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October 15, 2017

Gangstalking Ostracism torture in Sweden


Gangstalking Ostracism torture in Sweden

When I´m posting this I have to visit the public domain.

Sweden has made and developed ostracism to their own psychology of science in todays society, and are combined with many other psychology of destruction and psychology wickedness. It symbolize gangstalking.

Gangstalking is just another word for same human behavior we have seen in the history. Earlier they call it ostracism, scapegoating but all of these is methods using persecution. It symbolize gangstalking. Gangstalking; The birth of Scientific dictatorships and a diffuse HIVE MIND.

There is a new hidden ageenda and purpose behind todays persecution: Brainwashing, Gaslighting, Gangstalking all share the malignant idea to total mind control everyone or someone. I have lived with gangstalking for over 6 years in Sweden and seen and experience how they working and today they are more desperate than ever. They have try to destroy my life for all these years, destroying my sleep, they have try to destroy my health, they have destory my social freedom, and they contsnat trying to destroy your inner peace of mind and silence by noise harassment, and now they have take it one step further and close down my internet and even close down all my tv-channels.

This is so obious how they don´t want you to have any joy or happiness in your life. It is just a totally plan of destruction. This post is about this psychologial destruction campaign and psychological warfare they using. When a State like Sweden closing down another humans paid internet connection or close down all their tv-channels this isnot demosration of how powerful they are; in fact it shows powerless, weakness, desperation, high-handness, how technocracy has replaced democracy, a birth of a new police state in europe, a birth of scientific dictatorshop. It revals a hidden malignant idea. Brainwashing, Gaslighting, Gangstalking all share the malignant idea to total mind control everyone or someone, and is all a symbol of lost of democracy and lost of humans rights, lost of freedom and lost of freedom of speech, and lost of your privacy and integrity. Gangstalking in Sweden has become a form of; gangstalking mania – Witch hunting, Psychological Zombie-virus, Inquisition.

One common thing with gangstalking strategies in The State of Sweden is these strategies are used everywhere with same purpose; take control or take over other humans mind, and this not working they will try to destroy your life with advanced psychology; to drive you to mental illness, wickedness, to a life surrounded with surrreality, change your perception of reality, drive you to insanity or suicide. Gangstalking is a destrution campaigns and it is a isolation campaign or ostracism and this means social death. What you have left after all these methods is your life at home and in your apartment. You use your internet and you use your tv-channels and that is what Sweden has done: it is a unhuman slowkill proceess to create boredom in your life. Nothing they do is for helping you, everything is the opposite to destroy you life.

They want to keep targeted individuals entrapped and surrounded by walls of wickedness and don´t want them to live normal lifes, so they sabotage their reality to keep them in their created surreality. Without tv and internet they think they have more power over you. It´s make them look stronger and powerful, but in fact it is the opposite a sign of weakness and false power to be this desperate and close down a service you have paid for. They don´t care about if you have paid for a service in Sweden. With no tv or internet they can gangstalking your more hours per day and that´s the sadistic control part of it.

When gangstalking in The State of Sweden become to be signs of weekness and despeation to control another human, to enslave another human and to try take over your mind and soul by using take over psychology (interference psychology) or destruction psychology (slowkill psychology), or they using wickedness psychology to drive you to insanity or to suicide. If they can´t take over your mind to control you, they will try to destroy you and if the can´t do this they will try to drive you insane. This is the primitive democracy they use in Sweden, and I can just write about their own methods they are using daily and everywhere.


  • take over control psychology
  • destruction psychology
  • wickedness psychology


One part of the Swedish ostracism strategy is: first they persecute you, then fear mongering you, sensitizing you, create sleep deprivation and to hurt your personal hobby or personal interest they close down your internet and then close down your tv-channels. So ostracism is real in Sweden 2017. Ostracism was introduced as a method year 454 (B.Cr), so it was long ago and Sweden still using this method. And because they can shut down your internet they close it down, and because they can close down all your tv-channels they close even them down. The State of Sweden living in very old form of primitive democracy, when they are angry they shut every function down. And they are still using other older mechnisms: witch-hunting and Inquisition


