Jeremiah 31:22 – A woman will encompass a man

Jeremiah 31:22 – A woman will encompass a man.



Ark, or boat, is used to symbol the seed (fish or

Moses) born in the solar-plexus to be carried up through

the regenerative process to the pineal gland. Moses was

found in an ark and the ark of the covenant was carried

by the children of Israel (see Jacob’s 13 children)

through the wilderness and across Jordan, where the

”waters stood up at the City of Adam.”


Adam means earth or sand. At the source of the spinal

cord there is a body called medulla oblongata. Medulla

means marrow or thick oil or ointment. This oblong body

(oblongata in Latin) is a bed of mineral salts of the body

and marrow. This precious oil (Christ) is received there

by secretions from the cerebrum, the upper brain the

”Most High.”


This oil flows down the spinal cord to the Caudia

Equina, and this is a symbol of the Jordan and Dead Sea

of Palestine.


Jordan means the ”Descender” or oil flowing down.

Witness : Dove or dive to descend. Dove, i. e., a diver


God-Man: The Word Made Flesh


-”The Spirit of God descended like a dove, and a voice

said, ‘This is my Son/ ” etc.


This occurred after the baptism of Jesus, the seed, in

Jordan, the oil or Christ.


The animals taken up to Ararat, the pineal gland, or

”Pinnacle of the temple,” simply means the transmutation

of animal desires and propensities by saving the ark

(seed) and crucifying it at Golgotha where it Crosses

Jordan in medulla, the ”Place of the Skull.”


Woman the 4th Dimension.


The solar system has entered the ”Sign of the Son of

Man,”where it will remain for over 2000 years. In as-

trology this sign is symboled as ”The Water Bearer,”

while in Bible Alchemy it is represented by Dan, the fifth

son of Jacob, and means ”judgment,” or ”he that



From these statements it is easy to realize that all that

is taking place in the world to-day is but a ”working out”

or a summing up of all that has been taking place for cen-



Woman or mother comes from the Hebrew word

Mem-M (womb, man, water, Mary same meaning in



”I saw a woman clothed with the Son, the moon (from

month-menses) under her feet. She controlled the twelve

functions of the body. The Son signifies ”Sun” or ”Son

of Man,” the seed or product of her own life, saved and

lifted up. The Moon refers to the generative life.

Twelve stars are the twelve functions, typified by the

twelve zodiacal signs which she has mastered through

physical regeneration.


Having been upon the cross, or having crossed over,

the seed is Christed, and in the man or woman seeking to

regenerate or ”save,” the seed is saved, it then enters the

Optic Thalamus, the eye of the chamber, which ”giveth

light to all that are in the house,” that is, to the twelve

functions that are in the body, represented by the twelve

signs of the zodiac.


Woman regenerated ”clothed with the Sun” is the

Queen of Sheba, in Bible symbology, and is represented

by the number seven (7).


Then woman is Queen of 7. Sheba is seven in He-

brew, and Solomon’s temple (soul-of-man) is the physical

body where the Queen of Sheba found so many wonders.


Queen of seven what?


Man is only three (3) dimensions.


Dimension means line.


The human body as well as the universe are geomet-

rical figures, a fact which the old philosophers well knew,

for they said that sound and number governed the laws of



Man is proved to be a three dimensional creature by

physiology; and woman is the fourth dimension, by the

same means of proof.


In the thirty-first chapter of Jeremiah, twenty-second

verse, we read: ”A woman shall compass a man.”


Mathematically, a woman can encompass a man.


Man cannot compass a woman, for he is only a three-


God-Man: The Word Made Flesh


line creature, while she is four. Therefore, four is able

to compass, or contain within its radius, three.


Woman may be represented by the square (four lines) .


Man may be represented by the triangle (three lines).


Three and four do not balance, and never have. There

has not been universal harmony or balance between them,

for man has never considered woman his equal until very



But man is ”coming off his high horse,” and the scales

will soon balance.


