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In altering our DNA, the light had no way of being anchored into this planet as we were unplugged (figuratively speaking) from the collective grid (consciousness). The remnants of the Reptilian race stand out like sore thumbs where ever they go! once you are aware of who they are cult like and destructive behaviour, are masters of brain washing and hungry for control.

In altering our DNA, the light had no way of being anchored into this planet as we were unplugged (figuratively speaking) from the collective grid (consciousness). The remnants of the Reptilian race stand out like sore thumbs where ever they go! once you are aware of who they are cult like and destructive behaviour, are masters of brain washing and hungry for control.

Reptilians has enslaved mankind.

Thousands of years ago beings not from the family of light took over mother earth and altered the DNA strands of the human vessel we occupy. Those responsible are known as the Reptilians who are low in vibration and failed to integrate with the light becoming more lost and deviant as they evolved, destroying many of their own planets in the process.

They have spent most of their existence raging a war against everything and everyone across the entire galaxy. They are responsible for the tampering of human DNA; they are billions of years old and excel in control and shape shifting. Reptilian DNA is still present on earth today and can be found in autocratic and oppressive structure and regime (governments, illuminati and so forth) they have infiltrated this planet for eons to brain wash and control humans into becoming mini versions of themselves.

In altering our DNA, the light had no way of being anchored into this planet as we were unplugged (figuratively speaking) from the collective grid (consciousness). The remnants of the Reptilian race stand out like sore thumbs where ever they go! once you are aware of who they are cult like and destructive behaviour, are masters of brain washing and hungry for control.

Once on Earth, the Reptilians knew that humanity would rise up against them if they were discovered. Therefore, they disguised themselves by shapeshifting and created a hybrid human-alien race, the blond-haired, blue-eyed “Aryans,” to carry out the Reptilians’ wishes.

Throughout history, according to Icke, these Aryans have served as Roman emperors, popes, kings, generals, industrialists, presidents, and the heads of major corporations. The Reptilians use these individuals to create political and economic chaos so that they may feed on the fear and anxiety that surround wars, revolutions, and economic depressions.

But Icke’s theory is ultimately hopeful: if people can understand their potential to transcend this reality and to recognize their oneness with the universe, then the Reptilians will be overthrown. This revolution will usher in an age of freedom, harmony, and spiritual growth for all mankind. David Icke’s claims act as an attack on the modern world and the power struc-tures that give it shape, while also espousing a type of millenarianism.

Millenarianism is the idea found in many religions and ideologies that the world will soon undergo a profound change due to some cataclysm, the arrival of a savior figure, or another paradigm-shattering event that will result in the creation of a utopian society. Yet Icke also unleashes scathing attacks on the global financial system and the monopolization of political power by individuals and corporations. His theory offers an explanation of sorts for decreased social mobility, increasing personal debt, and the continued aggrandizement of wealth by the ultra-elite.

The Shemsu Hor, infiltrated the Egyptian priesthood and banking system in ancient time and these methods seems to be simular to how the Illuminati is working; through constant infiltration of educational systems, the church, companies/organizations, governments, nations.

During the reign of Akhenaten, the highly controversial ancient reptilian race, known in Egypt as the Shemsu Hor, infiltrated the Egyptian priesthood and banking systems and formed the Brotherhood of the Snake—a secret society intent on destroying Akhenaten’s flourishing kingdom and suppressing the sacred knowledge of the pharaohs.

Atlantean-era Egypt was a theocracy, ruled by a strange and possibly non-human priestly oligarchy, the Shemsu Hor (`Companions of Horus’). The origin of this caste, or clan, or race, and may be a secret older even than Atlantis.

The thirty-one dynasties of the three great epochs in Egypt’s history before the current age began in remotest antiquity. Those who first ruled were Neters, Gods who reigned from one to the other in direct lineage for 13,900 years. The Shemsu Hor, those who followed Horus, followed the Neters, the first line of kings reigning from the first to the last in unbroken succession for 1,255 years, the next for 1,817 years, then by thirty kings who ruled for 1,790 years, and finally by ten kings who ruled for another 350 years. The rule of the Shemsu Horwas followed by the rule of the Spirits of the Dead who maintained dominion for 5,813 years. Thereafter came the mortal kings

Pharaoh Narmer or ‘Manes’ (ruled c. 3207-3165 BCE) creator of the first Dynasty of Ancient Kemet (Kmt) Egypt. Our first earthly King and ‘Father’ of our lineage. The Greeks called him Vlienes’ the unifier and the Romans referred to him as `Mena’. Narmer means the ‘Striker’, which could be short for Worus is the Striker’. This means that the Shemsu-Hor, the followers of the God Horus gave the throne of Egypt to Narmer for him to ‘strike’ against those who opposed Ra and the ‘old ways’. In other words, it is believed that it was he who the ‘followers of Horus’ gave ‘Manes’ or the rulership of the earth to.

Nanner’s birth date or his parents are not known. His main wife was Neithhotep (Neith) and his sons were Har-Aba and Djer. Narmer is sometimes said to be the same person as his son Hor-Aha or Horus Aha, but the fact that Hor-Aha succeeded him as ruler meant chat the son was only identifying himself with a belief in the God Horus.

Narmer was a descendant of the Anu people through a lineage of the Kush (Ethiopian) Empire that had existed hundreds of years prior to the rise of Kemet (Egypt). His High Priest ‘An’ who was depicted on several of his Palettes is a clear indication that he retained the customs of the Ante people, the original inhabitants of Kemet (Egypt).