Ostracism and persecution in Sweden


“The term persecution covers at variety of phenomena. ranging from the most cruel type, as exemplified by the Spanish Inquisition, to the mildest, which is soical ostracism . Firstly, it needs to be emphasized that persecution “covers at variety of phenomena.” In other words. it is never to be found independently from other activities, such as those mentioned by Strauss: ostracism, torture, execution —persecution can only appear in conjunction with some practice. Even if we can imagine persecution in its most abstract,  ideal form. we cannot claim that persecution occurred if there was not an act of ostracism,  physical violence, or other. similar deed. Secondly, Strauss, it seems, begins with what he sees as the “most cruel“ type uf persecution, execution. and ends with what is more comminplace and tolerable, ostracism. Esotericism is conceived of as technique to evade death, the apex of persecution. The range indicates freuency beginning with what Strauss saw as the must pressing problem for philosophers. the cruelty of torture and death.

They trying to destroy you life with psychology, with noise, stress, psychological torture, sleep deprivation and now even to destroy your internet connection and even close down all your tv channels. It is part of same evil destruction campaign.

“The purpose of these gang-stalking activities is not just to unnerve the target and make them look foolish or even crazy in public, or to frustrate or intimidate them, or to punish them for some perceived misdeed. The deeper purpose is to coerce them into conforming, to force them to silently accept what is going on, and to break their will and draw them into taking part in this system of control. Anyone around the target will appear to be delusinonal should he or she mention anything to anybody. The sence of isolation that often results, due to a lack of anywhere to turn for help, is ment to break down the target and force his or her silent submission.” 

Ostracism and persecution psychology in Swedish healthcare and psychiatry

Is there any ostracism in Swedish healthcare? Yes, there is. Both in Swedish regular healthcare and Swedish psychiatry using ostracism psychology, or political abuse of of psychiatry. How can ostracism be explained and seen in The Swedish healthcare system?


  • They excluding you
  • They persecution you
  • They make reality to surreality
  • They misleading you with psychologial garbage information to harm you
  • They using destruction psychology
  • They using monarch destruction programming
  • They using gangstalking strategies to destroy every level of your life
  • They stop prescriptions for sleeping pills while they create sleep deprivation

Here is a example of political abuse of psychiatry in a Police State of Sweden and the Swedish healthcare during one year in therapy. They airstalking you with a helicopter (persecution) on your way to the therapy and then also hovering over the roofs during the therapy (persecution again)

They anchoring and chaining and using words in Swedish healtcare/psychiatry and then using this in media and tv (sport programs). It almost felt as a form of subliminal programming to try to destroy your life with MK-Ultra Code Green. They call this therapy and treatment, I call it political abuse of psychiatry. They just don´t implement and ancoring things/objects to mind control you, they also using words in same gangstalking using “trigger words”. Here is a example from swedish healthcare/psychiatry:

    1. One persons in Swedish healthcare informs you humans has a suicide gene (Mk Ultra Monarch Programming – Code Green) Ostracism project execution – self destruction – drive insane or to suicide
    2. Therapist tells you to call and the number has suddenly expired and not in use (psychological excluded and ostracism project execution) and same strategy is used in the regular healthcare when they calling you up and then hang on, so you have to di the internet booking twice (psychological excluded and ostracism project execution)
    3. Therapist informs you there is something called dreamwatcher/dreamguard (Swedish Big Brother psychology)
    4. Pharmacies in Sweden using Big Brother psychology to affect you psychological when you bying products from them (Swedish Big Brother psychology)
    5. They using big firecrackers outside your window every evening before you have a appointment to a doctor next day for new prescriptions for sleeping pills (to rush you up so you can´t sleep). Together with these others projects and psychology it can make people depressive, paranoid, drive someone insane or to suicide
    6. They airstalking you with a helicopter (persecution) on your way to the therapy and then also hovering over the roofs during the therapy (persecution again
    7. A new doctor informs you stress kills (anchoring and chaining process)
    8. After this they start using the word “kill” in media and almost in every sport program I watch (anchoring and chaining process)
    9. Strange voice messages appearing (not from my thinking system)
    10. They start implement or anchoring the word ”classified” in psychiatry and then chaining it to pharmacies, and then even arranged same text over the computer screen on my journal in swedish healthcare
    11. The therapist has a medical package on his desk and in this medical package he has his business card
    12. I get prescription for 230 pills against sleeping problems
    13. They informs me about the brain in the stomach (abdominal brain) and brains all diseases and I didn´t understand nothing. It felt they trying to overwhelming the brain with flooding of feelings (project execution – self destruction). This information they give me when my Kundalini energy is awakening. They knew this and that´s why they talk about the abdominal brain in the stomach to activate more energy for destruction.
    14. Later they stop the prescription for sleeping pills during treatment for depression, and there are no new appointment times for 9 weeks to any doctor, and the sleep deprivation, noise harassment going on 24/7 (psychological excluded, medical excluded to break you down or medical blackmail)

