Gangstalking is a results of today´s spiritual awakening and they trying to hide the key to knowledge that can be found in the 7 sacred chakras LUKE 11:52- Awakening means to be awaken to this hidden and forgotten knowledge about God, about the Divine, about the Light Source, and most important is the knowledge about your true identity. People who is awakening are awakening to their true identity – the Higher Self.

So Luke 11:52 means they hindering you from finding your true identity – your Higher Self

What does Matthew 20:16 says and means?

 So the last shall be first, and the first last, for many are called, and few chosen.’

Matthew 201:16 is related to another Bible verse Revelation 1:8

“I am the Alpha and the Omega,” says the Lord God, “who is, and who was, and who is to come, the Almighty.”

The last and first and the first the last and Alpha (first Adam) and Omega (second Adam)

Alpha symbolize the first Adam and Omega symbolize the second Adam – the new Mind of Christ is the Omega.

Revelation 8:1  – The Seventh Trumpet – And when He had opened the seventh seal, there was silence in Heaven about the space of half an hour.

Revelatiuon – Seventh Trumpet – Omega (and brainwaves) and (Point Zero) – We will have returned to zero point, the state of infinity and bliss. Service to others allows this influx of energy to happen, allowing the rise of the energy through the rise of the kundalini from the base of the spine out the crown.

Revelation 8:1  – The Seventh Trumpet – And when He had opened the seventh seal, there was silence in Heaven about the space of half an hour.

Revelatiuon – Seventh Trumpet – Omega (and brainwaves) and (Point Zero) – We will have returned to zero point, the state of infinity and bliss. Service to others allows this influx of energy to happen, allowing the rise of the energy through the rise of the kundalini from the base of the spine out the crown.

There are 7 major brain wave states …

(1) OMEGA (zero cycles per second) is the state of ABSOLUTE calm, the calm before the calm.

(2) DELTA (0.1 to 4 cycles per second) is a non-breakdown state of slow-wave sleep (SWS) or slow-wave conscious meditation

(3) THETA (4 to 8 cycles per second) is “found in locations not related to the task at hand,” and can be generated by CONSCIOUS REPRESSION of a thought, a germinal form of WILL POWER.

(Theta is about off-line memory processing.)

(4) ALPHA (8 to 13 cycles per second) is a state of RELAXED LEARNING (eidetic memory) and COMA.

(5) BETA (13 to 30 cycles per second) is our everyday Zombie-like state of parroting back whatever we “know.”

(6) GAMMA (30 to 100-plus cycles per second) is associated with sense-combining (sight + sound, smell + taste, etc.) and (some say) cognitive decline (esp. when associated with theta brain waves).

(7) MU (8 to 13 cycles per second) is a more global and synchronous variant of alpha.

Luke 11:52 says; “Woe to you experts in the law, because you have taken away the key to knowledge. You yourselves have not entered, and you have hindered those who were entering.”

The Holy Spirit and Kundalini means to enter the 7 sacred chakras and they trying to hindering those were entering.

State of Sweden has gangstalking me for over 6 years, day and night.

There is some strategies they using:

  • Total Mind Control
  • Total Stalking (everywhere and 24/7 and 365)
  • Total gaslighting and manipulation of reality and mind
  • Total interference
  • Total hijacking
  • Total Mind Control and Hijacking of chakras

The Holy Spirit is a gift from God and Kundlini is a gift from the Divine and this awakening is a alchemical-spiritual- transforming-journey from dust to the stars, it is the art or science of alchemy to transform basic metals (lead) into gold.

All that intellect can conceive of.’ writes the Swiss Hermes, ‘comes from the stars.’ and he adds: The activity of the organism of man is the result of the actions of the interior constellations of stars exisiting in his inferior world. Seven Stars—the supernal ones—whose essences are carried by the ‘dew,’ even as the sidereal ‘humidity carries the seven aspects of the astral light.

The seven vital etheric centers, which Hindu philosophy calls the seven chakras, are said to be the “Seven Seals” of Moses. In the spiritual passages of various religious books. they have been termed the “seven hidden doors.” the “seven holy temples,” the “hidden locks and keys.” the “seven stars.” and similar names.

The seven chakras correspond to the seven colors, and the seven notes of the musical scale on the physical plane. Out of this influence of the number Seven has come the belief, expressed by some authorities, that Seven Years are required for the cells of the body to be completely renewed.

Then there are the seven locks of Samson in which his great strength lay ; the ten times seven years of the Babylonish exile ; the seven branches of the golden candlestick ; and in the Apocalypse, the seven golden candlesticks, the seven churches, the seven seals, the seven trumpets, the seven vials, the beast with seven heads, the seven mountains, the seven kings, and the seven angels, , seven bowls, seven rays.

