Gangstalking in Sweden – The wicked and evil methods

  • All wicked ones (Gangstalkers) of the Earth has drinking of the poison which has given to them by others (walking around and stalking others, harass them, trying humiliate others, creating noise interference and then walking around and laughing and screaming (they think this is normal and not wicked, when in fact they have drinking mind poison which was given from others)
  • Those people were not destroyed. They become a wicked people and they imitated the ways of others (as gangstalkers in Sweden do). They serve false gods and were ensnared in these traps
  • All things will be change from good to bad and from bad to good. Society has become wicked, so what was once considered good became bad. Gangstalking symbolize the fall of civilization to evilization.
  • The world became so wicked that all of the world was about destroy itself
  • Those who are wicked will try and consume others but they will not give in
  • The wicked ones try to trip others and try to make them fall. The wicked ones trying set a trap for others and then cast them into their pits
  • The wicked ones is after destruction of others because they are evil (gangstalking)
  • Those who are wicked will scream loud, cry out in the streets and weep and laughing when they gangstalking others
  • The wicked ones prepare for attack and oppress those who are poor. May they face same fate that they wish upon others
  • The wicked ones will come with the power of Satan and start gangstalking
  • The wicked ones provoke other to anger, try them look foolish or crazy (Gangstalking)


Gangstalking and abuse of power in Sweden – they close down your internet and then close down your tv-channels same day

Then I don´t have any internet connection I just can make this easier form of video. I have to use a computer in the public domain to upload this text/video about how bizarre gangstalking are in the State of Sweden

After I wrote this I get trouble with my internet connection for one day. It is not a regular technological problem that can happen sometimes, it is a created problem and abuse of power, threats and emotional blackmail to close down some functions for you.

If someone close down your internet, or close down all your tv-channels or hindering you from sleep would you write something good about them?

Closing down internet is not just closing down internet, it closing down all your other functions so you can´t read news, write on your blog, listen to music, can´t pay or buy anything, see any movies, can´t watch tv-series, you can´t see any sport program, and you can´t send emails and you can´t get read any email from others if they contacting you, you can´t gaming for some examples.  This is a example of abuse of power and this is what I have been living with for over 6 years in Sweden.

The State of Sweden has the right to try create boredom in your life by destroy you life, by isolate you with gangstalking and ostracism, they create noise harassment, sleep deprivation, hijacking your computer when it is offline during the night to disturb your sleep and wake you up, then close down your internet connection and then close down all your tv-channels. The State of Sweden and your landlord has this human right over others.

They close down you internet, and in the same way they close down all your tv-channels same day.

They have creating troubles every day.

This broken internet connection is a fake demostration and abuse of power and to keep your brain busy, to punish you, to break you down, to threaten you (by closing down functions you need in your daily life), emotional blackmailing you (if you don´t do as we want we will punish you somehow), and in Sweden they closing down functions as internet and tv channels, so you have no connections to anything. This is how the Swedish democracy is working, and it is same everywhere.

After I started to preparing to make a Youtube video about this Swedish gangstalking high-handness I get back my tv channels and my internet. And when you think you have get back your internet connection and your tv-channels again they close down your internet and all your tv-channels again. This is the psychological destruction campaign of the mind they using in all gangstalking activities by gaslighting and changing/moving functionality from working to not working, open or close, start and then turn off, high volume and then low volume.

And tonight there is new problems even with this. I turn off my internet connection during the night because it seems be problems with the sound volume that´s keeping changing from higher to lower to no sound at all.

Tonight this happen when my internet connection is offline, so it means they hacking my computer during the the night to disturb my sleep, and when I writing this this they start playing sirens.

Gangstalking and abuse of power in Sweden  – they close down your internet and then close down your tv-channels same day

After I wrote this I get trouble with my internet connection for one day. It is not a regular technological problem, it is a created problems. They cloes down you internet, and in the same way they close down all your tv-channels same day.

This broken internet connection is a fake demostration and abuse of power and to keep your brain busy.

I turn off my internet connection during the night because it seems be problems with the volume that´s keeping changing from high to low to no sound at all so you can´t sleep. Tonight this happen when my internet connection is offline, so it means they hacking my computer during the the night to disturb my sleep, and when I writing this this they start playing sirens.

