How do I reach that reality beyond the five physical senses?

How do I reach that reality beyond the five physical senses?

Would people leave the five senses reality even if they could, in same way as the chained beings in Plato´s Cave Allegory…?

The five senses are our way of experiencing this place in which we find ourselves, the Linear DFSR. The perceptions of the five senses are interpreted by the brain. The brain is by default an automatic self-regulatory physical organ that uses the inner world of thinking to keep each sentient being within a narrow bandwidth called consensus reality. The brain ‘mirrors’ the five outer senses with five inner senses that provide each being with memory, imagination etc., that also fit with consensus reality. It is this inner reality to which we retire when we are asleep and when we are dying. Thus brain seeks to confine each being within its own narrow interpretations through ignorance, fear and greed. Conscious awareness is what we are without all the conditioning and thinking.

In order to move beyond the linear dualistic five sense reality, it is necessary to step back to a point prior to societal conditioning. Throughout our lives we are only essentially in one place, (and of course one time – Now!). For most westerners this place is in our head, behind our eyes. For many Easterners it is in the heart, the centre of the chest area. These places are where we, the hidden watcher, choose to seat our conscious awareness, our only way of knowing or experiencing anything about this place in which we find ourselves.

The Emerald Tablets, as translated by Maurice Doreal, describe how the serpent entities of another frequency possessed the bodies of those in power in this five-sense reality

Everything that you experience on 3rd density Earth is an illusion of the mind, as your reality is mostly determined by electrical impulses interpreted by your brain.

Many on Earth are left brain prisoners, slaves to their hidden masters who manipulate the five sense reality from behind the scenes. In essence, we have been disconnected from our higher selves.

Take a look at the world now. We walk down the street talking on our cell phones, or not even talking, texting one another, spending hours sitting in front of a computer. We are absorbed in technology, taking us further and further away from nature, Spirit, and our Self, and our love of Self. In the original design, man and woman were created to have and maintain a connection with Spirit. Because of all the distractions and noise in our technological world, we are separated from the Divine, from our Selves.

The mind, brain and five senses work together to decode holographic data and presents it to us as solid objects that we are familiar with – sticks and stones, earth, heavens and so on. We believe this to be true: we see an apple, touch it, smell it, taste it, hear the sound as we munch it. As each sense confirms the others, we conclude that the apple is real and solid. It is the mind that actually sees, feels, tastes, smells and hears. By this mind/brain/five-sense combination we become attached to and identify with the world of form. We become attached to the thoughts of the past and of the future and fail to live in the now. In other words, consciousness is held prisoner by the mind/brain/five-sense coalescence.

Every future that has unfolded throughout history has been based on a direction taken by the mind. Artificial intelligence, after all, is just another notch on the belt of human intelligence; therefore, predicting that we will be surpassed by a Frankenstein race of supercomputers is very premature. We need to know our full capacity before taking bets on any future. Until metareality becomes a common experience, being human has not reached its full creative capacity. Settling for a better dream isn’t good enough—an upgraded illusion is still an illusion.

Everything you perceive at this moment through the five senses—the solid walls of your room, the faint movement of air in your lungs, the brightness of the light streaming in through the window or emitted by a lamp—is a simulation, a construct that engulfs you in a virtual reality. On the one hand, we are set up—brain, body, and mind—to conform to virtual reality, the result of a collective hoodwinking that has taken many thousands of years to create.

This makes things very tricky. A prisoner has an incentive to dig a tunnel to the outside world, because he knows that there’s something lying beyond the prison walls. The virtual reality you now experience offers nothing on the other side that you can touch, taste, feel, hear, or smell. But something does lie outside virtual reality, which I’ll term metareality. Metareality is the workshop where consciousness creates everything. It is our source and origin, a field of pure creative potential. Metareality is not perceived by the five senses, because it has no shape or location.

Yet it is totally accessible, and it offers our only means to escape simulated reality. Once you realize that you are engulfed in a simulation, it dawns on you how infinite the creative power of humans really is. We fashioned our world using not bricks and mortar but one invisible material: consciousness. In a scientific age, this assertion seems incredible, if not absurd. From inside the simulation, creation can be viewed like a movie of the universe unfolding from the big bang onward, along a time line that has taken 13.7 billion years. How can this mind-boggling arena, bounded by time, space, matter, and energy, be essentially fake? To find out, it will take a personal sense of curiosity and a touch of adventurousness to go beyond conventional wisdom. Consciousness is present in every second of our lives, yet conventional wisdom takes it for granted. This isn’t like missing the forest for the trees. It’s like living in the forest without seeing any trees at all.

