Here is some example how State  of Sweden interfering on every level with their psychological warfare, political terrorism, health(s)care, and political abuse of of psychiatry in their organized gang stalking terror.


Here is a illustration of the apartment building you live in and and how organized gang stalking is organized in worse way than nazi-gestapo.

Organized Gang Stalking starts with stalking and persecution everywhere, then they harassing, then they start ostrasizing, then they start stalking, harassing, ostrasizing, tormenting and then interfering.

Neighbor 1. Walking around and organized gang stalking 24/7 from morning to late night, and even wakening you up in the middle of the night by dropping heavy things on the floor above your head at night and then laughing loud about it. These people above my apartment harassing 18 hours every day. Making hitting sounds in the floor, drilling in walls, hammering in walls and floors, dropping heavy things on the floor, stamping, stomping or walking heavy on the floor, starts constantlu fake coughing for 15 minutes in every breath and starts this every day, and then starts following you around your apartment with this fake coughing every time you make a breakfast, or eats dinner, then they door slamming from morning to late night, and every time you make your dinner, they sitting above your head and dropping things on the floor when you watch tv-series and movies and in same second something happening in the movie or tv serie they drop something above your head in real time presence, and evrytime time you write a mail to some department inb Sweden, or social services, or using your Internet bank these neighbors starts make hitting sound in the floor, when you calling they start make interfering sounds.  And these people harassing  18 hours every day and several of times every hour, so they can do other things for more than 15 minutes and then starts some form of harassment.


Neighbor 2. Sitting and constantly dropping things on the floor, hammering in walls and floors, and slow drilling a few seconds and then stop and then start again, same methods used with hammers, sitting and make soft hammering sound for a few seconds and then stops, waiting until you visit toilet and then start interfering with opening water cranes and then close, start washing machine after 23.00 or after midnight when you visiting toilet, and then starts washing machine even before 07.00 in the morning.

Neighbor 3.  Start intense hammering in walls and hammring constantly for 15 minutes, and when you take a bath neighbor start same interfering every time you take a bath.

State of Sweden 4. State of Sweden beaming sounds, music chorus, commercials, sound of grasstrimmers, sound of sirens, sound of trumpet sirens, voices from TV shows, theme songs from TV shows or TV series. They shadowing your life, they surveillance your life, they remote viewing your life, they tormenting your life, indoors and outdoors, day and night. They stalking you with sound of sirens or sound grasstrimmer sound, music chorus or commercials and using this to create sleep deprivation. They using voice to skull technology or syntethic telepathy.

So they have surrounded your apartment with harassment from every direction. The fourth side which not has any apartment has a bicycle room wall to wall to my living room, and the Landlord must installed some form of harassment there, because it sudddenly sounds like a huge door-slamming and this in not same door-slamming sound you here from the entrance door. And this huge door slamming sound the can start whenever they want to scare you.

From surround your apartment, they surround and interfering with your mind

They trying to captivating your seeing with street theater and mind games, the trying to captivating your hearing with constant noise harassment and sound torture, and they trying to captivating your perception with gaslighting, mind games, enviroment manipulation, voice to skull syntethic telepatyhy, sleep deprivation.

They interfering by constant imitating, mimicking, mirroring, gesturing, duplicating, double speaking, double thinking, double binding. They interfering with psychic driving. They interfering with your sleep by creating sleep deprivation with sound torture, psychic driving, looping music chorus and commercials into your apartment and mind, beaming and weaving in voices from tv shows into your  apartment, indoors and outdoors when you exercise.

10 examples organized gang stalking and psychological terorism in sweden. They surround your apartment, they start stalking when you leaving your apartment. They standing in tunnels, driving around brokens lights, surround your apartment with screamings.


  1. Cars driving around with one light broken (front or rear light) or have light turned off. Horus Eye
  2. They stalking and surveillance you by using sound of electronical owls sitting everywhere around paths or in the woods
  3. High pitch screaming after midnight and hysterical screamings for hours daytime
  4. Predator Stalking. Standing in gangs and groups around apartment or walking around apartment and sensitizing
  5. Standing in groups in tunnels or sitting in darkness
  6. Shadowing from room to room. Stalking daytime and night time and creating sounds at same time
  7. Transmitting words, voices, music chorus with Voice to Skull technology or Syntethic Telepathy
  8. People walking around in hoods and walking around with hand in their jackets
  9. Making high distortion sound when watching television
  10. Psychological gas-lighting and turn off street lights evenings/nights and turn on light daytime

Gang Stalkers Program fear interference and surround the targeted individuals life and mind with these daily sensitizing and subliminal psychological message and these building “mind structures” or building strongholds of fear and terror. Fear is negative and destructive energy that blocking energies, hindering enlightment and spiritual growth, fear also hindering light from expanding or wisdom to expand in the human mind, and this is related to the Higher Self. Fear is Mind Control because fear controls people and these methods are fear based disguised mind control methods.


Healthcare and psychiatry (interference, mind control)

Swedish healthcare informs human has a suicide gene, swedish healthcare informs human has a brain in teh stomach, they inform about an existing dream guard, therapist has business cards in a medical package

When healthcare then stops prescription for sleeping pills during treatment for depression,  then they have no new times to other doctors for 9 weeks, and you start buying healthcare products the pharmacies using transparent bags when you buying products and these they using when you want return medication you no longer use. Then they don´t alarm off their products you buying, so the alarm starts shooting when you leaving the pharmacy.

Healthcare start using the term classified, then does the pharmacies also start using the classified word, and when a doctor opens your health journal is has a classified text crossover the computer screen.