All down the ages man has considered himself the

”lord of all creation.” The ”spare rib” which he so con-

descendingly parted with in the so-called ”beginning” un-

balanced him entirely. He considered himself superior to

woman and has continued to do so to the ”end of the

world,” or ”whorl of activity” the activity or manifes-

tation of the solar system in the last or previous sign, that

representing the water age.


During the water age man conquered the water in-

ventions pertaining to water were perfected, etc., etc.


To return to the mathematical equation of man and

woman :


The three dimensions or lines of man that can be shown

on a physiological chart are the creative centers of the

brain, the solar plexus and the sex organs . Woman also

possesses the creative centers of brain, solar plexus and

sex organs; but she also possesses another, and in a way

the most wonderful of all the breast that nourishes in-

fant man. This is the fourth dimension or line. These

imaginary lines are at equal distances from each other.


Work this out for yourselves on the chart and you will

never forget it.


In the triangle drawn to represent man we find the eye,

also. This is a well-known Masonic symbol.


See ”The Rib-lah that made the from(b)*n”

A Greek professor recently went to Oxford,

England, for the sole purpose of looking into the Greek

text in regard to this seeming inconsistency. (Also Luke

16:9. See below.)


The discovery was made that the letter N (from nun,

meaning a fish) , was omitted, also the letter O, and that a

correct translation reads: ”He that saveth his life shall

loosen it,” etc.


The seed, in the fable, or Jesus, said: U I am the way,

the truth and the life” etc. Therefore, he that saveth

his life (Seed) shall loosen it so that it may enter the

”Strait and narrow way,” etc. This strait is the Spinal

Cord. As has already been written, ”I am the bread of

life.” Again, ”Cast thy bread upon the waters” i. e.,

the strait. Cast thy bread upon the water exactly harmo-

nizes with ”Loosen it.”


Luke 16:9: ”And I say unto you, make unto your-

selves friends of the mammon of unrighteousness; that

when ye fail they may receive you into everlasting habitations.”





IN Physiological Chart the solar plexus, a round body

of tissue ganglion, may be plainly seen. Attached to

the SUN (center) is a body called semi-lunar gan-

glion (half moon), which is attached to the vertebra and

spinal cord. A median line (across the center of body)

will divide these organs, half above the line, half below.


The upper halves of the sun and moon vibrate for spir-

itual man and the lower half for natural, or animal man.


”There is a natural and a spiritual body.”


Now Joshua, the seed, on its way to the pineal gland is

made to say, ”Sun, stand thou still on Gibeon.”


Gibeon means a mound or elevation. So the seed

(Joshua, a fish), commands the animal vibration of solar

(sun) plexus to stand still, i. e. y cease to continue to domi-

nate the spiritual forces, u while I slay my enemies”

that is, the animal blood that predominates in carnal



”And thou moon in the valley of Ajalon.”


Ajalon means a ”valley in Bethlehem,” says a Bible



Bethlehem the house of bread: the seed is the bread.


Whoever conquers sex desire commands the sun and

moon to stand still.


Who can do this?


”With man it is impossible, but with God all things are

possible.” Matt. 19th chapter.


Therefore, all can succeed by asking help from the

”Most High.”


A cloud of witnesses may be found to substantiate the

statement made above that the sun and moon in the

Joshua story refer to the solar plexus and semi-lunar gan-



centre or middle. It is defined in Smith’s Bible Diction-

ary under the name Eph-ah, as ”First in order of the sons

of Midian, i. e. t strife or contention between Michael and

Apollyon occurs in the center of the body where the ani-

mal continually fights the upper force that seeks to lift up

and regenerate the animal or natural man.


Ephah also means weight (measure or balance, Libra,

the scales).


Again, E-phes-dammin, ”boundary of animal blood.”


”I fought with wild beasts at Ephesus.”