We can run around in the five – sense reality all we like , campaigning and complaining , moaning and groaning about the state of our lives , but nothing will change .

Since we are prisoners of our senses and of our minds, unable to examine reality except through the dark, clouded screen these interpose, science has no way of knowing how much (or how little) of its conjecturing is fact, and how much is

Ralph Waldo Emerson understood, that little minds have little worries, big minds have no time for worries. Big or small, we are prisoners of our own mind. Our world is the size of our mind. We only can free our mind. We only can change our mind.

One of the most famous allegories in the history of philosophy is Plato’s cave allegory, from the Republic. The allegory concerns prisoners in a cave. Being chained, the prisoners can only see a wall of the cave; and all they can see of the world are what they see on this wall: the shadows of the objects outside. The allegory can be used to raise many philosophical issues.’ Here is one: how do we know that we are not in the same situation as the prisoners in the cave, in that we only ever see reality distorted? Maybe there is something about our senses or, more generally, our minds that makes it the case that we always have a distorted view on reality. For example, maybe our senses — our windows on the outside world — systematically deceive us. We are all familiar with the fact that sometimes things can look different from what they really are like; their shapes, sizes, and colors can be different from what they appear to be. What if this is so on a much grander scale than we ordinarily suspect? What if the senses always deceive us?

Man is not developed enough to see outside of his idea matter. He is in the idea, prophesying of what may come, hereafter.

The moon is a figure of the natural man. Its light is borrowed (or the light of the opinions of the sun). It thinks it has life of itself, but the sun’s light knows that it is the reflection of the sun’s light. The wise man, in like measure, knows that the light of the body (or natural man) is but the reflection of the scientific man. Our misery lies in this darkness. This is the prison that holds the natural man, till the light of wisdom bursts his bonds and lets the captive free. Here is where Christ went to preach to the prisoners bound by error, before the reformation of science.

Eckhart Tolle, writer of The Power of Now, says we can all escape the prison of our own minds by recognizing that what we think is our whole life is actually comprised of a conceptual reality of thoughts, views, opinions and knowledge. It’s not real in other words. This reality is what we regard as ‘I’ — ‘a mind-created false sense of self that will soon come to an end.’ Instead, we can learn to embrace the stillness inside us, he says: our true reality.

Develop Your Sixth Sense

The notion of a “sixth” sense, something that exists beyond the five senses in humans, evolves from the argument that the senses seem to come in pairs. Davis (1979) proposes that these pairings are based on the mechanisms involved: Taste and smell operate chemi-cally; hearing and touch operate mechanically by responding to air vibrations and motion. The last pair uses electromagnetic forces.

However, sight is the only recognized sense, leaving a great deal of speculation about the proposed sixth sense. Many believe that this sixth sense allows us to redefine the boundaries of our five senses to feel, understand, and perceive beyond the known and the seen.

When we think sixth sense, we conjure up the intriguing i-foursome: instinct, intuition, imagination, and insight. Sixth sense research is inherently controversial, but Rupert Sheldrake (2003) bravely tries to provide scientific evidence to sup-port sixth sense inquiry. He purports that the prickly sensation of being stared at or the sense of foreboding that becomes reality are rooted in our biology. He suggests morphic fields organize the devel-opment and behavior of organisms and that telepathy is a morphic field that allows organisms to contact over distance such as sensing who’s on the phone before you answer.

Premonitions that precede tragedy are another type of morphic field. Sometimes referred to as extrasensory perception, Davis (1979) speculates that the bones act as a magnetic sensory organ to sense low level electromagnetic activity. Perhaps that is why we feel vibes or have a feeling in our bones.

Now the exploration of physical reality can no longer help us to evolve, or even to survive. Our experience is expanding beyond the limitations of the five senses, and we are becoming aware of nonphysical reality—intelligence, compassion, and wisdom that is real but not physical. We are also beginning to see the dynamics that underlie physical appearances, and as we do, we are becoming more interested in them than the appearances they produce.

