Here is some observation about Organized Gang Stalking simularities in Sweden; Archons, Narcissism, Cults, Satan

Archons or Ancient Earth Rulers and Organized Gang Stalking simularities. Gang Stalkers acting like Archons is described in Sweden

Who are the Archons? The Archons are defined as a group of beings that are very controlling, masters at manipulation who inspire and feed off of negative experiences, and the energies they generate. They can easily influence fear, anger, jealousy, disharmony, war, actions disempowering and even enslaving the masses. They have been referred to as other names by other cultures, fallen angels, djinn, demons, lower astral beings, regenerate ET’s, some greys, reptilian or serpent beings etc. When one is on the path of enlightenment the Archons will rear their ugly heads and come through every conceivable opening or way to keep you under their control. They will come through friends, family, bosses, lovers and almost every agency on the planet. They are masters at derailing your spiritual evolution. Many have willingly chosen to serve their needs, some by fear, some by ignorance, some through material attachment and some by choosing to entertain their baser emotions of the ego. Love, joy, individual freedom and prosperity, unity consciousness, and nature herself are the enemies of the Archons. Service to others with impeccable integrity over service to self, also keeps them at bay.

Archons are demonic rulers and are mentioned extensively in the Gnostic Gospels. They have been behind the scenes for millions of years, manipulating and orchestrating the movements, fears, and emotions of the collective consciousness in order to feed themselves and keep separation in place (keep human mind in a state of duality). Archons are ancient, powerful demons that live at a high frequency of power between the seventh and ninth dimensions.

They are the master liars, manipulators and double speak is their language. The Archons can come through anyone in the matrix anytime, anywhere even those closest to you who fall into the Archon matrix and wreak havoc in your life.

They also plug into and harness the energy of the emotions of human beings, using this energy to feed themselves in many and varied ways, primarily through generating and then harnessing the powerful negative energy of fear. To disconnect from this influence with understanding and ruthless compassion is to free yourself of their Matrix, a matrix designed to ensnare and trap you into systems of financial manipulation and control, media influence, fear tactics, and heartlessness.

The Seven Rulers or Planetary Ego Supports For thousands of years the human consciousness has had seven main supports for its ego structure, which over time have become living, breathing thought-forms or sentient beings. These have become planetary-level entities that create, manipulate, and feed on these archetypal forms within the human matrix. These seven living sentient beings of lust, fear, greed, envy, sloth, ignorance, and pride feed on the life force from people to keep these thought-forms alive and to keep people imprisoned within the planetary light body and incapable of expand-ing outward into their other light bodies.
All seven rulers are based on false body-mind identification, which, if not rooted out from the depths of the psyche and ego, results in us being unconsciously controlled and manipulated by forces buried deep within the collective human mind-set.

Planet Earth is a school planet, where souls incarnate to experience separation; after various life lessons they come to awareness (in dense matter) of being the consciousness that evolves into billions of individualities and in many dimensions: this self-awareness leads them to the natural love for themselves and as a consequence to respect and love for others, so to ascend to a higher level of vibration. But for millennia this evolutionary process on planet earth has been blocked by beings of other dimensions called Arconti (archons): these technologically highly evolved beings have created an electric copy of true reality.

They act on our five senses, with which we, human beings, can perceive just 5% of reality, a small layer of life that we follow in time-space from birth to death. Their game is simple, like a video game, they send us information necessary to create a life story which is normal for us, we identify with it, creating it in reality. The Archons know the universal and the quantum laws: that’s why humanity is contained in a single collective mind, a wave of unconscious energy, which creates reality in unison. For the Archons, it is easy to move human masses from one observation point to another: they send information and data to the collective mind, which by agreeing and accepting them as truth (consent), focuses his attention on these symbols, creating reality; therefore the focus of the quantum observers creates (a reality) in the matter.

The archons are intrapsychic mind-parasites who access human consciousness through telepathy and simulation. They infect our imagination and use the power of make-believe for deception and confusion. Their pleasure is in deceit for its own sake, without a particular aim or purpose. They are robotic in nature, incapable of independent thought or choice, and have no particular agenda, except to live vicariously through human beings. They are bizarrely able to pretend an effect on humans, which they do not really have. For instance, they cannot access human genetics, but they can pretend to do so, in such a way that human’s fall for the pretended act, as if staged events were taken for real. In this respect, archons are the ultimate hoaxers. This is the essence of “archontic intrusion,” as I call it.

The trick is, if humanity falls under the illusion of superhuman power, it becomes as good as real, a self-fulfilling delusion. ln the cosmic perspective, the archons present a dynamic aspect of the evolutionary scenario of humankind.

When the archons created bloodlines thousands of years ago to facilitate their political, spiritual and economic control of the planet, they did not take a break. The process of control, which I like to call the hive mind, is well advanced and infiltrates every aspect of our lives, including family and relationships. Be mindful that as we attempt to raise our vibration, archontic forces will be working methodically to discourage us from attaining this alignment. They do not want us to reconnect with the universe. Don’t worry about this though because a high vibrational existence is infinitely more powerful than the low vibration of the archons. As long as we keep focused on raising our individual vibrations, everything not resonating with us will fall away.

Archons. The more self empowered, unified, and natural the less the influence. This is a generalization of course notall technology fits into this pattern, technology can be used for positive or negative depending on who is directing the technology. When one is conscious and aware of this they can actually use technology to empower and awaken the masses yet one cannot be in denial of being under the influence of the Archon program. It takes a real adept to avoid contamination and mental enslavement. On the Earth now the major use of technology is the war industry. There are also the pharmaceutical companies, which often create dependencies on harmful drugs, and lesson the health of the individual.

The chemical companies also play a major role in the dumbing down and poisoning of the masses. There are other industries developing methods of spying upon, conditioning and controlling the masses. Your television and other broadcasted frequencies are good examples. Reason this how many people are willing participants in creating, utilizing, and misusing technology in ways that go against basic human rights and universal law. How many people use technology in ways that are harmful, enslaving, invading ones right to privacy? Mind manipulation or controls outside of universal law are serving the Archons or what some refer to as the Beast.

There is a world beyond the world where we actually belong, but we are currently enslaved to the archons and their delusional order. This is the “dualistic anti-cosmic spirit” .

To reach its goal in the realm of the Father and the Son, the soul had to pass through a “Father of Evil” (or “fence of wickedness”), which is defined as “the gates of the seven archons which are shut for ever. Organized Gang Stalking is a design of “Gaslighting” and the purpose with “Gaslighting” or the purpose with Organized Gang Stalking is drive the targeted individual to madness or to suicide, so people can´t entering the Kingdom of Heaven and keep humans enslaved in the duality of the mind or the lower Ego of the mind. And oppressing, obstructing and hindering is part of the organized gang stalking spiritual warfare, psychological warfare, psychological and political terrorism, or political abuse of psychiatry. This is the Beast system and organized gang stalking is designed to not even exist, so these forces can work stealthy, disguised, covertly and secretely through the matrix and subconsciousness mind. Mind manipulation or controls outside of universal law are serving the Archons or what some refer to as the Beast.

When you study Organized Gang Stalking in Sweden today you see stalking behaviors everywhere, day and night, indoors and outdoors, surveillance behavior everywhere, mind control behavior everywhere, brainwashing behavior everywhere, interfering behavior everywhere, they using remote viewing to terrorizing the mind, they shadowing at night, they using surveillance stalking sound everywhere, they using sound of owls in paths or woods, they using stalking sound of sirens indoors and outdoors (day and night), they imitating everything and mirroring everything in your life, they playing street theater, they revealing they are stalking and then interfering, they constantly fear mongering, creating long term stress, sensitizing, slandering, victimizing, trauma-basing, dehumanising, demoralising, demonizing, using voice to skull technology, syntethic telepathy, or electro magentic frequency weapon against targeted individuals.

State of Sweden using some form of Solar Plexus Psychology. Healthcare informs human has a brain in the stomach. Government gangstalker beaming music chorus “We control the sunlight” into your apartment and then they start beaming this into your mind when you exercise and ats ame time a helicopter appearing. Solar Plexus is a symbol for the human Ego, energy, and willpower and when healthcare informs human has brain in the stomach, and informs you about an existing “dream guard”, andthey targetting your mind with music chorus chorus “We control the sunlight” they want´s control your life and ego. This force or energy State of Sweden want´s control may be related to the VRIL energy and this is energy is located in the Solar Plexus.

We control the sunlight

Swedishg Social wellfare service using same Solar Plexus Psychology and give you another social wellfare service secretary and her name is “SUN”. So State of Sweden want´s control the Sunligt, The Solar Plexus Brain, or the ego-perspctive and reality if this world.

Swedish Gang Stalkers acting like they where controlled by a Archon mentality.

They walking around and police patrolling on streets, food stores or shopping centers

They standing with their hands behind their back and holding hands in locked positions

They walking around in hoods

They walking around with both hands in their pocket or one hand in the pocket

Cars driving around with one broken light and you see 4-8 cars every day you exercise

They using sounds of owls outdoors

They transmit sounds of sirens indoors and outdoors, day and night

When the Swedish Employment Agency get a working project for you the working place using enviroment manipulation and has sirens on their refrigerator in the lunch room, and when you working you may move the swedish flag every time you move a pallet.


Here is four vehicles in Sweden and all is used in Organized Gang Stalking and all have same bluish color. The helicopter, the psotal service truck has same stalking color, the swedish ice cream truck has same bluish color, and cleaning cpmpany has same bluish color. And thy driving around you every time you are outdoors they stalking from air, or trucks.

When the swedish government has transmit sound of sirens, using sound of owls, or beaming sound of a cuckoo clock into your apartment, or when they using barking dogs in their organized gang stalking people on the streets then imitating same sounds and start make human made sounds of sirens, owls, cuckoo clock, or barking dogs

They using all forms of sounds, beeping cars, honking horns, firecrackers, car alarms, sirens in all forms,

They have surrounded all your apartment with different sound torturing technology and starts these whenever they want, day and night. Here is an illustration how people all around my apartment walking around with hammers in their hands and drilling machines in their hands and sitting above and hammering in the floor, or sitting with a drilling machine in their hands and psychological slow drilling a few seconds here and there, drilling in concrete walls for a few seconds, ot start hammering intense in the walls, and the swedish government harassing by using their technology and beaming voices, music chorus, looping commercials to your mind, and hen you going outdoors they stalking you with same sound and beaming your mind.

Neighbors above starts fake loud coughing for 15 minutes every day and coughing in evey breath constantly for 15 minutes. Then they start using this fake coughing and shadowing your around your apartment every morning you make breakfast. They going out on the balcony and starts fake coughing at same time every morning, and then starts fake coughing when you eat your dinner, and then when you watch tv-series or movies. After this people outside yoru window starts fake coughing every time they passing. After this pharmacy workers starts fake coughing for 15 seconds. Then they start stalking you in food stores with fake ” double coughing” or around on paths when you exercise and passing them.


When you watch swedish sport tv broadcasting they start fake nose breathing to sensitizing your mind. Here is an example how it sound when a swedish sport commentators starts fake nose breathing and then they start breathing like this in every broadcasting. Then does people on the streets starts imitating even this and sitting behind you on the bus and fake nose breathing, in same way they walking around and fake double coughing, or make human made sounds of sirens, owls, cuckoo clock, barking dogs.

When you sending mail to some department (social wellfare services) neighbors starts make hitting sound in the floor, when you using your internet bank they start make hitting sound in the floor. So neighbors around acting like some form of rulers over you and stalking everything you do. They acting like interfering Archons and shadowing. They interfering when you watch tv-series or movies and interfering in real time presence and sitting above and then dropping something on the floor or start make hitting sound when something is happening in the tv-serie or movie.

State of Sweden interfering in same way and interfering and synchronizing their actions.

State of Sweden looping sound of sirens indoors and outdoors, they beaming and looping same music chorus for hours, day or night, they using psychic driving and looping same commercials for hours every day, indoors and outdoors, day and night, they sound torturing you at night and creating sleep deprivation.