  1. Close down internet
  2. Close down all your tv-channel same day as internet (two different companies)
  3. Close down your sleep by wake you up (constant changing the music volume when you listen to music with headphones and trying to sleep – you need to use headphones beacuse of the other noise harassment with sirens and sound of a grasstrimmer all night). So when the sirens and grasstrimmer strategy not is working for them, they invading and hacking your computer when your are offline. This is a sadistic prison and torture psychology used in apartments in Sweden by your landlord Gårdstensbostäder – (they who even lock up your apartment door during the night and make a hole in your shower handle as other examples of bizarre gangstalking)
  4. Intense hammering in walls or fake constructions work. They started direct after I came home from the food store (almost like a sick evil witch-hunting process)
  5. When you going outdoors in the evening for take a walk a motorcross bike driving around on dark walkways for 2 hours and no one is complaining, and The State of Sweden stalking you with police sirens outdoors during my walk
  6. First they changing and manipulate your music files you listen to. Tonight they changing the sound level when you listen to music during night from high to low or no sonud at all, and this when your internet connection is offline (so they hack your computer when your computer is offline). This is made to hindering you from sleeping
  7. From sirens during my earlier walk in the evening they start playing sirens when you are awake 01.37 in the night when I am writing this (Same morning after I wake up after I post this text and have get back my internet and all tv-channels they close down you internet and all tv channels one more time)
  8. This is how bizarre Gangstalking are in Sweden. The State of Sweden have the right to decide who can watch tv, who can have internet and how many hours you can sleep). This the Swedes main strategy for everything the do. Start and then turn off.
  9. The State of Sweden using these threats and emotional blackmail tactics everywhere in the Swedish society. First they create sleep deprivation and then they don´t give you any new prescriptions for sleeping pills (gangstalking destruction strategy)This is how they do in Sweden. The State of Sweden has the right over other humans to decide when and how many hours they can sleep or not sleep at all, and they decide who can use internet connection, and then even decide who´s can watch tv in Sweden. In Sweden these people has this right over other people. The State of Sweden have the right to create sleep deprivation in apartments, create 24/7 noise harassment, persecute, close down your internet and then close down your tv-channels same day, they have the right to reate sleep deprivationa and they also have the right to not renewal sleeping pills to create destruction. This is just a evil Swedish destruction campaign worse than Nazi during 1940s. In Sweden they have the right to decide this for you when they gangstalking you in The State of Sweden. I think it is sadistic behaviors to decide who has the right to have or use internet and who has the right to see TV programs or worse to decide who has the right to sleep and for how many hours.Here is a common used Gangstalking and gaslighting strategy in Sweden (constant changing strategy is a gaslighting purpose). All using same methods in the same way.
  10. They use this common ”start and turn off” strategy in all gangstalking activties they do in Sweden.
  11. The gaslighter wants to appear superior to the one being gaslighted. By making their victim feel completely helpless with very low self-esteem. They trying to overule, overwrite, overthrow and even drown out with non-stop “low frequency sound” all night and make noise campaigns the rest of the time. These methods with all other methods impact each other. Drown out something meaning, definition, what is drown out something: (of a sound) to be loud enough to block the sound of something else.
  12. The State of Sweden has the right over other humans to decide when and how many hours they can sleep or not sleep at all, and they decide who can use internet connection, and then even decide who´s can watch tv in Sweden. In Sweden these people has this right over other people. Swedes have  this high-handness.
  13. The State of Sweden has this Swedish police state of high-handness in their minds.
  14. Starts and turn off sirens all the time day and night
    • Using sound similar to a grastrimmer in the night and speeding up the sound to max and then low (constantly)
  • Contant making psychological hitting sounds in the floor and the stops for a while and then starts again all day and have done this for years now. First noise then quite and then they starts again.
  • Computer program and software constant craches and or freezing (Working and then not working)


    • They open and close watercranes in bathroom all the time
  • They starts their washing machines on centrifuge, and they starts their washing machines after midnight when you going to the bathroom before you sleep and then turn it off.
  • They starts drum beats and then turn them off
  • They use mini-motorcycles and driving around i circles and starts and turn off the engine constant


    • They screaming hysterical for a while and are then quite for a minutes and then they starts again
  • Door-slamming – same here. Constant open and close the doors
  • Constant babbling or communication interference and then quite
  • They using vaccuum cleaner and starts and turn off for 20-30 times


    • They using same methods with cars. They turn off their engines at stoplights and when you passing them they starts them again
  • They create sleep deprivation. When you fall in sleep they wake you up somehow (sleep and wake up)