They create sleep deprivation, noise harassment during night, manipulate music files you listen when you trying to sleep and they also hacking your computer when your are offline and listen to music. They contsant changing the volume during the night so you wake up, or a neighbor smashing something in the floor in the middle og the night

And after this they have close down my internet connection and even all my tv-channels to make me depressed and caught in boredom and totally isolated (ostracism worse than a nazi camp during 1940s).

They treat people like this who are experience a powerful kundalini process, struggle with a new life situation and a new form of challenge or crisis, and struggle with sleep problems and start persute people, create sleep deprivation, gaslighting you, mirroring, misleading you, brainwashing you, confuse you, fear mongering stresses you.When has it become a Swedish healthcare to evil planning another humans destructions with psychology to harm and misleading? Or when has it become a goverments goal to create sleep deprivation, close down their internet connections and even close down all their tv-channels? It is government terrorism and high-handness.  Gangstalking – The purpose of mobbing is to drive the target individual out of the job force for the rest of their life; the bigger goal is to drive them to the ultimate self -destruction: suicide or crazy. This post is about bizarre gangstalking activities they using in The State of Sweden. If they offering you some form social activity, or health activity, working project or a job, is just give them a better control to harassment you and sensitizing you even more.Gangstalking is a form of obstructing with a Man-in-the-Middle Attack on every level of the targeted indiviuals life.

“Organized Vigilante Stalking is an occult form of terrorism/mind-control used against an individual, in a malicious attempt to reduce the quality of a person’s life so they will have a nervous breakdown, become incarcerated/institutionalized, experience constant mental, emotional or physical pain, become homeless, &/or commit suicide. It is done using well – orchestrated accusations, lies, rumors, bogus investigations, setups, framings, intimidation, overt or covert threats, vandalism, thefts, sabotage, torture, humiliation, emotional terror, DEWs, & general harassment. It is a ganging up by members of the community who follow an organizer & participate in a systematic, & ritualistic persecution of an individual. Organized Stalking is a destructive criminal program built on deception that exists to serve the intentions of a few who are aware of its true agenda.”

Gangstalking is a symbol for one form of wickedness and a dysfunctional democracy. How can all these methods suddenly be legal activties in a democratic society if it still is a democratic society….when does it become legal to make a person insane or drive them to suicide in democratic society (and that´s why I say it has become a form of dysfunctional democracy).

  • Obstructing psychology including control of your time
  • Obstructing psychology including control of your sleep (sleep deprivation)
  • Obstructing psychology including control of your computer – internet/software problems
  • Obstructing psychology including control of your minds and thoughts
  • Obstructing psychology including control of your feelings/emotions
  • Obstructing psychology including control of your privacy and integrity
  • Obstructing psychology including control of your inner silence of peace
  • Obstructing psychology including control of your future and destiny
  • Obstructing psychology including control of your spiritual growth
  • Obstructing psychology including control of your health functions
  • Obstructing psychology including control of your free will
  • Obstructing psychology including control of your morale (demoralization)
  • Obstructing psychology including control of your faith and knowledge
  • Obstructing psychology including control of your authority as a divine being
  • Obstructing psychology including control of your life with torture and noise harassment
  • Obstructing psychology including control and destuction of you with gangstalking and persecution

They trying to destroy you life with psychology, with noise, stress, psychological torture, sleep deprivation and now even to destroy your internet connection and even close down all your tv channels. It is part of same evil destruction campaign.

