Is State of Sweden controlled by some form of matrix in their simultaneously and synchronously organized gang stalking, just a reflection


Reflections about Organized Gang Stalking in State of Sweden. How can organized gang stalking activities start simultaneously and synchronously without people knowing each other

Organized Gang Stalking in Sweden seems like some other force can make the swedes acting like a fake actor, playing street theater, clownery, mind games, trickery games

It seems some force of gang stalking can make swedes gang stalkers do anything to organized gang stalking

It seems this spirit of organized gang stalking can control how to use people so they start acting in a sensitizing way, or in a interfering way, can control so same stalking people appearing at same places, they can shadowing the targeted individuals life, and they can use remote viewing and then interfering with harassment that starts simultaneously and synchronously, and these stalking people mapping the targeted individuals life and gardering information about the targeted individuals life and then revealing they are stalking and surveillance, and this then become part of the psychological warfare, psychological and politcal terrorism.

Psychological warfare, psychological and politcal terrorism is organized gang stalking and the strange thing with these methods in organized gang stalking is not they are part of a covertly warfare, the strange thing is that organized gang stalking don´t even exist. When you study simularities between organized gang stalking they using same methods and either of them exist. Satan trick is to make others believe he don´t exist and organized gang stalking has same design.

If organizzed gang stalking is design to not exist and using same methods as Satan (The Ultra Ego) does, is this hidden disguise covertly design of psychological warfare, psychological and politcal terrorism in fact Satan´s spiritual warfare and is the the Battle of the Mind.

Organized Gang Stalking is the Battle of The Human Mind. In other words this Battle of the Mind is the war about The Matrix.

Organized Gang Stalking mapping and surveillance targteted individuals lifes and then targetting their minds 24/7 with interfering methods or infiltration methods and revealing they are stalking and surveillance. In fact, organized gang stalkers revealing more about themselves than aabout the targeted individual. They revealing Satan exist in this world and Satan is the ruler of this world. They revealing the human mind (the ultra ego) in some way is caught in some form of Matrix and simulation. There is no easy way to say how all this is working through the human mind, but one thing is sure there exist some form mind controlling forces in this world.

Ephesians 6:12 says;  For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

 Organized Gang Stalking is advanced psychological warfare in the heavely realms, it is so advanced so it designed to not even exist in the democracy or in this world.

 How organized gang stalking is working in other countries may be working in another ways. These observation I have made about organized gang stalking is my conclusion after been targeted for 7 years soon in State of Sweden.

When you make some form of summerize about how organized gang stalking attacking you find these things;

They trying to captivating the human seeing with street theater, mind games, manipulations

They trying to captivating the human hearing with sound torture, noise harassment, communication interference, crosstalk, non-stop babbling, voie to skull and syntethic telepathy, psychic driving, they beaming sounds and weaving in voices, commercials or music chorus into the mind.

They trying to captivating the human perception/the ego with gaslighting, mind games, enviroment manipulation, wickedness psychology, crazy-making, and confusing psychology.

Targetting or captivating the human is a game of confusion or a game of decieving.

When “something” starts transmit and beaming other persons voices this says something what has taken over the democracy as the ruler of this world and these organized gang stalking strategies is covertly actions and they are so hidden so they don´t even exist.

When I write this spirit of  gang stalking seems to be able to control the swedes minds.

Is people participating in organized gang stalking or is they used as tools nad weapons by the Matrix?

Everyone can participating in organized gang stalking and there is no need of any education. This is the strange thing with organized gang stalking in Sweden; if everyone can participating in organized gang stalking and there is no need of any education in these psychoilogical warfare methods or psychological and political terrorism. Next question must therefore be; where does they get all knowledge to acting like they where educated and experts in psychological warfare or psychological terrorism? All ends up with the conclusion there is another force or spirit of gang stalking that´s controlling humans minds and this mind has this knowledge and this mind is the collective Hive Mind (or the subconsciousness collective ego)

When you see how people acting in Sweden, how they talking, how they stalking, how they constantly harassing, constantly interfering, constantly obstructing and constantly can synchronizing several of psychological attacks at same time.

So everyone can particpating in organized gang stalking

There is no need of any education and they acting like they where expert on psychological warfare without this education

It seems this spirit of organized gang stalking also can synchronizing several of psychological harassment or interfering attacks at same time and this spirit of organized gang stalking can even synchronizing several of attacks simultaneously and synchronously without people knowing each other. One person can dropping things on the floor, another neighbor can start playing looping drum beats, peoples starts hysterical screaming outside your window or make high pitch sound, another neighbor starts door-slamming, another using barking dogs, government start transmit sound of trumpet sirens to your apartment, or a stalking helicopter appearing at same time and starts hoovering in the air.

