Is Planet Earth “Planet Tiamat” that collided with Nibiru´s Moon and split Earth in two and Earth could thefore be FLAT

Is Planet Earth “Planet Tiamat” that collided with Nibiru´s Moon and split Earth in two and Earth could thefore be FLAT

This post is based on Zecharia Sitchin text and his theory about Tiamat and Earth; “Our Moon, we suggest, is Kingu, Tiamat’s former satellite”.

The Collision of Tiamat: Earth Ancient Sumerian texts indicate that the Earth (“Tiamat”) was struck by a large planet, which moved it into its present orbit, and created the Moon and the Asteroid Belt. In his books, The Twelfth Planet and The Cosmic Code, Zccharia Sitchin outlines this “celestial battle’ as described in the Babylonian text called Enuma dish. The planet “Marduk” (the Sumerian “Nibiru”), as it came into the solar system on its clockwise elliptical course, struck Tiamat, which was moving in its ordained counterclockwise orbit.

One of Marduk’s satellites struck Tiamat first, followed by two more of Marduk’s moons. Then Marduk itself, an enormous planetary body, struck Tiamat, smashing one half of the planet into pieces, which became the Earth’s Moon and the “Great Band” (Asteroid Belt). The other half of the planet, which was struck by a smaller moon of Marduk, was moved into a new orbit, along with a chunk of material which became its moon. The new planet was then called “KI,” meaning “cleaved one.” The Earth’s original moons were dispersed, many changing the direction of their orbits.

The Earth Without the Moon According to Immanuel Velikovsky, in his unpublished manuscript entitled In the Beginning (, the ancient Greek philosophers Democritus and Anaxagoras taught that there was a time when the Earth was without the Moon. Aristotle wrote that the aborigines of Arcadia, the Pelasgians, occupied the land “before there was a Moon in the sky above the Earth.” Apollonius of Rhodes also spoke of the early Arcadians, who dwelt in the mountains “before there was a Moon.” Plutarch also wrote of the “pre-Lunar people,” and Ovid wrote that the Arcadian folk were “older than the Moon.”

Allusions to a time before the Moon are also found in the Scriptures (Job 25:5 and Psalm 72:5), as well as among the Cordilleras Indians of Columbia. In addition, Mayan legends talk of a time when the Moon was not yet a companion of the Earth. Legends tell that Tiahuanaco, which means “city of the decaying Moon,” or “city of the doomed satellite,” was founded by “sky gods” from the Moon. Velikovsky wrote that there are three theories of the origin of the Moon:

(I) it originated at the same time as the Earth and is formed of substantially the same material;
(2) it was formed in a different part of the solar system and was later captured by the Earth;
(3) it was originally part of the Earth and was torn off, leaving the Pacific Ocean bed. Velikovsky suggested that the first and third theories are incorrect, since “in the memory of mankind, no Moon accompanied the Earth.” He found it more probable that the Moon’s formation occurred somewhere else, and that it was captured in Earth orbit following some type of catastrophe.

This would indicate that the composition of the Moon would be quite different than that of the Earth. Whatever atmosphere it may have had earlier was pulled away by the Earth or dissipated in some way. Interestingly, the Finnish Runes entitled Kalevala recall a time when “the Moon was placed in orbit.” The journal Science published an article in 1970 entitled “Where Was the Moon Formed?,” which concluded that the Moon was formed independently of the Earth and was later captured. The authors presumed three celestial bodies

1879 by George Darwin, son of biologist Charles Darwin, is that the Moon may once have been part of a larger, molten -proto-Earth” planet that was spinning so fast it shed big blobs of material into orbit, forming the Moon. Another theory held that the Moon may be a “sister planet,” formed in the same way as the Earth (but happening to be in Earth’s orbit) through the accretion (slow growth) of dust and smaller planetesimals (small solid celestial bodies that may have existed early in the development of the solar system). The third classical theory for the origin of the Moon is that it formed elsewhere in the solar system (through slow accretion) but wandered too close to Earth and was captured by our planet’s gravity and pulled into Earth’s orbit.

Proselenes -those that were before the moon

“In the earlist times when the moon was not yet in heavens”

Ancient Greek authors Aristotle and Plutarch, and Roman Authors Apolllonius Rhodius and Ovid all described in their writing a group of people called the Proselenes, who lived in the central mountainous region of Greece called Arcadia. The Proselenes claimed title to this land for the reason that their forefathers were there “before there was a moon in the heavens?’