From dust to stars is a journey to be able to flying farther – beyound the seven chakras and the seven stars and also means the ability to flying beyound time and space and get knowledge about God. One hidden gift is the ability to bringing the red root chakra kundalini (feminine energy) to rising and the golden kundalini ( masculine energy) which falls from the ninth chakra. Bringing these two kundalinis together is another gift of a kundalini awakening. Together, these two kundalini merge not only feminine and masculine, but also earth and heaven, physical and spiritual, soul and body. Another gift in the human brain is the use the of Amygdala as the uniter of dualities.

Today´s worthly world don´t want you to arise above the third chakra beacuse the fourth chakra is the first “bridge or crosspoint# between two world – the material and spiritual world, the psysical and spiritual. The fourth chakra is the bridge of consciousness. Today´worthly world is built up on duality and polartities and today´s wortly world is “Mind Controlled” by fear, and fear frequency and fear media.

The chakra system, network of nadis, and Kundalini energy is a complex system that works on many levels within the body and energy field. The true Kundalini awakening is not a minor sensation along the spine or a quiet shift, but rather an advanced form of incredible power that will organically open and rise in its own time. The rising of Christ energy or kundalini awakening is the outcome of a tremendous revolution of the consciousness. This process is the expanding of the human mind and awareness (awakening). A risen christ-consciousness-energy or a kundalini awakening means to expanding our awareness and consciousness (or a reformation and transformation of the mind). The kundalini is thus real and symbolic of our potential to reach higher spiritual dimensions.

We must take part in an Exodus of the mind and away from the things that have kept us in bondage to fear. Exodus away from sickness, and death, and violence, to a new consciousness. A new mind, a new way of living. If the Bible story is symbolic of what goes on within each of us, then we must carefully fit the pieces together in what really is the Passover Puzzle. The pieces of our search will contain ancient texts , the Bible etc, Scientific discovery , and of
course astronomical phenomena. This also known as the possover, the seder, the christ mind.

We focus on passover as the significant text as it describes a movement away from bondage to a new existence termed the promised land. PASSOVER TO A NEW MIND Each one of us must pass over.

Earlier in this post you read these words; “One hidden gift is the ability to bringing the red root chakra kundalini (feminine energy) to rising and the golden kundalini ( masculine energy) which falls from the ninth chakra. Bringing these two kundalinis together is another gift of a kundalini awakening. Together, these two kundalini merge not only feminine and masculine, but also earth and heaven, physical and spiritual, soul and body. Another gift in the human brain is the use the of Amygdala as the uniter of dualities.”

In today´s worthly living the feminine root chakra kundalini energy (earth) and masculine golden kundalini energy (heaven) is separated from each other and creates today´s duality and polarities. This means humans living in a masculine three dimensional world represented by the triangle (three lines).  There is a interesting connection to do between Mary Magdalene and Jeremiah 31:22 – A Woman will encompass a man.

Man is proved to be a three dimensional creature by physiology; and woman is the fourth dimension, by the same means of proof. Woman may be represented by the square (four lines) . Man may be represented by the triangle (three lines).

It is portal or entrance to the feminine qualities in right brain (4 dimensional)

The amygdala (Mary Magdalene) is part of the portal to the feminine entrance to the third eye, found att the back of the brain. When it opens, the third eye starts to open up slowly and softly. The amygdala is the heart of the brain. When it opens, the whole brain starts to become healed, as light and love radiates from the amygdala to the other brain centers.

Jesus, the doorway and the nous

Jesus talkes about a doorway  or “the nous” in Luke 24:45

Then he opened their minds so they could understand the Scriptures.”

You are not the ego – your true identity is your “Higher Self”

The proof that you are not the ego, which is why you are able to accept the ego, is that you are aware of the ego. What is aware of the ego cannot be the ego. Just as the eye can’t see itself, the ego can’t see itself. Only something outside the ego can see the ego. You are able to be aware of what is going on within the human condition because you are not only human. The “Higher Self” is aware of what´s going on within the human condition, and this is a important switching of consciousness “to be in the world and not of it”. The ego can´t reflect or observe itself and can be mind controlled by others.

The Duality Created by the Mind

Duality is not the truth but an illusion. Non-duality, or Oneness, is the truth. The duality of human and divine within every human being exists because the mind and ego create this duality, along with every other one. They create a sense of being separate from Oneness and a sense of separate things, even though the reality is Oneness. But this is not a mistake. Without this illusion, the experience of being a human being wouldn’t be possible. The mind —your brain—slices the world of form into pieces: things and concepts.

“To be in the world and not of it”

Many imagine that being in the world but not of it means transcending the world and the ego and no longer being touched by the difficulties of the human condition. But that is not what this means. Rather, being in the world but not of it means that you fully embrace the world of form and embrace being human while knowing you are beyond all forms. To do this, you have to first love the world, including your humanness. You have to do the opposite of what the ego does, which is reject the world. The ego rejects the world because it misperceives the world. When you stop seeing the world through the ego’s eyes, you will love the world and know it as the magnificent creation and gift that it is. Then the perfection of your divine self can shine through your human self. You will be in the world but not of the world.

What does these words symbolize – “To be in the world and not of it”?

Freedom, liberation and enlightment.