State of Sweden then interfering and using some form of Solar Plexus Psychology

Swedish healthcare informs humans has brain in the stomach

Then does State of Sweden gang stalker transmit music chorus “We control the sunlight” into your apartment and then they beaming this into your mind when you exercise outdoors and a few second they have syncronizing so a helicopter appearing at same time.

From healthcare and information about a brain in the stomach, and music chorus “We control the sunlight” to swedish social wellfare services and same Solar Plexus brain psychology. Now you get another social wellfare secetary and her name is “SUN”. The Solar Plexus brain symbolize the Ego and the willpower.

Everything in Sweden is a total mind control, total brainwashing, total surveiilance and total interference everyhere

Cars in Sweden driving around with one broken light on their cars when you exercise. You ma see 4-8 cars with broken cars driving around you every time you exercise. This symbolize the the Horus surveillance Eye

In same way cars driving around with one broken front light State of sweden using sound of owls outdoors and people then imitating same sound the swedish government beaming your mind with. They make human made sounds of sirens, sound of owls, human made sound of cuckoo clock and human made sound of barking dogs.

State of Sweden transmit sound of cuckoo clock into your apartment

From cuckoo clock sound to Jade Fever. State of Sweden beaming “Jade makes people do crazy things” into your apartment and then even outdoors when you exercise.

When State of Sweden beaming all forms of sounds, music chorus, commercials, other humans voices, sound of grasstrimmer, and then sound of sirens indoors and outdoors, you see a siren on a refrigerator when the swedisg employment agency has get a working project for you an dyou may then move the swedish flag everytime you kove a pallet.


Swedish healthcare using all form of props when they start anchoring, chaining, sensitizing, triggering, looping and synchronizing their interfering psychology. Therapist can place a orange on the desk and when you then visiting the graveyard someone have place out a orange on the gravestone. And this method the using everywhere cris cross to control your mind.

They interfering when you watch tv an in every tv broadcasting they create hig pithc distortion sound in every tv broadcasting

When you then watching live tv sport programs they start fake nose breathing sensitizing. Here is how this can sound in Swedish broadcasting and they start breathing like this in every tv broadcasting. And then does people start imitating this and start fake nose breathing when they sitting behind you on the bus.

They gaslighting you everywhere. Doctors changing shirt, social wellfare servicee workers trying make you believe you hear things, and state of Sweden gaslighting you by changing the volume on your computer at night.


They interfering when you make your breakfast

They interfering when you make your dinner and every time you eating they start beaming your mind with sirens

They interfering when you visiting toilet and starts beaming your mind with sirens and then even speeding up the sirens sound while you sitting on the toilet

They interference and transmit hair shampoo commercials to your apartment and then starts synchronizing this at same  time when you washing your hair

They make hole in your shower handle

State of Sweden want´s to be everywhere and control everything you doing, watching, listening to

Can Swedish Nazi Gestapo activities be real in Sweden?

For example everytime you have a new appoint to healthcare for renewal of prescription they start shooting firecrackers outside your window every night before. So these who starts shooting firecrackers has access to when you have a new appointment to swedish healthcare, and these who shooting firecrackers has also access to firecrackers all year.

So State of Sweden surveillance your visit times to healthcare and then using this to create sleep deprivation with firecrackers. They create access to your visit times to healthcare (interfering psychology).

They just selling firecrackers in Sweden at easter times and new years times. In Sweden these people who has access to firecrackers using these all year.

When you then visiting healthcare they stalking you with helicopter and then hoovering over the roofs, so these people working with same methods as Gestapo was working. This is how they using their authority and access to all information where you go and when you going and then using this to control your life and interfering. Then they walking outside your apartment and shooting firecrackers for 3 weeks, 3-6 hours every day on Sweden.

So Swedish people using firecrackers in their organized gang stalking; and who has resoruces to shooting firecrackers for 3 weeks and 3-6 hours every day?

And who in Sweden has access to the swedish healthcare system to surveillance when people has new visit times to healthcare? And this is how organized gang stalking is in Sweden. They interfering with this kind of psychology by infiltration and then even using remote viewing to terrorizing your mind.

This then become a form of paranoia psychology they using. These methods is part of all organized gang stalking. They surveillance your life and then they revealing they are surveillance your life and this is the interfering. In Sweden they surveillance what tv program you watch and then take some content from these program they can use targetting you in the public domain in someway.

If you watch a tv-program about art and they painting bushes blue in the nature; they mirroring this by painting stones blue there you walking or exercise. Another example is; if you start split a pill in four piecis and then visiting the pharmacy in Sweden, the pharmacy worker gives you a advice to split the pill in four piecis, and they give you this information without you asking for it.

Another example is from Swedish healthcare. A doctor informs you humans has a brain in the stomach, and at same time he talks about all diseases in the brain, and at same time he has a red sensitizing t-shirt, and then does this t-shirt also has a text logo; ouch. And then does the doctor suddenly says; I see you have met my friend and he now refering to another doctor who is working in the private healthcare sector and not in the public swedish healthcare. This is how they using their system to create some form of Big Brother paranoia surveillance psychology. And therapist using same methods by informing there is an existing dream guard. Then they using same psychology for prescription. Therapist has his business cards in a medical package. And Swedish healthcare informs humans has a suicide gene and other doctors informs you stress kills and then does the kill word appearing in every sport program you watch on tv, and this is how the Swedish Hive Mind is interfering, spying, infiltration, remote viewing, stalking, persecuting and shadowing your life.

State of Sweden also hacking your phone calls during therapy, and State of Sweden hacking your computer during therapy, and State of Sweden surveillance what tv programs you watch during therapy, and they hoovering with helicopters over the roofs during therapy and then stalking you to healthcare and from healthcare. So State of Sweden using all forms of interference everywhere. People even talking in this interfering way in food stores, pharmacies, or on paths.

Organized Gang Stalking in Sweden

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