Here is some example how Swedish healthcare informs you;

  • They inform human has a suicide gene
  • They informs human has a brain the stomach
  • They inform about an existing “dream guard”
  • Therapist has business cards in a medical package
  • Doctors informs stress kills and after this the kill word starts appearing in every tv sport broadcasting you watch, or your hear people saying/screaming to each other “I will kill you” when you passing them. They don´t saying it to you but they saying it so you can hear it (covert warfare psychology), This is the design of the covert aggression, it´s hidden in covert disguised double speaking

Here is some example how they creating sleep deprivation in Sweden and how they collaborate in same way they organized gang stalking does.

When all departments is particpating in organized gang stalking they collaborate in same nazi doctors collaborated with Gestapo. When the start targeted someone, they start with sound torture to create sleep deprivation. Healthcare then stop prescription for sleeping pills during treatment for depression, and the have then no new times for 9 weeks. When you then start buying healthcare products from pharmacies even they particpating in organized gangstalking. You get a transparent bag when you buying products and this is used when someone want´s return medication they no longer use.

Then does they don´t alarm off the products so the alarm starts shouting when you leave the pharmacy. Then does State of Sweden hacking your computer and manipulate your music files you have in the background when they sound torturing you at night, then they start gaslighting you by changing the volume, and then they hacking your computer at night at raisning the volume so you wakening up, they walking outside and shooting firecrackers for three weeks and 3-6 hours every day. Who has resources to shoot firecrackers for hours every day and who has access to firecrackers they can start shooting late night all year when the just selling these at two times (easter times and new year times)

Solar Plexus Energy and Vril Energy

Vital Force and Physical Energy. The Solar Plexus is the source of Vital Force and Physical Energy—the great storehouse thereof, as well as its generator. You may call upon it for an increased supply thereof, and when it becomes convinced of the actual necessity therefor, it will respond. What is “Vital Force” and “Physical Energy”? You know very well what it is like when you feel it manifesting within yourself, and expressing itself in your actions. You know very well what it is like when you see it manifested by another individual, and being expressed in his actions. But find it hard to define it, or to explain it in intelligent words.

of yourself as filled with Vital Force—by confidently expecting the flow thereof into your nervous system from the Solar Plexus, and, in short by being a “positive pole,” instead of a “negative pole” in the scale of mental life. Psychic Force. There is another phase of power inherent in the Solar Plexus; which we shall merely mention here, for it concerns a subject apart from that which constitutes the purpose of this book—yet we would fall short of that purpose were we to omit all reference to this additional power. This additional phase of power is that which, for want of a better name, may be called “Psychic Power.” By “Psychic Power” is meant that peculiar force, power, or energy which when manifested by human beings is called “Odic Force,” “Human Magnetism,” “Vril,” “Prana,” “GaLama,” etc. It is the force which underlies the manifestations known as “Personal Magnet-ism,” “Thought Force,” “Mind Power,” “Telepathy,” “Thought Transference,” etc., etc.,—in fact, all forms of manifestations in which
“Human Magnetism,”; “Vril,” “Prana,” “Ga-Lama,” etc. It is the force which underlies the manifestations known as “Personal Magnetism,” “Thought Force,” “Mind Power,” “Telepathy,” “Thought Transference,” etc,—in fact, all forms of manifestations in which the Directive Thought of man seems to take upon itself a physical form, and to act with a fine physical energy, when it flows from one mind or brain to others. Its vibrations consti-tute the “body” of the “mental currents,” “thought waves,” etc., while other of its qualities constitute the energy thereof; the Directive Thought involved in the “currents,” etc., may be said to be the “soul” thereof. While we do not care to go deeply into the subject here, we feel free to say that this Psychic Power may be obtained from the Solar Plexus in precisely the same way in which one obtains Vital Force or Physical Energy from it—or as one causes it to act in the direction of the control of the emotional feelings, or in the restoration and preservation of physical health and normal functioning of the physical organs. The general principle of Awakening the Solar Plexus, and of then inducing it to send forth its latent and inherent powers, forces, and energies in the direciton indicated by you, is the same in all of the cases. Understand the principle, and acquire the “knack” of setting the subtle forces into operation, and you have the whole principle at your command.


Many great thinkers throughout history believed there is a universal force that fills the universe with currents of energy, generating life, order and progress. Many different traditions and cultures across the world believed in this form of energy which was fundamental to all life. This infinite source of power is the essence of reality.

Of the many names given it by sages over ages, I prefer “Vril,” derived from the Sumerian “Vri-il”, which means “like the gods,” or “God-like.” It has been used by several esoteric societies throughout history, including the Germanic magical order, Rosicrucians, the Illuminous Lodge and the Vril Society, as the foundation of their worldview. I will explain the runic principle behind the name WI later in the book. Every atom in the universe is made of Vril in fact, about 99.99% of each atom is Vril, which is harnessed and its natured shaped by the number of electrons rotating around its nucleus. Since everything and everyone is made of atoms, everything and everyone is made of Vril. Therefore we have it within us to tap into this universal force and control and shape it into whatever we desire, because quantum physics has determined that we have the power to change the nature of the subatomic particles within the atom. This means we have the ability to harness and shape this infinite energy and transform, not only the world around us, but ourselves. This is the secret power of Vril. The knowledge of controlling Vril is what we refer to as Vrilology—the science of Vril.

Through Vrilology, you will learn how to use to obtain everything you want: happiness, love, abundance and good health. Through the use of Vril you can do, have or be anything your heart desires. There is no limit to the things we can get through the use and understanding of Vril’s potential. Ask yourself what you desire. Love, to find that special someone to share your journey through life? Wealth and riches? A big house or a fancy car? Do you want success? Freedom and independence? Through Vrilology, you have the ability to achieve whatever you want in life. There are no limits except those you create in your own mind.

This is the great secret that has been guarded and protected by the powers in control.
Those powers that rule our society, which have ruled all societies and civilizations, know Vril by many names, and use different traditions to harness its power, but for the most pan, these ruling elites have kept the great majority they rule ignorant of this great source of power. Yes, most religions, governments and ruling classes create false systems of belief for the masses while they practice privately and secretly to tap into and control this force. People go through their lives working, worshiping, raising families, struggling to succeed, hoping to provide a better life for themselves and their loved ones, exhausting themselves on a treadmill to nowhere while those who rule over them keep the secret of Vril to themselves. This is indeed what allows them to rule.

Many men and women who knew about Vril and its potential have expressed it in their poetry, music. novels, writings and paintings. Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, William Shakespeare, William Blake. Ludwig van Beethoven, Richard Wagner. Ralph Waldo Emerson. Plato, Socrates, Leonardo da Vinci, Pythagoras, Sir Isaac Newton, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Jesus Christ and George Washington were just a few men and women who knew of Vril’s existence and how to use its potential to transform our lives. They understood that what you weave in life will become your destiny. They knew that you have the power to create your own destiny. This is The Law of Cause and Effect.


Everything that is manifests in your life, you have attracted through the law of cause and effect. It is drawn to you by whatever is going on in your mind: the images you have of yourself, your life and your situation in it. Those images and thoughts fill your mind and shape your destiny, creating your future. Every one of your thoughts is real and is creating a reality for you. This law was in existence at the beginning of time and is an eternal truth. It is this law that determines order in the universe, and thus serves the higher forces—the Gods. It was known to the people who lived during the Stone Age. This is why they painted images of hunters successfully hunting the wildlife of the time on the cave walls. Our Stone Age ancestors understood that if they could visualize themselves successfully hunting, their thoughts and feelings would come true. They understood there was a force our minds could tap into and use to manifest their desires in the real world.

Our ancestors thought of the Gods as the guardian who maintained order in the universe. To them, the Gods were in a constant struggle with the forces of chaos and destruction. They understood that the Gods shaped and formed this energy, Vril, into patterns that gave order and meaning to the universe, and they sought to align themselves with the Gods. What was true for them thousands of years ago is still true today. By aligning yourself with the Gods in the struggle that they are engaged in, maintaining order and progress, you can harness the power of Vril to shape every moment, so that your life will be filled with happiness, success, love and harmony. The alternative is aligning yourself with chaos and disorder. Even if you are unaware of it, every day, with every action you take and with every thought and emotion, you are aligning yourself with one or the other. If your thoughts are drawing disharmonic feelings, then your life will be filled with chaos, but if your thoughts are in alignment with the forces of order and harmony, then you will draw on these attributes and make them the essence of your existence.

Why do more people not know of this simple Law of Cause and Effect? Those who know it guard it and keep it from becoming common knowledge, and keep the masses in the dark. While millions, even billions of people go to their church or temple, or support causes, or practice personal philosophies that all lead to failure, the ruling elite practice a separate set of beliefs.

Around 96 percent of the world’s wealth is controlled by one percent of the population. Why? How is this I percent able to obtain and keep 96 percent of the wealth (and power)? What do they know that we don’t? The power of Vril. The secret of this source of power is known by such elites in all cultures. The elites teach each other this secret. Their children are brought up with a belief that they can do anything. This causes them to think differently than the rest of us. People who draw wealth and power into their lives use the Vril, consciously or unconsciously. They think of themselves as invincible, able to do anything. They know deep down that there is nothing they cannot accomplish. Their minds work differently from the rest of ours. They never waste time thinking of themselves as victims, failures, or inferior; they see themselves as capable of achieving anything they put their minds to. And their minds are disciplined, never permitting contradictory thoughts to invade. To them, wealth and power are natural, a normal pan of their lives. They cannot even perceive life without wealth and power. It is the essence of their reality. Every action in their lives is toward achieving what they desire, which means their minds shaping Vril into what they desire—wealth and power.

This process is borne out in the lives of people who have made a fortune, only to lose it all, and then, within a short period of time, amass another. The reason is that at some point, something happens to cause them to change the way they think, and they temporarily fear something, and begin to see themselves as victims. But once they are able to recover control of their minds, their thoughts and feelings, they are able to go to work, thinking themselves wealthy and powerful again. Consciously or not, they are using their mind to harness Vril, shaping it to manifest their reality. Their predominant thoughts of wealth, success and power bring to them those things. This is The Law of Cause and Effect. You attract what you are preoccupied with most. If you obsess about being a victim, about failure and losing, then your life will be that of a victim, of failing and losing. People who have lost everything have lost it because they stopped thinking of themselves as successful, and permitted fears to invade their minds. But even once they seem to have lost everything, they retain knowledge of Vril and are able to turn their thoughts back to being successful, and tip the scales from negative to positive thinking. Wealth and power return.


Remember, what you think, you are manifesting in the material world around you. Your mind is a powerful transmitter of energy. Like a radio. it is sending thoughts, which are made of Vril energy, from your brain outward into the universe. These transmissions attract like thoughts and draw them in to shape and create your future. Have you ever become preoccupied with an unhappy thought, or a disturbing situation, and not been able to stop thinking about it? The thoughts soon affect your emotions, You become obsessed If you continue to think one sustained thought long enough. your mind then acts like a magnet. attracting like thoughts to you. Eventually the negative. unhappy thoughts become a part of your Life Force. Vril, that powers every aspect about you-your body, your mind and the thoughts and feelings associated with it. And the more you think about it, the greater is the strength of the attraction- Soon these thoughts are affecting your life. creating a current that will guide you through your future pathway. In most cases. you eventually put it out of your thoughts. but without knowing it. you have stored those associated thoughts and feelings somewhere in your brain. This storehouse will oontinue to affect your life We refer to this as your Orlog It is the collection of past experiences that will help to create your future path through life. This future pathway is known as Wyrd.


We have to recondition ourselves into realizing that the universe was not created in one day or seven days, but is constantly being created. Every time an individual anywhere in the world has a thought, especially a prolonged and focused thought process, the act of creation takes place. You are creating your future by
what you are concentrating on right now. And since our brains never truly rest, we are always thinking, and thus constantly creating. Those thoughts that you focus on the hardest and longest will manifest themselves in the most powerful way in your future. This is very important and cannot be stressed enough. Because if you are happy, your thoughts will create situations that will make you happier. But if you are always complaining about something and find fault in everything, then your thoughts will create situations in your future that will cause you to complain even more and be unhappy. This is true even if you spend time listening to others vent their complaints. You might think you are sympathizing and helping your friend who needs to get something off his or her chest, but in reality, you are drawing in their negative thoughts and assimilating them into your future. Vril will reflect back whatever thoughts you let fill you.


