tend as a culture to place our trust in material things, in technological powers, and to remain afraid of our inner spiritual presence and power. This underlying fear of our spiritual dynamics is what keeps most of us unaware that we possess these energetic centers up and down our spines.

The suggestion of this book is that we look for ourselves to see if the energetic presence of our chakra systems is anything to fear. Only when we overcome cultural conditionings that keep us in contraction against spiritual illumination, can we activate our energy centers and raise ourselves into new heights of spiritual consciousness.

While there are waves to kundalini, as it ebbs and flows in intensity, the evolution of spiritual intelligence and its meeting with cosmic intelligence is not a temporary thing. Nor is it something that becomes completed quickly.

A kundalini experience can be life-changing; it can be revolutionary to experience shaktipat from a realized presence. To experience lava flowing from the volcano through the system, purifying it, allowing for greater consciousness, however temporary the flow is, is life changing. Such experiences are incredibly important. At best, we can understand them as a vital expression of creation energy emerging through the system, creating a temporary destabilization so a new ground of greater stability and consciousness can be experienced. Unfortunately we tend to pathologize such states; in any case we lack the resources in our society to tend to this destabilization process and reintegrate properly, especially if the individual experiencing such an awakening is struggling to remain functional.

A kundalini experience can lead to the permanent evolutionary process that a full kundalini awakening offers. It primes the system, allows us to understand what bliss or ecstatic states are through direct experience, and creates a purifying fire moving through the system. In certain cases, the kundalini experience is exactly what is needed in this lifetime, whereas a permanent evolutionary process is not appropriate. Such priming can be furthered decades later, or even in the next lifetime.

Kundalini permanently arising in the system is incredibly difficult to achieve, although it is often desired for good reason. We awaken to the degree that we are ready to, and those who are ready enough to experience kundalini awakenings, however temporary, have tasted something that few others do. People who have experienced any degree of awakening bring that awareness into the world, and can be of tremendous benefit to the world.

Conventional religion is an externally imposed set of rules and beliefs. It is top-down, inherited from priests and prophets and holy books, or absorbed through the family and tradition. SQ, innate ability of the human brain and psyche, drawing its deepest resources from the heart of the universe itself It is a facility developed over millions of years that allows the brain to find and use meaning in the solution of problems. The rapid changes in the Western world over the past three centuries have left conventional religions struggling to be meaningful. We now have to use our innate SQ to forge new paths, to find some fresh expression of meaning, something that touches us and that can guide us from within. Spiritual intelligence is the soul’s intelligence. It is the intelligence with which we heal ourselves and with which we make ourselves whole. So many of us today live lives of wounded fragmentation.

Peter Horttanainen

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