  • They mixing and manipulate with your music files on the computer and even while you listen to music by changing the sound from lower to higher, or from lower to higher during the night (and this when you are offline)
  • Close down your internet and then starts it again one day later (and turn off all tv channels at the same time)
  • Close down all your tv-channels same day as they close down your internet
  • 30 minuters before I´m writing this the internet and all tv channels dissapear
  • This is how they do in Sweden. If you don´t do as the State of Sweden wants they threaten (to close down) functions in different ways and using emotional blacmkail and pyschological torture:
  • If you don´t do as the State of Sweden wants they close down your internet connection
  • If you don´t do as the State of Sweden wants they close down all your tv-channels
  • If you don´t do as the State of Sweden wants they create sleep deprivation
  • If you don´t do as the State of Sweden wants they will psychological nosie torture you
  • If you don´t do as the State of Sweden wants they the doctors in Swedish healthcare don´t give you any new prescriptions for sleeping pills, and then there are no new new appointments time any other doctor for over 9 weeksA high-jacked life by the State of Sweden
  • The State of Sweden using these threats and emotional blackmail tactics everywhere in the Swedish society. First they create sleep deprivation and then they don´t give you any new prescriptions for sleeping pills (gangstalking destruction strategy)
  1. Hijacked sleep – Sleep deprivation, hypnopaedia, noise harassment, psychological torture, sirens
  2. Hijacked brain – Obstructing, create difficults, sabotage, keep your brain busy with this
  3. Hijacked amygdala — Create fear, noise interference, induce stress and fear, anxiety, panic attacks
  4. Hijacked emotions — Gaslighting, FOG, Mirroring
  5. Hijacked reality – MK Ultra, bizarre gangstalking, make reaility to surreality, traumbasing, sensitizing, victimzing, brainwwashing, mind control, street theater
  6. Hijacked communication – Drown out, communication interference, non-stop babbling, crosstalk, background communication
  7. Hijghjacked social life — Create paranoia, mirroring, imitating, persecution, gangstalking, ostracism, scapegoating, isolation
  8. Hijacked computer – Technological gaslighting, changing software functions and sabotage software, problems with internet connectionAlthough Satan cannot be personally present with you, yet through his demons, he can exercise authority over you, and he can order the demons in subjection to him to do what he wants to accomplish in your life. Satan will not let his demons relax their aattack against you clay or night. In unseen but constant warfare, the adversary openly attacks the believer to divert him from the path of obedience to the Word of God.
  9. This attack of satan is emphasized when the Apostle says, “Your adversary walketh about.” This word is in the presenttense and you wouldn’t be amiss in reading, “Your adversary, the Devil constantly walks about, or constantly stalks (as gangstalkers do).” Satan never relaxes. You sleep. He doesn’t; he is planning for the next day”s attack. You sit in church. So does Satan. He doesn’t leave you alone. He is there to attack and to divert and to snatch away the Word that is being sown. Our Lord made it very clear that Satan will never propagate truth. Satan always propagates error.
  10. When Lucifer rebelled against God he took with him an in numerable host of angels who gave to him the authority that rightly belonged to God. They acknowledged him as god and submitted to him. Satan imitates God’s plan of administration, and carries out his diabolical plans through these fallen angels.

Proverbs 10:23

Doing wickedness is like sport to a fool, And so is wisdom to a man of understanding (Gangstalking has almost become a national sport in wickedness or a dysfunctional community and government democracy)

Proverbs 10:8

The wise of heart will receive commands, But a babbling fool will be ruined (Gangstalking non-stop babbling-crosstalk-communication interference).

Isaiah 57:20

But the wicked are like the troubled sea, when it cannot rest, whose waters cast up mire and dirt (Gangstalkers garbaging )

Isaiah 57:20

God says the wicked are like the troubled sea, when it cannot rest, whose waters cast up mire and dirt. Imagine the troubled sea raging with swelling and angry waves, ferocious and mighty with the power to sink boats and kill men that sail upon its waters and destroy the things that stand in its way. The troubled sea is symbolic of wicked men that will destroy neighbors and adversaries with dirt and mire, lies and slander, and not care that other people have the right to exist just as they do. Those that curse the name of God trust not in God, but do put their trust in ungodly men and the devil, and their hearts only care about themselves and their wicked ways, and their wicked mouth is always in the unclean gutter of wicked gossip, and their thoughts are evil continually, as the thoughts of the children of the devil were before the flood destroyed them from the earth.