In Norse cosmology, we mortals live in the realm of Midgard, which is the physical universe or the reality of three physical dimensions. The Gods live in the higher dimensional realm of Asgard. Communication between these two realms is by way of the “rainbow bridge” known as Bifrost. The Gods, with the exception of Thor who was too heavy, crossed Bifrost whenever they left Asgard to travel to Midgard (Earth) and other realms that existed in the cosmological cosmos known as Yggdrasill.

Most esoteric traditions claim we possess a “third eye” within our foreheads that permit communication with the higher and even lower realms that are extra-Midgardian, meaning they exist on a plane of reality that is different from our three-dimensional universe. In Vrilology we refer to this third eye as the Bifrost Gland, after the rainbow bridge.

The Bifrost Gland is a powerful conduit that helps us to channel Vril currents, harnessing its power in limitless quantities. This gland is actually the pineal and pituitary glands located in the brain, behind the forehead.
With the development of their Bifrost Gland, one can develop psychic powers, giving us a greater awareness of our relationships to the world we live in, both the Microcosm (Midgard) and the Macrocosm (Asgard) realms.

One of the fundamental goals of Vrilology is to provide exercises that will, in time, awaken your Bifrost Gland, so you can reconstruct the rainbow bridge, and through it reestablish a link between Midgard and Asgard. In this way, we are constructing lines of communication between ourselves and the Gods. We will explore how to use Runesto open the Third Eye or Bifrost Gland later in this book.


Through Vrilology, we seek to reestablish this rainbow bridge and thus permit communication between ourselves, in Midgard, and the higher powers represented by the Gods, in Asgard. In thus way we can draw on the powers of the Gods, which exist within us, to transform us. This is accomplished by a consistent regimen of meditation, chanting and visualization.

To do this properly, we must first understand something of the nature of our brain. It is within the brain that we can visualize and comprehend what we are doing and trying to accomplish. First of all, the human brain is designed differently in men and women. The brain is divided into two hemispheres—the right and the left sides. It is within the left side that we draw on our logical, analytical, mathematical, technical, problem solving, administrative, and organizational abilities. These characteristics are all pan of the conscious mind. It is this side of the brain that controls our day-to-day actions and makes us feel guilty, and suspicious of things that we cannot explain within a scientific context. The right side of the brain houses our intuitive powers of imagination, inspiration, artistic creativity, and spirituality, as well as our psychic, artistic, holistic, conceptualizing, interpersonal. musical, verbal, and novel thought abilities. It is the spark of thought and idea. It is powered by emotions, but without the left side to balance it, it would cause us to act on whatever inspired us. for good or bad. Most importantly, our ability to contact the Gods, and draw on the endless reserve Vril, is rooted in the right side of the brain. We know that Midgard. the realm of man. and Asgard, the realm of the Gods, are connected by Bifrost, the rainbow bridge. These two halves of the brain speak different languages and communication between them is often murky and difficult at best. What we must do is construct a means of communication between these two halves so they can work together. This is done by constructing a bridge between them. This bridge is the rainbow bridge or Bifrost. Thus, the two halves of the brain, the left side being Midgard and the right side representing Asgard, can be taught to work together by the construction of this bridge that we refer to as the Bifrost Gland or Third Eye.

artistic, holistic, conceptualizing, interpersonal. musical, verbal, and novel thought abilities. It is the spark of thought and idea. It is powered by emotions, but without the left side to balance it, it would cause us to act on whatever inspired us. for good or bad. Most importantly, our ability to contact the Gods, and draw on the endless reserve Vril, is rooted in the right side of the brain. We know that Midgard. the realm of man. and Asgard, the realm of the Gods, are connected by Bifrost, the rainbow bridge. These two halves of the brain speak different languages and communication between them is often murky and difficult at best. What we must do is construct a means of communication between these two halves so they can work together. This is done by constructing a bridge between them. This bridge is the rainbow bridge or Bifrost. Thus, the two halves of the brain, the left side being Midgard and the right side representing Asgard, can be taught to work together by the construction of this bridge that we refer to as the Bifrost Gland or Third Eye.

(Abstract Thought), which can be accomplished through meditation coupled with service work in the outer world. Because hard work stimulates the Alta Major and the construction of the antakarana, this chakra is symbolized by the spider, who works diligently to spin his web which he may speed across at any time. Here the web acts as a bridgehead or Jacob’s ladder between the upper and lower triads. Like all major chakras, the Alta Major Chakra is related to an endocrine gland, viz., the two small carotid bodies lying in the bifurcation of the external and internal carotid arteries.* As the twin vortices of Alta Major become aroused through stimulation, the effects are felt at a position lying half-way between them in a sagittal plane, and the effect is to produce a “winged wheel” which grows in size and rotational speed with spiritual unfoldment. * For complete details regarding the qualities of the Alta Major Chakra, see my work “Meditation, The Theory and Practice”, pages 35-47. A useful exercise to stimulate Alta Major, as well as provide a valuable service to Humanity, is to “breathe for another”. After aligning yourself with your higher Self (or Soul) and holding that image constant, inhale and sound inwardly, “The divine Life fills me.” Then visualize the person or concept which you wish to aid or energise and exhale, sounding inwardly, “The divine Life fills you.

This is my personal opinion and observation about simularities to organized gang stalkingOrganized Gang Stalking and Cults simularities and even Organized Gang Stalking simularities to Malignant narcissism, and Satanic agenda and gang stalking simularitiesAlmost 7 years organized gangstalking and I could observe these simularities between how cults brainwashing and how organized gangstalking including brainwashing and mind control, and theere is even simularities between how gangstalkers acting and narcissism abuse. This is my own reflection

Organized gangstalking has many simularities with how cults working

Cults grow and thrive to the extent that they succeed in destroying their followers confidence in themselves and in their followers own belief systems. Probably the most powerful and intimidating methods used by cult leaders are various types of gaslighting.

Cults know that if they can control your relationships then they can control you (same in gangstalking)

Gangstalking; if they can control your relationships then they can control you, if they can control your access to information they control your life, if they can control your sleep they control your life, time and even you health (when you are lack of sleep and tired)

Cults; Those who control the information control the person. In a mind control cult any information from outside the cult is considered evil, especially if it is opposing the cult. Members are told not to read it or believe it.

Gangstalking; Changing a person’s environment can also refer to the sudden rejection of their information or opinions, setting permissible topics to discuss, and having strict control over their communication

Cults also try to cut you off from your friends and family because they hate others being able to influence you (same in gangstalking, no support system)

Gangstalking/isolation and ostracism in Sweden; includes controlling a person’s social activity: who they see, who they talk to, where they go and any other method to limit their access to others. It may also include limiting what material is read

Cults; A mind control cult will seek to manoeuvre your life so as to maximize your contact with cult members and minimize your contact with people outside the group, especially those who oppose your involvement.

Gangstalking; An important element of psychological control is the isolation of the victim from the outside world

Cults: Many pathways have subtle or obvious rules or pressure tactics lo keep members in the fold, in a state of fear, in a state of wickedness, in a state of manipulation of reality and derception. If you declare that you are ready to move on, the institution goes into intense threat-and- survival mode. Leaders tell you that you need to stay in the organization for life or you will be lost or go to hell, they hi-jacking your communication and information channels by closing down your internet and all your tv-channels to try make you even more dependent of them as abusers.

Gangstalking; Isolation reduces the opportunity of the abused to be rescued or escape from the abuse. It also helps disorientate the abused and makes the abused more dependent on the abuser. The degree of power and control over the abused is contingent upon the degree of his or her physical or emotional isolation

Cults: Mind control cults keep their members so busy with meetings and activities that they become too busy and too tired to think about their involvement.

Gangstalking: Mind control. They feeding your brain with negativity, traumabasing, overwhelming, floodings, pain, terror, sensitizing, stress, fear, anxiety, paranoia activities, and what´s feeding your mind controls your life. They mental garbaging your brain and mind to keep you busy and tired.

Cults; Time control also helps the cult keep their members immersed in the manufactured cult environment.
Gangstalking; Time control or sleep deprivation helps the government abuser keep their targeted individual in the manufactured gangstalking surreality enviroment they have created. Gangstalking – controlling people, if they can control your sleep they control your life

Fear is the force that drives a cult

Fear is the force that drives Swedish gangstalking (people in Sweden walking around on the streets and trying fearmongering your life and trying to scare you with sounds around your apartment)

Cults; People in a mind control cult will also hide their true thoughts and feelings, and instead wear a mask which presents them as a perfect cult member. This mask is a defense against being reported to leadership and being punished for not measuring up (cult members never feel like they measure up to the cult’s ideals, and yet often believe the other members around them do, when in reality the others feel the same as them). Hence cult members are trained not only to deceive outsiders, but also to deceive their fellow cult members.
Gangstalking; Gangstalking is a masquerade “Wolves in mental sheep´s clothing”. They are dressed as all others, but their evil double-minded and twisted purposes are hidden agendas (hidden masks) to psycological torture, harm, terrorize and traumabase. The walking around here and there and spreading mental poison and mental garbage. They deceiving people, and gaslighting them to make them confused, and manipulate their perception and enviroment. The manipulation of a person’s environment without their control creates a sense of powerlessness by subjecting the person to intense and confusing actions which are intense and often conflict each other. You can understand why this constant form of torture is likely to create anxiety. Environmental manipulation causes emotional distress and impacts cognitive processes, values, ideas, attitudes, conduct, and ability to reason or make decisions. Changing a person’s environment can also refer to the sudden rejection of their information or opinions, setting permissible topics to discuss, and having strict control over their communication.

Organized Gang Stalking – Simularities to Malignant narcissism

When you disconect from duality, disconnect from dualism, disconnect from polarities, disconnects dichtomized thinking, disconnect from the abuser or ruler — today we this phenomenia in government promoted and organized gang stalking.

Dark Triad: A psychological term that refers to the combination of three personality disorders/traits: Antisocial, Narcissistic, and Machiavellian (this last one is not an official personality disorder, but more a series of traits.)
It may be related to an observation by Muris and colleagues about the dark triad. They point out that while extreme cruelty is rare, lying, cheating, bullying, and domineering over others are not. The monster who commits mass violence may begin as “evil-lite:” harboring a festering grievance or grudge-holding. This results in passive aggressive acts, or overt anger, or taking advantage of others, or interpersonal intimidation, or verbal aggression, or any combination of these. This evil-lite (what we call the “shadows” of the dark triad or the dusky cast of the malignant points) may deepen until it morphs into rage that permits the justification of harming others.

Malignant narcissism is a psychological syndrome comprising an extreme mix of narcissism, antisocial behavior, aggression, and sadism. Often grandiose, and always ready to raise hostility levels, the malignant narcissist undermines families and organizations in which they are involved, and dehumanizes the people with whom they associate.

Gang Stalking – covert and overt aggression, raising hostily, triggering aggression, provoking, undermines, dehumanizes, satanic, systematic, ritualistic

Malignant narcissism; The social psychologist Erich Fromm first coined the term “malignant narcissism” in 1964, describing it as a “severe mental sickness” representing “the quintessence of evil”. He characterized the condition as “the most severe pathology and the root of the most vicious destructiveness and inhumanity”

Organized Gang Stalking is maliciousness and insidious form of abuse of humans and including; mind control, brainwashing, Mk Ultra, sound tortrure, frequency weapon, EMF technology, Voice to Skull, Telepathic Telepathy, Sensitizing, Victimizing, Trauma-basing, Slandering, Mockering, Intimidation, Demonizing, Dehumanisation, Demoralisation, Sleep deprivation, Psychic driving, Stalking and Persecution, Ostracism and exclusion, Gaslighting, Crazy making, Communication interference, Noise harassment, Anhoring, Chaining, Sensitizing, Triggering, Fear mongering, Attacking Self-image and self-confident, attacking willpower, and together this representing what Fromm calls “the quintessence of evil”.

Malignant narcissism and gangstalkers; . A narcissist will deliberately damage other people in pursuit of their own selfish desires.

