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History is as dead as God, who was killed by the United States Supreme Court! And propagation of Western Civilization is coming to a halt. Not propagation of the species homo sapiens, but propagation of civilization. Until the sheep of the world awaken, we are falling headlong toward world totalitarianism under the name democracy. U.S money democracy is like A Wolf in Cheep Clothing”. It pretends to act as world democracy (the cheep), but actually is ruled by the “Deep State or the “Shadow Government (the Wolf).

The elite wishes to close the door on those who were educated when America was a free country, in every way they can, because we seniors were educated to recognize who were the wolves and who were the sheep. The socialists in charge of education have had their agenda in place since the 1960’s, and by simply sitting back and waiting for the older generations to retire from civic activity, control fell in their lap, as planned. This is not to say they haven’t recruited a good many of that older generation to their cause, because the majority of the elite are of that same generation! The plan for world domination has been underway for many generations by the elite of the world.

And propagation of Western Civilization is coming to a halt. Not propagation of the species homo sapiens, but propagation of civilization. Priorities have become convoluted, and senseless, in the search for more and more fodder for the money machine, and this vicious game of “follow the leader” has built into a national and international frenzy.

The furtherance of socialism under the guise of promoting “democracy” is but another example of the “wolf in sheep’s clothing”. If you don’t know by now what I’m talking about, stop reading right now. It is not likely you will ever know, or care.

The elite press onward for world government because of their selfish interests and not for the benefit of mankind.

They paint a picture of Utopia, the imaginary island in Sir Thomas More’s 1516 book about perfection in politics, law and social matters, and which Webster’s New International Dictionary, second edition, of 1947, also defines as “an impractical scheme of social regeneration”. You won’t find that definition in any modem dictionary or encyclopedia because it is “not politically correct”!

Until the sheep of the world awaken, we are falling headlong toward world totalitarianism under the name democracy.

Uncontrolled capitalism is employed as one of the many tools of the elite in bringing about this bondage. Unfortunately, capitalism will see its own destruction as it no longer holds validity in a communist world.

The world’s most dangerous animal will not become extinct, but will be just another zoo animal without freedom. Humans will have become bees as in the global sized beehive, working on an invisible leash as all worker bees do, who are subject to the queen bee.

You can surmise the “queen bee” of the world hive would be its elite. Just how free do you think the bees in a beehive really are? Think about it.

The most dangerous animal on the planet can be a reckless President of the United States, or a conscientious, even spiritual one. It matters little how popular such a President may be, because it is the powerbase that counts.

The danger is there regardless, because that office is like an electric power substation: high voltage. So. BEWARE!! The U.S Administration is like a runaway train. The damage cannot be fully assessed until the train comes to a halt, on the tracks or upside down.

The system put him in office, not the American people! They are the victims of a system that is being managed elsewhere — out of their control, but which they put in force.

Don’t listen to crackpots. Remember they know nothing but history, which is dead! Computers, internet, information super and cyber highways are the answer to all questions, not bound books on history.

History is as dead as God, who was killed by the United States Supreme Court! Become a sheep, and graze along for the rest of your life.

A wolf in sheep’s clothing is not a sheep: an elected representative claiming to be ‘democratic’ is not a democrat. Democracy has a simple meaning: ‘the people rule’.

If the people are not ruling, then the nation is not a democracy. From the standpoint of the people: if we hire someone else to clean our windows, we are not cleaning them ourselves.

Until 1800, everyone knew these simple and obvious truths. Electoral representation was considered to be the very opposite of democracy. If it had to be given a name of Greek origin, the correct one was ‘elective oligarchy’ meaning ‘rule by a few whom we choose to rule us’.

As the first chapter of this book relates, it was around the U.S. presidential election of 1800 that candidates first thought of calling themselves `democrats’ to win more votes. After that, it was a question of selling the illusion to all and sundry.

A variety of different interest groups -revolutionaries, the new middle class, intellectuals and academics eager for employment – took up the claim, and by about 1920 it was generally accepted: electoral representation is democracy.

U.S money-democracy can be described as, “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch.” The United States isn’t a democracy — and was never intended to be.

U.S money democracy is like A Wolf in Cheap Clothing”. It pretends to act as world democracy (the cheap), but actually is ruled by the “Deep State or the “Shadow Government (the Wolf).

The grass roots definitely yes, but I wonder about the ruling elite of the Democratic Party. They are bigoted, they love big business (not small business) so they can control, manipulate, and steal from, they are socialists, and they have other bad traits of the early Democratic Party. I think they just developed a massive amount of finesse between 1900-1920 to convince the American people of their metamorphosis from wolf to wolf in sheep’s clothing.