A hi-jacked life by the State of Sweden

  • Hijacked sleep – Sleep deprivation, hypnopaedia, noise harassment, psychological torture, sirens
  • Hijacked brain – Obstructing, create difficults, sabotage, keep your brain busy with this
  • Hijacked amygdala — Create fear, noise interference, induce stress and fear, anxiety, panic attacks
  • Hijacked emotions — Gaslighting, FOG, Mirroring
  • Hijacked reality – MK Ultra, bizarre gangstalking, make reaility to surreality, traumbasing, sensitizing, victimzing, brainwwashing, mind control, street theater
  • Hijacked communication – Drown out, communication interference, non-stop babbling, crosstalk, background communication
  • Hijacked social life — Create paranoia, mirroring, imitating, persecution, gangstalking, ostracism, scapegoating, isolation
  • Hijacked computer – Technological gaslighting, changing software functions and sabotage software, problems with internet connection


Brainwashing mentality in The State of Sweden

Brainwashing, Gaslighting, Gangstalking all share the malignant idea to total mind control everyone or someone

Brainwashing: The Science of Thought Control and a malignant idea. The dream of totally controlling a human mind. At its heart brainwashing is a malignant idea – the dream of totally controlling a human mind, which affects all of us one way or another. Brainwashing is the ultimate invasion of privacy: it seeks to control not only how people act but what they think. It arouses our deepest fears.  Threatening the loss of freedom and even identity. Yet we know remarkably little about it.

Both brainwashing and gangstalking is the ultimate invasion of privacy and integrity.

Gangstalking; The birth of Scientific dictatorships and a diffuse HIVE MIND. Gangstalking is also malignant idea to totally mind control the humand mind. Gangstalking in Sweden for example is like a invisble technocratic dictatorshop. Big Brother sees you, but you can´t see Big Brother. Gangstalking is a totalitarian and malignant idea to force everyone or brainwwashing everyone to be like them. It is similar to how cults working; forced to submission. They are not satified with regulating the outward behaviors. They want to posses and dominate the souls and minds of their victims.


The double whammy is a harmful method of mind control employed widely in everyday life as a methods for attaining dominance over others through causing emotional distress and impairing, at least temporarily, their cogntitive functions. The most common ways individuals control and dominate others are by inculcation of painful emotions such as shame, guilt, ferae, anxiety. When gaslighting and/or the double hammy are done repeatedly, the psychioc damage may be serious, it can inlude enduring types of chronic psychiatric disorders.

The Matrix of duality or The Unconscious Mind Control Matrix

Humans are entrapped in a matrix of duality which is controlled by the 90% unconscious or subconscious Mind Control Matrix. Most of this 90% subconscious mind have been formed by a fear based culture and fearmongering governments to stay in control. A fear based conscious can´t evolving higher enlightment.

Technocracy – is a camouflage of democracy. A political  system wolf in sheep’s clothing with covert fascism and the technological domination over the human individuality. Democracy is technocracy and technocracy is the birth of scientific dictatorship over humans personal life, integrity and privacy.

Harry Martinsson depicts even this development as a camouflage that is difficult to detect. The ruling technocracy in today’s modern society functions much as a democratic camouflage that is difficult to detect. They pretend, in the cultural sector, as though life still basically ran on as before, while in fact we at full speed is entering a new geological age.

There are less and less democracy everwhere and more of this;

  • technocracy
  • corporatocracy
  • plutocracy
  • meritocracy
  • scientific dictatorship (mind control technology and brainwashing psychology)
  • elitism


The birth of Scientific dictatorships  has become the new tyranny over humans freedom, personal privacy and integrity, freedom of speech.

