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How is this level of flow limitless power or limitless of light (enlightment) built up? You are searching for the magic key that will unlock the door to the source of power; and yet you have the key in your hands. Clearing more and more discordant energy from our DNA and our energy field enables the higher frequencies to alchemize the substance of the physical and energy bodies, increasing the spin and the frequency vibration of the atoms so that each level of our energy field becomes finer and finer. Quantum and superconducters

How is this level of flow limitless power or limitless of light (enlightment) built up? You are searching for the magic key that will unlock the door to the source of power; and yet you have the key in your hands. Clearing more and more discordant energy from our DNA and our energy field enables the higher frequencies to alchemize the substance of the physical and energy bodies, increasing the spin and the frequency vibration of the atoms so that each level of our energy field becomes finer and finer. Quantum and superconducters

Duality and Nonduality ; the Relative and the Absolute:

Some spiritual traditions speak of the potential for transcending duality. It is claimed that one can move beyond the dualities of short and long, good and bad, small and big, right and wrong, us and them, which are based on reference points. These dualities are in the world of the Relative as they need something to compare to. Buddhists speak of the world of the Absolute when you move beyond comparing, beyond all reference points.

You might say that you are moving beyond the duality of seeing a particle as being in state A or state B by seeing that at higher levels it is in a superposition of being in A and B at the same time.

Transcend and Include

Ken Wilber, a philosopher and mapmaker of the current era who has integrated many branches of human understanding into an overarching theory has developed a philosophical formulation of different levels of being, which he calls the Great Chain of Being. Each higher level transcends and includes the lower levels. So in the gross, subtle, causal formulation of spirituality, the subtle level transcends and includes the gross, the causal level transcends and includes the subtle and the gross. In Physics 3 a higher level of beingness of matter transcends and includes any lower level of beingness of matter by including them in the quantum superposition of states. In a lower level matter could be in state A or B, while in the higher level it transcends and includes by defining matter to be in both states of A and B. It is in a quantum superposition of A and B.

The implication of these speculations is that evolution may have created biological mechanisms that exploit organised quantum processes. One of these may be quantum computation in the brain. There is a fairly long list of proposed quantum structures in the brain at the level of the neuron or smaller: receptor pro-teins, membrane lipids, presynaptic vesicle release structures, gap junctions, neurotransmitter molecules, calcium ions, DNA, RNA, and microtubules. The Penrose-Hameroff model of consciousness is based specifically on quantum compu-tation in microtubules (which we shall come to soon) within the brain’s neurons.

The wave function is dimensionless. It has the dimensions (lenght) where the number of particles is the dimensions of space. The wave function is a function of regular three-dimensional space. This is true only for one particle systems. For two particle systems., the wave function exist in six dimensional, configuration space.

The discovery of quantum (or wave) mechanics showed that all forms of matter have both wave-like and particle-like properties, and that these two properties never manifest themselves at the same time.

They do not reduce the matter of the microworld to either particles or waves, but consider the objects of the microworld as quantum (or micro) objects that manifest themselves under some conditions as waves and under other conditions as particles.

The key of understanding of the two particle paradox system come from the quantum theory. Energy of heat radiation is not emitted continuously, but appears in the form of energy packets (quanta packets). These are fundamental aspects of nature. Light appears not only as electromagentic waves but also in the form of these “quanta”, which have since been accepted as true particles and are called photons (the photons remains and intriguing sort of particle, however, being massless and always traveling in the speed of light.

The puzzling wave-particle contradiction was solved in a very surprising and unexpected way, a way which called into question the very foundation of the mechanistic, Newtonian world-view—nothing less than the reality of matter itself. At the subatomic level: (a) matter does not exist with certainty at definite places, but rather shows “tendencies to exist,” and (b) events do not occur with certainty at definite times, but rather show “tendencies to occur.” In quantum theory, these tendencies are expressed as probabilities—mathematical quantities which take the form of waves. This is the way in which matter manifests itself as both particle and wave at the same time. These same tendencies are not actual three-dimensional waves (like sound or water), but are, rather, “probabil-ity waves”—abstract mathematical quantities (with all the characteristic properties of waves) which are related to the probabilities of finding the particles at particular points in space at particular times. All the laws of atomic physics are expressed in terms of these probabilities. One can never predict an atomic event with certainty; only how likely it is to occur.

Quantum and superconducters

  • If the essential nature of the of the quantum field is information, then it is perhaps not such mystery that is organized in multi-dimensional way
  • The 97% of human DNA that is not involved in protein building is active within a quantum state.
  • Our body is the quantum temple and within you is the Kingdom of Heaven (Quantum Divine) – DNA is a “alchemical” door, and the goal is to open this door to the fifth dimensional world of the quantum life.
  • Light creates alchemical reactions and these opens and activates dormant DNA strands
  • DNA molecule stores up to 1,000 photons within itself (photons or particles of light)
  • Under the influence of a high-spin nucleus, the electrons, which begin to spin in the same direction, turn to pure white light. They literally turn into photons.