Many of these harassment actions starts simultaneously and synchronously. There is no government that´s decide when people shall start screaming, playing looping drum beats, or door-slamming, or using barking dogs. All these actions simultaneously and synchronously gang stalking harassment is made of a stalking and harassing spirit.

There is even more; suddenly these people which many of them has no higher education has the ability to shadowing your life and they has suddenly the ability to remote viewing and can interfering.

This shadowing and remote viewing ability is then used for terrorizing your mind, terrorizing your mind day and night, they stalking and shadowing indoors and outdoors, stalking and surveillance you 24/7 and harassing everywhere and interfering.

Suddenly it has become everyones persons interesting to harassing your life for hours every day. When one gangstalkers after hours of harassment, another starts and when this stops another starts with something else. So there is constant stalking, harassing and interfering process going on in Sweden.

Suddenly all acting like they where spiritual masters with open Third Eye abilities and this in a culture of narcissism. Spiritual masters abilities in a culture of narcissism and open Third Eye abilities.

This force of harassment is; roaring around everywhere, stalking everywhere, harassing everywhere, and it seems this spirit of organized gang stalking never sleeps. They tormenting your mind indoors and outdoors, day and night and create sleep deprivation.

State of Sweden using sound of sirens, sound of owls, sound of cuckoo clocks, and barking dogs in their organized gang stalking and then does swedish people imitating these and starts make human made sound of sirens, owls, cuckoo clock and barking dogs.

If State of Sweden not make their citizen imitating and start make human made sound of sirens, owls, cuckoo clock, and barking dogs, what force make them imitating same methods State of Swedens, if this force can make people imitating these sounds, what force make State of Sweden using same methods as them who is imitating State of Sweden?

There exist some form of Matrix in Sweden that controls human mind, ego and consciousness.

This Matrix or force is a stalker and imitator.

Sound of sirens, owls, barking dogs is stalking and surveillance…..

Here is an example how these actions ca take place when you going outdoors and exercise.

State of Sweden starts looping sound of sirens or looping songs that sound like sirens when you going outdoors

When you have been exercise for a few miuntes and passing people they saying poilice is coming, police is coming

When you then exercise the government gang stalkers stalking with helicopters

Then the government continue beaming sound of sirens outdoors when you exercise

Then does people you passing suddenly starts running beside and starring at same time

When you then exercise they start running beside you again and starring constantly at same time they running

Then does State of Sweden starts sound of looping sirens and looping siren song.

This is the Matrix in Sweden and the stalker and imitator. Same force that make peoplle sounds of owls, same forces make these choices at the government gang stalker sin State in Sweden.

When a government starts using sound of owls outdoors or starts transmit sounds of a cuckoo clock or when people on the streets start imitating these, the choice of these methods can´t be made without influencies of other forces.

Same forces in Sweden makes people driving around with one broken light on their cars. There is not 1-2 cars you see here and there, it´s 4-8 cars every time you exercise and every day. This explain same thing about this force; same people who is driving around with one broken front light and the swedish government gang stalkers (the police), don´t do anything about these cars with broken car light. One broken front light symbolize the Horus “Surveillance” Eye.


Here is more of Swedish organized gang stalking surveillance stalking;

Swedish Organized Gang Stalking vehicles has same bluish color. Helicopter, and the postal service truck has same bluish color, and the swedish ice cream truck has same bluish color, and a cleaning company has same bluish color.

Here is another example of harassment and interference from live sport broadcasting; they start sensitzing your mind with fake nose breathing. Sneezing and coughing is part of the organized gang stalking harassment. Same imitating behavior start here: When they start fake nose breathing in swedish broadcasting, people around you or behind on the bus starts fake nose breathing to sensitizing your mind.

Here is another example from the Swedish organized gang stalking society; Neighbor above starts loud fake coughing for 15 minutes eevry day and coughing loud every 1-2 secomd in same robotic way for 15 minutes, and after this then starts shadowing, stalking and harassing you around your apartment, walking outside on the balcony every day you make breakfast and starts fale coughing, then when you eat dinner, then when you watch tv-series. Here does then same imitating behavior starts; when people then passing your apartment outside your window they start fake “doube coughing” every time. Then does people in food stores starts stalking you around the food storers with fake “double coughing”, and then on the paths when you passing them. Then does the pharmacy workers starts same fake coughing for 15 seconds.