Tyranny: despotism, domination, suppression, oppression, coercion, cruel authority. harshness. totalitarianism—these synonyms for tyranny describe what can happen when a tribe, a nation, an alliance, a religion, an interest group or a political group gives a way of thinking and perceiving—a belief system- absolute, unquestioning power. Beliefs are an unavoidable part of the human experience. It is apparent that conflicting beliefs exist in this world side by side, and from a collection of beliefs entire cultures are created. Those living in a particular belief system perceive the world in a way unique to that mindset.

Our world is full of a diversity of beliefs, customs, foods, religions, laws, etc. Each cultural group agrees to live by certain rules and customs, and those who deviate from those rules and customs are looked upon as outsiders within that culture. They can even be punished or executed for their deviations from the accepted norm, That is how much power humankind has given belief systems.

“Oddly enough, at exactly the same time a spate of books exploring the phenomenom begun appear, mostly written by targeted individuals: They included: The perfect crime; Organised or Group Gang Stalking. Coherent Madness: Effective Defence Against Covert Warfare. How to deal With and Defeat Gang Stalkers. It is the end stuff of nightmares and what has been called dark propecy or conspiracy theory is actually ancient agenda in its final stages of being played out. On a personal level, participating in any form of gangstalking is not only insane but utterly immoral, and spiritually and criminally corupt. Technology and the capabilities of those that have orchestrated these world terrors are immense.”

Here is a problem with todays “Hive mind” thinking: Gangstalkers are never involved in any personal psychological attacks; because they deceiving themselves and it is the group not them who are gangstalking, and they are not part of evil psychological unmorale crimes as gangstalking is. What happens of this “Hive mind” taking over, does it means these persons losing their identity in this new “hive mind” and therefore are controlled by a invisible and faceless “hive mind” mentality?
Why does the occult darkness deceiving and manipulate everything around it and need to mind control people?

    • To keep out the light
    • To hindering people from their spitual growth
    • To keep out the higher energy vibration needed for evolving higher DNA activation
    • To keep humans from find their true self
    • To keep out the spirit of truth
    • To stay in control for deceiving the masses and daily brainwashing them, mind control them by media, oppress, scapegoating and ostrasize targeted individuals by other groups, obstructed and gangstalked by  the systematic, & ritualistic persecution of an individual, and corrupt double minded in their minds
    • Thats why the flesh is called corrupt and that´s why the flesh and spirit is struggle against each other
    • Gangstalking is just a money selfish, cruel, evil, aggressive, unmorale, criminal political hidden maffia occult agenda
    • The democratic society is replaced by this hidden agenda and there is no longer any humans rights for all people, and therefor it is legal for drive people insane, psychological torture them, drive them to suicide and everyone is free to volunteer and participate. This new system encourage people to induce more of everything that can make more harm and scaring the targteted individual, and they even using children for gangstalking and there is nothing insane with this
  • The spirit of light. By raising our vibration, any anger or hive mind attacks that surround us will necessarily disappear since, again, a low vibrational energy cannot co-exist with high vibrational energy



A new police state is born in Europe – The State of Sweden Heliopolis or Orwell (1984)

Gangstalking obstructing and abuse of power in Sweden. They close down all your tech products and make so you can´t reach the phone company

This is how they do in Sweden. If you don´t do as the State of Sweden wants they threaten (to close down) functions in different ways and using emotional blackmail and pyschological torture:

  • If you don´t do as the State of Sweden wants they close down your internet connection
  • If you don´t do as the State of Sweden wants they close down all your tv-channels
  • If you don´t do as the State of Sweden wants they create sleep deprivation
  • If you don´t do as the State of Sweden wants they will psychological nosie torture you
  • If you don´t do as the State of Sweden wants they the doctors in Swedish healthcare don´t give you any new prescriptions for sleeping pills, and then there are no new new appointments time any other doctor for over 9 weeks

The State of Sweden using these threats and emotional blackmail tactics eeverywhere in the Swedish society. First they create sleep deprivation and then they don´t give you any new prescriptions for sleeping pills (gangstalking destruction strategy)

This is what will happen with humans freedom, freedom of speech integrity and privacy in the future when democracy becomes technocracy. They will silence your freedom of speech by closing down your daily functions, or sabotage them for you. It has already begin in Sweden. They have gangstalking me for over 6 years now, and now they have started to attack your internet and your tv-channels by closing them down. Here is example from my latest week