Biophotons as messengers of consciousness

In a low-spin state, the electrons fill the lower-energy orbitals around the nucleus before they begin occupying the higher-energy orbitals. Why is it called low-spin? It means that the lower orbitals are filled first. (You might call the low-spin state the lowest occupied state.) Guess what happens in a high-spin state? The higher-energy orbitals are filled first, rather than the lower-energy orbitals. If an atom has five orbitals, an electron is put into each before any pairing occurs, and we’ve now created a “high-spin complex.” Atoms in this state are lower in temperature and can remain in a monatomic (mono meaning “one”) state.

In this state, atoms can pass energy from one atom to the next with no net loss in energy. Remember our discussion of the zero point, which occurs when light is frozen? Even as far back as the 1960s, researchers saw that these metals, in a high-spin state or zero-point state, could pass energy from one high-spin atom to the next with no loss of energy! This process is termed superconductivity.

With superconductivity, energy—information that vibrates—can be passed from one superconductor to another, with no resistance and no contact.

Under the influence of a high-spin nucleus, the electrons, which begin to spin in the same direction, turn to pure white light. They literally turn into photons. In this state, the element cannot maintain its metallic state. It begins to fall apart and appears as white monatomic powder. In losing their metallic nature, these metals also produce a magnetic field, called the Meissner field, to which we’ve already attributed effects like levitation. In addition, superconductivity has another side effect: weightlessness.

The vibratory rate of the force-emanation of the Pineal is beyond the rate of vibrations that are capable of being registered by any mechanical instrument so far produced by science, and has been estimated to be in the billions of cycles per second.

the science of atoms and nuclei—for the ‘highward’ state of the white powder is only achieved through knowledge of the high-spin metallurgical experience.

…..platinum metal ruthenium in relation to human DNA. It was pointed out that when single ruthenium atoms are placed at each end of double-helix DNA, it becomes 10,000 times more conductive. It becomes, in effect, a superconductor.”

Iridium has been shown to stimulate the pineal gland and appears to fire up “junk DNA,” leading to the possibility of increased longevity. These atoms actually make the DNA strand correct itself, rebuilding without drugs or radiation.

The pineal gland can be considered an organic superconducting resonator located within each of us. By understanding the secret properties of manna, another application should become apparent. First of all, this manna, or monoatomic atoms, are known to be superconductive. The brain has super conductive properties — it has the power to change matter when it changes energy. It teaches humanity how to use the tachyon energy field and prepares the brain to be a superconductor.

It is known that both iridium and rhodium have anti-ageing properties, while ruthenium and platinum compounds interact with the DNA and the cellular body. It is also known that gold and the platinum metals, in their monatomic high-spin state, can activate the endocrinal glandular system in a way that heightens awareness and aptitude to extraordinary levels. The highward shem-an-na is capable of defying gravitational attraction, and it would appear that it perhaps activates the body’s so-called ‘junk DNA’, along with the generally unused parts of the brain.

So alchemy and transmutation is the art that creates a bio-chemical shift in frequencies. What alchemist refers as alchemical transmutations to other nobler metals, is in fact a process of changing bio-chemical frequencies, from lower to higher, and this then mean shift in both frequency and consciousness/awareness.

The quantum world displays a universe in which local phenomena are built upon a nonlocal reality. The physical world is built upon a local reality and universe is built upon nonlocal reality. The physical world was created by universal structures, Earth doesn´t create universe, it was built up through layers of quantum multi-dimensional structures and different dimensions (or frequencies), from ligher (high frequency) to dense (low frequency) frequencies (layers of frequencies)

The laws that govern the quantum differ strangely from the predictable reality of our everyday “classical” world. At small scales … For example, atoms and subatomic quantum particles can exist in two or more states or places simultaneously, more like waves than particles, and existing as multiple coexisting possibilities known as quantum superposition, governed by a quantum wave function.

another quantum property is “nonlocal entanglement”, in which components of a spatially separated system remain unified and connected

Quantum theory was developed in an attempt to describe the nature of reality at the atomic-structure scale, where experiments have confirmed the wave—particle duality of both atomic particles and light waves. Thus isolated atomic and subatomic-scale systems can exist in a quantum superposition of different states simultaneously, and experiments show that certain quantum systems manage to remain connected over surprisingly great distances. In the macroscopic world of our everyday experience, on the other hand, physical objects (like footballs and planet Earth) have well-defined positions and speeds and are decidedly nonwavelike.

If you choose a future of limited options, it will indeed be limited, not by an objective “reality,” but by your beliefs about reality. Quantum physics represents the world as multiple possibilities. Until a choice is made, the world is a curious overlapping of all its alternatives, a phenomenon known to physicists as a “superposition.” From the superposition, even seemingly opposing things can occur together simultaneously because they are potential and not concrete. If you can operate from the superposition in your own awareness, you can choose which reality you want. From this perspective, your future is limitless.

These quantum processes also operate in higher levels of human physiological functioning and give you the ability to choose to experience new levels of dimensions (or realities).