Ephesians are the children of Ephesus, the solar

plexus, therefore the seed.


the still small voice, or

intuition, redeeming (lifting up).


The seeds constitute Paul’s Epistle to the Ephesians.


Once more : u Eph-raim is joined to his idols ; let him



This epigram defines the physical man, ”Dead in tres-

pass and sin” one who cannot be awakened by reason-

ing with him.



GLORY is derived from glow and ray to illumine, to



Prof. Smiley, formerly teacher of Greek in Cor-

nell University, writes : ”The body is a lamp and this oil

(referring to the oil descending the spinal cord) is its

illuminating fluid.”


Prof. Smiley also says: ”This oil, in Greek, is from

the root letters X. P. I. Chrism or Chri” Greek for

oil, or Christ. ”The Christ in you, the hope (substance)

of glory/’ or light.

”If ye have only hoped Christ, ye are

of all men most miserable. ” Why?


For ”Unless Christ be raised our preaching is vain.”

The only way to raise THIS oil is by the seed entering

the spinal cord and lifting up the oil. ”If I (Jesus, the

seed) be lifted up, I will draw all men (se-men, or oil)

unto me.”


Thus is the command, ”Give one-tenth (tithe) unto

the Lord,” obeyed.


”The entrance of thy word giveth light”; ”The seed

is the WORD.” Luke.


John, Johannes, or loannes, means OIL, also an oint-

ment, and ”Came to bear witness of that light” St.

John 1 :6.


Again ”That the Father may be glorified in the Son.”

John 14:13.


”Father, the hour has come; glorify thy Son, that thy

Son may glorify thee.”


Lip service cannot glow-ray or glorify God, but the

seed ”which is Christ”



saved and lifted up, car-

ries illuminating oil to the Father, enters the optic in the

thalamus and giveth light. ”And the temple needs no

other light.”


We feel sure that those who desire the whole truth

in regard to the real meaning of ”glory” and ”glorify”


will esteem it their duty and privilege to read St. John,

and especially verses 22 and 24 of the 17th Chapter;

also 19th verse of the 21st Chapter.


The word Saint means a perfect person, or one who

realizes that Perfection even as the Father is perfect.

According to the teachings of Scripture, the Only way

that perfection can be attained is by saving the seed and

thus be ”Born of God.”


The ancient painters painted a halo or a ”nimbus of

gold-colored light,” as Walt Whitman sang, about the

head of the Madonna, the infant Jesus and many of the

saints and prophets. Hence we infer that the idea of an

illuminating oil prevailed all down the ages.


The Greek epic of the vestal Virgins keeping the fire

or light forever burning and the wise virgins with lamps

filled with oil, bear witness to the cosmic belief that there

is a substance in man that enlightens and redeems, if not

destroyed by animal forces.




”For who maketh thee to differ from another? And

what hast thou that thou didst not receive? Now if thou

didst receive it, why dost thou glory, as if thou hadst

not received it?”


”What! Know ye not that your body is the temple

of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God,

and ye are not your own?”


”For ye are bought with a price,” etc. See ”Give one-

tenth to the Lord,” etc.


”Is not my help in me? And is wisdom driven quite

from me?” Job 6:13.


”Send the help from the sanctuary, and strengthen

thee out of Zion.” (See explanation of these terms in



”Our soul waiteth for the Lord; he is our help and

our shield.”


”God is our refuge and strength, a very present help

in trouble.”


”I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, or mountains,

from whence cometh my help.” ”Mount of the Lord,”

the upper brain, ”Most High.”




”Know ye not that ye are the temple of God and that

the spirit of God dwelleth in you? If any man defile

the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple

of God is holy, which temple ye are.” Man defiles the

temple by preventing the seed (the word) from going

up, or returning to the upper brain, the cerebrum. In

short, he eats of the fruit of the tree of life, and there-

fore it cannot arise or return to the Kingdom, the optic

thalamus, and become the ”Light in the chamber,” where

it may ”Cleanse from all sin.”