Narcissistic abuse is covert, and often disguised as love and care, but it’s anything but. It’s not a single act of cruelty like an insulting comment, or verbal abuse laced with a string of profanities. It’s the insidious, gradual, and intentional erosion of a person’s sense of self-worth. It’s a combination of emotional and psychological abuse aimed at undermining a person’s identity for the sole purpose of obtaining control for personal gain. It can involve patterns of dominance, manipulation, intimidation, emotional coercion, withholding, dishonesty, extreme selfishness, guilt-mongering, rejection, stonewalling, gaslighting, financial abuse, extreme ealous , and possessiveness.

What triggers Narcissistic Abuse Syndrome?

Narcissistic Abuse Syndrome (NAS) often develops as the result of psychological and emotional abuse, spiritual abuse, gaslighting, baiting and bashing, belittiling, hidden abuse, shaming, projection, smear campaigns, a false narrative, threats, distortion of conversations, circular conversations, word salad games, exploitative games, refusal to ever have a normal conversation, diversion and false accusations, omition of facts for the benefit of one person and the destruction of another. It is a type of PTSD. It often causes victims to feel defenseless and beaten down (these methods is used in organized gang stalking)

Gang Stalking program and Psychopaths seek to humiliate their targets. They find kind & cheerful people & slowly transform them into an unrecognizable mess of insecurities & anxiety. By manufacturing jealousy & contempt, they unravel easy-going people & leave them as a shell of their former selves. The victim is left blaming themselves, confused & embarrassed by their own behavior. Meanwhile, the psychopath plays innocent & moves along to the next target to begin the same cycle.

TYPICAL PROFILE OF AN ABUSER Very charming and smooth, controlling, splitting (seeing a person as all good or all bad), minimization, rationalization, denial, justifies, brandishing anger, points fingers, shames, reads into things, insolent pride, must win, guilt trip, intimidation, evasion, shaming, manipulative, do as I say not as I do (their actions do not match their words), the perpetual victim, condescending, patronizing, superior, entitled, lies, excuses, people who go against what I say should be punished, it is always someone else’s fault, the rules don’t apply to me, feigning innocence, feigning confusion, charms, vilifying the target or victim, not interested in talking things out or coming to a mutual understanding, will play judge and jury over others, will pretend to love the victim to onlookers and in the charmed circle, will feign concern for the victim, will feel sorry for themselves but not sorry for how they have effected another person, will work in unethical ways, will gaslight, bait a victim and bash the victim, threaten, exploitative, word salad games and circular conversations. May appear prideful, defensive, will not admit wrong doing and may hint at the fact that the victim is crazy or mentally unstable therefore completely untrustworthy and noncredible.

M Scott Peck writes; Evil is the use of power to destroy the spiritual growth of others for the purpose of defending and preserving the integrity of our own sick selves. In short, it is scapegoating (or today´s gangstalking).
A predominant characteristic…of the behavior of those I call evil is scapegoating. Because in their hearts they consider themselves above reproach, they must lash out at any one who does reproach them. They sacrifice others to preserve their self-image of perfection.

Therapist Dr M. Scott Peck, author of The People of the Lie, writes: at one point I defined evil as ‘the exercise of political power that is the imposition of one’s will upon others by overt or covert coercion in order to avoid spiritual growth’”, and covert and overt is used in today´s psychological warfare against targeted individuals.
Goal for Organized Gang Stalking is to destroy identity, self-image, self-confident, willpower


Anyone that poses a threat to their image. But the most successful emotional abuse cases are often conducted on very trusting and sensitive people. This is especially true in regards to adult bullying situations. Often the target is either a people pleaser or empathetic people. This type of person may self destruct because of their inability NOT to soak in or even recognize all the abusive tactics their perpetrators use to cause the person to emotionally and mentally deteriorate, even believing the abusers assessment on them. This just serves as further proof in the Sociopath’s smear campaign on the victim. This can be devastating for someone who has already been rejected, slandered and hated to have more people turn against them

Covert and overt aggression

Those who are evil are masters of disguise; they are not apt to wittingly disclose their true colors–either to others or to themselves. Because they are such experts at disguise, it is seldom possible to pinpoint the maliciousness of the evil. The disguise is usually impenetrable p 76….Naturally, since it is designed to hide its opposite

The Narcissist: Coercion and control of others

Evil is the exercise of political power–that is, the imposition of one’s will upon others by overt or covert coercion–in order to avoid…spiritual growth…Because their willfulness is so extraordinary–and always accompanied by a lust for power–evil are more likely than most to politically aggrandize themselves…..There is a remarkable power in the manner in which they attempt to control others.

A narcissist wants to torture their scapegoat.

A narcissist wants to torture their scapegoat. They want you to stay alive because they’ve put a lot of time and energy into making you the cause for all of their problems.

Even if it came to a point where you were seen as useless or god forbid you were able to escape, your garden-variety narcissist probably wouldn’t want to kill you.

However they could certainly push you to the point where you want to die.

Lacking in empathy, he would effortlessly humiliate and coldly dismiss you when you’re at your lowest. He would justify his hurtful and destructive actions by saying you made him do it. He had no choice but to be so despicable in his actions.

He would then walk away with his new supply and try to suppress the shame. He may look back and check on you, not because he cares, but because he wouldn’t want your death to be on his conscience (which he would, again, justify).

A malignant narcissist would slow-kill you or allow another person to do the job for them.

The Narcissist: Symbiotic relationship

Another form of devastation that narcissistic intrusiveness can create is the symbiotic relationship. “Symbiosis”–as we use the term in psychiatry–is not a mutually beneficial state of interdependence. Instead it refers to a mutually parasitic and destructive coupling. In the symbiotic relationship neither partner will separate from the other even though it would obviously be beneficial to each if they could.

I doubt that it is possible for two utterly evil people to live together in the close quarters of a sustained marriage. They would be too destructive for the necessary cooperation….In every evil couple, if we could examine them closely enough, I image we would find one partner at least slightly in thrall to the other. For adults to be the victims of evil, they too must be powerless to escape….They may be powerless by virtue of their own failure of courage….bound by chains of laziness and dependency.

Malignant narcissism hates what he can´t control and evil organized gang stalking hates what he can´t mind control or brainashing

If you belonged to the world, it would love you as its own. As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world. That is why the world hates you (John 15:19). This Bible verse symbolizing the Earthly Duality and Spiritual Oneness, when somone is chosen out from the Earthly and dualistic world they hates you.
Duality. We live in a dualistic world. Every issue has been polarized. In the west we see these poles as opposites. Day and night are the opposite extremes of light and dark. Because of the duality you were not able to see the beauty of oneness, of an organic unity; you were not able to see the light.

The mechanistic world view has fragmented the human mind. The conditioned energy gave birth to the error of dualism. The condition of “ignorance” consists, then, of a state of mind in which one is exclusively focused on “earth plane” reality, with its dualism and fragmentation.

Now, there is always some transcendence, even in the transcendental forms of religious mediation. Here we find, once again, in relation to sacrifice, the doublet structure of theology. It is thus possible to explain that the term “transcendent(al)” is excluded from duality, like a scapegoat third term (tiers-émissaire) (Girard), an exclusion that permits the hierarchical organization of the duality and the constitution of a closed group.

John 15:19 describes the earthly duality, and because you don´t belong to the earthly duality your are excluded from the duality belongingness, and this starts the scapegoating process of isolation, persecution, harassing, destruction or sacrifice. The journey goes forward and upwards to the Third Eye where this duality and polarities are transformed to Oneness and Light.

Machiavellian people and Malignant narcissism and organized gang stalking are same and have same goal of domination

“The narcissist devours people, consumes their output, and casts the empty, writhing shells aside.” —Sam Vaknin

Machiavellianism is “the employment of cunning and duplicity in statecraft or in general conduct”.

In modern psychology, Machiavellianism is one of the dark triad personalities, characterized by a duplicitous interpersonal style, a cynical disregard for morality and a focus on self-interest and personal gain.

Malignant narcissists and psychopaths will ultimately demean, exploit, and hurt anyone who comes into relationship with them.

Irrational positions and conversation, circular logic, word babble that seem to produce nothing but confusion are common with both sociopaths and malignant narcissists. Because of their personal delusion they may have trouble staying on topic and commonly change the subject rather than follow the facts or deal with the real issue. The narcissist may prefer to attack any opposition or opposing opinion, whether real or imagined, with discrediting ad hominems or fictional accusations.

“Gaslighting” is a manipulative tactic that can be described in different variations of three words: “That didn’t happen,” “You imagined it,” and “Are you crazy?” Gaslighting is perhaps one of the most insidious manipulative tactics out there because it works to distort and erode your sense of reality; it eats away at your ability to trust yourself and inevitably disables you from feeling justified in calling out abuse and mistreatment. This creates doubt.

Malignant narcissists can do more than call you names, degrade and belittle you. Besides making your life miserable they can be dangerous to your life itself. If their control is beginning to slip away as you began to heal your part of the relationship their abuse may become physical. This threat can escalate rapidly and take many forms of envy, jealousy, possessiveness and stalking.

“The Rules” use mirroring as a conversational habit and technique; it is used as a Narcissistic Abuse tactic.
Mirroring – When malicious, it’s actually one of the most effective, emotionally and psychologically abusive of all the abuse tactics.

Bottom line, when used to con and manipulate other people’s trust and emotions with the self-promoting intent to manipulate, con, and ultimately to do harm
Mirroring, when used as a psychology term, tends to have a very specific connotation, definition, and meaning.

While mirroring another person’s body postures, speech patterns, or mannerisms

Machiavellianism—A selfish, callous, manipulative philosophy and code of personal behavior named for the 16th-century political adviser Niccolb Machiavelli, the author of The Prince. It is not a personality disorder but rather an outlook and behavior. People who are Machiavellian routinely manipulate others in a cynical and unprincipled way to benefit themselves.

Malignant narcissism—A dangerous personality disorder, according to psychiatrist Otto Kernberg, characterized by extreme, grandiose narcissism and self-absorption, lack of empathy, defective conscience, readiness to use aggression to achieve personal goals, and a suspicious, paranoid outlook.

Double Speaking and Malignant narcissism

Doublespeak is both an overt and covert conversation control tactic where the speaker (as an Abuser) deliberately chooses to use euphemistic, ambiguous, or obscure language while engaging in conversation.
it’s a verbal conversation tactic that by nature is inherently psychologically and emotionally abusive.

That’s why is crucial for victims of Narcissistic abusers to understand that when a Flying Monkey (acting as an Enabler) or a person with Cluster B personality uses doublespeak techniques, they do so to control and manipulate another person. The key to understanding situational ethics with regard to the use of doublespeak is to define the speakers intent. Because a man holding up his hand and asking people to report how many fingers he has — then telling them they are wrong if they say five because technically speaking it’s four fingers and a thumb — has a conversational agenda, once physically designed to meet or exceed attention-seeking, power, and control needs.

People who use doublespeak gaslight pervasively. It’s no secret or mystery why a selfish, self-centered, self-aggrandizing, manipulative, pathological liar and control freak would choose to master its use as a skill.
People who use doublespeak gaslight pervasively. It’s no secret or mystery why a selfish, self-centered, self-aggrandizing, manipulative, pathological liar and control freak would choose to master its use as a skill.
It’s done to provoke while avoiding taking personal responsibility for antagonizing or baiting.

But most of all, doublespeak is a covert speaking tactic used by competitive speakers to control, deceive, and mislead other people into making hasty generalizations (when used as a weapon employed as a conversation tactic).
It is a stonewalling tweak that mixes crazy talk on the part of a speaker with an attempt of the listener to functionally clarify things — to the point the listener loses his or her cool and ends up feeling, looking, or acting incredibly frustrated.

By gaslighting victims into believing that stonewalling — an abuse tactic used to dominate and control social interactions and conversations — is the same thing as ending all forms of social enmeshment with an Abuser or toxic peer group after long considered, deliberate, and mindful consideration, they seek to remain in social and psychological control and (again) strive to pursue the retention of socially improper power.

Stonewallers seek to control other people and strive to get their way 100% of the time in each and every social situation — typically at the direct known and publicly acknowledged expense of others.

At their most extreme, a person stonewalling would hear the cries of their victim and reply (if at all) with a phrase that is or was metaphorically equivalent with the pop culture fictional phrase, “It puts the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again.”