Although Narmer was from Upper Kemet (Southern Egypt), he led a military expedition into and conquered Lower Kemet (Northern Egypt) in around 3207 BCE and was the first ruler to unite the whole of the country. He expelled the Asiatics, known later as ‘Libyans’—the nomadic wanderers who were originally driven out from what is today Western Etbiopia—because they were unwilling to observe Ethiopian customs and laws and did not want to unify with their neighbour. The Asiatics became wanderers who sought ways of conquering and usurping other civilizations.

Nanner married Neithhotep from Lower Kerner (Northern Egypt) to cement the unison of Tatei—the two lands—of Kemet (Egypt). The ‘two lands would meet at the fourth cataract along the Nile River, but Upper Egypt included all of Ethiopia. Narmer went on to rule as far west as from Libya to Palestine in the East and established a foundation for peaceful co-existence in all of Kemet’s (Egypt) empire.

The unison of Upper (Southern) and Lower Kemet (Northern) laid the foundation for all future Dynastic lineages of Egyptian civilization. After establishing the capital of his new kingdom at Men-Nefer (Memphis) in Lower Egypt to cement the union, he re-routed the flow of the Nile by building dykes to protect the capital from flooding. He also built a temple to the god Ptah. He ruled for 42 years and is said to have been killed by a hippopotamus while in the homeland of his ancestors, Ethiopia. He was succeeded as Pharaoh by his son Aba who in turn was succeeded by his brother Djer. The followers of Aha were called ‘Nor-Abd.

the Shemsu – Hor . The Book of Thoth was said to predate the Shemsu – Hor by over 20 , 000 years .

“In the religious literature of Ancient Egypt,” writes Andrew Collins, “they are said to have become the god’s mesniu, ‘workers of metal’, or blacksmiths'”! The mesniu, says Barbara Walker, were blacksmiths or alchemists and priests of Isis.

According to Xaviant Haze in his book Aliens in Ancient Egypt: The Brotherhood of the Serpent and the Secrets of the Nile Civilization, over time the underground SHET-I eventually took over the Amun priesthood and turned it into the Brotherhood of the Snake. Haze does not use the term SHET-I in his book, but refers to the Reptilians as the Shemsu Hor, which translates to “the followers of Horus.”

The temple of Dendera, consecrated to Hathor, was built by the Ptolemys in the first century B.C.E. Its hieroglyphics declare that it was constructed according to the plan laid down in the time of the Shemsu-Hor, which translates as the “Followers of Horus.”il The Royal Papyrus of Turin states that the Shemsu-Hor ruled Egypt for a period of 13,420 years, up to the time when Egypt was unified under Menes. Schwaller de Lubicz dates this unification at 4240 B.C.E., implying that the Followers of Horus began their rule of Egypt in 17,660 B.C.E.

The Anunnaki gods of Sumeria and Babylon, the Shemsu Hor or Akhu of Egyptians

These invaders were known to the Egyptians as the “Shemsu Hoe , or people of Hor. And, of course, they brought with them their male god, Hor-Wer or Great Hor.

Shemsu Hor at one time have been related to the people we later know as the Hurrians or Horites ,

According to Emery, the name of the first king of the First Dynasty, known as Narmer or Menes in Manetho’s history of 270 BC, was actually Hor-Aha. Later, the name of Hor appears to have been incorporated into the more ancient goddess religion as the “son who dies”. This has led to a lot of confusion between the two “Hors”, Horus the Elder, god of light of the invaders, and Horus the Younger, the son of the goddess Isis. Hor later was transmogrified into Horus by the Greeks, and is depicted as fighting a ritual combat with another male deity known as Set. Set is supposed to be his uncle, the brother of his mother Isis and father Osiris. The combat was supposed to symbolize the overcoming of darkness or Set, by light, symbolized by Hor.

Nevertheless, the followers of Hor established the institution of kingship in Egypt. And, again, marrying the representative of the goddess in order to “steal her power” was an important part of the assumption of kingship as was recorded in the story of Solomon – he married an Egyptian Princess. We may justifiably compare the name of “Hor” to the Hurrians or Horites who came from India to Sumer.

The winged disc was the symbol and emblem of Shemsu Hors

The Hawk symbol of Hor/Horus the Elder also occurs in a pictograph of the Sumerian god Enki means en-lord, ki-earth,

Enki also means god of water

Enki is associated with the Egyptian god Ptah

Who were the Shemsu Hor is unknown, their number is not known with certainty, but it is clear that they were regarded as semi-divine men, and not divine gods, under the patronage of Horus. Since the Edfu text informs us that they came after the giants (Nephilims), we can assume that they were descendents of Nephilim with the mission of guarding and passing on the knowledge of divinities to humans.

Instead of revealing the knowledge of Wizzer, Ptah and the Neters as aspects of consciousness, as a means for the people to reach enlightenment, or even as past vistors from the Sirius star system, the truth of these principles was restricted to only the priesthood. The priests then became the spokesmen for the Neters, and only they and the royal families (and they only with the permission of the priests) had access to them. The original knowledge of the Neters and their connection to Sa-Ptah (Sirius) was obfuscated, and if Orion was mentioned in the texts (which may be debatable), it was substituted for Sirius by the priests to create a false religion and to keep the inner mysteries to themselves.

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