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Human beings are indeed living in a terminal state of hypnotic trance, dutifully helping their archenemy to bring them down to Sheol, as he desires. Human beings believe that they see with their eyes, but they are actually living with a very thick spiritual blindfold. The Bible says that human beings are blind at heart. That is where Jesus Christ comes in

Human beings are indeed living in a terminal state of hypnotic trance, dutifully helping their archenemy to bring them down to Sheol, as he desires. Human beings believe that they see with their eyes, but they are actually living with a very thick spiritual blindfold. The Bible says that human beings are blind at heart. That is where Jesus Christ comes in.

Materialism leading humankind further and further away from God,

Scripture has its own practical agenda to create long-lasting change, and whenever you engage with it intentionally it moves you further away from old life into new.

Your Higher Self and Spirit will help you to progress to the next part of your Divine Plan.

Our spiritual advancement

There comes a time in life when we look within ourselves to find out who we really are. The realization and acceptance of who we truly are enable us to provide for self-improvement and growth. Some people look outward at the physical world and, fas-cinated by all its attractions, seek to surround themselves with material possessions. Others live a conservative life, seek sim-plicity, are satisfied with what is available under their circum-stances, and learn to adjust with the rich complexity of life. However, for all those who desire a more rewarding and lasting style of living, the path is unique. It starts with the simple steps involved in learning to listen, give, pray, believe, understand, show compassion, and appreciate what they already have. These steps lead to the path of authentic spirituality, which is an inti-mate relationship with God. Attaining such a relationship is a lifelong process. And to get started, we have to look inward to rediscover the soul that leads and paves the way.

The combination of a One World Government, a Digital Global World Brain, and RFID-micro chipping everyone on Earth is the Ultimate enslavement, and genocide and depopulation is another method they will use upon mankind.

God reconciles all things to himself in heaven and on earth through Christ, “making peace by the blood of his cross” (Col 1:19-20). Christ has passed through the veil and entered the holy of holies.

When it opened (like the tearing of the veil on Good Friday), the heavens or depths of reality, the “more” , was revealed from within.

With respect to humankind’s moral refinement and spiritual salvation, ignorance means much more than lack of knowledge. More importantly, it also means total spiritual amnesia, resulting in total lack of spiritual enlightenment, free will, and willpower. In their incapacitated state as lost spirits in the world, someone craftier cast a spell of total spiritual blindness over the fallen, dead spirits in the world.

Spiritual blindness is the perceivable manifestation of spiritual amnesia. Spiritual amnesia is the state of total loss of their past memories of perfect spiritual personalities and realities by human spirits, brought about by the programmed hypnotic induction of the human minds.

Spiritual enlightenment is the special wisdom from above, granted to repentant fallen spirits in the world by the Father’s present divine grace through his heavenly Envoy. Free will is the rekindled power of choice that every enlightened human being now has to choose to regain the life of perfection or to perish eternally with the life of the world. It is the power to determine the eternal fate of one’s own lost spirit, while willpower is a combination of determination and self-discipline that enables him to express and live by what he already knows, despite the difficulties and dangers involved. A person who is ignorant of how to drive a car needs only to be taught the skill.

Once he acquires the knowledge, he begins to drive. Essentially, no agency exists on earth that has deliberately constituted itself to try to hinder any normal adult from expressing his driving skill. However, the scenario is not that straightforward for someone who desires to attain true spiritual salvation. Knowing what spiritual salvation is and what to do in order to attain it is only the beginning of a lifelong battle against some ruthless, powerful agencies that are vehemently determined to frustrate the positive efforts of any genuine seeker.

Human beings are indeed living in a terminal state of hypnotic trance, dutifully helping their archenemy to bring them down to Sheol, as he desires. Human beings believe that they see with their eyes, but they are actually living with a very thick spiritual blindfold. The Bible says that human beings are blind at heart.

That is where Jesus Christ comes in. The Father is the Supreme antidote for all evils. He sent us his perfect Son, Jesus Christ, to restore our lost spiritual consciousness and ultimately guide us unto spiritual resurrection. He is our heavenly Spell Buster and our only hope against the heartless perpetuator[s] of the human state of ignorance. He has the power and the will to cancel out this terminal dream life of spiritual bondage permanently for every genuine seeker of spiritual rebirth. To such people, he assures, “I entered this world to render judgment—to give sight to the blind and to show those who think they see that they are blind.” [John 9:39 (NLT)]

Fear is also an exclusive program of human nature, working in conjunction with the highly impressionable human mind. The human brain controls human emotions, such as hatred, anger, fear, sorrow, desire, love, and joy. These are the constituents of the emotional makeup of every human being. No human being can eradicate these feelings completely for as long as he lives. Truly enlightened people can only display these emotions in a balanced manner to live balanced human lives on earth. In any case, an appropriate level of fear actually preserves life. For instance, every normal human being is afraid of jumping into a raging fire or taking a dive into the deep sea when he knows he cannot swim. This is not the fear that holds human spirits captive. The fear that is completely detrimental to the spiritual salvation of human spirits is the fear associated with religion and its god.