In other words, the human species is becoming multisensory. The five senses are a single system whose object of detection is the physical world. The physical world is all that the five senses can detect, but multisensory humans can detect more. They have hunches and insights, and they see meaning in everyday circumstances, among other things. Within a few generations, all humans will be multisensory.

The goal of five-sensory humans is to survive, which they have done by developing the ability to manipulate and control external things. That is external power. Multisensory humans are not satisfied with controlling more or having more. Their goal is spiritual growth, and they understand power in a new way—the alignment of the personality with the soul. That is authentic power.

Multisensory humans evolve by creating authentic power. They know the Universe is not a dead or random arena in which Life happens accidentally, and they explore nonphysical causes and effects, in addition to physical ones. Millions of humans are now realizing that they are more than enzymes and molecules, and more than bodies and minds. They are becoming aware of themselves as souls, yet the five senses cannot detect the soul. In other words, humans no longer need to believe that they have souls because they are beginning to experience themselves as souls.

It is beyond your three dimensional senses, but it is not beyond your conscious awareness. Your consciousness is the gate you pass through to get there. You are the gate through which you pass. Your own expanded awareness is the key that unlocks the gate and allows you to see beyond what seems to be, into what is. First you must believe it is possible, then you must step beyond the possible-known into the probable-unknown.

Multisensory perception is emerging in every culture and race and at every age level. It is a gift from the Universe that is appearing at the appropriate time, just as cognition—the ability to think and reason—was a gift that appeared in human experience at the appropriate time. Multisensory perception brings with it the new potential of an authentically empowered human species whose relationships and social structures are built on the values of the soul. (Today´s structure is built on the values of the ego capitalism and greed).

That potential is brought into being choice by choice.

The five senses—taste, touch, sight, hearing, and smell—together form a single sensory system whose object of detection is physical reality. This sensory system cannot detect nonphysical reality. Humankind is now moving beyond the limitations of the five senses. It is becoming able to access data that the five senses can-not provide and to utilize that data consciously. In other words, it is becoming highly intuitive. This is multisensory perception. Multisensory perception does not replace five-sensory percep-tion. It adds to it. Multisensory humans perceive physical circum-stances, but they also see meaning in them that five-sensory humans do not. Multisensory humans do not deduce or conclude meaning in their five-sensory circumstances. They perceive it directly. Multisensory humans feel what is appropriate for themselves regardless of what their five senses tell them and their intellects condude. Learning to use multisensory perception does not re-quire faith. It requires the openness to experiment with your inner sense of knowing when you feel it. Your inner sense of knowing is your access to nonphysical reality. Nonphysical reality is your home.

Our five senses cannot detect the existence of these waves , but that does not make them unreal. “Your soul is that part of you that is immortal. Every person has a soul, but a personality that is limited in its perception to the five senses is not aware of its soul, and, therefore, cannot recognize the influences of the soul.

When he is living under the influence of the five senses and receives their help, a man, if he starts preaching about Reality, will receive grace and sorrow. We must understand this well. When we are living within the world of the senses, we cannot preach about Reality which is beyond the world of senses. Only when one has conquered the senses will he be able to know Reality. Only then can he preach about Reality.

The spiritual realms are not distant planets where we go when we leave this earth plane, as some suggest, but are all around us here and now, beyond the five physical senses. We tend to say that the spiritual world is another world, but in reality we are already in it here and now, but cannot comprehend it through our low density within the material body. We are all spirits encased in matter, whether we like it or not. The material aspect is dense to many vibratory aspects we encounter in our quest to know and to understand.

We all have the potential to expand our awareness of reality beyond the parameters of the five senses.

In traditional cosmology, matter is simply a scaled down represen-tation of infinite life, the life of Heaven, which exists beyond the range of our five senses on the celestial planes. The original Reality is not molecular or atomic, or even energetic, rather it is divine, bliss-ful consciousness, full of the power of Being. Infinite consciousness is the Divine Source. In ancient India it was referred to as Sat-Chit-Ananda, existence-consciousness-bliss. It has multiplied itself into this universe of particles, energies and planes of consciousness in a fractal way such that each part reflects the pattern of the whole. If we want to understand the ladder of being on its higher ranges, we must work with a set of perceptions and a language of reference that can go beyond the scientific limits, useful as these are when dealing with matter through the lens of the five senses. Here the archetypes and the primal plot-lines of myth come into play.