This world talks a lot about democracy and freedom, but in fact it hate it. Today´s world of democracy is built up on duality of the ego and today´s democracy is controlling humans ego with daily mind control and brainwashing. Today´s world of democracy feeding the human ego with fear and to stay in power.

Jesus says; You are not of this world – means your true Higher Self is something else.

John 15:19 says;

If you belonged to the world, it would love you as its own. As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world. That is why the world hates you.

If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first. 19 If you belonged to the world, it would love you as its own. As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world. That is why the world hates you. 20 Remember what I told you: ‘A servant is not greater than his master.’ If they persecuted me, they will persecute you also. If they obeyed my teaching, they will obey yours also. 21 They will treat you this way because of my name, for they do not know the one who sent me.

Romans 12:2

“Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind”.

Jesus tells His followers, “You do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world” (John 15:19).

He also says the disciples “are not of the world any more than I am of the world” (John 17:16).

Every culture professes a certain set of miraculous gifts. In the Christian community, they are the fruits of the spirit; in aboriginal cultures, they are often called medicinal or shamanic abilities. In the metaphysical world, they are considered psychic phenom-ena. In Hinduism, they are termed the siddhi and defined as god-like capabilities that turn on through the kundalini enlightenment process.

If or when they do show up, these gifts don’t appear out of nowhere. They are seeded within the chakras, from conception onward. Energetically, each chakra houses a certain set of these gifts, many of which lie dormant until kundalini awakens them. Through the kundalini process, we are freed from earthly constraints, fears, and shackles and shouldn’t be surprised to find ourselves more intuitive, experiencing different ways of knowing, understanding, sensing, and being.

As the kundalini clears away debris, our innate gifts are able to shine. Always there, they now come into our con-scious awareness. We are now able to fully use them for good, to meet the higher purpose we are on this planet to achieve. If, at times, your kundalini process gets you down, remember it’s only doing so in order to lift you up.

There’s always a higher plan, even if we can’t see it in the moment.

Spiritual gifts, Holy Spirit or siddhis, or talentt has to be discovered and there are as many gifts as there are people on this planet. Part of the fun in opening to your kundalini is discovering exactly how gifted you are. The Philosopher’s Stone is not just a spiritual metaphor but an actual substance that can transmute lead or mercury into gold. The Stone is a product of Alchemy. The Elixir of Long Life cannot be acquired without this stone. The two columns of the temple, Jachin and Boa; are the man and the woman who are in alliance in order to work with the Philosophical Stone. Whosoever finds the Philosophical Stone is transformed into a God and means you can get supernatural powers, spiritual gifts or Siddhis. And todays ego society or ego democracy don´t want other to have power themself don´t have or can reach. Therefore they start scapegoating and percecuting (today´s gangstalking) and they start ostrasizing and exluding awakening people and they start obstructing and create constant sound or noise harassment (todays´gangstalking), and they start tormenting them with psychological manipulation of reality and make reality to ssurreality, and start mind games, street theater, gaslighting, mirroring, imitating and brainwashing. This post will continue with how State of Sweden persecuting and stalking your life and acting like chakra blockers or chakra controllers.

Luke 11:52 says; “Woe to you experts in the law, because you have taken away the key to knowledge. You yourselves have not entered, and you have hindered those who were entering.” and Hosea 4:6 ”My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.

“With man it is impossible, but not with God. For all things are possible with God.” ~ Mark 10:27

Where can these supernatural powers be found and who can find them and where does these powers come from?

  • These supernatural powers come from God by the Holy Spirit gifts (The “seven” gifts are found in the Book of (Isaiah 11:1-2)
  • “You are gods, sons of the Most High, all of you (Psalm 82:6)
  • The kingdom of God is within you (Luke 17:21)
  • “With man it is impossible, but not with God. For all things are possible with God.” ~ (Mark 10:27)

When Jesus gave the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20), He knew that His disciples could not fulfill it in their own power (“With man it is impossible, but not with God. For all things are possible with God.” ). Therefore, He had a special gift in store for them: It was His plan to give them the same power that He had — the power of the Spirit of God. As I also have received from My Father; and I will give him the morning star. (Revelation 2:27-28)

Faith Moving Mountains = overcome and have faith

Revelation 2:27 “To the one who is victorious, I will give some of the hidden manna

Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours (Mark 11:24)

And He said to them, “Because of the littleness of your faith; for truly I say to you, if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move; and nothing will be impossible to you (Matthew 17:20)

“Truly I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, ‘Be taken up and cast into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that what he says is going to happen, it will be granted him (Mark 11:23)

As I also have received from My Father; and I will give him the morning star. (Revelation 2:27-28)

To the Overcomer – I will give;

⦁ To him who overcomes I will give to eat from the tree of life Paradise.. (Rev. 2:7)
⦁ the “Hidden Manna” (Revelation 2:17)
⦁ and a “White Stone” (Revelation 2:17)
⦁ As I also have received from My Father; and I will give him the morning star. (Revelation 2:27-28)
To him who overcomes will I give power to rule over nations and give him the morning star . (Rev. 2:27,28)

John 16:33 These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you have tribulation, but take courage; I have overcome the world.

Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours (Mark 11:24)

With the awakening of Kundalini, there is a partial fusing and synchronicity of the two energies. As awareness develops, there is an increase in total Kundalini energy, synchronicity, and fusing until the two Kundalini energies become fused as one holographic energy in the crown chakra. Our consciousness shifts into a predominant, non-dualistic, awake state of awareness of God.

This world don´t want people to fusing and synchronizing the two kundalini energies, instead this world trying to hijacking your mind and consciousness with constant different interference psychology. This hijacking is today´s gangstalking,, and means they trying to stand in the middle of this light fusion process. This process is the Book of Revelation – is the personal  marriage between earth (matter) and heaven (spirit).

The marriage of the God of Heaven with the people of Earth will also bring the marriage of Heaven and Earth. There will not be two universes—one the primary home of God and angels, the other the primary home of humanity. Nothing will separate us from God, and nothing will separate Earth and Heaven. Once God and mankind dwell together, there will be no difference between Heaven and Earth. Earth will become Heaven—and it will truly be Heaven on Earth.

The alchmeical meaning of this marriage between heaven and earth is; In this last act, the material’s impurities were finally burned away as the material reemerged as gold or the “philosopher’s stone” – the offspring of the consummate “alchemical marriage” or hierosgamos between heaven and earth. Through alchemical processes, the virtues of heaven and earth are incarnated in the filius or the Stone.

This is what happening in State of Sweden when your kundalini energy is awakening. They start targetting you 24/7 and 365 days and this is today´s gangstalking

Sweden and stalking people starts acting like; “Chakra blockers”, “Chakra controllers”, “Obstructers”, “Deceivers”, “Obstructers”, “Manipulators”, “Gatekeepers”, “Mind prison”, “Matrix”, “Archons”, “Brainwashers”and start constant brainwashing by playing  constant same music chorus, “Hijackers of sleep, mind and reality”, “Tormentors with sound”, “Stalkers by people, cars and helicopters”, “Shadowers and shadowing you from room to room” , “Gaslighters and making reality to surreality with manipulation” , “Persecuters” and starts stalking you with people, cars, helicopters and even stalking with constant sounds,  “Ostrasizers” and scapegoaating and ostrasize , “Oppressors”, “Stalkers” and “Imitators” of your life.

Something is “terrible” and spiritual wrong in Sweden

From 11 March 2018

First same music chorus for almost a hour

This music chorus they start transmitting into your apartment 02.00 in the middle of the night 11 March 2018 for almost a hour and then mixing it with some music chorus with lyrics S.O.S I heard earlier on the radio day before

National Geographic was showing a program about “The Wild North America” about “Praire Dogs”; Here is a clip from this program;

After I saw “The Wild North America”on National Geographic about “Praire Dogs” it look like this in my backyard day after 11 march 2018. This is Wool Insulation material spread in the middle of the backyard

A lot of Wool Insulation just in the middle of your backyard

This is just another new place out things or garbaging. They have place out things and garbaging fot over 6 years now. Swede has a common strategy and it is to stalking and imitating everything you see or watch on tv or listen at the radio. If you see tv program they either start transmitting music chorus or commercials from tv into your apartment and if you listen to muic on the radio they start brainwashing you bt playing same music chorus for 2 hours or 18 hours. Here is some of all other garbage neighbors dumping down into my backyard

Feathers in your backyard

It you read or write something about a the “White Stone” in the revelation you find a stone i your backyard day after

They pouring out color on the streets

And they are same all of them. Here is how swedish fireworkers has place out firehoses in the middle of the wood there you exercise

They place out a police siren on a refrigerator in Christian organization lunch room

This is how your health journal look like in the Swedish healthcare –

Therapist has his business card in a medical package

Bildresultat för peter horttanainen business cards in a medical package

They place out a orange on gravestone whe you visiting the graveyard. First the therapist has a orange on his desk in the swedisg healthcare

Bildresultat för peter horttanainen business cards in a medical package

A orange on a gravestone when you visiting the graveyard

They place out shoe protection and latex gloves in the woods or paths there you exercise and this they do 2018 and have done for several years now

When you visiting the food store it look like this, A plate and cake

This is the place out things psychoogy or the mind of Swedes they using to Mind Control and manipulate your reality and they using this psychology everywhere.. Food stores, healthcare, fireworkers, landlord, working places,

If you convert this strange “place out things” psychology to manipulation of reality they – gaslighting you in swedish healthcare when doctors changing shirt, thet mirroring in healthcare, scoial service trying to make believe you hear things, landlord and energy companies mixing with street lights, swedish police hacking your computer and start changing your volume when you listen to music (gas-lighting by changing your volume), they using enviroment manipulation, they plasying street theater, using psychological communication street theater and dropping words and content to sensitizing you, people walking around with umbrellas when it is sunshine (15-25 degrees), cars driving around with light off or just one light on headlight or rear light. This is just a part of everything

