Gangstalking the theatre of human nature and the Big Masquerade

The evil forces want’s keep humans in negative circle of mind control of reality or keep humans in this matrix of reality. When they hijacking your sleep and reality and starts manipulate your reality and trying to make it to surreality they are creating “tunnel realities” to keep you imprisoned and captive in their …

Gangstalking – They manipulate the enviroment to create a false reality tunnel of reality.

Human society as a whole is a vast brainwashing machine. The Western World has been brainwashed by Aristotle for the last 2,500 years. This is why it is a tunnel: what we see and hear, or what we feel and smell and taste, is only a small fraction of what actually exists out there. Our conscious model of reality is a low dimensional projection of the inconceivably richer physical reality surrounding and sustaining us.

Gaslighters isolate people and gangstalkers isolate people. A cult preys on the weakness of how we adopt a new “reality tunnel”. In order for a person to adopt a new reality tunnel, there are many manipulative techniques to be used. First, you need to isolate the individual from their previous environment.

State of Sweden hijacking your life, sleep, reality

They destroy your brakes on your car

They start ostrasize and isolate you

They start fear mongering by hijacking your amygdala

They start induce pain, stress, horror and terror

They create a constant noise tormenting and hijacking your silence and peace

They hijacking your sleep by noise tormenting

They stop prescription for sleeping pills

They hijacking your integrity by playing grasstrimmer sound or sirens when you visit toilet

They hijacking your privacy by mirroring your life

They hijacking your communication

They hijacking your social freedom by persecution

They hijacking your tv channels by close them

They hijacking your reality by constant enviroment manipulation and gaslighting

They hijacking your feeling by transmit music chorus to say how to feel

They hijacking your thoughts or mind by constant noise or communication interference

A common strategy is to make reality to surreality with manipulations, gaslighting, mirroring, confusing

A common strategy to create a reality tunnel is to create constant background noise, noise harassment, create sleep deprivation, and to transmit looping music chorus for hours indoors and outdoors into your apartment day and night, and even targetting your mind with music chorus outdoors

Another strategy State pf Sweden uisng to create a reality tunnel is to imitating and mirroring your life, and targetting your mind with same music you listen to comnmercials from tv program you wtaching

Another stratehy is fear mongering and create false amygdala attacks

The mirror metaphor is objectionable, however, only if it retains the Platonic demarcation. Plato’s mirror, the metaphorical trick of the artist’s trade, gives him the power of false creation, the freedom to generate illusory fragments of the world. The lives of the shadows that appeared on the walls of the cave, these shadows ar a lie of reality. Their minds and perceptions of the mind is chained (to the wall) and the only objects they can see are shadows of things carried behind a fire in back of them.

THE PRISONERS in Plato’s Cave were chained to illusion and deceit. The labyrinth, the hall of mirrors, is, in short, a cave.

In Bacon’s version of Plato’s “cave alle— gory,” each person is a prisoner of the “idols” of his or her own “cave. The Greek cave is thus full of the confusion that results from mistaking many false images for the one true ideal, which is outside of the cave. Under these circumstances, the prisoners mistakenly think the only reality that exists are the images on the wall in front of them. If the prisoners were released from their bonds, and looked behind them, they would be bewildered by what they see. With his allegory Plato is saying that the average person in her everyday life uncritically accepts many false beliefs— she mistakes appearance, the shadows on the wall, for reality, the higher truths that are found in the life outside the cave.

Because they masquerade as the objects themselves, they are false. Plato’s Cave simile implies that something in all humans craves shadows …

Orwells doublethinking – keep masses in a state that allows complete total manipulation to keep them conditiond in the matrix or a reality tunnel of the reailty.

In almost every sport program I watch they repeating same words 2-3 times and when one commentor finish with one word, the other one repeating same word. I meeting this type of conversation when I meet people in departments for employment agency or social service department (they mirroring you). They repeating same word two times. This example is just a part of from one sport program. This is a communication construction for Mind Control people-

One of the main mind programs of The Party was the so called “double thinking”, or doublethink, which “describes the act of simultaneously accepting two mutually contradictory beliefs as correct, often in distinct social contexts.” In “1984”, it is elevated to political custom because it allows complete manipulation of the masses.

Keep you in the Matrix

Create a illusion of reality

Fear creates this illusion of reality and fear controls this illusion of reality

Fear forms the image of humans reality

Fear makes people stay in a dream state of reality

Fear is limiting the mind and humans consciousness and the mind and consciousness is reduced to a tunnel—reality – vision—like state.

Let say human mind has several levels of consciousness and every level of consciousness is corresponding to frequencies and fear has is own frequency – fear based consciousness………..90% is subconsciousness and 10% is consciousness…These perceptions are intangible vibrational rhythm patterns that block the connection to your soul and the flow of the creative power of your divine love to manifest your desires.
‘Tunnel vision is caused by an optic fungus that multiplies when the brain is less energetic than the ego.
When humans ar disconnected from the souece of light – tunnel reality…
the magic in your mind

You are not the limited surface self and ego that you have always fancied yourself to be, but you are that very primal intelligence that has manifested all the forms of the universe. Reflection on the nature of intelligence and consciousness reveals why this is so. When our attention is focused upon a certain thing, in as much as our absorption is complete, we become the thing that has our attention. This “tunnel vision” quality of consciousness is responsible for the remarkable phenomena …

The human mind is similar to a dark tunnel that has no end.

in the tunnel of ‘.ln the dreamstate

reality tunnel,” which can be found in research on virtual reality

Paranoia psychology creates tunnel visions

fight and flight reaction of the ego creates tunnel visions of reality..

super-inflated ego and robotic tunnel-vision pursuit of ‘artificial mental decorations

The first category is tunnel vision; this is where the ego is entrenched in opinions for which agreement is sought. This is a very limited type of vision, which prevents you from experiencing anything outside the scope of what already exists.