The Abuser’s goal is to emotionally destroy and to utterly demoralize a target to the point that they (meaning the victim) will do or say whatever the Abuser wants. The Abuser gets the immediate satisfaction of having their wishes and desires — no matter how irrational or illogical they are — met to the fullest, while they derive sadistic pleasure from the abject psychological, stress-induced physical, and emotional torture of their targeted victim(s).

Malignant narcissism – exluding from duality reality

This compulsive, coercive expression can be identified quite quickly as feelings of grandiosity: be like us, the collective human organism, or you are not welcome.

Some expressions are sometimes stated in a nicer way than others, but always the intention is reverse psychology with the purpose of intimidating and manipulating by utilizing the weapon of guilt. This is a truly effective coercion when habituated all through life. Malignant narcissism (subliminal conditioning) creates an intellectual wall—the subconscious collectivist iron curtain—that perfectly immobilizes the critic from any criticism or questionability toward society. With almost no exceptions, this comment—impulsively triggered by an inability to process criticism naturally, excessive entitlement, and magical thinking—manipulates the critic away from the true subject and simultaneously enables the collectivist to move on by ending the conversation.


Don’t express uniqueness!
Don’t express individuality!
Don’t express self-assurance!
Don´t express independent thinking

All these inhibitive rules produced by feelings of inferiority/pathological narcissism, which generate envy and the urge to feel equal, result in arrogance and excessive entitlement. This emotional process can generate narcissistic rage: malignant emotions of resentment, attitude, irritation, anger, and aggression. Narcissistic rage results in a subconscious narcissistic reaction: a sign of danger triggered when a citizen expresses self-encouragement or individuality. In fact, expressing self-assurance or individuality is a sign that the individual is lifting one’s self-esteem, and at the same time, this is a true sign that the person is liberating oneself from the collective human organism.


Don’t try to educate/ As already thoroughly described. collectivism generates a society that designs ways to indoctrinate its citizens—to maintain complete intellectual control of its citizens. Society is therefore perfectly designed—through the state-owned educational system, from daycare through university, and in large parts through the state-owned public media. by controlling what people are allowed to know—to keep people from gaining any insight into new and perhaps better perspectives or ways of thinking. This control extends to a need to prevent any foreign influence on society, and especially to prevent people from knowing the truth about narcissistic collective oppression. What truly stands out as a vital part in creating and containing the collective human organism is therefore this exact rule: arrogance (magical thinking) disables anyone from leaching the collectivist the factual truth about collectivism’s pathological mind game. This course has completely destroyed all natural respect for age and wisdom, and as well has destroyed the cognitive development process. As mentioned earlier, this personal story proves why authoritarian-collective societies restrict information and the right to travel. To prove my point, when claiming that collectivists believe that they always personally know best I only have to refer to this rule. However, this omniscient arrogant attitude is actually not imposed because collectivists believe that they themselves truly know better. It is simply their subconscious, deprived narcissistic defenses, hypersensitivity to criticism (an inability to process shame in natural ways). and magical thinking that create this arrogant behavior.

In the case of domestic violence, a situation that is always subject to severe pathological narcissism, abusers control the abused by lowering their self-esteem with verbal or physical abuse. The abused is eventually driven by feelings of inferiority and dependency. So even after the abuse is finally filed with authorities, the abused will frequently drop the charges due to emotions of guilt and the need for contentment. The contentment of the abused is now found in dependence on the abuser. This state of mind is referred to as Stockholm syndrome.

Satanic agenda and gangstalking simularities

Satan as Chameleon Satan has been called a snake. Better he had been called a chameleon. For Satan is never quite the same from moment to moment, but changes his colors according to circumstances. How Satan appears to us will then be at least in part a function of how we have responded to the choices set before us. If we drift with the collective roles and expectations, or yield to regressively instinctual behavior, or are caught in egocentric strategies for self-aggrandizement without reference to the whole, or actually opt for what we know to be wrong, we aug-ment Satan’s power as a force for evil. We reinforce the sheer bulk of collective unconsciousness and shadow that presses down on events, and help to set off a train of consequences that can only wreak evil on ourselves and others. If, however, we respond to choice with a conscious commitment to creative trans-formation, if we use the encounter with the voice of the shadows as an occasion

‘The demon the Satanist evokes, the course explains, is that which was understood by the idea of a mortal struggle between enlightened aliens and a monstrous extra-terrestrial race, the Reptilians. One of the benign aliens, Enki (a name derived from Sftchin), also known as Satan, and his collaborators created on Earth the human beings of the ‘Nordic-Aryans race through their advanced technology
As well as Earth the Demons/Archons have ‘infected’ many other planets and ET civilisations throughout the Universes. They are like an insidious virus ‘feeding’ off the base emotions (fear, anger, aggression) of physical beings and deliberately causing situations and circumstances to promote these emotional states in order for them to thrive and to bring about control and domination of whatever species they are infecting. The Demons have no natural ‘Human’ traits – empathy, love, compassion, imagination, creativity —however they have bestowed upon Humans many of their traits — cold-blooded behaviour, robotic and mechanical thought, anger, power – the need to dominate (over others) and, in many cases…just pure evil. Indeed at the very top of the Demon hierarchy is the `Demiurge’ — The Devil, Satan, if you like.

Mind control is the cornerstone of ritual abuse, the key element in the subjugation and silencing of its victims. Victims of ritual abuse are subjected to a rigorously applied system of mind control designed to rob them of their sense of free will and to impose upon them the will of the cult and its leaders:’ This characterization makes Some gang-stalkers may not even realize that they’re involved in anything that’s evil, but what they’re involved in is deeply satanic, and those people who are members of gang-stalking groups are essentially serving an evil enterprise that is creeping through the shadows of society and slowly taking it over.
These gang-stalking groups exist at the very bottom levels of a hierarchical structure of power and control that rises to the very highest levels of society. Being at the bottom of this hierarchy, their efforts aren’t necessary, but they’re are therefore more or less genetically identical from person to person. Using the latest in laser technology, coupled with the accuracy of GPS technology to pinpoint a target, even a person in a thick crowd of people can be influenced without affecting anyone else that happened to be standing nearby.

Because every person also gives off their own unique electromagnetic signature, the ability to locate a specific person out of a multitude can be achieved rather easily. Once located, the person can be locked onto and then affected by beamed signals coming from either satellites or nearby cell phone transmitters. Using the person’s unique signature to verify that the target is within the beam’s trajectory, the appropriate brainwave signature is then transmitted, carrying with it the control frequencies. It’s similar to how different radio stations can broadcast at their own specific frequency that carries the transmitted signals. These signals become the sound we hear from a particular radio station on the AM or FM dial of our radio, and the signal of one station doesn’t affect the signals of other radio stations that broadcast at other frequencies. With mind-control technologies, the carrier wave for the signal (the broadcast frequency) would be a specific individual’s unique signature, and only that person can receive the signals that are transmitted at that frequency because only that person is tuned to it.

Satan’s psychological state is troubled; he is restless and alienated Satan has his own kingdom and he is campaigning day and night to get followers into this horrific kingdom. Note how often it is used to refer to the intellectual and spiritual darkness of Satan and his infernal kingdom of error.

Satan methods: Satan´s old ancient agenda
Gangstalking method: Gangstalking is a hidden political agenda

Satan methods; Make everyone believe he don´t exist
Gangstalking; Organized Gang Stalking is designed to not exist in same way Satan either exist

Satan methods; Harassing, fear mongering, tormenting and terrorizing
Gangstalking; Harassing, fear mongering, tormenting and terrorizing (psychological/political terrorism)

Satan; Spiritual warfare
Gangstalking; Psychological and political warfare

Satan; God is Satan´s enemy
Gangstalking; Spiritual awakening beings is the enemy (psychological terrorism) or political opponents (political terrorism), independent thinker´s is the enemy

Satan; Attacking the mind on a spiritual or psychological level (harassing, stalking and bullying)
Gangstalking; Attacking the mind with covert and overt aggression (harassing, organized stalking and bullying)

Satan; The goal is The Battle of the Mind (transhumanism)
Gangstalking; The goal is the destruction of the Mind or human qualities (transhumanism)

It is the end stuff of nightmares and what has been called dark propecy or conspiracy theory is actually ancient agenda in its final stages of being played out.

Satan methods: Deception´s is Satan program
Gangstalking method: Organized Stalking is a destructive criminal program built on deception

The democratic society is replaced by this hidden agenda and there is no longer any humans rights for all people, and therefor it is legal to drive people insane, psychological torture them, drive them to suicide and everyone is free to volunteer and participate.

Satan methods: Satan call it spiritual warfare
Gangstalking methods: Gangstalkers call it psychological warfare

Satans methods: Trying make you believe your hear God´s voice speaking to you
Gangstalking methods: Using technology to lure people to think they hear God´s speaking to them

In fact, this is the most clear evidence that Satan and Gangstalking is working for same God deceiving purpose and with same methods, but they have just other names. Persecution, ostracism, scapegoating and gangstalking means blaming, excluding and isolation, they have just other names. It is cruel, evil and sick to make people believe they hear voices

Satan methods: Satan is unseen and invisble and acting as God
Gangstalking methods: Gangstalking handler is unseen and invisble and acting like he his God

Satan methods: Great effort is given to keep satan’s plans hidden. setting up distractions and keeping people in positions where they sit in darkness and in the shadow of death. Satan whispering messages to your mind. Satan don´t want see God´s plan succed and Jesus Christ people to be born again. Almost every Youtube video about gangstalking are made by people who believe in Christ, so they are a targeted.
Gangstalking methods: Great efforts is given to keep political gangstalking game plan and real purpose hidden. There is just a political bogus cover up investigation, because the game plan is to stop spiritual growth and hindering Christ consiouness from mature, total break down, destruction, drive to madness or suicide. Gangstalkers are also hidden in dark places when they stalking. They can stand or sit in darkness when you are outside and walking to make you unsecure. They garding in darkness and probarly to make people feel paranoid.

Satan methods: Satan are accusing
Gangstalking methods: Gangstaling accusing with a bogus investigation

Satan methods: Satan scapegoating
Gangstalking methods: Gangstalking pesrecute/ostrasize/scapegoating

Satan methods: Scapegoating is a defense maneuver
Gangstalking methods: Gangstalking is a defense maneuver

Satan methods: Satan is stalking and persecute
Gangstalking methods: Gangstalkers is stalking and persecute

Satan methods: Satan working 24/7 and never sleeps
Gangstalking methods: Gangstalking also using sleep deprivation and noise torture 24/7

Satan methods: Satan´s methods is to chain and enslave people mind, so they never feel free. If Satan not is free why should he let anyone be free. (This method are combined with todays persecution and ostracism (to create a social- and mind prison)
Gangstalking methods: Gangstalking using anchoring and chaining methods to imprison people minds and control them in a mind slavery. You are not allowed to feel free or have a free will. (This method are combined with todays persecution and ostracism (to create a social- and mind prison)

The spirit of fear, which is from Satan to try to keep you in bondage and from doing anything. Since fear is a tormenting spirit, we know that it does not come from God. And if it does not come from God, there is only one other source fear can come from, and that is from Satan! Fear is also the devil s tool to keep us in bondage to the opinions of man. We are afraid of what people will think or say about us. We become afraid that we might not be accepted in our denomination if we go all the way for God.

Satan methods: Satan hell; Torture and pain, people are screaming in pain and suffering
Gangstalking methods: Gangstalking hell; psychological torture, noise harassment, pain, horror, terror, suffering, trauma, people (often children) are screaming hysterical for hours (horror and terror screamings to make it look natural)

Satan methods: Satan attacks and targeted the body, mind and soul
Gangstalking methods: Gangstalkers attacks the body, mind and soul

Satan methods: Satan is like a computer programmer of energy. He is trying to install his belief system as a hidden computer code. This manipulated energy will very often manipulate people in their dream state to reinstall or strengthen limiting sub-conscious programming.
Gangstalking methods: Gangstalking using subliminal messages and using enviroiment manipulation to affect the humand mind. This is a daily programming and brainwashing poeple don´t are aware of.