All others methods for gangstalking can be summerized like this;

Sweden and stalking people starts acting like; “Chakra blockers”, “Chakra controllers”, “Obstructers”, “Deceivers”, “Obstructers”, “Manipulators”, “Gatekeepers”, “Mind prison”, “Matrix”, “Archons”, “Brainwashers”and start constant brainwashing by playing  constant same music chorus, “Hijackers of sleep, mind and reality”, “Tormentors with sound”, “Stalkers by people, cars and helicopters”, “Shadowers and shadowing you from room to room” , “Gaslighters and making reality to surreality with manipulation” , “Persecuters” and starts stalking you with people, cars, helicopters and even stalking with constant sounds,  “Ostrasizers” and scapegoaating and ostrasize , “Oppressors”, “Stalkers” and “Imitators” of your life. This is the Swedish Mind and you never want to be part of this kind of Mind because this is a spiritual ugly face or image of something dark.

When you read about Archons and the Rulers of this world it is matching with how Swedes acting everywhere. I have seen these Mind control behavior taking place for over 6 years now and these behaviors is not human made. They acting, playing, manipulating, senstizing, anchoring and chaining everywhere in Sweden.

Archons and the Ego

Ego is one of the main programs trying to stop you from reconnecting with the God within, it can be broken. It’s a distraction and is one of the main emotions you must master in order to see the illusion of separation for what it is, an illusion. Ego divides, which is what they want, the Archons (The Lower Light). Ego is the reason for the tower of Babel which led to the separation of Humanity and led to Humanity losing the oneness and not understanding each other. Ego is the reason why they (The Archons) manufactured and in a smart way, got the go ahead by the masses for royalty and a social structure, which did and does contribute to the Lower Lights power, which is a front like the Reptilians being the ones in control of the manipulation, when it is really the Archons. Ego is the root to all this, but it was engineered that way.

When you read this post and thinking about what this ego is you will also understand why the Swedish police transmitting a music chorus like “We control the sunlight”, why swedish healthcare informs you about a brain in the stomach and why I get a new secretary at the social services and her name was “SUN”.  All these is Mind Control psychology and the Solar Plexus is the SUN in the stomach and this they have to say they control. Swedes want to control my solar plexus and my ego and this is Archon behavior and this post is examples how State of Sweden trying to Mind Control and Brainwashing and Manipulate your reality, and this they doing while I working with a kundalini awakening. They dont like spiritual awakenings in Sweden.

This is todays horror reality in State of Sweden. If you searching for new horror movies like “Living among us” someone starts follow you you with same “Title” as the movie. This is just a Google commercial Ads, this is a active people who has started follow you day after. And this behavior is the swedish stalking mentality. If you watch movie about war they start shooting firecrackers outside your window. There is something strange with the Swedes minds. This stalking behavior is allover the swedish society.

Here is two animations – movies how this stalking can be like

Here is some examples how spiritual stalking and shadowing taking place in the State of Sweden and these behaviors is everywhere in the Swedish society. Is taking place in your own home, healthcare, pharmacies, food stores, employment agency,  social services, swedish media (radio, tv, news articles). They stalking, shadowing, and interference your life, your mind, your soul, your dreams, and trying to interference, mimicking, gesturing, gaslighting, mirroring, targetting you with real time “directed conversations”

I was searching for new horror movies and read about this and day after I have a new follower on Youtube including Among Us

New follower on Youtube dayafter I read about the movie “Living Among Us”. Among Us has tarted follow your channel on Youtube.


They mimicking, imitating, stalking, mirroring, duplicate, gesturing, shadowing and this is creepy like a horror movie, it is snot a horror movie, it is real in Sweden.
When you watching a movie on Youtube they stalking or mirroring content from movie day after.

Here is a clip from the movie “Final Days of Planet Earth” –  2006 Part 1- I watching from Youtube

And dayafter someone has make a comment on my blog with a username including “Birdsong”. This was a nice comment, but there is this stalking thing almost everyday

Swedish healthcare and psychiatry informs you about a existing “Dreamwatcher”

When you watch a movie on Popcorn Time they have a article about eating Popcorn at the night during the Winter Olympics is going on (dayafter I watch a movie)


And dayafter they have this article about Popcorn eating and Olympics. This total stalking behavior or total mind control feels unhuman and unhealty and wickedness

When I watch ishockey games with white background I get a 4 cm broad white line on my screen. Here is a image from my tv screen when I watch icehockey

And few days later Swedish media Aftonbladet has a article about Picassos´s painting and has same white lines in the image. It is same Swedish media who create the article about Popcorn eating and olympics dayafter I watch a movie on Popcorn-Time

Here is how State of Sweden and Swedish police stalking you when you follow the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics. Swedish tv5, channel 9 and Eurosport showing Winter Olympics and they using Queen´s song “We want it all” and Swedish police is transmitting this music chorus into my apartment every day and they transmitting this while I writing this and they even transmit this music chorus when you take a bath

Have someone hear how the commentators speak strange and speak like “Parrots” in these sport channels. They repeating their own words two times and if they don´t repeat themselves two times the other commentator repeating the last word the other commentors just said. This is part of all these strange behaviors you can see allover the Swedish society – stalking. mind control, double speaking and so on.