Each time we cling on to old ways our ego is facing the fear of its own death. The ego has tunnel vision and is unable to see the broader truths. It is unable to see that when it lets go, its small self is lovingly enveloped in the high self and drawn into a more expansive reality. The death of ego is not a loss. When we let go, the energy that was once invested in staying small, predictable, and re- stricted joins the dynamic, life-giving river that flows through us.

Expanded beyond the bounds of its limited vision, ego dissolves into the oneness of the spinner and observes as she moves on to the next fly. The ultimate realization is that life is perfect exactly as it is. There is an underlying and ultimate harmony that permeates all creation. of this, there is no doubt. Everything is just as it is.

the Exit from this Cave of a World
Mirrors as images of illusory or imperfect correspondence


MK- Ultra meaning
K=Kontrolle (German fro control
Ultra=Extremely secret

Theatre of human nature andf the Big Masquerade

MKULTRA never stopped; it just changed its name to “Monarch” and not only has it been perfected
Why are people mirroring, imitating, mimicking, gesturing, duplicating, gaslighting, brainwashing, real life interference copying your life?

To block out the real reality by building psychological mirrors to reflect back a mirror refflect of a illusion of reality.
So people can´t see through the illusion of reality and a mirror is reflection back the illusion like shadows in Plato´s allergory with The Cave.

self-mirroring environment as an illusory matrix

Psychic driving and loops also blocking out the real reality by creating a looping reality tunnel beacuse it occyping your mind with loops

To keep humans ina Dream state of control
mirroring and reflecting the social matrix
of what already exists. flannel vision stifles creativity because it keeps you narrowly focused on your existing beliefs about how something is or how it should be done.


This mindedness process can be broken down into three basic categories of thinking or vision. Two will stop you dead in your tracks, and the third will allow you to enjoy a very creative and inspirational journey.
The first category is funnel vision; this is where the ego is entrenched in opinions for which agreement is sought. This is a very limited type of vision, which prevents you from experiencing anything outside the scope of what already exists. ”tunnel vision stifles creativity because it keeps you narrowly focused on your existing beliefs about how something is or how it should be done.

The second category of vision is block vision; this is where the stubborn and naive live. Block vision is dangerous because it is a sign that an individual is no longer learning and growth has stopped. Block vision differs from tunnel vision because at least tunnel vision allows you to continue learning and growing (narrowly), as long as it is in the direction you have chosen. Both block and tunnel vision stifle creativity.

To effectively be creative it is extremely important to be open minded to receive ideas and inspiration. You must be open and aware of that which is not already in your line of vision or train of thought. If the inward vision is limiting, then the outward vision will be limited too. The final, and most productive vision category is spherical vision; this is where you are completely open to new ideas, suggestions, viewpoints, and opinions, and you are willing to see and analyze the potential they

Tom Rauscher possess. In spherical vision you do not let your ego, viewpoint, or your stubbornness get in the way of seeing things in a different way. Spherical vision allows you to take everything being presented to you and analyze it to determine what value it may have and how it can be incorporated to improve your endeavor.

Being open to the thoughts of others is also a powerful tool that can validate your current position or show you what adjustments need to be made. This is very important in product development because, as you present your ideas to the world, others may be able to add a missing link or piece to the puzzle that you have not seen. Some of this input will be of value and some will not, but you would never know if you are closed to seeing in new ways.

Openness to receiving perspectives other than your own can improve your current endeavor or provide inspiration for something completely new. For example, on the cover of my first book is an oval shape that is the direct result of spherical vision. When the graphic artist first presented it to me, it was a design of a seal as a place to put my name. While I knew that I did not want my name on the front cover in a seal, I also saw that a seal could provide a powerful means to express a concept that would add to the meaning I was trying to express. Spherical vision enabled me to receive the inspiration and shape it to meet my objectives.

could turn counterproductive and limiting rather than expanding. Everything, including religion, should be used to expand our consciousness and sense of self, not the other way around. God is unlimited; he does not live in a box. The more we expand our understanding of that, the more we get connected to him.

Limitation serves a purpose, and that purpose is generally to evolve us in some way. Once that evolution is complete, the limitation is likely to disappear, or what was seen as limiting will no longer be seen that way. We tend to take experiences of limitation personally.

The ego limits us and prevents us from discovering our full potential and truth. When our consciousness rises, we let go of ego and feel one with the universe. Only then can we relate to everyone and everything. We view the universe as part of us.

Matt 19:26

“With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”
Because one of the categories is substance, this limiting ego cannot be a substance.

Getting Past Manipulation, Control, and Self-limiting Beliefs

The voice of the authentic Self is much softer than that of the ego. In fact the ego is usually making so much noise and flooding us with so many thoughts that we seldom hear the quiet voice of the authentic Self or even have time to listen for it.

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