    • They close down your internet
    • They close down all your tv-channels same day as internet (two different companies)
    • They close down your sleep by hindering you from sleep by changing the volume from low to high or from higher to lower or no sound at all. This are they doing when you are offline
    • When you want to use your iphone you are no longer registered in the network
    • Then when you trying to call the phone company from your other phone the subscriber can not be reach – please try later
    • And when I try to upload my video on Youtube (from a public domain) about this subject the video don´t start uploading
    • After I have write down these facts they start transmit the song Ghostbusters – ”Who do you gonna call”? Earlier they transmit another song: ”We control the sunlight”. These behaviors is from the wicked ones they are talking about in the Bible.
    • This is abuse of power from a hidden police state – today a new police state is born in Europe – Sweden of all contries.
    • After they have close down your internet and tv-channels they start systematic create noise harassment. From apartment above, and the landlords garden workers standing outside your apartment to harass you with leafblowers, and they start using firecrackers outside your window to rush you up so you can´t sleep
    • They gangstalking you for over 6 years and 24/7 and when you begin to write about these methods they close down everything for you to to try destroy your life.
  • They want to keep targeted individuals entrapped and surrounded by walls of wickedness and don´t want them to live normal lifes, so they sabotage their reality to keep them in their created surreality. Without tv and internet they think they have more power over you. It´s make them look stronger and powerful, but in fact it is the opposite a sign of weakness and false power to be this desperate and close down a service you have paid for. They don´t care about if you have paid for a service in Sweden. With no tv or internet they can gangstalking your more hours per day and that´s the sadistic control part of it.


Gangstalking mania a combination of these things – Witch hunting, Zombie-virus, Inquisition


Witch hunting is a central part of that response. The term “witch hunt” is commonly used to mezm any unjustified persecution of a person or group. Where a person decides to target another person for reasons which may, or may not, be obvious. Definition of witch hunt

1) searching out for persecution of persons accused of witchcraft 2)the searching out and deliberate harassment of those (such as political opponents) with unpopular views. A witch-hunt is an attempt to find and punish a particular group of people who are being blamed for something, often simply because of their opinions and not because they have actually done anything wrong. A rigorous campaign to round up or expose dissenters on the pretext of safeguarding the welfare of the public


Psychological Zombie-behavior –  a person whose behavior or responses are wooden, listless, or seemingly rote; automaton. He’s just a zombie sitting in front of the TV all day or watching the iphone all day. One who looks or behaves like an automaton. A computer connected to the internet and controlled by a remote unauthorized user to perform malicious tasks, without the owner being aware. Gang Stalking, Mind Control, and Cults … Creation of Zombies: Context of Modern Mind Control Operations … A behavior control research project was begun in the 1950s, coordinated by the British psychological warfare unit

Inquisition – Gangstalking A New History of Persecution. Gangstalking is like the medieval Inquisition or Spiritual Inquisition. It is the end stuff of nightmares and what has been called dark propecy or conspiracy theory is actually ancient agenda in its final stages of being played out. The organization of the inquisition (gangstalking) was simple, yet effective. It did not care to impress the minds of men with magnificence, but rather to paralyze them with terror (gangstalking). I am convinced about gangstalking is a form of punsihment if you don´t obedience this matrix authority or todays mind control reality with big brother sneaking around in your life.


Satan´s (The Ultra Ego) plan has always been to imitate God´s plan. Internet is just a imitation of God´s omnipresence and ability to be everywhere. Internet and today´s technology is developed to create a electronic world brain (artificial intelligence) there everyone is surveillanced, enslaved and controlled by this electronic omnipresence spy brain Big Brother, and then are a symbol for a all knowing God people are worship.


When Lucifer (The Ultra Ego) rebelled against God he took with him an in numerable host of angels who gave to him the authority that rightly belonged to God. They acknowledged him as god and submitted to him. Satan imitates God’s plan of administration, and carries out his diabolical plans through these fallen angels.