Today I have a meeting with the goverment social servies because they want me to start up with some form of working project called “Kompetenscenter – KC” – center of exellence and on my last meeting they told me I have to start up with this soon as possible. And today they have change this plan to something else. Even this is stranger than fiction.

Yesterday (day before the meeting with social services) I downloaded drivers to my writer Canon 4700 from PIXMA

Then the social servies now has changes the action plan (“Kompetenscenter – KC” – center of exellence) to  a project called ISMA.

ISMA stands for Individual support against work.
(ISMA står för Individuellt stöd mot arbete). 

 They work a little after a work method called IPS Individual Placement and Support

From Computer Drivers PIXMA to a new action plan in the swedish social services to ISMA

This is how reality and a mind control life in Sweden taking place everywhere in Sweden and every department. They stalking and mirroring you with users, followers, street theater, double speaking, music chorus, words, programs and everything they can to create “Mind Control” everywhere

One common thing with all these different projects is new “waiting time”
(waiting time is part of terror and psychological torture).

There was no longer any hurry or start up soon as possible.
All these stalking methods, sleep deprivation, gaslighting, mirroring,
mimicking, psychological torture with sounds every night, persecution,

Here is more stalking material from the Swedish social services and how they working with wikedness methods. I have a contact person on the social services, but threy give me one more and her name is SUN. Even this is part of a Swedish stalking mind. The SUN is symbol for the Solar Plexus chakra – the ego in the stomach.

The  Sun theme is about Mind Control of the third chakra system and State of Sweden is aware of this and using Solar Plexus Psychology to mind control your ego. Before this letter Swedish police was transmitting a music chrous “We control the sunlight” into my apartment and even when I exercise outdoors. Why does a state transmitting a music chorus to say to a poor man who are unemployed they control the sunlight…..?

And before this the Swedish Healthcare and Psychiatry informs you about a brain in the stomach – the abdominal brain or the Solar Plexus brain. What would you think if a doctor start talking about a brain in the stommach and in same time talks about all diseases in the brain, and then he has a red t-shirt with a text logo “OUCH”


What does the knowledge of chakra says about the third chakra – Solar Plexus – the ego. Third Solar Plexus is connected to sound of running water. My neighbor using water cranes to harass, gaslighting and to mind “distraction” control your life. She open water cranes and letting water running for hours and have done this for years, and she is changing the pressure to create different distraction sounds, and sometimes they shadowing you and waiting until you visiting the toilet/bathroom and then starts open and close the water cranes.

Here is sound example how it can sound when yout  neighbor above using water cranes and then changing the water pressure and this has going on for 4-5 years and sometimes 3-5 hours per day at most, so she must be water supported from the landlord Gårdstensbostader. This is a form of strange wickedness (Archons wickedness in high places)

Third Chakra – The Solar Plexus – The Solar Plexus Brain – The great storhouse of energy – and this is what the swedes are trying to mind control 24/7 – 365 and this is not just a government action – this is govern and controlled on spiritual level and that´s why they shadowing your life and stalking and tormenting your life day and night, and you now who the tormentor of this world is.

There is no end of the State of Sweden “Hive Mind” of wickedness and total mind control. They have going into my apartment and make a whole in my shower handle. This is how the Swedish Mind is working – total mind control everywhere and they even shadowing you everywhere.


After I publish this post Swedish police started transmit a music chorus into my apartment when I trying to sleep “Thunder”

Here is the chakra system and their properties I presented in this post and you can see the root chakra properties is “Thunder” and before you trying to sleep Swedish police start transmitting a song related to this. And this is how  the swedish society and department is govern by sickness or wickedness



Earlier Swedish police has transmitted “We control the sunlight” which is a symbol for Solar Plexus – the third chakra – or the ego.

And a couple of days they start transmit this swedish song into my apartment. This is how wicked methods the State of Sweden and swedish police is using- First thet started with “We control the sunlight” (Solar Plexus), yesterday “Thunder” – related to sound of “Thunder”, and “Burn in the chest” can symbolize The Fourth Chakra—HEART Chakra. 4th chakra. The fourth Chakra is located in the centre of the chest, over the heart. This Chakra governs our ability to enact our vocation and live our life lovingly. The colour associated with this Chakra is vivid green.

Burn In The Chest (Det brinner i bröstet)

It burns in your chest
every time,every time you look at me
The flaws in the voice
Every time,every time I say your name.
The heart wants to beat but forgive me baby
It burns in my chest
Every day,please don’t ask me to stay
Oooh yeah yeah
Please don’t ask me to stay
Please don’t ask me to stay

Here is more Sunshine Theme and music chorus State of Sweden is transmitting into my apartment

I don´t these people control their own activities because they still showing and revealing tbeir own wickedness when I writing about them. I think these people are controlled by some form of Archons and Archons just want to have dominition over you whatever it cost.