These actions of organized gang stalking must be same spirit of stalking and imitating within all gang stalkers in State of Sweden.

This Spirit of Matrix that´s starts some form of harassment then starts everyone imitating these because this force somehow control the matrix. the ego, mind or consciousness.

And when you see how these gang stalkers acting like expert in psychological warfare, psychological or political terrorism, expert in anchoring, chaining, sensitizing, triggering, looping and synchronizing activities this revealing something about another force of knowledge. They acting like expert in mind control, brainwashing, gaslighting, fear mongering, stress mongering, expert in persecution, ostrasizing, mind games, street theater, pscyhological communication street theater, expert in different form of interference, communication interference, crosstalk, non-stop babbling, and their is no end for all these methods, and they have no education and everyone can participating.

This is the Matrix that has this knowledge or this spirit of spiritual warfare, pscyhological warfare and political terrorism.

This was my personal reflection about all these onging organized gang stalking activities in Sweden.

Swedes or State of Sweden acting like people living in a captivated Matrix

State of Sweden interfering and harassing everywhere, day and night and swedes gang stalkers interfering and harassing everywhere

On every level, everywhere, day and night they interfering. Here is some examples from your daily life and how they constantly robotic interfering

simultaneously and synchronously at same time you doing something.(real time interference)

There is different forms of interference; interfering with sounds (sound torture), communication interference, non-stop babbling, crosstalk, voice to skull technology, syntethic teleapathy, noise interference, constant background noise, distortions sounds, human made sounds, stalking and surveillance, real time interference, psychological communication interference, sleep deprivation, interfering with imitating and mimicking psychology, All these methods is used in State of Sweden everywhere and every day.

These interference methods is like someone roaring around, constantly stalking, lurking around, sneaking, shadowing, using remote viewing, infiltrating, interfering, persecuting, fear mongering, stress mongering, mind controlling, brainwashing, beaming and weaving in voices, commercials or music chorus. Is sthese behavior human or non.human activities? Who is roaring around and stalking on Earrth and is the Ruler of this world and never sleeps, and tormenting human minds? Satan and Organized using same methods and going on 24/7 and never sleeps.

When you exercise; When you exercise they stalking with helicopters, trucks, cars, stalking you with looping sounds of sirens, commercials and music chorus,they using sounds of owls, they beaming voices into your mind when you exercise, and when you exercise at home neighbor then starts looping drum beats interference, when youu are at home State of Sweden beaming music chorus “We control the Sunlight” into your apartment and when you then exercise outdoors they beaming “We control The Sunlight” into your mind and at same time stalking helicopter appearing, people obstructing your way and starts walking cris cross when you passing them, people even starts walking in slow motion when you passing (it looks constructed), cars is stalking and have one broken light (Horus Surveillance Eye) and you see 4-8 cars every time you exercise, cars has turning off their engines at stop light and when you passing they start their engines (it looks constructed in same way when people start walking in slow motion or start walking cris cross on the path when you passing), cars or trucks blocking the way or path.

When you eating: Neighbors above started loud fake coughing for 15 minutes every day and constantly in every breath to sensitizing your mind. Then does neighbor above start using this loud fake coughing and stalking you around with fake coughing when you make your breakfast or eating dinner, and same neighbors starts door-slamming every day at same time you make your dinner. They are two people living in the apartment above; one start make hitting sounds in the floor or drop things on the floor and the other person then starts door-slamming. Same behavior every day like programmed robots.State of Sweden beaming sound of sirens when you make your dinner and they beaming looping commercials when you then eating, or change sirens to looping commercials or change from looping commercials to sound of sirens.

When you make breakfast: Start fake coughing every morning and walking out on the balcony and starts fake coughing. State of Sweden beaming sound of sirens or sound of looping sounds when you eat breakfast

When you visiting food stores: People acting obstructing in foods stores, people make human made sounds of sirens, state of Sweden beaming sounds of sirens into your mind when you standing in the food queue, the entrance door to the food store is blocked and not open (and same day they beaming sirens into your mind in the food store), people standing in different blocked hand signs organized gang stalking position or walking with their hand behind their back like (patrolling people). When you then standing in food stores people standing behind and listening to whistle music on their iphones and when you same day visiting the pharmacy (people apearing behind you and playing a devils laughing sound from a game on their iphone). So people playing street theater in foodstores or trying to sensitizing, fear mongering and terrorizing your mind with stalking (whistleblower music for 10-15 minutes or devils laughing sound)

When you standing in food queue: People sensitizing with street theater, using colors, talking interfering, uisng products to sensitizing,

When you visiting a theater: When you trying to be social they targetting you everywhere. When you visiting a theater the actors brighting your with light from the theater scene and turning a light from the scene against you

When you going to see a movie: When you trying to be social they start fake iphone capturing and turning the iphone against you.