Ancient records says the moon came into orbit around Earth between 11.500-13.000 years ago.

The Earth is estimated to be 4.6 billion years old, yet some moon rocks were dated to be 5.3 billion years old. The moon dust that is spread throughout the surface of the moon is estimated to be even older at 6 billion years. Also the rocks and the dust are both different in composition, meaning the dust didn’t come from the decay of the rocks, but from somewhere else. It seems strange that the moon is just the right distance, tied with the exact diameter, to completely cover the sun during an eclipse?

“There is no astronomical reason why the moon and dun fit so well. It is the sheerest coincidences, only th Earth among all planets is blessed in this fashion”.

It is more than feasible that the reason the moon never shows one side to Earth is because there is an alien presence on it or within it, keeping widely used areas hidden. As outrageous as the moon is a alien ship theory is, all of the evidence points to the clear fact that the moon is indeed hollow and being used by aliens and was brought here eons ago by an intelligent species.

Could Earth´s moon be part of The Nibiru Solar System and when it´s passing Earth around 12.700 years ago Earth´s gravity pulled into Earth´s orbit, or is the Moon a sister planet and a “proto-Earth planet” since the moon is 5.3 billions years old and Earth is 4.6 billions year old?
If the moon was pulled into Earth´s orbit from the Nibiry Solars System when it passing – could this moon been habited with the Annuaki, and if so, could the moon therefore today be a base for these Annuaki at the backside of the moon?

Zecharia Sitchin says; “Our Moon, we suggest, is Kingu, Tiamat’s former satellite”.

4.6 billion years ago, when Tiamat—the proto-Earth–orbited Solaris beyond Mars, Tiamat’s moon, Kingu, almost attained solar orbit. But 600 million years later, Nibiru entered the inner Solar System. Nibiru’s moon, Evil Wind, hit Tiamat into orbit within Mars’and left Kingu circling Earth.
Our Pioneer and Voyager probes sent back evidence Kingu formed from Tiamat, the planet that became Earth. Tiamat, then beyond Mars, generated Kingu.

Glassy material with nickel in the Moon’s rocks validate the likelihood that a moon of Nibiru impacted Kingu 500 million years after Kingu grew into a Tiamat’s satellite, when Kingu had almost attained planetary orbit around the Sun. “Tiamat was split in two; one half shattered land became the asteroids]; the other half, accompanied by Kingu, thrust into a new orbit to become the Earth and its moon: lytrood. J.. 1984. The Origin of The Moon; ZS. 1990. Genesis: 107 – 1311

The collision depleted most of Kingu’s iron, “resulting in decrease in its density. The mass of the Moon’s core “bears the mark of the ‘big whack’ compressed the moon, just as the Sumerians related. Contrary to views the moon was always inert, it was found in the 1970s and 1980s to possess all attributes of a planet except independent orbit around the Sun: rugged mountains, plains and seas formed by water [or] molten lava. It retained a magnetic field caused by rotation of a molton iron core, heat and water, astrue of Earth and other planets” until the Evil Wind struck it.
Tiamat – Earth and Moon – Tiamat the female force behind salt water (Earth has 70% salt water)


This is just a reflection

1. One part become the asteriod belt
2. One part of Tiamat become today´s Earth
3. The Earth’s original moons were dispersed, Around 12.000-13.000 years ago ancient records tells us there was no moon at this time and this was when the Flood of Noah occured and One of Nibiru´s Moon may be pulled into Earth´s orbit when it passing Earth.

Then the Earth Moon is 5.3 billions years old and Earth 4.6 billion years it may be from another Solar System (Nibiru) or from a planetery system older than Earth (Jupiter is the oldest planet). When this collision could happened Tiamat was placed between Jupiter and Mars and that is the asteroid belt, could Earth´s Moon also be a Moon from planet Jupiter then this planet has 79 moons

If the Earth.s moon is origin from Nibiru Solar System, could they have moon bases at the backside of the moon
If Tiamat (Earth) and Nibiru´s Moon Kingu collided and split Earth in two pieces, what happened with the Moon (could even the Moon have been split and can that be a reason why we just the front of the moon and not the backside of Moon.

Reflection; Could Earth therefore be a part of a earlier round globe  and after this collision then have a “FLAT surface” with holes filled with salt-sea-water and not be a round GLOBE that maps shows and this collison cracked Earth´s surface to Earth´s Tectonic Plates. Then is  Earth covered  with 70% of salt water and Tiamat say´s be the female force behind salt water

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