Key characteristics of the root chakra

The root chakra is the first chakra. Its energy is based on the earth element. It’s associated with the feeling of safety and grounding. It’s at the base of the chakra system and lays the foundation for expansion in your life.

The first chakra is associated with the following functions or behavioral characteristics:

  • Security, safety
  • Survival
  • Basic needs (food, sleep, shelter, self-preservation, etc.)
  • Physicality, physical identity and aspects of self
  • Grounding
  • Support and foundation for living our lives

And how does State of Sweden trying make you confused, imbalance, insecure, scared and doubting?

They start targetting your basic needs and it is sleep. State of Sweden or Swedish police creating sleep deprivation by sound torture and sound tormenting. They playing and transmitting sound od sirens, sound of grasstrimmer, playing looping same music chorus, using firecrackers outside your window for 20 days, dropping heavy objects on the floor when you trying to sleep. start playing looping commercials for hours when trying to fall in sleep, flying helicopter around your apartment and flying helicopter 02.00-05.00 in the morning, ditching ringbell, gas-lighting you by start changing the volume when you listen to music at night. And when you wakening in the morning they start playing same music you have listen to at night. They manipulate your music files you listen to at the night. They stop prescription for sleeping pills during treatment for depresssion and then they have no new appointments to other doctors for 9 weeks. They have hijacking your sleep and it means they have hijacked your life and health. Sleep is basic need that is related to root chakra.

Root chakra is related to Securtity and safety and they have created fear and they have fear mongering for over 6 years now. First they sensitizing your brain with constant sounds and then starts making suddenly high sound (firecrackers), dropping heavy things on the floor, create false amygdala attack, create small fires to create smell of fire, hysterical screamings for hours and years, dropping iron pipes on the ground in the middle of the night, people standing with airguns on the balcony in  the morning, they lock op your apartment door during the night, using paranoia psychology, stalking, people standing or sitting in dark places when you take a walk at night, word dropping “I will kill you” or death messages, start using Omega Code Green in Swedish psychiatry – Swedish health(s)care Monarch programming “Omega”- Code Green and self destruction program. They trying to mind control you, they brainwashing you, they terrorizing you with psychological sound torture, they using gaslighting strategies and they using wickedness psychology. They manipuate reality to make it surreality, and they usiung interfering psychology

They create isolation and using ostrasieze psychology and make you social life unpleasant by constant stalking everywhere. Ostrasize is also a threath to your basic social needs and is the “social death”.

Attaching Self-image and using destruction psychology:They attacking your basic identity. Gangstalking including psychological attacks; rumors, lies, blacklisting, demoralization, slandering, mockering, they mind gaming with the minds, gaslighting to confuse, attacking self-image, self-esteem, and identity, attacking to obstruct your ability to relate God, dowdgrading, humiliation, intimidation, affecting  self-confidence,  physically and psychological assaults, will power attacks, demonization, attacking privacy, laughing, attack a persons dignity and honor, attacking integrity, destroying personal life, and destroying social life.

And they stalking you, they using paranoia psychology and create a enviroment so you have no support system.

This is some of all activities the Swedes using to create doubts (gaslighting), create fear by locking up your apartment door during the night, ostrasize and scapegoating, fear mongering and paranoia psychology, transmitting your credit card number into your apartment, create sleep deprivation and sound torture and brainwashing. They sensitizing your brain with stalking colors (RED).

2. Sacred Chakra

This is the top search results for Peter Horttanainen 7 march 2018 with 27400 search results for “Jag vill gå på dejt” (I want go on a date”) and was filled with dating sites and nudity and images. When I trying to check the website from another free proxy server I get a 502 Bad Gateway on every proxy server and when you trying to make a webcheck for websites you also get a 502 Bad Gateway message. So they have manipulated this site to my computer on Google. This domain expired 9 april 2018 and they using it for dating, porn, dating-porn links. They don´t just hijacking your life, they also hijacking your name and domain. There is no webhotel activated to this domain I have paid for, but it is running anyway

Water is the element connected most to the second chakra. It’s all about fluidity and movement.

This is how they intimidate and interference with your life and this is how State of Sweden has been doing for over 6 years now. They even shadowing you when you visiting your toilet and people are urinate in front of you when you exercise and this is same Swedish strategy. State of Sweden has earlier transmiting commercials for sex toys, and State of Sweden has this month also transmitting commercials into my apartment for “Pregnacy Test” and “Diapers”

  • Swedish people urinate on the swedish streets when you passing them
  • State of Sweden and neighbors is shadowing you when you visiting toilet and starts make sounds
  • They transmitting commercials for sex toys into your apartment
  • And now they have started transmitting commercials for diapers into your apartment
  • And comemrcials for pregnacy test
  • And now they using and created a META TAG on Google Search Results “I want to go on a date” (Jag vill gå dejt) and when you check the website/link it is filled with nudity photos and date-porn links.


