Here is some of Satan´s all goals


Satan’s whole goal is to separate you from God.
Satan´s goal is to keep the humans in a state of duality

Satan´s goal is to become like God.
Satan’s goal to turn the worship of the human beings away from god and to himself.
Satan’s goal is to keep or get people back under his rule.
Satan’s goal is always to harm

Satan’s battle plan for the earthly phase of the war of the ages is brutally simple: to eliminate all those who serve God
Satan’s number one goal is to steal and destroy our faith.
Satan´s goal is that we will walk away from God in despair and then disbelieve.


Satan’s ultimate goal is death.
Satan’s purposes are to accuse, steal, and kill or destroy human beings.

Satan´s goal is to control and depopulate the world.
Satan´s goal of his accusation is not restoration but destruction.
Satan’s goal is to keep man here on earth and underground to keep him miserable company.

Satans goal is to get humans to destroy themselves with vices or conflicts.
Satan’s whole goal is to separate you from God.
Satan´s goal is to keep the humans in a state of duality

Satan’s goal in the Old Testament was to keep the Seed (Christ) from being born into the world.
Satan’s goal is to bring every person down, to break our dignity and make a mockery of mankind’s honor.


Satan’s goal is to stop the incarnation
Satan’s battle plan includes two main strategies: exploit our weaknesses, and blind us to God’s truth.
Satan’s ultimate goal to cause as many souls as possible to not inherit eternal life.
Satan’s goal is to keep you from the word of God
Satan´s goal is simple, to prevent humanity from coming to salvation.
Satan’s goal is to try to get man to not surrender to the cross



Satan is the “Spirit of error” in men

But Satan, by his malicious working as “the Spirit of error” in men!

Satan is the “Spirit of error” in men and “The Spirit of Fear in men

Satan is unquestionably a propagator of error

Satan’s error is not disobedience, but arrogance, assuming a place not rightly his, responding to challenge with self-righteousness.

Subtilty of Satan in tempting is, to draw men off from the love of the truth to embrace error.

Satan’s grand design is to corrupt the minds of men with error

Satan has temptations for each of them. The weak he tempts to errors, despondency, blind zeal, &c. The strong he tempts to pride, hypocrisy, presumption, and boasting.

Satan’s sowing error instead of truth

Satan create errors by sins and then control and enslave them, because God forgives all who repent of their errors or sins.

Satan has a doctrine of methods for creating errors.

Satan tempts to Error, because Error devours Godliness.

Satan’s errors tends to distract attention from the main point, his spiritual deterioration.

Satan want´s keep human´s away from knowledge. The knowledge of the truth is going to keep us from errors.

Erroneous Teachers are the Ministers of Satan, however they transform themselves into Ministers of Righteousness

Satan and gangstalking: Errors, deceit, slander, and hatred appear peculiarly to be the result of his operation in the heart.

Satan striving to lead God’s people into error and failure.

Satan is the “Spirit of error”and he is also the “Spirit of fear

The spirit of fear, which is from Satan to try to keep you in bondage and from doing anything.

Since fear is a tormenting spirit, we know that it does not come from God. And if it does not come from God, there is only one other source fear can come from, and that is from Satan!

Fear is also the devil s tool to keep us in bondage to the opinions of man. We are afraid of what people will think or say about us. We become afraid that we might not be accepted in our denomination if we go all the way for God.

One of Satan’s primary weapons against the believer is the spirit of fear. It is important to understand that fear is satanic in nature and does not originate in God.

II Timothy 1:7

For God has not given us The Spirit of FEAR; but of power and love and of a sound mind

All fear can be either directly or indirectly linked to Satan. From verse 7, we see that where there is fear. there is no power or no love or no soundness of mind. When you allow fear to dominate your mind. then fear will negate the power 0f God in your life and you will have no love or soundness of mind. Fear does not travel alone. Fear has a couple of running buddies named, doubt and unbelief. You cannot walk in faith and walk in fear at the same time. one will have to go.

lf you allow your mind to be dominated by fear then. fear will cancel out your faith. A definition for fear that I like to use to is as follows: “fear is the absence of faith”. When fear comes in. faith must go. When faith comes in fear must go.

Satan’s design is to tempt you to replace faith with fear.

Fear entered their hearts for the first time. No longer did they operate in faith, but in fearSatan’s mode of operation.

1 John 4:18 says, “There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves torment. But he who fears has not been made perfect in love. Love drives out fear.

Fear stops a person from enjoying his or her legal blessings. If Satan can induce fear in a person he can hindering God´s blessing to reach that person.

It is the devil’s goal to keep you oppressed by fear, to prevent you from doing the will of God, and to keep you from being used by God in the gifts of the Spirit. Fear is one way that Satan keeps us in bondage to self.

God has disarmed fear! What does that mean? It means that Jesus stripped the devil of his ammunition, including the spirit of fear. Fear WAS the greatest weapon that Satan had in his arsenal, but Jesus disarmed him.

The spirit of fear is Satan’s and of darkness.

Fear is one of Satan’s most effective weapons. It is the tool Satan uses to prevent our progress and spiritual growth.

Since fear is a negative emotion that provokes distrust in God, logically, the spirit of fear comes from the evil one.

Fear is sent by satan, and he wants to control and manipulate people’s lives. The spirit of fear brings torment to the mind.

Satan sows fear and unbelief to deteriorate minds. Fear will torment you to the core.

Remember, fear is the fire of the dragon’s mouth – it is his primary tool of intimidation. Don’t worry – it’s only hot air!

Satan´s kingdom is ruled by fear, God´s kingdom by mercy and grace.

Since God has not given us the spirit of fear then fear must be an instrument used by Satan to hinder us in our walk with Christ.

Satan’s fear drives the soul from Christ, the Holy Spirit’s fear draws it to Christ.

Satans fear methods is; “Alarm,” “fright,” “dread,” “panic”—all these words describe the samefeeling: fear (gangstalking today – car alarms, beeping sound, firecrackers, loud noise)

Satan uses fear to paralyze our faith. Once you are paralyzed, you cannot defeat the Enemy. The Enemy has been wearing a facade.

Satan holds people prisoner to fear to hinder God’s plan for their life.

There is the fear that comes from Satan’s efforts to cause you not to trust God.

Do not let fear and Satan bring you discouragement.

Satan loves when we are fearful because we become frozen and unable to move on the battlefield.

The only power that Satan has is the power we give him through fear and unbelief.

Fear can be a great hindrance to the usefulness of our gifts in the Kingdom of God

The fear of man brings a snare, but he who trusts in the Lord will be exalted.

You see, we are bound by fear and this is one of the enemy’s (devil/Satan) greatest weapons.



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