Fear is a factor of programmed human ignorance and the imperfect world order. Fear is not of God the Father; it is also not of perfect spirits in his heavenly realm of perfection, and it is not of truly enlightened human beings in the world. We know that God is love, and that fear cannot exist where there is perfect love. “There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love.” [1 John 4:18 (KJV)] Surely, fear cannot exist in the hearts of people who truly love the Father, for “God is love, and all who live in love live in God, and God lives in them.” [1 John 4:16]

In order to understand the sentence tat loam osi as meaning: ‘Thou art’ pure spirit and as such identical with ‘that’, viz. with the Absolute which is pure spirit, one has to discriminate the self from the mind. In the worldly state the self identifies itself with the mind or inner organ. But in reality the mind is an outcome of the gross elements and an object. With the aid of the Great Saying “Not this, not this” (nth mil) one has to discriminate the self from all that is elemental and objective, even from the mind. When this is done, the gross things vanish into nothingness. Then it is easy to know what is meant by the word “thou” and to identify the spiritual “thou” with the spiritual “that”. In this way monism is realized.

Knowledge is imparted to Man through the discriminative. study of the upanisads. It is only a means of spiritual awaken-ing. Its purpose is to destroy ignorance. When this has been done and awakening has arisen, knowledge destorys itself. “Knowledge comes out breaking the chest of Mind and disappears suddenly devouring Delusion along with his followers. And Rise of Spiritual Awakening goes to the One Purusa?”

Knowledge presupposes a subject and an object ; so as long as it exists there is duality. That is why in the real state there is no place for knowledge. This state is only awakening. Rise of Awaken-ing (Prabodhodaya ) gives utterance to the experience of monism in the words : “I am that Rise of Awakening by whose rising the three worlds, burst by (my) ) natural splendour, cease to be the object of arguments such as whether they are attached or lost, born or removed, woven together or dissolved, or whether they are a thing or nothing?” As soon as the awakening dawns, Man realises his identity with the Absolute: “After shaking off the darkness of delusion, after throwing off the sleep of error, a cool ray of awakening has been born.

, What is alchemy? The “separative art” is an early form of sacred chemistry that explores the nature of various substances. It is a multifaceted natural science—philosophy rooted in a spiritual worldview in which everything in the cosmos contains a universal spirit that is the origin of all matter, which is a living thing.

Alchemy teaches that by combining the four basic qualities of living matter (earth, fire, air, and water) in certain ratios, the alchemist can “speed up” the processes of nature, with the goal of perfecting and transforming a substance to its highest possible potential as a universal medicine, the elixir of life, or the Philosopher’s Stone. At its core, alchemy is concerned with purification, transformation, and growth. Its objective is to bring all things, especially humanity, to their preordained state of perfection. Alchemy has always had a dual nature and two lines of approach.

Practical alchemy is concerned with transforming a base material into a higher, more purified substance, such as the turning of lead or a lesser metal into gold, or the extraction of a medicinal substance from a plant in order to create a healing elixir. This is the type of alchemy readers traditionally think of when they encounter the term—a laboratory stocked with furnaces, bellows, stills. condensers, and glass beakers. While many alchemists worked in a lab, the principal interest of many alchemical philosophers was spiritual.

These alchemists did not look merely for the substance of gold; they sought to give the quality of gold to their own being, to transmute the base metals—the gross and impure parts of their own nature—into spiritual gold, or divine wisdom.

Spiritual or inner alchemy is concerned with the transformation of the human soul from a state of baseness to one of spiritual enlightenment. In mystical terms, alchemy is symbolic of a conversion from the heavy, leaden, physical, earthbound consciousness to the refined gold of the divinely inspired being. It creates a road map of the internal energies that can affect the purification of body, mind, and soul.

Luke 11:52 says; “Woe to you experts in the law! You have taken away the key to knowledge. You didn’t go in yourselves, and you hindered those who were trying to go in.”

The classical texts of alchemy are rich in symbolism and allegory. Some of these books contained little more than alchemical prints and illustrations. Others had few illustrations but were filled with cryptic language, enigmatic rhymes, and perplexing metaphors and allegories. The practical reason usually given for this coded language is that the alchemists wished to hide their laboratory techniques from those who would profane the sacred art. However, it was also thought that only those who were spiritually pure could decode the message and unlock the divine secrets of the art.

“Alchemy is not merely an art or science to teach metallic transmutation, so much as a true and solid science that teaches how to know the center of all things, which in the divine language is called the Spirit of Life.”‘ Alchemy has gained popularity in recent years through the works of Swiss psychologist Carl G. Jung, who construed alchemy as an age-old method of psychological transformation clothed in the terminology of metalworking.

The system developed by Jung, known as analytical psychology, became one of the most common mechanisms for the interpretation of occult phenomena in the twentieth century. The main thrust behind Jungian psychology is that all occult and religious phenomena are psychological in nature and are connected to the relationship between the individual and the realm of the collective unconscious.

The primary inhabitants of the collective unconscious are the archetypes—pre-existent ideas or basic categories of human awareness. They are centers of psychological energy that tend to surface in human consciousness through similar forms and images. These images are timeless and universal.

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