He that overcometh (does not eat or destroy the seed,

allows it ”to remain in him”) ”I will give to eat of the

tree of life in the ”Father’s Kingdom.” See Lord’s



The tree of life is the Vagus nerve (pneumogastric)

and its branches. (See article on Vagus nerve.)


Whose branches, or nerves, are called Nazareth, which

is Greek for shoot, sprout or twigs little branches;

hence, ”Jesus of Nazareth, whom thou persecuteth.”


Jesus, the seed, thus speaks to Saul, who, after con-

version, no longer used ”S” (Schin or sin), but substi-

tuted ”P,” speech or ”going forth, radiating,” and thus

became Paul the preacher.


Paul means ”small” and refers to the seed itself. After

the crucifixion of Jesus (the seed), the parable makes

another seed take the place of the first-born, and thus

says, ”I was born out of time.”




Tarsus means ”foot.” Pisces, the fishes, are repre-

sented by the feet. In regard to ”small,” read the par-

able of the ”mustard seed.”




”He that is born in thy house shall not be thine heir,

but he that cometh forth out of thine own bowels shall

be thine heir.”


”She that is desolate hath many more children than

she that hath an husband.”


Here is proof that in the regeneration, that is, the

plan of salvation above the solar plexus, there is no



marrying nor giving in marriage, for male and female

are the same. Both have the same manger or WOMB,

in man, both the same Ida and Pingala, or Joseph and

Mary; and the same pneumogastric nerve that brings

down the same Holy Ghost breath that conceives the

seed, Jesus. Hence, Peter reads thus: ”Born not of

corruptible seed but of incorruptible ; the Word of God.”


So, then, male and female in the new order MUST


ing seed that is in each separate body.


No sex reform, no physical contact ”Thou shalt not


touch it” Genesis; no effort to ”climb up some other


way” is tolerated, in the GREAT TEXT BOOK OF






Father John A. Ryan lays it down as ”a fundamental

ethical principle” that sexual intercourse for any other

object than procreation is unnatural and ”a perversion of

the generative faculty on exactly the same moral level as

the practice of the solitary vice.”

The branches of the Vagus, or pneumogastric nerve,

which extend to lungs and stomach, are called the ”Tree

of Life.”


The oil or substance that flows down the plexus of

nerves that branch off from the main nerve is deposited

in the manger (the nun) or mouth of the fish, and forms

a seed or fruit of the tree. This seed, being formed of

the Esse of God, is called the Son of God, also the Son

of Man that has ”Power in earth (the body) to forgive

sins. This seed says, ”I am the way, the truth and the

lif e ”_hence the ”Tree of Life.”




Youth, strength and health depend entirely upon the

automatic action of the blood which deposits the ma-

terial (itself) formed from the Esse, or substance called

air, the breath of God, and the residue (ashes) of food,

the mineral salts, and deposits it in the upper chamber,

the cerebrum (Most High), the hallowed or hollowed

place. (See fatted calf or Kaph.)


The secretions descending from this fat, oil the place

of the secretions, build and sustain the entire bodily struc-

ture. But, if a certain amount, ”one-tenth,” is not re-

turned, the reservoir becomes depleted day by day until

the deficiency, or sin (i.e., falling short) causes weak-

ness, decrepitude, etc., which we, in our ignorance, have

called ”old age.”


The Bible tells the cause and the remedy, thus: ”The

wages of sin is death.”


But, ”His delight is in the law of the Lord,” then’.

”He shall be like a tree planted by the river of waters

that bringeth forth its fruit in its season; but his leaf

also shall not wither, and whatsoever he doeth shall



There is one cause of old age and one only: wasting

the LIFE FORCE, the gray matter of the brain, the

SEED, the WORD of God, which, if saved, results in



When people say unto you, ”Lo ! here,” or ”Lo ! there

is the cause of old age,” believe them not, for the cause

of old age is within YOU.