Satan methods: When Satan trying to take over the mind there is no privacy or integrity, there is no silence, there is no peace of mind, and there is no happiness in hell
Gangstalking methods: When gangstalking methods trying to take over the mind there is no privacy or integrity, there is no silence and there is no time for recovery

Satan methods: Satan trying to create errors, breakdowns, destruction, insanity, suicide
Gangstalking methods: Gangstalkers trying to create errors, failures, breakdowns, insanity, suicide

Satan methods: Satan attacks self-image, indetity, self-esteem
Gangstalking methods: Gangstalkers attacks self-image, indetity, self-esteem

Satan methods: Gangstalkers demoralization/demonization
Gangstalking methods: Gangstalkers demoralization/demonization

Satan methods: Satan is slandering
Gangstalking methods: Gangstalkers is slandering

Satan methods: Satan intimidate and humiliate
Gangstalking methods: Gangstalkers intimidate and humiliate

Satan methods: Satan is constant fear mongering
Gangstalking methods: Gangstalkers constant fear mongering

Satan methods: Satan misleading and confusing
Gangstalking methods: Gangstalkers are confusing and gaslighting

Satan methods: Satan imitating and mimicking, duplicate, double-speaking
Gangstalking methods: Gangstalkers imitating, mirroring, mimicking, gesturing,

Satan methods: Satan isolate
Gangstalking methods: Gangstalkers isolate

Satan methods: Satan is gatekeeping hell
Gangstalking methods: Gangstalkers is gatekeeping – police-security patrolling

Satan methods: Satan is obstructing/hindering
Gangstalking methods: Gangstalkers obstructing/hindering/blocking/delaying

Satan methods: Satan don´t want spiritual growth of Christ, they want spiritual death (they don´t want people be born again)
Gangstalking methods: Gangstalkers don´t want spiritual growth of Christ, they want spiritual death (they don´t want people be born again)

One of Satan’s primary weapons against the believer is the spirit of fear. It is important to understand that fear is satanic in nature and does not originate in God.

Satan methods: Satan is deceiving, trickering manipulate the enviroment
Gangstalking methods: Gangstalkers is deceiving, trickering, manipulate mind, emotions, enviroment

Satan methods: Satan is interfering
Gangstalking methods: Gangstalkers communication and noise interfering

Satan methods: Satan mind invading
Gangstalking methods: Gangstalkers mind invading

Satan methods: Satan trying to change your beliefs, values, worldviev
Gangstalking methods:Gangstalking is trying to change your beliefs, values, worldview beliefs, values, worldviev

Satan methods: Satan´s demons revealing personal things about your life
Gangstalking methods: Gangstalkers revealing personal things about your life

Satan methods: Satan´s demonic power manifest themselves by open/close doors make sounds in walls and floors, making scratching noises
Gangstalking methods: Gangstalkers demonic energies manifests themselves by constant open/close doors, knocking in walls/floors making scratching noises

Everyone who has seen a paranormal tv-serie or a paranormal movie have seen how demons revealing personal things about other persons life, how they make scary sounds hitting sounds or scratchings in walls or floors, and how often they using doors or windows to open or to ble closed, and how strange voices appearing, or how technology starts or turn of (tv can start or turn off), or how watercranes suddenly starts. Gangstalking people who are noise harassing are working and manifests themselves in same way. Demonic power or entities also stalking and occupying space in other persons life in same way gangstalkers occupying space in others persons lives.

Satan methods: Satan is The Spirit of fear and using fear
Gangstalking methods: Gangstalkers using the Spirit of Fear

II Timothy 1:7 For God has not given us The Spirit of FEAR; but of power and love and of a sound mind All fear can be either directly or indirectly linked to Satan.

Satan methods: Satan trying to take over the human mind to control and enslave
Gangstalking methods: Gangstalking means they trying to take over your mind to control it

Organized Gang Stalking is a Psychological Stockholms Syndrome situation that´s captivating, hijacking, occupying, barricading, terrorizing the targeted individuals mind with psychological warfare and political terrorism

What organized gang stalking does is to isolate the target individuals life and then surrounding the apartment with sound torturing equipment and then start all forms of communicaation interference and noise harassment, day and night, indoors and outdoors. Organized Gang Stalking is psychological warfare, organized gang stalking is psychological and political terrorism. This warfare means they targetting your life everywhere and they using other people in this psychological warfare. So everyone can be used in this government psychological warfare and political terrorism. People don´t need any education and everyone can participating. How can everyone suddenly be expert in organized gaag stalking without any education? They acting like expert in psychological warfare, expert in mind control, expert in brainwashing, expert in mk ultra methods (anchoring, chaining, sensitizing, triggering, looping, synchronizing beahviors and these people without any education and without knowing each other also can synchronzing their gang stalking actions at same time. They are suddenly expert in remote viewing and  can suddenly shadowing, they can interfering and terrorizing your mind, so strange things is going on in Sweden.

Here is some simularities between psysical torture and psychological torture (ostracism) around your apartment in Sweden. State of Sweden creating sleep deprivation and using all forms sound torturing sound day and night, and they stalking your indoors and outdoors. Sleep deprivationa and sound torturing is psychological torture. Ostracism was reality for 2500 years ago and organized gang stalking is a advanced ostracism prograam. Organized gang stalking just creating isolation, they also excluding and the goal with organized gang stalking is to drive the targeted individual to madness, or to institutionlized, or torture them to drive them to suicide.

Here is some simularities between how a virus of the body is working and how the virus of the mind is working. A virus invading the body and gang stalkers in invading the human mind with constant interfering, they invading the human mind by beaming voices to the targeted individuals mind and weaving in ideas, music chorus, commercials into their mind day and night. This is organized gang stalking in Sweden.

A computer virus hacking aa computer and constant psychological interfering building structures in the mind to hacking the mind. They captivating the human seeing with street theater, mind games, and they captivating the human hearing with with constant communication interference or noise harasment, and they captivating the human perception or the mind with gaslighting (voice to skull, syntethic telepathy, psychic driving). When a computer virus hacking a computer the virus imitating to get access to the system and then hacking it, and organized gang stalking using same imitating pscyhology and imitating the targeted individuals life by mirroring what they say, do, think, watch on tv, what music they listen to, where they go and when they do something, and all interfering action is done simultaneously and synchronously. This is the imitating process.


Organized Gang Stalking is a Psychologicaql Stockholms Syndrome situation that´s captivating, hijacking, occupying, barricading, terrorizing the targeted individuals mind with psychological warfare and political terrorism

Captivating, hijacking, occupying, barricading, terrorizing the mind is a Stockholm Syndrome Situation
Captivating the human perception

Organized Gang Stalking is Organized Bullying Stalking and is the art of mockering and mimicking. Organized Gang Stalking Harassment reveals imitating and mimicking actions in every possible form. MOCKERING, properly, to imitate; to mimic; hence, to imitate in contempt or derision ; to mimic for the sake of derision; to deride by mimicry. To deride; to laugh at; to ridicule ; to treat with scorn or contempt. To defeat; to illude ; to disappoint; to deceive ; a; to mock expectation. To fool ; to tantalize; to play on in contempt. MOCKERING; Ridicule; derision ; sneer; /ill act manifesting contempt MOCKERING; counterfeit; assumed: imitating reality, but not real. MOCKED; Imitated or mimicked in derision ; laughed at ; ridicuieu, defeated, illuded.

MOCKER; . One that mocks; a scorner ; a scoffer ; a derider. A deceiver; an impostor. MOCKERY; The act of deriding and exposing to contempt, by mimicing the words or actions of another. Derision ; ridicule. Vain imitation or effort; that which deceives, disappoints or frustrates. It Is as the air, Invulnerable, And our vein blows malicious mockery. Imitation ; counterfeit appearance; false show. MOCKING; Imitating in contempt ; mimicking; ridiculing by mimickry; treating with sneers and scorn; defeating; deluding, derision, insult.

The hidden purpose with imiating, mimicking, mirroring, gesturing, duplicating and gaslighting is; The mimicry of one species functions to deceive the perception of another (mimicry to decieve the human mind of perception of reality)

Animals are not the only species to use mimicry for survival. Humans employ mimicry in military warfare. Deceptive mimicry has been successfully used for protection, often attempting to fool the enemy by mimicking a larger army.

Humans also rely on the potential advantages of mimicry, including strategies of mimicry in military warfare.

Organized Gangstalking is psychological warfare or spiritual warfare

Using Mimicking—In computing, phishing attacks are a traditional example of an unwanted deceiving login page. This methods is used in same way to attack the human mind. All forms of long term ongoing imitating, mimicking or mirroring actions opens entrancees to the mind. They trying to get access to the human mind to take control over it or they weakening the human immune system to create login openings in the mind. Imitating. mimicking or mirroring actions building structures in the mind.

Organized Gangstalking don´t just using imitating and mimicking mind games to create openings in the human mind, they also using slandering, name calling, rumors, gossiping, smear campaigns and whispering campains, and self-image attacking and attacking powerwill

In covert verbal aggression, the aggressor attempts to harm the other person privately, by gossiping about him or her or by accusing the person of witchcraft or sorcery, or demoniztion.

Verbal aggression is a cultural universal; at least some forms, such as arguing, rumors, slandering, gossiping, insulting, and expressing anger in other ways with words, are found in all cultures.

Rumors, gossip and slandering is FUEL to the covert and overt investigation. Rumers, gossip and slandering is like a psychologicaal virus they create as part of hijacking the targeted individuals mind and life.

The hidden function behind rumors is that they may serve as entrées to social interactions or infiltration of the mind

What these people does is buildning structures in the targeted individuals minds by daily sensitizing processes or consatnt looping sound or music chorus. They creating a tunnel reality of the mind, occupying and barricading mind-awareness and occupying mind-space by daily sensitizing and trauma-basing and overwhemling the targeted individuals mind with fear, stress, negtivity, aggression, hate, pain, horror, terror, wickedness. This blocking the vitimizing persons ability to process information and regulate feelings and thoughts and then becomes victimized and trauma-based. And this hindering or delaying spiritual growth or transformation.

Captivated hearing; Organized Gang Stalking Program captivating the targeted individuals hearing – what´s the meaning with that?

The human Pineal Gland and the inner ear has same micro crystals, and spiritual sound waves can be converted to light and light then activating higher DNA strands, and all form of noise or sound is distraction for this process. Sound or noise is the opposite to silence, meditation and a peaceful mind. Constant noise captivating hearing or the gateway or portal to theta waves and God consciousness, it´s make it more difficult to find an relax state of mind with ongoing noise harassment and distractions. If God is realted to meditation. silence, relaxed mind, so is noise an creation of the evil. Today Gang Stalkers using everything they can to create all forms or any form of noise or sound, and all forms of communication interference or noise interference, or constant background sound to occupy the human mind with noise or sounds.

The Word of God is sound waves of light and frequencies

Captivated seeing: Organized Gang Stalking Program captivating the targeted individuals seeing
Captivated perception: Organized Gang Stalking Program captivating the targeted individuals perception
Captivated cognitive functions: Organized Gang Stalking Program captivating the targeted individuals cognitive functions

Organized Gang Stalking Program captivating the targeted individuals sleep
Organized Gang Stalking Program captivating the targeted individuals reality
Organized Gang Stalking Program captivating the targeted individuals dreams
Organized Gang Stalking Program captivating the targeted individuals integrity and privacy
Organized Gang Stalking Program captivating the targeted individuals freedom by ostrasize and persecution, surveillance and all form of stalking

Organized Gang Stalking is a Psychologicaql Stockholms Syndrome situation that´s captivating, hijacking, occupying, barricading, terrorizing the targeted individuals mind with psychological warfare and political terrorism and then holding them as hostage in this state of mind of a terrorizing nightmare.

Gangstalking is a psychological and spiritual “Stockholm Syndrome” hostage-captivating situation. They invading, barricading and terrorizing the targeted individuals life every hour and existing day.

The Human Mind is a house or a Temple and Gang Stalkers are the terrorist that´s invading, barricading and terrorizing the targeted individuals life and their inner temple house. So gang stalkers has same mentality as a terrorist has.

Stockholm syndrome is a symbol for when someone or a group barricade something to gain control over something. In gangstalking this means gain over the targeted individuals ego, perception, mind, health, sleep and life. Predatory Gangstalking is also used when one party victimizes another for personal gain – to gain control means Mind Control. The real treasure is the power of “independent thinking”.

Gangstalking and “Stockholm syndrome” means they barricade the psychological house for the human mind and brain (the human brains thinking, processor and operation system).