What has all these things in common? They are related to the first and second chakra system, and your privacy, integrity and intimacy. (This post is just started and there is more about third Solar Plexus chakras, 4, 5, 6, 7 chakras and how Sweden acting chakra blockers)

Your sacral or sexual chakra is positioned close to your Muladhara (root chakra) and acts as your energy storage center. It is from this chakra that your energy gets distributed throughout your whole chakra energy system.

If anyone whant´s going on a date, does they start a website and webhotel and then have SEO META TAG – I WANT GO ON A DATE – and then have different date-porn-links, nudity and commercials for other nudity-dating-websites. This is how “psychopaths” is working when they hijacking somones identity and starts miscrediting and intmidiate your life

8 March 2018

Day after I saw these links on I capturing the website and few minutes later the site is not available, so they surveillance you in REAL-TIME. And they manipulate so peterhorttanainen,se is just available for you from Google search engines and not for other web – engines – free proxy server or websites checkers to find and you get a 502 Bad Gateway. And they close down the website a few minutes after I started capturing the website, so they surveillance you in REAL TIME



Today 8 march and A few minutes after the website http://peterhorttanainen,se no longer was available it was directed to Oderland Hosting.

We couldn´t connect to server on

How can someone else using the domain when it expired 9 April 2018?

How can they manipulate the content so it get a 502 Bad Gateway message when you checking the website from another proxy server, but it is available on Google from your computer?

If it was some parking spam or commercial – why get a 502 Bad Gateway from a Free Proxy Server and why they close down when I capturing the website. This is these kinds of psychological gangstalking methods they using in Sweden when they targetting you 24/7.

Is there anyway to check up who is or was  using the domain or from which server or company – write a comment ( I will not publish the comment)

Write a comment if someone has a idea….

Then  you can´t log out from your WordPress

Then you can´t log in on your WordPress or find it on Google

Instead your website can be found on ( https – cerificate SSL)


5 – Fifth Throat Chakra

State of Sweden is stalking you and sensitizing you with stalking vehicles and colors. Here is four different companies in Sweden and all have same blue color as the Swedish Police helicopter and all four is stalker companies.

1. Police Helicopter 2. PostNord – Postal Service Truck 3. Hemglass – Ice Cream Truck 4 Tingstad – Cleanings products. And they stalking you with Ice Cream Truck Song in Sweden. They driving around evenings and weekends, afternoon and late and everytime you exercise. They also transmit Ice Cream Truck Song into your apartment for hours, day and nights, so this is Sound Mind Control

6 – Sixth Chakra – Third Eye and the third eye refers to the ajna

How does State of Sweden Mind Control and Stalking the Third Eye?

Third Eye is Ajna and is almost identical with the Swedish word “Aina” in Sweden and means Police

State of Sweden is stalking you with sirens indoors and outdoors, day and night. They even transmitting sirens when you sitting on the toilet – they shadowing you in the middle of the night. The common strategy is to hook up your brain with constant stalking sound when you wake up in the morning or if you wake up in the middle of the night, They also sound tormenting you with different music chorus and then starts playing sirens and then playing intense grasstrimmer sound. And this has they doing for over 6 years now. And these sounds of sirens and sound torture creates sleep deprivation an lack of sleep.  This is Swedish brainwashing psychology and it is worse.

If the government employment agency provide some form of rehab working in a Christian organization it looks like this. A police siren on the refrigerator in a Christian lunch room. State of Sweden want´s you to hear police sirens 24/7, day and night, and they want you to see sirens on refrigerator. And it is worse; State of Sweden also using children to make human made police sirens outside your window and make sound of sirens in shoppings malls. And when you don think it could be worse; State of Sweden also using sounds of owls to stalking you when you exercise.

State of Sweden also using sound of owls in the woods to stalking you when you exercise.

And now you think ther cannot be more; Yes there is even more. State of Sweden using cars with one light. people in Sweden driving around with one light off (one of the headlight or one of the rear light is off, or they driving around with no light on. And you can see 10-15 every day when you exercise for one hour. Swedish police is promoting this surveillance “Horus Single Eye” psychology. This is the mentality of Swedes.

People in Sweden also police patrolling and walking around with their hand behind their back

You can see these behavior when they walking on paths or in food stores and they even walking with hands like this when they climbing steep slopes or trying to obstructing your way in food stores or on paths

And they also walking around heads in hoods even in the summer

And if you particpating in some form of health activity  the social service providing and want´s you to participating one time per week people in these groups talks about surveillance camera and if you walking out with your garbage somone around you makes a comment about surveillance camera. Swedes suffering of some form of  “Total Mind Control Matrix of a Spritual Hell or Mind Slaves.

And when you think there cannot be anymore of Wickedness. Yes there is more. They make break-ins in your apartment and make a hole in your shower handle. Here it is;


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