The letter S in Hebrew is the 15th of the alphabet,

and symbolizes the great dragon, the Great Dragon of

the Threshold. In Hebrew it is Samech. The stomach

is also symbolical of this letter. Here, also, is the Solar

Plexus, the Sun Center or Son. Likewise, the physical

power of the mind is centered here, the desire for Ani-

mal vibration, the ”things thy soul lusteth after.”


Samson, in Smith’s Bible Dictionary, also means ”Sun-

like, strong, distinguished.”


Gaza simply means the ”strong,” or ”strong city.”

Delilah means ”weak, feeble,” or ”to pine with desire,”

and the symbolism is wrought into the form of a woman

that tempted Samson, to destroy his strength by yielding

to desire, or Delilah.


After sufficient time had elapsed in which material for

a new seed could descend (as in the case of Hiram Abiff,

in Freemasonry), Samson, through prayer, was able to

save the seed, and was then spiritually strong, thus giving

him strength to tear down the Strong City of Gaza, or

”Carry away the pillars of Gaza.”


The reader is urged to study carefully the 13th Chapter

of Judges to the 16th.


The story of the birth of Jesus and the warnings and

prophecies concerning Samson are almost identical. He

is even called ”A Nazarite,” which means, in Hebrew,

”One consecrated to God.”


In the story of Samson we read how he went down

to Etam. In Smith’s Bible Dictionary we find that, in

Hebrew, Etam means ”A place of ravenous beasts.” In

this place was a high cliff or lofty rock which led down

into a chasm or cleft where Samson went. Going down

into this chasm, or place of ravenous beasts, is represented

in Physiology by the vital fluid in the spinal cord going

down into the seminal vesicles.




”For in that day every man shall cast away his idols

of silver and his idols of gold, which your own hands

have made unto you for a sin.”


ISAIAH 28:7-8


”But they also have erred through wine, and through

strong drink are out of the way; the priest and the prophet

have erred through strong drink, they are swallowed up

of wine, they are out of the way through strong drink;

they err in vision, they stumble in judgment. For all

tables are full of vomit and filthiness, so that there is no

place clean.”



”And he showed me a pure river of water (spinal

cord) flowing out of the throne of God (brain), and the

Lamb (optic thalamus). ”In the midst of the street of

it and on either side of the river (both sides) was there

the tree of life (pneumogastric nerve), which bare twelve

manner of fruits, and yielded her fruit every month (seed

every moon), and the leaves of the tree were (are) for

the healing of the nations” people.


The Indians, in their legend of the ”Four trines within

the Grand Symbol,” call the solar plexus the ”seed pod.”





The words ”thief” and ”steal” both mean ”to operate

in secret.” Many things may be done in secret that are

good, thus: ”Give thine alms in secret”; ”Let not thy

left hand know what thy right hand doeth.”


There is a wide difference between the original mean-

ing of words and their common application.


The pineal gland and pituitary body secrete the positive

and negative substance along nerves that cross in the

medulla, and the seed is crucified between them, and the

oil set free ascends to the pineal gland which is made to

say: ”Lord, remember me when thou cometh into thy



Now, as the fluids of the two glands had united and

were ascending up the one on the ”Right hand of the

Father,” the central eye, it would naturally say, ”This

day (now) shalt thou be with me in paradise.”


He who spoke and he who replied were one and the







YOKE : To cross or bind. Oxen were yoked about

the neck.


The nerves from the pituitary and pineal gland unite,

and are thus bound together or yoked in the medulla

oblongata (”Place of the Skull”) and form a Cross.


In regeneration, when the seed crosses in the regular 5

automatic manner as the plan of salvation designed that

it should, the cervical, or neck, functions properly, and

the soreness and uneasy feeling so prevalent in all who

lead the animal or carnal life, which is ”At enmity to

God,” or the spiritual life, often experience, and complain

of, as every physician will testify.