Gangstalking is a psychological warfare or a spiritual war or a “thought war” about the human mind.
Psychological warfare definition, the use of propaganda, threats, and other psychological techniques to mislead, intimidate, demoralize, or otherwise influence the thinking or behavior of an opponent.

Psychological warfare is the planned tactical use of non-combat techniques to otherwise influence the thinking or behavior of an enemy or opponent.

Targeted Individuals in gangstalking is being hold as a psychological prisoners in a mental “thought war” about the human mind as a (operating system). Psycholoigcal warfare means the targeted individual (mind functions and the brains operating system is hold in hostage or hijacked).

Gangstalking is Psychological warfare and this is Political Terrorism. The terrorist (gangstalker) has barricade every aspect of the targeted individuals life and terrrorizing that person day and night.

Aggression Indirect or covert aggression involves use of social networks, third parties, elements of the social organization, and/or other covert means to inflict harm on another. Gang-stalking is systematic, ritualistic and sadistic emotional and psychological abuse of covert power of political terrorism (psychological warfare) and the targeted individual his hold as a hostage in a “Stockholms Syndrome” situation.

Stockholm syndrome is a symbol for when someone or a group barricade something to gain control over something. In gangstalking this means gain over the targeted individuals mind and life.

Gangstalking and “Stockholm syndrome” means they barricade the psychological house for the human mind and brain (the human brains thinking, processor and operation system).

Government Forms of Covert Oppression (subconsiousness mind or the soul), using NLP (building strongholds), and systematic torture blocks the victim´s capacity for conscious processing. This mean “thought stopping and thought stopping means brainwashing and “thought stopping” means hindering “independent thinking”.

Gang Stalking is a genuine and dangerous form of psychological abuse.

The gang-stalking program designed to entrap individuals. This is accomplished (in the gang- stalking program) through the increased application of psychological warfare (through directed energy weapons, environmental manipulation, blackmail, etc.) until the TI submits (to the oppressing system).

Emotional blackmail (psychological manipulation); Emotional Blackmail When the people in your life use fear, obligation, and guilt to manipulate you. It is a very powerful form of manipulation in which the person directly or indirectly threatens to punish you if you don’t compile with how they want you to behave.

Psychological manipulation is a type of social influence that aims to change the perception or behavior of others through underhanded, deceptive tactics. By advancing only the interests of the manipulator, often at the other’s expense, such methods could be considered exploitative, abusive, devious, and deceptive.

Dr. Robin Stern coined the phrase “Gaslight Effect” meaning “a gaslighter who needs to be right in order to preserve his own sense of self and his sense of power in the world; and a gaslightee, who allows the gaslighter to define her sense of reality because she idealizes him and seeks approval.” Her book is “The Gaslight Effect”.

Dr. George Simon in his book “In Sheep’s Clothing” uses the phrase “covert aggression – the manipulation of the heart”. He differentiates passive-aggression from covert aggression. “Passive-aggression is, as the term implies, aggressing through passivity. In contrast, covert aggression is very active, albeit veiled, aggression. When someone is being covertly aggressive, they’re using calculating, underhanded means to get what they want to manipulate the response of others while keeping their aggressive intentions under cover.”

Dr. Harriet B. Braiker in “Who’s Pulling Your Strings” refers to emotional blackmail. ”…manipulation is always one-sided, asymmetrical, or unbalanced in its motivation. Once the line between appropriate influence and manipulation has been crossed, relationships become disturbed and trouble.

M Scott Peck writes; Evil is the use of power to destroy the spiritual growth of others for the purpose of defending and preserving the integrity of our own sick selves. In short, it is scapegoating (or today´s gangstalking).

Therapist Dr M. Scott Peck, author of The People of the Lie, writes: at one point I defined evil as ‘the exercise of political power that is the imposition of one’s will upon others by overt or covert coercion in order to avoid spiritual growth’”, and covert and overt is used in today´s psychological warfare against targeted individuals.

Definition of Emotional Manipulation: A person, with greater emotional intelligence than his or her victims, who uses emotional intelligence to covertly manipulate (subtly and subconsciously) the vulnerabilities of others for his or her own personal satisfaction/gain with a total disregard for the needs of their victims.

Barricade definition

Barricade a house or building and hold hostage; gangstalking means they barricade the human mind and the targeted individual is hold in hostage; a psychological “Stockholm syndrome”

Barricade definition; to build a barricade across, around, or in front of something, to block off or stop up with a barricade; to prevent access to by means of a barricade. A usually improvised structure set up, as across a route of access, to obstruct the passage of an enemy or opponent. And obstructing means; Obstruct definition is — to block or close up by an obstacle; to hinder from passage, action, or operation, or delaying, slow down or create “waiting time”.

Building psychological barricades

In psychological warfare this means; ; to build a barricade across, around, or in front of something. The enemy building a castle or stronghold in our minds and hearts which includes four surrounding walls. These are not physical walls but rather emotional walls. A stronghold is an area in which we are held in bondage (hostage) and gangstalkers using fear and terror to build this psychological barricade and this barricade means building strongsholds, or building a emotional and psychological torture chamber that are surrounded by tormenting technology and humans who creating sound torture.

Barricade can also mean; occupation of the mind by building walls of constant communication interference or noise interference. Building strongholds means building psychological barricades and this is made by anchoring, chaining, sensitizing and triggering. Mind Control building psychological structures in the mind to prevent independent thinking. In terms of “Stockholm Syndrome” they want control over your “independent thinking”, the human minds thinking operation system.

Brainwashing (also known as mind control, menticide, coercive persuasion, thought control, thought reform, and re-education) is the concept that the human mind can be altered or controlled by certain psychological techniques. Brainwashing is said to reduce its subject’s ability to think critically or independently. In a context of gang stalking “Stockholm Syndrome the oppressing Goverment has taken the targeted individuals mind and life in hostage by barricade their minds with sound, noise, mind control and manipulation, aggression and occupying the mind by inducing fear, stress, horror, terror, victimimzing and trauma base their minds.

From a biblical perspective this is a “Stockholm Syndrome” politics when wolves captivate targeted individuals minds and lives with psychological terrorism and hold them as psychological hostages.

Wolves useth all ways of possible for concealment.

Definition for concealment is; the action of hiding something or preventing it from being known. The concealment of information or a feeling involves keeping it secret. This mean; concealment (covert) of the true motives and hidden covert motievs means concealment and camouflage. This creates a secret concealment from be observed. To mask or ease an offensive or onerous task by providing attractive incentives; to cloak in euphemism (double-speaking). To hide or conceal one’s actions or motives, to cover up, to get rid of the evidence.

Concealment also means; put up a smoke screen To camouflage or conceal one’s intentions, motives (covert and hidden motievs and hidden political agendas), or actions from one’s rivals or opponents, or from the general public. A smoke screen is a cover of dense smoke produced to camouflage (psychological warfare terrorism).

Disguise meaning; the act of concealing the identity of something by modifying its appearance; “he is a master of disguise”. Disguise is a the state of being disguised; masquerade. Disguise by camouflaging; exploit the natural surroundings to disguise something; “The troops camouflaged themselves before they went into enemy territory”. Then psychological warfare is a “thought war” they psychological disguise themselves from be detected (stealthy) and psychological warfare strategies is secretely hide in rumors, slandering, gossip, smear campaigns and these methods will then functions as entréences for stealthy (undetected) interference with the targeted individual and in same time will rumors, slandering, gossip, smear campaigns work as fuel for their covert and overt warfare strategy.

Rumors, slandering, gossip, smear campaigns is psychological ammunition they using and in same time these actions working as entréences into the targeted individuals mind, they also working as fuel for others, and for the targeted individual this mean they creating this;

The terms “security hole,” “weakness,” and “vulnerability” refer to a state that can be exploited for such an attack (when they hacking computers they looking for “security hole”, “weakness,” and “vulnerability” , and gangstalking means they using the human mind (the ego) “weakness,” and “vulnerability” to gain themselves and then victimizing and trauma-base the targeted individuals mind with constant pressure of fear, stress, psycholoigcal terrorism, manipulation of thoughts, feelings and reality, persecution, sound torture, sleep deprivation, mind reading, ELF attacks, V2K attacks, Syntethic telepathy attacks.
Rumors, slandering, gossip, smear campaigns creates a state of unconsious fear.

A clandestine operation is an intelligence or military operation carried out in such a way that the operation goes unnoticed by the general population or specific enemy forces. A clandestine operation differs from a covert operation in that emphasis is placed on concealment of the operation rather than on concealment of the identity.

Clandestine means “hidden”, where the aim is for the operation to not be noticed at all. Covert means “deniable”, such that if the operation is noticed, it is not attributed to a group. The term stealth refers both to a broad set of tactics aimed at providing and preserving the element of surprise and reducing enemy resistance.

Gangstalking – The invisble war – a war behind the scenes – A Stockholm Syndrome War

Oppression creates a system of invisible barriers limiting people (left brain limitations) and gangstalking creating limitation by imitation (mirroring psychology). Mirroring psychology creates invisble mind barriers.

The word oppress comes from the Latin oppressus, past participle of opprimere, (“to press against”, “to squeeze”, “to suffocate”). Thus, when authoritorian goverments use oppression to subjugate the people, they want their citizenry to feel that “pressing down”, and to live in fear that if they displease the authorities they will, in a metaphorical sense, be “squeezed” and “suffocated”, e.g., thrown in a dank, dark, state prison or summarily executed.

Oppression also refers to a more insidious type of manipulation and control.

Social oppression is when a single group in society takes advantage of, and exercises power over, another group using dominance and subordination.

This results in the socially supported mistreatment and exploitation of a group of individuals by those with relative power.

The overt oppression of autocracy is far more obvious, since through pyramidal forms of authority, it openly exerts a positive style of injunction that cannot be seen in any other light than the explicit restriction of freedom. Both forms of government oppression, as they hurt the individual or the group in society.

Gangstalking; Group and Government Forms of Covert Oppression

Acting under cover(t) and in disguise, or if you will the Devil in masquerade

Power structures can be covertly made or overtly suppressed. Rumor and gossip form the substratum from which accusations of sorcery or witchcraft may be made, witchcraft may be made, if such notions are culturally present or enter into people’s life-worlds.

Bullying can be easy to see, called overt, or hidden from those not directly involved, called covert.

Some examples of overt bullying include: Teasing, belittling or consistently making a person the victim of mean-spirited jokes; Abusive language; Behaviors that are designed to humiliate or frighten.

Cyber bullying can be overt or covert bullying behaviours using digital technologies, including hardware such as computers and smartphones, and software such as social media, instant messaging, texts, websites and other online platforms. Cyber bullying can happen at any time. It can be in public or in private.

Ccovert abuse – humiliation or exclusion

Overt verbal aggression includes song duels, word duels, harangues, sarcastic and derogatory humor, and insults.

In covert verbal aggression, the aggressor attempts to harm the other person privately, by gossiping about him or her or by accusing the person of witchcraft or sorcery, or demoniztion.

Verbal aggression is a cultural universal; at least some forms, such as arguing, rumors, slandering, gossiping, insulting, and expressing anger in other ways with words, are found in all cultures.

Rumors, gossip and slandering is FUEL to the covert and overt investigation. Rumers, gossip and slandering is like a psychologicaal virus they create as part of hijacking the targeted individuals mind and life.

The hidden function behind rumors is that they may serve as entrées to social interactions or infiltration of the mind

Given the phantasmatic and perhaps unreal aspect of the rumors, they do not merely “unveil” secrets as much as help constitute the “public secrets” that represent an alternate imagination regarding the world in which we live. Rumor and gossip are performances—more risky because less authorized than public speech, but potentially with more effective social consequences as a result—in which people enter the contemporary public sphere, constructing the self and society through particular modes of discourse. Therefore, although rumor-mongering appears to violate the secrecy that makes immoral practices possible and powerful, it creates an image of the immoral and creates us-versus-them relationships with the objects of the rumor.

Satanic power involves manipulating human consciousness through energy and thought vibrations. Some of these low frequency thought vibrations include hatred, fear, selfishness, and guilt. To create an energy field, a vibrational frequency, which connects the consciousness of the participants to the reptilians and other consciousness.

