When earlier ancient generation have exist these have been God’s of their times. These generation have more DNA strands activated than today’s generation.  2 DNA strand symbolize knowledge about this world from a materialistic

and the 12 DNA strand symbolize the life of the God’s.


When humans of their generation evolving and activating all their 12 DNA strands they get eternal life and immortality, and  this must mean they still exist on the spiritual level of life even today.

If these God’s of their times is eternal they still must be out there and control this world even today, eternal mean immortality.

They say there is rulers, authorities and principalities of darkness that’s in power in the higher places.


These God’s of their times that is spiritual immortal and is the rulers, authorities and principalities of darkness may be the reptilian God’s.

Who is the ruler of this world and who rules the whole world.

The reptilians.


Has the human 2 DNA strand been manipulated with ancient social engineering to keep humans/humanity locked in this 2 DNA perspective of what reality is?

This 2 DNA strand or perspective of reality is then controlled with fear or fear based frequencies that responds to these fear based energies.

2 DNA strand representing a range of frequency that then is been controlled with fear.

The reptilians using fear.

In State of Sweden there is a lot of organized gang stalking activities going on day and night.

They say Nordics reptilians is disguised reptilians. State of Sweden for example beaming your mind by transmit different fear-based words into your mind in real presence time when I write this post.

They beaming and looping these words into your apartment;  “anxious”, anxious, anxious, anxious, anxious, then they start beaming “I’m anxious I dying’, I’m anxious I dying, and then they start beaming “they gonna shoot you”, they gonna shoot you.

Yesterday they beaming I gonna murderer you, I gonna murderer you, and then ” they gonna kill you”.

This is reptilians fear mongeting psychology reptilians is using and State of Sweden acting like Nordics reptilians. They also beaming self destrucctive words; I would like to kill someone and I want shoot someone.

Even Swedish healthcare using fear based informative psychology.  They informs human has a suicide gene, they also informs you humans has brain in the stomach and at same time talks about all diseases in the brain. The brain in the stomach is what registers fear. Then they also informs you about an existing dream guard. When a doctor informs you stress kills, the kill word start be used in every sport broadcasting you watch.

State of Sweden and their citizens has the ability to shadowing you and remote viewing and using this to create constant interference by terrorizing your mind.


State of Sweden stalking your life day and night in their organized gang stalking and organized gang stalking is psychological warfare and political terrorism.

If the reptilians is the power of darkness even in Sweden this may be the “Battle of the Your Mind”.

State of Sweden beaming commercials into your apartment; “I want you”, and outdoors people playing music on the same theme; I want your body and Your body Your body, and then does State of Sweden beaming and looping ka-ching indoors and outdoors.


State of Sweden trying to hijacking, captivating and barricading your mind; “Stockholm Syndrome”. Is human/humanity been hold in a Stockholm syndrome as hostages in this fear-based frequencies of what reality is and when your conciousness and spiritual awakening process they start targetting your mind.

Does these Nordics reptilians has any hidden agenda and how could it look like.

What is the battle of mind?

Here is some thoughts about what Satan, Archons, Nordics reptilians in Sweden, the matrix, and what organized gang stalking is in Sweden and is there any hidden reptiliand agenda.

Here some components;

Humans has four brains, there is carnal mind and eternal mind, Satan and God, conciousness and subconsciousness (10/90%), ego has become Hive Mind, 2 DNA strands and 12 DNA strands, 7 chakras and 7 levels of conscipusness, a matrix controlled by the Archons, a Horus Eye, Mind control, Brainwashing, MK-Ultra, Voice to skull technology, Syntethic telepathy, Electro magnetic frequencies weapon, and these is part of the social engineering that’s going on today, GMO, Nanotechnology, Chemtrails, Democracy is been replaced with technocracy, New World Order, Total individual mind control, Scientific dictatorship, Thought Science, Digital ego, Computer brains, Quantum computers, Global World Brain, Artificial intelligence, Transhumanism, The Artificial Man – Total individual mind control. New World Order.





Organized Gang Stalking in Sweden

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