These Rockefllers and Rothchilds families have deceived us like a wolf in sheep’s clothing for nearly 2½ century.

The top of Illuminati are wolf´s in sheep’s clothing, a bitter opponent of the workers and peasants, is a servant of the landlords, banksters, capitalists, secret socities, The Bilderberger Group, Club of Rome, The Round Table, CFR, Committe of 300, Tavistock Institute, UN and NATO, NSA, CIA, FBI and so on. Same economic people/families are behind every organization on Earth. They even created Israel and the control the Vatican through Bank of England. They acting as Angels of Light or as Earth´s saviors. The Illuminati creates the mess, chaos and then provide a solution or synthesis.

It is not Superstition, but Big Business which makes use of Superstition as a wolf makes use of sheep’s clothing. You remember how, when Americans first awakened to the universal corruption of our politics, we used to attribute it to the “ignorant foreign vote.” Turn to Lecky’s “Democracy and Liberty” and you will see how reformers twenty years ago explained our political depravity.

But we probed deeper, and discovered that the purely American communities, such as Rhode Island, were the most corrupt of all. It dawned upon us that wherever there was a political boss paying bribes on election day, there was a captain of industry furnishing the money for the bribes, and taking some public privilege in return.

So we came to realize that political corruption is merely a by-product of Big Business. And when we come to probe this problem of the spread of Superstition in America, this amazing renascence of Romanism in a democracy, we find precisely the same phenomenon. It is not the poor foreigner who troubles us.

Our human magic would win him—our easy-going trust, our quiet certainty of liberty, our openhanded and open-homed and hail-fellow-well-met democracy. We should break down the Catholic machine, and not all the priests in the hierarchy could stop us—were it not for the Steel Trust and the Coal Trust and the Beef Trust, the Liquor Trust and the Traction Trust and the Money Trust—those masters of America who do not want citizens, free and intelligent and self-governing, but who want the slave-hordes as they come, ignorant. inert, physically, mentally and morally helpless!

No. do not let yourself be lured into a Kultur-kampf. It is not the pennies of the servant-girls which build the towering cathedrals; it is not the two-dollar contributions for the salvation of souls which support the Catholic Truth Society and the Knights of Columbus and the Holy Name Society and the Mary Sodality and the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception and all the rest of the machinery of the Papal propaganda. These help, of course; but the main sources of growth are, first, the subsidies of industrial exploiters, the majority of whom are non-Catholic, and second, the privilege of public plunder granted as payment for votes by politicians who are creatures and puppets of Big Business.

Electoral representation is a simple formula by which, in theory, any nation can get a good government. In practice, it is a means by which any nation can get a gigantic bureaucracy, become deeply indebted to a clique of ultra-rich people, and find its assets owned by multinational corporations. There is nothing mysterious or historically odd about this. Representation is a two-way business: representatives negotiate between ‘the people’ and those in power – whether that power is a monarch, a military government, a landed aristocracy, political parties or pure money. Representatives are human and do what they have to do, to keep their jobs.

What representation has made possible, however, is bamboozlement on a scale so vast it is impossible to comprehend. Almost the first thing representatives did in England when they became nominally the supreme power' (1688) was to make the questionable practices of English bankers legal (this is the subject of Chapter Four). They borrowed money from the same bankers (personally and in the name ofthe people’) for their own projects: wars, buying up assets and putting those they dispossessed to profitable work (the profits going to themselves). . .

There is no greater misnomer in our Western world than calling our systems of electoral representation ‘democracies’. This misnomer – or illusion – began to take hold around 1800. Before then ‘democracy’ was understood to mean the opposite of electoral representation.

It meant citizens participating in government in three different ways: by voting directly on issues and appointments; by acting as part-time public officials themselves; and by being members of parliament-type assemblies selected (as juries are) by lot.

These practices are all opposite to electoral representation. Governments formed by election were understood to be not democratic but ‘oligarchic’ – meaning ‘rule by a few’ rather than ‘rule by the people’. The distinction is obvious and elementary.

If we want to rule ourselves, we must be active in ruling, burdensome though that might be. If we choose others to rule us, we no longer rule ourselves: we are not democratic.

The Corporate Infiltration of American Democracy is a ongoing tactic used by the Illuminati and the people who rules The Deep State. They conseal themselves in other names, are behind organizations (as the Freemasons who merged with illuminati 1782), or create organizations with hidden goals from the public.

Infiltration – is a wolf in sheep clothing

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