The Life Journey Into the 5th Dimension

“There is a fifth dimension, beyond that which is known to man.
The geneticists of the Fifth Dimension, the alchemicists, acquire hyper-consciousness and hyper-intellect by rembering their Divine Self. As a result their DNA regains its Divine attributes that it had been deprived of due to the Fall of Consciousness (to the third dimensional). Human matter becomes more refined and as the divine gifts starts to emerge humans become more refined as well. With every journey to the Fifth Dimension people enter and partcipate in even nore advanced upgrading of new DNA strands and eventually they acquire the potential to change and they do change their future by designing it again from scratch. Which also opens up the road to longevity and immortality that the meta-humans will enjoy and experience.
On the larger timescale our existence is a journey through many lives, in which our souls are gradually moving towards their final liberation. This awakening is a quantum, transformational leap to a higher level of consciousness and reality known as the Fifth Dimension.
A major mission in life is to gain our ascension back to the higher dimensions of light and freedom, in the fifth dimension and above. These dimensions, planes, or bands of existence has a specific frequency and vibrations. The fifth region which now follows is that of the clear consciousness itself, it is the region of the clear light
This journey into the higher dimensions is known as the Ascension process and while it effects our emotional and mental states, our bodies are also readjusting to higher vibrational forces that accompany the expansion of our consciousness. During our sleep states we am slowly changing from a carbon- based body with two strands of DNA into a crystalline-body accessing many more strands.
This is a complex geometry of light expressed in the fifth dimension

Human beings can be thinkers with their intelligence, if they want to be. There is potential there. “Thinking, learning, remembering, knowing; imagining and creating new ideas; preserving and communicating knowledge over distances in time and space. “It is unique. It makes us human.” Only humans really learn, know, remember, and “think creatively as individuals far beyond the limitations of any single group or the dominance of any single need.” The specific quality that makes us human is that knowledge can be acquired and extended for its own sake. For we are fundamentally different from the beasts. We can learn almost endlessly, and recollect what we know. “We are Homo Sapiens: Man the Thinker,” exhorted Higher. Life is a pattern of learning by individuals, and human history can best be understood as the story of our learning and thinking.

The fifth dimension has a higher vibration. It is two octaves higher than where we are in now When humanity reaches the fifth dimension, will be on the first level of this dimension and will be preparing to start on this level. Consequently, in order to live in this higher dimension, we must also vibrate at a higher level of being. This means our physical bodies need to lose their third dimensional denseness, and become much lighter than they are at present. Some spiritual teachers say, “Although we still live in the third dimension, we can start to prepare for the fifth dimension now.” This means, because we are beings from another dimension, living in a third dimensional reality, we must relearn to become light beings again, by striving to live our lives from a higher octave.

The fifth dimension also has seven levels! When we eventually leave the third and land in the fifth dimension, we will be on the first or lowest level there, although we are bypassing the fourth dimension, the astral plane, we do not have the required level of consciousness to enter higher levels in this dimension. Many psychics and mediums are working with both, the third and fourth planes. Therefore, there is no need to go to the fourth. The transition will come when out planet goes through the big shift and the land masses change, with some submerging and others surfacing, changing the geography of our world. When this has taken place, the third dimension will not longer exist because our planet has changed into a star. The third dimension will be located elsewhere with new life forms, which will have the chance to evolve and work themselves up like we have to, however, this will be a new beginning for this dimension.

Bridge into the Fifth Dimension
Ascension Accessing the Fifth Dimension
Exploring the Fifth Dimension:

The fifth dimension is not some imaginary place! It is a place in the here and now, only that it exists is in a different vibration.

Book of Revelation and the Apocalypse meaning;

The Apocalypse is simply a change in vibration. Redemption is the return to oneness, the vibration of the all, the end of duality and of time; the Self immanent Divine

The Apocalypse and The End days actually means change of vibrations and frequencis (change from third dimensions low vibrational frequency to fifth dimensional higher vibrational frequency).

A person who frequently connects with fifth dimensional energy will emit a higher vibrational magnetic field.

What will help us when things get rough during these Transitional Times is remembering the big picture of what is happening. We are in a grand birthing process. Rather than distressing about what is falling apart and disappearing, we can focus on what is being born.

The Nature of the Fifth Dimension

This universe “rasing the tempture,” and we reorganizing ourselves, preparing for the phase shift. The fifth dimension is a state of resonance that can coexist with the of the third dimensional.

The concepts of energy in quantum is beyond the “Veil”, were transcendence becomes one — divinity in everything — in this model where the finite unites with the infinite.


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