The devil that guides them to mischief and folly (street theater as in gangstalking)

The way of the wicked is as darkness: they know not at what they stumble. The ways of darkness are symbolic for the ways of the devil, and wicked men live in the darkness of the devil and they stumble through the darkness from one
sin to another and their led and directed by the reigns of the devil that guides them to mischief and folly (Proverbs 4:19)

Proverbs 4:14

In this scripture Solomon gives us some very good advice and he say, enter not into the path of the wicked, and go not into the way ot evil men. If you step into the path of evil men and walk the same road as them, then you live on the edge of wickedness and you’ll have to be strong not to fall into lhc traps of sin that wioked men will tempt you into. And it would be best not to walk the same road as wicked men.

The man that say God damn this and God damn that is an evil man without godly fear, without godly love without godly respect, but with the devils fire in his bosom, with lust in his heart, with hot coals under his feet, with the same kind of hate for God that the devil has, with calamity on his horizon. And it’s the wicked man that curses the name of God.

In the Scriptures wolves are spoken of figuratively as representing persecuters of the people of God (Gangstalkers are wolves in mental sheep´s clothing). They imitating, duplicate and mirroring and playing street theater, mind games and deceiving to confuse, trying to poisoning the mind with negative and destructive feelings and thoughts.

Here is a few of many examples of bizarre and wicked gangstalking methods used by neighbors, landlord, The State of Sweden, pharmacies, Swedish healthcare and psychiatry when they sensitizing, anchoring and chaining, gaslighting, mirroring, mind control and mimicking your life as a targeted inividual.

To understand the meaning behind The Swedish Big Brother Psychology they trying to occupy every part and space of your life or they trying hi-jacking and take over your life by interference psychology and make all transparent, open your doors, transmitting your credit card code into apartment, stalking you with humans, cars, props…

Behind my living room wall to wall there are a storage room for bicycles, and the landlord using some form of technological equipment to produce a very high fast close door slam sound. This sound is not a natural door-slam. It can appear suddenly when you relax. How wicked things are acceptable?  This sound clip is just a example to illustrate. From where does The Swedes get all these ideas from?

Landlord – They lock up your apartment door during the night.

Landlord – They make a hole in your shower handle

They using color to anchoring and chaining. They pouring out colors on the streets everywhere and the landlord dont clean up the color. There is maybe 20-30 places like this.

And one week later after this color pouring they continue sensitizing you with color buckets when you arriving fro the other side. This how The Swedes walking around in public domains, in nature or in food stores and place out things/props/objects/products

In a psychological way gangstalking in Sweden is like this; they trying to mess up and mind gaming your emotions, mind and brain to errors with some form of double two of everything psychology or no integrity or no privacy or using no walls technology, mimicking everything, and use noise and communication interference: these behaviors and all other examples in this post can be summarized with they use a form of:

  • paranoia psychology (two of everything, stalking, sleep deprivation,  repeating words two times, duplicating, mirroring, mimicking, gesturing, gaslighting, sleep deprivation, noise torture, double-speaking, double-binding, open apartment door during the night, transmit credit card number code into your apartment, make you feel unsecure, unprotected, in healthcare they say there is a dreamwatcher to mislead you, constant stress, subtle threats, implement the word “kill” in differents ways; swedish healthcare informs you stress can kill you and then media starts using this word in every sport program)
  • borderline psychology (no integrity, no privacy, no silence, no walls, trigger words, name or word dropping, revealing personal information about you, using constant and non-stop babbling conversation=crosstalk; using noise- and communication interference, in gangstalking they doing things simultaneously as you do or harass you with same noise sounds or same door-slamming, leave or arrive apartmenet/house  simultaneously when you doing things in your life.  A person could be tortured to death for any spurious reason, in this context of constant psychological pressure often combined with illogical actions, contradictory messages, arbitrary decisions, cruelty and nonsense.
  • schizophrenia psychology (they try to make you delusional, misleading and deceiving you, manipulate your reality and worldview to something else, make reality to surreality and bizarre by creating and using all these bizarre methods as in this post, they using technology to make you believe your hear other voices or gaslihting you to make you believe you hear things on meetings with your social services secretary for an example) and even using traumabasing and sensitizing psychology. They using sick psychology and evil methods to try make you sick or drive you insane/crazy. If they must use tons of method to make or drive somebody crazy 24/7 it means the opposite; they are not crazy. If someone are crazy they don´t need tro drive them crazy. To be able to drive someone to insanity/madness or crazy they must use sick psychology and evil methods
  • interference psychology: they invading your privacy, integrity, dreams, using noise interference (noise harassment and noise torture, or non-stop communication interference or when they dropping personal information or name dropping), they using mirroring psychology to copy all you do to create a feeling they controlling time, your mind, life, your destiny and future. Here is some of all double two of everything psycholohy they using;  double-minded techniques,  double mindedness, double binding, double thinking (Orwell 1984), double-speaking (repeats the last word in the sense that the other person finished) or use a word twice when they are speaking, double standard, gaslighting, mirroring, duplicating, imitating, mimicking, gesturing, shadowing, trauma-basing,  cloning and splitting to new alter ego, social engineering, interfering, double whammy,  look alikes, repeating trigger words, repeating and sensitizing process, gangstalking, cross-talk- (noise interference or communication interference).
  • self-image destruction psychology: Gangstalking including psychological attacks; rumors, lies, blacklisting, demoralization, slandering, mockering, they mind gaming with the minds, gaslighting to confuse, attacking self-image, self-esteem, and identity, attacking to obstruct your ability to relate God, dowdgrading, humiliation, intimidation, affecting  self-confidence,  physically and psychological assaults, will power attacks, demonization, attacking privacy, laughing, attack a persons dignity and honor, attacking integrity, destroying personal life, and destroying social life and people thinking these methods are democracy or these methods are from God but they are not. Or as in Swedish healthcare and swedish psychiatry; Here is another example of bizarre information the give you from swedish healthcare/psychiatry:
    1. One persons informs you humans has a suicide gene (Mk Ultra Monarch Programming – Code Green)
    2. The therapist tells you to call and the number has suddenly expired and not in use
    3. A new doctor informs you stress kills
    4. After this they start using the word “kill” in media and almost in every sport program I watch
    5. Strange voice messages appearing (not from my thinking system)
    6. I get prescription for 230 pills against sleeping problems
    7. They informs me about the brain in the stomach (abdominal brain) and brains all diseases. It felt they trying to overwhelming the brain with flooding of feelings
    8. Later they stop the prescription for sleeping pills during treatment for depression, and there are no new appointment times for 9 weeks to any doctor, and the sleep deprivation, noise harassment going on 24/7

 Can a healhty organism use all these methods and still be healhty, where in the brain does gangstalkers store all these methods and where is their selves in this mess?

Neighbors have started to use a fake electronic sound (probarly) from their balcony similar to when large trucks are reverse and you hear a loud beeping sound. They start this sound whenever they want to gangstaking you (bizarre and wicked neighbors)

They painting stones blue in the woods after you have watch art programs on tv about painting things in the woods (so they surveillance which tv programs I watch during therapy and hacked my computer). They paint stones orange.

or orange

Landlord and community: They mixing and gaslighting you with streets light in Sweden

People are screaming outside your window for hours every day (bizarre to listen to for hours when you know it is a unhuman force make them screaming for hours). I have illustrated this in this Youtube video (they who are screaming hysterical like demons in hell is around 5-8 years old). They also take out their children in the middle of the night and let them scream one or two high pitch screaming (and that is also bizarre)

Landlord – They using technological equipment to transmit sounds, music clips, grasstrimmer sound, sirens. The State of Sweden transmsit a sound of a cuckoo clock into my apartment.

They stalking you with colors of same color on trucks, cloths, hairs, plastic things. Here is a example how four stalking companies stalking and all have the same bluish color

People coloring even their hair in same color (bizarre behavior when the real purpose is to sensitizing/gangstalking someone)

The State of Sweden just don´t anchoring and chaining with colors on trucks, cars, hair, they also using props/objects, but the more bizarre is they also using human walking style as anchoring and chaining. It is so bizarre so it hard to believe. The therapist in Swedish healthcare system and psychiatry is a example of this. He is limping when he is walking and then people around your apartment or there you walking or exercise  starts limping in the same way. Very bizarre behavior and these behaviors taking action exact everywhere in the Swedish society. Every example here has is just one example how they anchoring and chaining as it was a national sport in Sweden and in the Swedish brain.