When you walking outdoors: When you walking outdoors they stalking with helicopters, trucks, cars, sound of sirens, sound of looping commercials, same people appearing at same places,
When you going somewhere: They start stalking outside your home, they interfering with sounds and communication.
When you leaving your apartment: other people leaving simultaneously and synchronously, sirens starts when you leaving your apartment, people start screaming outside your window, neighbors starts dropping things on the floor, neighbor starts banging in railways and then door-slamming minutes before leaving your apartment. people can stand outisde your door when you opening
When you arriving to your apartment: simultaneously and synchronously arriving, sound of jangling keys, and when you are home again different sound stalking starts; looping sounds, sound of sirens, neighbors above opens their watercarns when you leaving your apartment and when you are home again the water cranes is still open. Neighbors above uisng running water for hours every day to create constant background noise of harassment. In same way neighbors above started fake coughing for 15 minutes every day and then stalking you with this around your apartment and in same way they using running water in the bathroom; running water for hour after hour every day and when you then visiting bathroom/toliet they sitting above and opens the water cranes and close them simultaneously and synchronously. Same methods is used by State of Sweden; they beaming hair shampoo commercials into apartment and when you then arriving home after a exercise and take a bath and washing your hair they start beaming hair shampoo commercials at same time you washing your hair. They behaving in same interfering way. Same method is used everywhere, same when you watch; they start interfering in their speak with covert communication.
When you write mail to some department: Neighbors and State of Sweden interfering in same way; simultaneously and synchronously. When you write a mail to some department (social wellfare services), neighbors above starts make hitting sounds every time. Every time you write a mail they start same robotic hitting sound in the floor
When you using your internet bank: Neighbors above starts make hitting sound in the floor every time you using your internet bank.

When you when going to meetings with departments (employment agency; social wellfare services): State of Sweden interfering everywhere and they have surrounded your apartment with sound harassment technology and interfering, harassing, stalking, shadowing, remote viewing and terrorizing your mind 24/7, and in same way every conversation you have with them is influenced and infected like a psychological posion-packet.They even stalking at departments, using enviroment manipulation, and trying to gaslighting you and make you believe you hear things, they gaslighting with mails. They sending a mail with a visit time and post delivery don´t delivery it to you, then they send a visit time by mail and day after you have a new mail from social wellfare services with another visit time, and the first mail with the new visit time has now been removed. You opening the first mail with the visit time around 13.00 and opening it, and the new visit time was sent to you 11.52. When you visiting your mail you have no mail 13.00, but day after you ahve one sent 11.52 and the first mail has been removed. This is gaslighting by mail and by changing the visit time, so social wellfare services participating in organized gang stalking and trying to gaslighting your mind and make you doubt on the visit times, and then does the government agency remove the first visit time. When social wellfare services providing different activities to create better health these activities is influenced with organized gang stalking. When you then have a visit time they using covrert communication, gesturing, and mirroring. When you write about remote viewing and how they today have technology to mind mapping the human brains frequencies – the social wellfare secreatry now has made a own mind map to illustrate their different projects. When going on these health activities or health informatuion meetings beeping sounds starts every time, even on meetings, and at same time helicopters appearing, they start beaming sound of sirens when you visiting the social wellfare service building. Everything is made covertly and then organized gang stalking is design to not exist the person who starts talk about these actions; spiritual warafre, psychological warfare, psychological and political terrorism, or political abuse of psychiatry, this person is delusional. And this is the whole game plan with oragnized gang stalking; it doesn´t exist and this is the cornerstone of gaslighting. And then does eveyone starts acting and speaking covertly.