The process of widening that takes place when human conscious-ness encompasses that which transcends it is sometimes called em-powerment or initiation. As instruments of awakening and enrich-ment, archetypes have played an important role in this process from the earliest times. In contemplation and divination, as well as in myths, rituals, philosophy and cosmology from the dawn of recorded history, archetypes have carried us forward in our quest for Truth.

Jung wrote:

We understand only such thinking as is a mere equation and from which nothing conies out but what we have put in. That is the manner qf working of the intellect. But beyond that there is a thinking in primordial images — in symbols that are older than historical man; which have been ingrained in him front earliest times, and eternally living, outlasting all genera-tions, still make up the groundwork of the human psyche. It is possible to live the fullest life only when we are in harmony with these symbols; wisdom is a return to them. It is a question neither ef belief nor knowledge, but qf the agreement ef our thinking with the primordial images ef the unconscious. (Modern Man in Search of a Soul, pgs. 129 – 30)

Our DNA was changed because of this reptilian intervention so that we can no longer access the world beyond the five senses. we merely “operate through the reptilian brain”, which keeps us in a continuous survival mode of fear and aggression.

And this is part of the conspiracy: “they want to lock humanity in the five senses, so we don’t perceive beyond it, we are locked in that prison”. This prison refers to “the nature of reality itself’, and it is of prime importance, Icke argued, because “what the control system doesn’t want us to know is that this reality—the one we think we are experiencing now—is an illusion!”.

In every one of our cells, over half the strands of DNA have been turned off or deactivated.

Some believe that the reason we have this reptilian brain is a result of direct DNA tinkering by the Reptilian race when they first arrived on this planet long ago. Some believe that they genetically altered the human race by also unplugging our DNA from twelve to two strands. This was only one of the ways they have kept humans dumbed down and asleep. It is well known that the human race has been functioning with only a small percentage of their brain power being used.

The reptilians have cut the planet earth and the residing humans off from the rest of creation. When they did this, they were free to do what they wanted with the planet and the ones residing on it. They have left a trail of destruction and chaos not only on the physical realm of this planet but in the spiritual realm also.

Consciously knowing, that humans, the planet earth and all that makes up the planet are all part of the same collective spiritual energy as themselves, in which they know as creation. Therefore, to watch this planet and everything that resides here suffer; it was like sitting back and watching a sibling getting tortured. For thousands of years this planet has not accessed the higher frequencies of consciousness and from what the creation was teaching through them. This took away our freedom to evolve by freewill, which has left humanity seeing the only option for us, as “that is just the way it is”.

In the beginning, earth was a wonderful place, creative frequency waves were able to penetrate through and different beings could send out cosmic information energy and help in the evolution of earth. Beings and everything on this earth were amazing, as everything connected to the knowledge of all of creation. Even when we look back now, at so many things that we cannot explain in our history and how we could have done that, when we would struggle or could not do it today.

With all of our technological advances, we still cannot imagine how this would be possible. That right there says so much. As earth began to evolve into a wonderful planet of all possibility eventually, the race in which we call the reptilians (darkness) took it over. These reptilians through use of the moon as a broadcast, through human genetic alterations and interbreeding, beat out light and began their reign over this planet. They blocked out the higher vibrational frequencies that kept earth freewill and evolving and broadcast their own low vibrational frequencies. These low frequencies have kept earth in this shut down state, as low frequencies are the only frequencies that darkness can access. Negativity, sadness, chaos and destruction are what these broadcasts create and it is what feeds them.

“The reptilians not only come from another planet, but are also from another dimension, the lower level of the fourth dimension, the one nearest the physical world. Icke writes that the universe consists of an infinite number of frequencies or dimensions that share the same space, just like television and radio frequencies. Some people can tune their consciousness to other wavelengths, which is what psychic power consists of, and it is from one of these other dimensions that the Anunnaki are controlling this world — although just as fourth-dimensional reptilians control us, they are controlled in turn by a fifth dimension. The lower level of the fourth dimension is what others call the ‘lower astral dimension.’