Although Satan cannot be personally present with you, yet through his demons, he can exercise authority over you, and he can order the demons in subjection to him to do what he wants to accomplish in your life. Satan will not let his demons relax their aattack against you clay or night. In unseen but constant warfare, the adversary openly attacks the believer to divert him from the path of obedience to the Word of God.

This attack of satan is emphasized when the Apostle says, “Your adversary walketh about.” This word is in the presenttense and you wouldn’t be amiss in reading, “Your adversary, the Devil constantly walks about, or constantly stalks (as gangstalkers do).” Satan never relaxes. You sleep. He doesn’t; he is planning for the next day”s attack. You sit in church. So does Satan. He doesn’t leave you alone. He is there to attack and to divert and to snatch away the Word that is being sown. Our Lord made it very clear that Satan will never propagate truth. Satan always propagates error.


How does God´s enemy (Satan – The Ultra Ego) hindering the true word of God reaching humans minds or how they block the truth about their gangstalking methods from reach others


  • First they gangstalking and persecute you for over 6 years and when you start writing about them and their criminal gangstalking methods they close down you tool for freedom of speech. They don´t just close down internet, but also all tv-channels. It is almost like someone hijacking the tv-station to take control over your information.
  • Then they close down your internet, close down all your tv channels, create problems with your iphone, manipulate your phone calls so you can´t reach the phone company.
  • Then they trying to overwrite you with communication interference or crosstalk, so there is some form of onging distrurbing background noise all the time
  • Noise interference and psychological noise torture/noise harassment
  • Crosstalk – constant background noise harassment
  • Disturbing your silence and a peaceful mind
  • Psychological attacks to keep you brain busy
  • Obstructing life
  • Invading privacy and integrity
  • Mind games and deceiving
  • Gaslighting and Mirroring
  • Create mind troubles
  • Spiritual sadness
  • Driving people insane/madness
  • Drive them to suicide

Gangstalking is a psychological violent abuse and psychological torture crime aganist humans rights, it is sadistic, evil and madness. Sometimes you even wonder if it even is demonic or satanic forces involved because they seems to be using children in gangstalking (where does this unmorale come from to use children as gangstalkers tools). Is it mind control by government or what, and if so it is a crime against human rights, in same way when children working as slaves. They using children as gangstalking harassment and anchoring tools in Sweden.


The group members project hostility into the entity of “the group” while disowning it in themlselves. The group then acts outan attack on the targeted individual/scapegoat. However, the individual group members do not experience themselves as engaged in an attack; “the group” seems to be the responsible agent.

The targeted individual has to coping every attack and manage every psyhological harm from all these methods together, not just one method. Every part of the gangstalking system or gangstalking agenda is a evil attacks against human rights.

Mk-Ultra, Brainwashing, Gaslighting, Mirroring, Gangstalking, Peresecution, Airstalking (Helicopters/Airplanes), Mind control, Noise harassment, Noise Torture, Ostracism/Scapegoating, Trauma-basing, Terrorizing, Fearmongering, Sensitizing, Victimzing,, Surveillance, Frequency weapon, Silent technology, Create long term stress activities, Sleep deprivation, Voice to skull techology, Remote neural monitoring, Acting street theater, Security patrolling, Thought policing, Spying, Gatekeeping/doorslamming, Obstructing psychology, Interference, Intimidiation, Humiliation, Provoke strategies, Garbaging

Here is the “mind cloning” techniques they using in gangstalking in The State of Sweden when they gangstalking

Using double-minded techniques,  double mindedness, double binding, double thinking (Orwell 1984), double-speaking (repeats the last word in the sense that the other person finished) or use a word twice when they are speaking, double standard, gaslighting, mirroring, duplicating, imitating, mimicking, gesturing, shadowing, trauma-basing to cloning and splitting to new alter ego, social engineering, interfering, double whammy,  look alikes, repeating trigger words, repeating and sensitizing process, gangstalking, cross-talk- (noise interference or communication interference)

Where does all these methods come from and why are there so many of them and who has the time to develope all these and why  they using all these against humans?

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