How is this level of flow limitless power or limitless of light (enlightment) built up?

You are searching for the magic key that will unlock the door to the source of power; and yet you have the key in your hands.

Paradoxically, we do it in the opposite way to what we might assume: We let go. Intentionality is thought, and thought is energy. Energy operates at various frequencies; consequently. humans (who are a manifestation of energy) function at different frequencies. The most commonly experienced frequency is our body—our physiological energy frequency. Indeed, for many people this is the only frequency of which they are aware. Our personal growth and spiritual evolution access different, higher frequencies—spiritual energy frequencies. When we meditate, we are functioning at yet another, higher frequency.

When our meditation reaches the level of trance, where our physiological activity slows or stops but our experience continues, we have reached yet another, higher level of frequency. When we experience a sense of being one with the universe, we are operating at another, higher level of frequency; and when we sense the experience of being one with Cod, we operate at the highest frequency. At this level, we are close to the Preprobability Plane, and it is here that we are closest to the field of unrealized probabilities, the state of raw energy and potential. This is the subquantum level, the quantum void, before the conscious energy field is activated by intentionality. This is where we access our soul.

From the Unified Field emerge quantum waves, which are the basis of what is seen in classical physics as elementary parties. Elementary particles assemble to form atoms. Atoms group are together to form molecules. The most complex molecules are organic molecules. These organic molecules assemble to form the most complex organic molecule known as DNA.

Science and spirituality meet

As unification spreads upon this planet, we are also seeing the coming together of the four great tenets of society: religion, science, philosophy and the arts. This is reflected in the work of the brilliant cellular biologist, Bruce Lipton, who offers the following hypothesis: Despite the fact that for the past 50 years science has maintained that our fate was preprogrammed in our genes. it is now emerging that our external universe, internal physiology and more imports fly our perception directly control the activity of the genes. Hear again: our perception controls the genes and their subsequent production of hormones, proteins, enzymes etc. and not heredity unless the same thought patterns continue unchallenged from one generation to the next.

He states that it takes only three days for the DNA to produce a response to any new messenger (hormone, virus, antigen etc.) which comes knocking at the door of the cell membrane. This goes against the belief that our body is unable to deal with present-day environmental issues or new viruses. From this we can also conclude that the gene pool or our DNA is not static with its message set in stone but is more akin to that ocean of unlimited possibilities into which we cast our fishing line of intention with its bait of perception attached, producing a new scenario fashioned in less than three days. It is obvious from this that if we want to change our biology and state of well-being we need to change our perception.

DNA is the blueprint for all life. It holds all the coding for the physical body and energy field. Our physical DNA is formed by information transfer from the subtle energy template of the personal human field, which preexists the physical and the morphogenetic field of the species. From these information fields, all matter develops. <br>

Currently in the double helix there are two strands of DNA, coiled into a spiral in most human beings. Scientists at Cambridge University have recently published a paper that confirms four-stranded quadruple-helix DNA structures — known as G-quadruplexes—also exist within the human genome. Their study confirms DNA is dynamic, with structures constantly being formed and unformed. Geneticists claim that one day we will have twelve strands and we are undoubtedly mutating and evolving. Very recent research has also shown that extending the length of the protective ends of the chromosomes called telomeres reverses the aging process of the cell, turning back the internal clock programming.

What was one thought to be junk DNA (around 97 percent of the known existent DNA) is now realized to be a quantum microprocessor of information fields. In order to access our full human potential, the information stored in the dormant energetic DNA is just awaiting the correct multidimensional codes to be activated in order to materialize into form by the higher self mind. DNA vibrations could constitute an enormous reservoir of information.

The more DNA that is activated, the greater our potential, and the greater the expansion of consciousness that can be realized. Most humans have two physical strands of DNA, however our DNA has an energy field consisting of at least another ten energetic strands and in some cases many more, holding the dormant codes awaiting activation.

The master cell held in the pineal gland, upon receiving the higher frequency information, activates all other cellular behaviors. As we move through our transformational work and are able to receive and metabolize the higher frequencies, this also changes our physical DNA.

It is possible for us to do this work ourselves and activate the dormant information; the original blueprint before conditioning, energetic imprinting, and genetic meddling during our evolutionary process can be restored. It is not necessary to wait for mainstream science to catch up, and neither do we need any special equipment.

We have the means within our own energetic system to activate these dormant codes, providing us with radiant health and abundance, halting and reversing the aging process, and accelerating the return to our original harmonized blueprint, synchronous with higher will. We are in the process of changing from a carbon-based human to a more refined physical matter: a silica liquid crystalline being.

Clearing more and more discordant energy from our DNA and our energy field enables the higher frequencies to alchemize the substance of the physical and energy bodies, increasing the spin and the frequency vibration of the atoms so that each level of our energy field becomes finer and finer. This includes the physical body. We literally transfigure. We achieve this through our intention, action, thought mastery, and energy work.

Peter Horttanainen

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