What is so horrifying about these predators is the quality of the pain and perceptual distortions they inflict into their victims’ brains just for the sake of intentionally wreaking havoc, discomfort, and destruction. It is like them trying to implant poison packets into their victims’ brains to deprive them of a good quality of life, their right to liberty, and their ability to pursue happiness.
Alpha waves; Gangstalking

The body is like a mountain, the eyes are like a ocean, the mind is like the sky. The right brain may be generating alpha waves while the left brain is in a beta state. ALPHA BRAIN WAVE FREQUENCY that elicits creativity, intuition and supra- normal phenomena.

The alpha state is a relaxed, wakeful state in which our minds are not engaged in any specific mental or emotional activity. When they targeted the human mind on Alpha level it means interference, sound interference, noise interference, communication interference or any form of interference psychology to create distractions, stalking or surveillance. From a spiritual perspective they hindering spiritual gifts from be evolved and instead thet using same technological equipment to target the targeted individuals mind and life. Alpha ways is right brain hemisphere activities, but when they targetting the human mind they using left brain technology to targetting the right brain hemisphere.

Alpha waves can;
a) project his sense of awareness to the future and see what is going to happen before it does, through Precognition (gang stalkers trying to predict all movement)
b) project his sense of awareness to the past through Retrocognition (they beaming and weaving in sounds, voices, music chorus from tv programs, or past, it is like Orwell psychology. He who controls the past contols the future. So by control humans past, minds, lives, daily living they trying to control other humans destiny and future, and from a spiritual perspective they trying hindering peoples spiritual growth and salvation )
c) project his sense of awareness to a person’s mind and know what he is thinking of, through Telepathy; (gangstalker psychology, mind reading, V2K, syntethic telepathy)
d) see things which cannot normally be seen through physical sight, through Clairvoyance;
e) see distant places or events without being physically there, through Remote Viewing, etc. (remote viewing is used in gangstalking)

The right brain functions as the creative center. It is the seat of visual, aural, and emotional memory, and processes information in holistic, intuitive terms, relying on pattern recognition. The left brain is the administrator, what we sometimes call the rational mind. It proceeds in logical, analytical, verbal, and sequential fashion. Incoming information is identified, classified, and explained. If one hemisphere is damaged, the other one is able, within limits, to take over its functions. Normally, though, the memories, mental associations, ideas, and processes of each hemisphere are inaccessible to the other. In ordinary consciousness, either the left or the right brain dominates in cycles. We shift from one side to the other depending on which skills we require. Not only do the two hemispheres of our brains operate in different modes, they also usually operate in different rhythms. The right brain may be generating alpha waves while the left brain is in a beta state. Or both hemispheres can also be generating the same type of brain waves, but remain out of sync with each other. But in states of intense creativity, deep meditation, or under the influence of rhythmic sound, both hemispheres may begin operating in the same synchronized rhythm. This state of unified whole brain functioning is called hemispheric synchronization. As the rhythms of the two hemispheres synchronize, there is a sense of clarity and heightened awareness. Feelings of self-consciousness and separation fall away. The individual is able to draw on both the left and the right hemispheres simultaneously. Hemispheric synchronization on the alpha level can create feelings of euphoria, expanded mental powers, and intense creativity. This may be the neurological basis of higher states of consciousness.

Delta waves means sleep, theta waves means dream-state and alpha means awakening. Alpha is the awakening energy and awareness
Captivating human hearing with constant sounds or noise harassment means they captivating silence and Theta waves. These are the communication link, portal or gateway to God consciousness. Noise harassment also distracting the human ears micro-crystals to convert sound waves to light and these actions hindering light to be activated to higher dna strands. The human ear has same micro crystals as the pienal gland and constant sounds or noise are distractors in this process. The Word of God is sound waves and light. Noise keeps human in a state of duality and in same time keeps human away from Oneness and healing. Noise is the distractor of duality and hinderling healing.

Theta brain waves are present during deep meditation and light sleep, including the REM dream state. Theta is the realm of your subconscious mind. It is also known as the twilight state as it is normally only momentarily experienced as you drift off to sleep (from Alpha) and arise from deep sleep (from Delta). A sense of deep spiritual connection and oneness with the Universe can be experienced at Theta. Vivid visualizations, great inspiration, profound creativity, exceptional insight as well as your mind’s most deep-seated programs are all at Theta. The voice of Theta is silence. Theta state is connected to God-Consciousness – and this can explain why gangstalkers using constant noise or communiation interference to create distraction for the mind. Constant sound torture or noise harassmnet targetting Delta waves. This is the state that is connected to God-Consciousness. Theta is the voice of silence and noise harassment targetting this Theta waves in humans. Theta waves in the amygdala are known to be synchronized with theta waves in the hippocampus. Synchronization between amygdala and hippocampal theta waves is considered important for neuronal communication between these regions during the memory-retrieval process. These theta waves are also observed during rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. Theta waves are known to be involved in learning and memory processes, and in a spiritual awakening process connects human to Divine knowledge and to activation of Higher Self knowledge in the 12 DNA strand memory
Captivating sleep with sound torture and sleep deprivation damageing dna strands and lack of sleep destroying health and cognitive functions.
Delta waves; Gangstalking and sleep deprivation

Sleep deprivation makes the amygdala unable to regulate emotions with neutrality. Lack of sleep unable regulate emotional feelings and this increasing seen in anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD). Gangstalker both anchoring, chaining, sensitizing and then triggering these emotions and by sleep deprivation keeping targeted individuals in a looping mode. Gangstalkers even using sound torture and noise harassment to targetting Delta waves to create sleep deprivation.

Sound torture, psychic driving (looping same music chorus), high booms, dropping things on the floor, late overflyes with helicopters late and after midnight, firecrackers, high pitch screamings, rush and stress hormone activities to prevent sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation induced memory deficit are attributed to disrupted communications between amygdala and hippocampus. Sleep deprivation leads to emotional instability. Sleep deprivation stirs up emotions. Study explains why lack of sleep may lead to irrational behavior.

Sleep deprivation may make it harder to keep your emotions in check. A new study shows that sleep deprivation is linked to a disconnect in the part of the brain responsible for keeping emotions under control and had reverted back to more primitive patterns of activity, in that it was unable to put emotional experiences into context and produce controlled, appropriate responses.

“Sleep appears to restore our emotional brain circuits, and in doing so prepares us for the next day’s challenges and social interactions, and gangstalkers sabotaging this preparing phase for targetting individuals. And gangstalkers start targetting people instantly from the morning with sensitizing activity. Gangstalkers are triggering anger, triggering irrational behavior, triggering instability, triggering stress, triggering primitive pattern of activity to take over, attacking the human thinking system.

From a spiritual perspective this means; “When we don’t sleep well, we lose the ability to integrate and synthesize information and this hindering spiritual growth, in same way Delta waves are been hindering to be connected to God-Consciousness when constant noise harassment interfering with silence. So gangstalker attacking the human need of silence from meditiation in a Theta state and thee need of silence from sleep in a Delta state, and both are been psychological attacked. Sleep deprivation Sabotage Decision Making.

Mind Control or Mental Manipulation, is the power to control the minds of others, influencing their thoughts and actions. The power to exert control over the mind of an individual , is the power to control the minds of others, influencing their thoughts and actions. The power to exert control over the mind of an individual.
Gangstalking or this covert and overt investigation means; They make reality to surreality and manipulate reality and peoples minds and trying to create a delusional mind by a technology called ELF, V2K (Voice to Skull) are all due to this hidden technology or by Synthetic Telepathy.

Gangstalking means they weaving in their own events and activities in the targeted indivudals life and mind, and they even weaving in their own chosen words or vocies or songs to targetting the mind with V2K (voice to skull) or Synthetic Telepathy and make them belive they hear voices or words. In earlier societies this method or process was called “building strongholds” against a targeted individual to mind control them.

Gangstalking – A war behind the scenes

There is advanced hidden agenda behind gangstalking and there is a hidden agenda with “mirroring”. Mirroring is Mind Control or MK Ultra.

Ultra=extreme secret methods used for psychological warfare and spiritual warfare.

“Trauma-based mind control programming can be defined as systematic torture that blocks the victim’s capacity for conscious processing

Since the mind controls the man, the organization that controls the mind controls that man. Electromagnetic mind control technologies are weapons which use electromagnetic waves to hijack a person’s brain and nervous system.

Covert aggression is highly invisible behavior (extremely hidden, secret, unseen technology). Covert abuse is subtle and veiled or disguised by actions that appear to be normal.

Covert is secret, hidden and classified, and the overt is full open view publicly ( two conflicting images). Covert manipulation tactics are a form of mind control, albeit more subtle than overt forms such as brainwashing (the covert investigation is manipulation and mind control and the overt investigation is brainwashing). The real purpose is; Government Forms of Covert Oppression (subconsiousness mind or the soul), using NLP (building strongholds), and systematic torture blocks the victim´s capacity for conscious processing. This mean “thought stopping and thought stopping means brainwashing and “thought stopping” means hindering “independent thinking”.

Mind Control is “thought stopping” and mind control prevent “independent thinking” and the hidden unseen meaning with overt and covert is this; by saying it is an covert and overt investigation they hijacking how energy moving downwards and upwards or hijacking if a person walking forwards or backwards.

What is the real power behind “independent thinking”? – The “Critical Thinking System.
Why is it so powerful? It has intelligence. And intelligence is an ability to change. So independent thinking and critical thinking can analyze and change, and freedom is the ability to change. A spiritual awakening meaning change and transformation.

Gang Stalking – they imitating, mimicking, mirroring and shadowing (imitating movements in apartment), or what you think, what you read, or watch on tv or listen to music, where you go, what you wearing, or say, do. They play out these imitating actions in front of you by numbers, symbols, things or by word dropping for some examples or LIVE interfering when you listen to radio or tv.
In the end what is the organized gangstalking for show or program?

1. It´s a program that is captivating the human seeing to confuse (street theater, gaslighting, mind games, trickery, manipulations, daily sensitizing to colors or symbols)

2. It´s a program that is captivating the human hearing (constant noise harassment, communication interference, syntethic telepathy, voice to skull, Electro magnetic frequency (EMF weapon, psychic driving and sleeep deprivation)

3. It´s a that captivating the human perception (with interfering, distraction, gaslighting, mind games, manipulations, confusing psychology and sound/noise distortions program to fragmenting the human mind)

4. It´s a program of destruction of the human mind; sensitizing, triggering, tormenting, victmizing, trauma-basing, look-foolish programming, aggression provoking, create mind-errors and failures, demonizing, dehumanisation, demoralisation and crazy-making program.

5. It´s a program that hindering spiritual growth, it´s a program og thought stopping (hindering transformation), it´s a program that´s captivating the human seeing and hearing with confusing and disturbing noise and that blocking some of the need of a peaceful and silent enviroment/mind to hear the Word of God.

Constant noise hindering sound waves to be converted to light and information or to be converted to direction to cells to be activated to higher DNA strands and knowledge. The human ear has same micro-crystals in the ear as the pineal gland has micro-crystals, and when these starts vibrating they starts produce light and light awakening dna strands. Noise therefore becomes confusing, and street theater has same function to the human seeing, to confuse the seeing, and mind games, manipulation, gaslighting, Voice to Skull, Syntehic Telepathy is also a process of consfusing the human mind, and gang stalking including beaming in voices, words, music chorus or whatever they want weaving into the human mind to confuse. Every methods is designed to interfering to create confusion and doubts, so people can´t trust on their real and true Selfs or so they can´t find their true Selfs.

Conclusion: Satan and organized gang stalking is same spirit of stalking. Satan is the Ultra Ego and ultra ego is the collective ego and organized gang stalking is  collective gang stalking. Satan is the collective Hive Mind. This culture is the narcissistic culture and what is a gang stalker – he is a narcissistic abuser. Organized gang stalking is designed to drive people to madness or to suicide, so organized gang stalking is evil. And the goal with organized gang stalking is to achieve a evil goal of destruction and this is made of the collective Hive Mind. This collective Hive Mind is responsable for all pain, terror, horror, inducing of long term stress, fear mongering, harassing, victmizing, trauma.-basing, crazy making, and gaslighting.

Organized gang stalking is psychological warfare, psychological and political terrorism.

Organized Gang Stalking in Sweden

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