Burden simply means that which is carried, not neces-

sarily something heavy or tiresome.


The seed (any of the characters in Scripture) absorbs

and carries the precious oil that flows down the spinal

cord the ”strait,” up to the cross (yoke), where the

”Cup” (cover of minerals) is removed,” which frees the

precious oil. This illuminating substance then enters the

optic and ”Giveth light to all that are in the house,” or

the chamber, the thalamus.


Thus does the redeeming seed truly say, ”My burden

is light/’ or illumination.


Paul bears witness thus: ”The Christ (oil) in you,

the hope of glory” Glow-ray. Also, ”Unless Christ be

raised then is our preaching vain.”




In every brain there are countless dormant brain cells,

waiting for the coming of the Air Age, the Bridegroom

or the recognition of the ”Christ in the flesh,” that will

quicken them into activity i.e., resurrect them.


Everywhere there is evidence of the awakening of

dormant brain cells. Spiritual phenomena, multiple per-

sonality, mental telepathy and kindred manifestations are

explainable upon the hypothesis that dormant brain cells

may be made to bloom and thus operate according to

new concepts.


We know that there are many millions of dormant

brain cells in the cerebrum, especially in the ”Most High”

portion, the seat of spiritual faculties; or, we may say,

the key, which, when touched with the vital fluid set free,

”Cast on the waters” and ”Lifted up” through the process

of physical regeneration, completes the at-one-ment with

the Ego, whose indwelling place is the cerebellum. And

then the statement, ”I and the Father are One,” becomes

living thunder and flaming light from Sinai, instead of a

popular epigram with no vital meaning.


The dormant brain cells may be likened to a flower

yet in the bud; but when the substance that is required

for their completion reaches them, the modus operand!

of the plan of salvation, the buds open, or unfold, and

then vibrate at the rate that causes the realization of the

New Birth the ”Birth from above.”


”He that is born of God will not sin, for his seed

remaineth in him.”


”We shall be changed in the

twinkling of an Eye” not eyes but the optic thalamus,

the ”single,” or perfected eye.



Child means young, not aged.


”Children of Israel, or ”warriors of God.” See Smith’s

Bible Dictionary. There is not now, nor was there ever

a geographical, historical land or nation called Israel.

The name originated in secret or sacred books which are

not historical or outward, but secret or inward.


The seeds that were saved every 29 1 / 2 days were called

the ”warriors of God.”


”Suffer little children to come unto me, and forbid them

not, for of such is the kingdom of heaven.”


The seed is small.


”The kingdom of heaven is likened unto a mustard



The seed of all seeds, Jesus, the first seed, asks that

other seeds might also be saved, for the seeds, saved

and raised to the pineal gland, return to the heaven from

which they came.


”Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as

a little child, he shall not enter therein.”


The lion (animal force) (see Daniel in the lion’s

den) and the lamb (innocence, or spiritual concept) make

at-one-ment (shall lie down together), and ”A little child

(seed) shall lead them,” which means that the seed will

carry up one-tenth of the descending fluid in the spinal

cord (the great strait) to the Father, thus giving tithes

to the Lord.




David is ”Beloved of God” psalm, ”Praise, or



David is the seed, speaking, praising the source of its

being and asking continually that its enemy, the carnal

man, be destroyed.


”And David said to Gad, I am in a great strait, let

me fall into the hands of the Lord and not in the hands

of man.”


The hands of man refers to the first man, Adam, or

ani-mal desire. The strait is the spinal cord ”The strait

and narrow way that leads to life eternal.”


Gad refers to the tribe of Aries, the ram the head

In order to be able to take care of the house of God

”Your body is the temple (house or church) of God,”

one must return a portion to the brain in the ”Only way

whereby he may be saved, Jesus Christed and crucified”

the seed carried up the ”Strait and narrow way,” and

cross-ified at the ”place of the skull.”


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