In alchemy, the cosmic egg is the PRIMA MATERIA, the philosopher’s stone, cosmic seed


In alchemy, the egg is the PRIMA MATERIA, or hermetically sealed vessel, in which the philosopher’s stone is created. Its white color lends it the association of perfection.

The egg also is a universal symbol of fertility. In mythology, the egg represents the primordial cosmos, the life principle, the undifferentiated totality, wholeness, and the womb of the Mother Goddess. This Cosmic Egg is often represented by an egg entwined by a snake (see serpent/snake) or our oborous.

When the Supreme ultimate and the Imrnatenal Sprit untold, the Pont at the crown of your head opens and the Iight or tunnel or shaft leading to the cosmic egg is revealed.

The manifestation that you identity with as your life is really an infinitely complex inter connection of systems of matierienergy cycles of movements that complete themselves periodically—your body in the Macrocosm Ard the ineffable secret of what you realty are is able to exist in the turbulence of these dependable cycling systems of matter/energy.

You become aware that you are none of these things within the pantheon of matter energy that is the great mother Void Chaos. Travel the Power through the Point at the top of your head and you will know the essence of every thing is a protecton perpendicular to the surface of the Cosmic Egg.

As each and every one of these individual surface qualities of the ONE cosrnic egg move away from the surface they separate connection from each other expect at the source—the surface of the cosmic egg.

Once the quality has protected from the surface It becomes one manifest and transcerds the microcosm. The cycles of matte/energy cling to it and the thing is created in the Macrocosm.

The surface is vast enough to entertain all possible qualities willng to manifest.

Beneath the surface of the cosmic egg qualities are fused akin to microcosmic plasma This fusion is the transcendent mystery of the great mother Void Chaos. At the center of the cosmic egg is ONE Eternal Point that is No-Thing, the great father of All, from which your eternal essence springs.

If your physical body maintains the three Powers you can travel to the surface cif the cosmic egg and return. If your subtle body maintains the three powers you can travel heaven in the microcosm and be cognizant of that reality. If your subtle body is not developed the microcosm will manifest as fanciful dreamlike distortions. And only the rudest of correspondences between the higher and the lower will be capable of nanifestation, if at all.

The part that looks egg-shaped from the outside, the part I might call the “cosmic egg,” hides the driving force of life.
an image of the soul egg Cosmic Egg; immortality; potentiality; creation; the germ of all creation; all seminal existence; the universe; the mother; the womb; the primordial matriarchal world of chaos; cosmic time and space; sanctuary; resurrection; hope; the perfect state of unified opposites

The psycho dynamic force actuates the progress of Being and coordinates all combinations. This force unites all dissociated atoms and guarantees the highest manifestation of the cosmos in the forms of the elements of nature and in the elements of the human spirit, i.e., psychic energy is contained everywhere in nature. It is at the foundation of nature. The potential of psychic energy is contained even in lower organisms and is especially expressed in man. There is no limit for psychic energy. It can overcome all obstacles. There is no force that can block the path of psychic energy, and the so-called fourth dimension is its property.

Psychic energy is closely linked with the cosmic seed.

Hence, when the pulsations of the seed are stilled, the afflux of psychic energy ceases. But when the fire of the seed is active, the psychic energy has a powerful pulsation, i.e., the energy acts like the pulse of the cosmos — ebb and flow gather power. This breath of the cosmos is immutable in everything, and the form and purpose to the entire breath of the cosmos is given by the Mother of the World. Therefore, the Mother of the World is the power which moves the universe. The cosmic breath of the Mother of the World is. all-pervading: “From infinitesimal grains of dust to immeasurable magnitudes, life moves and breathes by this Breath’.

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