Consciousness Beyond the Brain

Perhaps the most revolutionary discovery regarding the nature of consciousness is the fact that prior to birth and after death, when the central nervous system and brain are not functioning, consciousness is nevertheless still present, accurately recording details of what is occurring in the immediate environment. Remarkably, consciousness predates one’s physical conception and even continues after death when all neurological activity within the physical brain and central nervous system has shut down.

None of our five senses reflect an accurate picture of the full range of reality. Even our sense of sight, which predominates over other human senses, varies tremendously from person to person. Similarly, we can hear sounds only within a very limited range of frequency, and smell an even smaller range of fragrances. In such a predicament, how can we ever reach consensus on the nature of outer reality, let alone the higher reality within?

We Are Multi-Sensory Beings

The good news is we are much more than physical beings with five outer senses. In fact, we are multi-sensory beings. We have five outer senses and five inner senses as well. The Sant Masters have said that through these inner senses we can see and hear realities beyond the physical. Unfortunately, few of us have any knowledge of the existence of these inner senses, let alone how they can be accessed. Fortunately, the great spiritual traditions of the world all show us the way through the art and science of meditation.

Spiritually asleep, we are literally prisoners in the cage of the physical body. As we begin to awaken and realize that we are a soul inhabiting this body, then, paradoxically, the former prison of the physical frame becomes holy ground—the temple of the spirit, where the source of all truth resides. Through daily meditation we come to see that we are spiritual beings trying to having a human experience, not human beings trying to have a opiritual experience. We come to realize that we have spiritual bodies with which we can traverse higher realms of Spirit.

In order to transcend the physical plane at will in meditation, we must be masters of our own house — in full control of our own body, mind, thoughts, actions, and desires. Then and only then will we be ready to claim our divine destiny and experience the unimagi-nable beauty and bliss of God. When our time here on Earth is done, we return to the everlasting realms of spirit from which we came to consummate our final merger in God. Yet we need a special passport to make this journey. It is not, of course, an actual creden-tial or qualification, but something far more subtle and precious.

As we continue our spiritual practice, our intrinsic inner con-sciousness begins to reassert itself over our bondage to the ordinary mind. We finally learn that our attention, which is the outer expres-sion of our soul, can be directed and controlled. We realize that we are not at the mercy of every thought and desire that passes through our body/mind. We begin to understand that while we have a mind, we are not the mind; we are conscious beings. To understand our unique predicament, let us explore the metaphor of the charioteer and the wild steeds.

The Earthly life teaching and programming people and all mankind to believe they are their Ego, and they is been teached and programmed they just are the physical body witch the ego is attached to. Then people walking around and living and experiencing their life through the ego.

The Masters say that living as a slave to one’s unbridled (ego)-desires makes it impossible to contact the soul.

To the spiritually wise, uncontrolled desire is a sort of “misfit love,” the counterfeit version of the love of God. When we are lost in desire and identify ourselves completely with our earthly roles, we have no clue to where the source of lasting happiness and real love lies. Attached to that which is impermanent and transitory, we can never experience what is real and lasting within us. This does not mean that we cannot strive to live meaningful and successful lives in the world. We need to realize, however, that even if we attain worldly success, we will not necessarily be any closer to true happiness, inner peace, or self-realization.

Meditation is the means of discovering the source of true wealth within us It is possible to live a balanced, fulfilling life in the world and still be devoted to our spiritual life.

As we continue the spiritual journey, we are increasingly able to subdue and eventually control our desires. What then arises is an increasing ability to consciously control our thoughts. At pres-ent, we have little idea what is going on in the thought processes of our mind. In fact, brain researchers say that we have over 60,000 thoughts per day. Most of these thoughts are largely unconscious, below the level of our awareness.

As awareness grows, we not only realize how entrapped we have become by our own minds, but we see the door to freedom as well. We recognize our greatness as soul — as a conscious entity, a drop of the ocean of all-consciousness.

In reality, we are spiritual beings, with our roots in these ephemeral higher planes of exis-tence. The vast majority of people have forgotten their spiritual origins. Their conscious minds think only about those matters they can touch or taste or feel with their physical five senses. And yet it is this realm of spirit that is the hidden reality behind the true nature of health and illness when viewed from the per-spective of vibrational medicine and its understanding of the multidimensional human being.

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