When you visiting pharmacy: State of Sweden creating sleep deprivation, healthcare stops prescription for sleeping pills during treatment for depression, they have new times to other doctors for 9 weeks, and when you then starts buying healthcare products even swedish pharmacies particpating in organized gang stalking. You get a transparent bag when you buying products. This bag is used when someone want´s return medication they no longer using. Thye don´t alarm off products you buying so the alarm starts shouting when you leaving the pharmacy. In same people have started fake loud coughing pharmacy workers starts fake coughing for 15 seconds. Swedish pharmacies using remote viewing psychology. When you have started to split a pill in four piecis the pharmacy worker give you same advice to split the pill in four piecis, and this without you have been asking for any advice. This is same interfering psychology and remote viewing psychologt organized gang stalkers revealing they are sureveillance your life. So organized Gang Stalkers is stalking, shadowing, remote viewing and surveillance your life and then they revealing this somehow; in some form. Another method organized gang stalkers using is to interfring by speaking loud, communication interference, non-stop babbling, crosstalk and pharmacy personal talking loud so everyone in the pharmacy could hear teh conversation about other customers medication. People who working at pharmacy don´t speak so whole pharmacy can hear their conversation. This method is also used everywhere in the swedish society. Swedish healthcare and therapist has business cards in a medical package (also some form of medication interference).

When you write about all thse interfering and stalking: When you write about these daily action of organized gang stalking they start harssing your even more, day and night.

When you watch tv programs: When you watch programs they interfering in real time (communication or nose breathing in live tv broadcasting). When you watch tv they creating a hogh distortion sound in every tv broadcasting. When you watch tv they using commercials from these tv programs and then starts beaming and looping these into your apartment and mind, day and night, indoors and outdoors. And this can go on for 18-19 hours at day, or 6-7 days, day and night, indoors and outdoors. They beaming sport commentators voices into your apartmenr, they transmit swedish politicians voices into your apartment.

When you you watch tv series: When you watch tv series they start mirroring this into your apartment. They mirroring and beaming theme songs, music from these programs. and beaming and looping these into your apartment, day or night.They beaming other persons voices from tv-shows indoors and outdoors.


When you listen to music radio or Youtube: When you listen to radio or Youtube they start looping these music chorus into your apartment and then even outdoors. When you listen to relaxing music at night or have relaxing music in the background at night when they sound torturing and creating sleep deprivation, they start beaming this relaxing music into your apartment before you going to sleep and then starts beaming this into your apartment when you wakening up in the morning.

When you relaxing: They start different form of harassment activities; high pithc screamings, dropping things in the floor, hammering in walls.

When you trying to sleep: When all departments is particpating in organized gang stalking they collaborate in same nazi doctors collaborated with Gestapo. When the start targeted someone, they start with sound torture to create sleep deprivation. Healthcare the stop prescription for sleeping pills during treatment for depression, and then have then no new times to other doctors for 9 weeks. When you then start buying healthcar products from pharmacies even they particpating in organized gangstalking. You get a transparent bag when you buying products and this is used when someone want´s return medication they no longer use. Then does they don´t alarm off the products so the alarm starts shouting when you leave the pharmacy. Then does State of Sweden hacking your computer and manipulate your music files you have in the background when they sound torturing you at night, then they start gaslighting you by changing the volume, and then they hacking your computer at night at raisning the volume so you wakening up, they walking outside and shooting firecrackers for three weeks and 3-6 hours every day. Who has resources to shoot firecrackers for hours every day and who has access to firecrackers they can start shooting late night all year when the just selling these at two times (easter times and new year times)


When you take a bath; Beaming hair shampoo commercials at same time you washing your hair, looping commercials

When you visiting toilet: Sound of grasstrimmers, sound of sirens, sound of trumpet sirens, looping commercials

When you washing your hair: Beaming hair shampoo commercials

When you going to job interview: Airstalking with helicopters

When you working: Stalking with helicopters

When you read news: Start beaming sound of sirens, neighbors starts dropping things in the floor

When you read articles: Starts beaming sound of sirens or neighbors starts make hitting sound in the floor
When you using your iphone: Neighbor starts sound harassment, make hitting sound in floor, fake coughing

There is no end for all methods they using constanly; 24/7, everywhere

People acting like themselves are caught in some form of Matrix and acting like Mind slaves and stalking and patrolling in this Matrix, so no one leaving this Matrix.

Total Mind Control

Total Brainwashig

Total Surevillance

Total Interference

Total Tormenting

This is thoughts about organized gang stalking in Sweden and constantly interfernce activities.

Triangels symbolize gang stalkers or organized gang stalking activities. This could illustrate the human landscape, terrian, public domain, the pscyhe and there is gang stalkers and organized gang stalking activities everywhere.


They constantly creates interference on every level, day and night.

These gang stalker and organized gang stalking activities is evertwhere.

These orgamized gang stalking on the strets or public domian is like some form of pscyhological enviroment manipulation of the human mind

They then continues stalking, harassment around apartments with constantly sounds and stalking/shadowing around your apartment and then using remote viewing to interfering in real time presence with harassment


Organized Gang Stalking in Sweden

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