Same therapist who is limping and people starts limping in same way – also has a medical package on his desk during therapy, and in this medical package he has his business cards. Can you imagine if you go to a therapist and you see he has business cards in a medical package and then writes up your next appointments time on this card and then gives you this (bizarre)

The don´t just anchoring and chaining how the therapist walking/limping, they also screaming his name in different places you are passing. And today 9 October 2017 when I was  walking in group (activity arranged by social services) a man participate and his name was ARAM (same as therapist). This is how Swedes are working on every level, so it is like Twin Peaks going out every time in Sweden. They also using look alikes persons outdoors in public domains but also in Swedish healthcare/psychiatry

They misleading and confusing (gaslighting) you in Swedish healthcare and psychiatry (political abuse of psychiatry)

They using props in therapy room and then place out these things on strange places (anchoring and chaining). They using fruits as orange and when you visit the graveyard they have place out an orange on the gravestone (bizarre gangstalking with props in swedish healthcare)

Next anchoring and chaining process is to senitizing this with orange peal on the walkways in the middle of winter. How many people peels oranges on the walkways when it is winter and cold about the hands. This process is same when they word dropping or name dropping things they want you to hear (to senstizing you)

And they don´t stop with anchoring a orange and then using orange peel to trigger feelings as a chaining mechanism, they also starts transmit chorus songs into my apartment “We control the sunlight” and play this chorus several times per day sometimes and even playing this chorus outdoors when I am exercising.

And they going on with more in the State of Sweden. This time it is The Swedish social services to make entrance on the stalking/sensitizing theme THE SUN.

Why this obsession of expressing and saying “We control the sunlight”, and then even give me a new social secretary  in the social services who has the name “Sun” – “SOLEN” in swedish. The Sun theme may also be a part of a psychological warfare against targeted individuals to demoralize their willpower in the third chakra, and to make them weaken and break them down, and to create harm to the psyche.

The State of Sweden using same method to sensitizing people by using names

They have been using these methods for over 6 years now, so today I decide to publish this letter I get yesterday to show how these methods are used. It has its similarities with registration plates on cars whn they are gangstalking with cars ot symbols. The State of Sweden using same method to sensitizing people by using names.

They give your journal this text in swedish healthcare (bizarre)

The State of Sweden also using shoe protection and latex gloves and place out these in walkways and in nature there you walk and exercise

and again shoe protection is in same color as the blusih in trucks

Ostracism – They using Swedish police, Swedish minister and swedish media and creating psychological “witch-hunting articles with headline; Tonight you may be arrested. The second image is origanal and the first image is from my town.

People walking around with umbrellas in sunlight (15-25 degrees)



Fireworkers place out firehoses in the woods without any burnings. The State of sweden place out all kinds of things there you are

They using sound of a owl everywhere as a stalking and surveillance props in Sweden. Same methods use with orange on a gravestone. Here they using a sound of a owl instead


They give you manipulated working tasks, so you have to move the Swedish flag everytime you move a pallet to the next pallet.

They using Big Brother props in a christian organizations. A police sirens on the refrigerator in a lunch room


They lock up your apartment door during the night.

They transmitting your credit card code into your apartment before sleep

They make a hole in your shower handle

They flying around and making crosses on heaven

They garbaging in you backyard

swedes urinate in front of you when you passing

They driving around and playing Horus Single Eye with their cars in Sweden or turn of the light (4 to 8 cars every day during 1 hour, and at stop light they have turn off their engines and starts them when I passing)

They starts fake fire alarm during therapy. They have been using this methods when they starting copy, imitating and mirroring my life (a few days later when my fire alarm started at my home when I open the owen). And they create a fake powerbreak during a visit to Swedish healthcare and when I have a conversation  with the doctor



First they isolate you and gatekeeping and doorslamming

Then they start and hammering and drilling in walls, door-slamming, starts sirens, barking dogs, make hitting sounds on yhe floor, using firecrackers, playing drum beats, flushing toilets,  runnning water for hours, driving around with motorbikes, honking hornes, leaf blowers. Unhuman forces……

They spy and surveillance you life, so you have no silnce, no integrity and no privacy.

They using gangstalking (scapegoating and ostracism) in Sweden

This is how the Swedes acting everywhere and every day and there is lot more, but this was some examples how bizarre and wickedness. These behaviors symbolize these movies. Then there are noise harassment and sleep deprivation, hammering in walls floors 24/7

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