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September 20, 2017

Gangstalking in Sweden almost feel like a cult trying to brainwashing and manipulate your mind 24/7

Gangstalking in Sweden almost feel like a cult trying to brainwashing and manipulate your mind 24/7

Everywhere they gangstalking, from the morning, during the day, during the night and starts in the morning. This mind manipulation and communication manipulation or this psychological street theater with words, word dropping…

24 hour gangstalking experience from Sweden From around 17.00 to next day 17.00. This is just one day of 6 years sept 17-19-2017

1. Jogging. Police and ambulances blocking and obstructing the walkway with sirens on without any accident
2. Honking hornes outside window from a car. Late arriving motorcycles
3. Police helicopter flying over or near your apartment late night
4. Affecting sleep somehow – Invading mind
5. Suddenly Computer crash in the morning when I listen to music
6. My social secretary in Swedish social service sending a meanless mail and says thank´s for a rent-paper(mail) I send last month (for three weeks ago). Same secretary who´s trying to gaslighting me during a appointment.
7. Time for walking in a group. Manipulation. Short signs of police patrolling in the walking group by holding hands behind back. Word dropping. Cars. Airstalking. Talks about a hidden camera in a owners house during walking – Big Brother watching you theme. Government talk.
8. Carstalking and airstalking (helicopter)
9. Gangstalking in food store LIDL, arranged and fake communication to psychologcal sensitize you, as usual talking about codes to doors and revealing codes for cashier so every ones hear the numbers. It feels fake and manipulated situations. Same methods when they transmit my own credit card number into my apartment. Same methods has been used before by locking up my apartment door during the night to make you scared and feel unsafe or unsecured.
10. Door-slamming
11. New airstalking
12. Hysterical screaming children outside my window
13. Neighbor open water cranes and letting the water running for hours
14. While I am writing this honking hornes
15. New airstalking when I posting this

Dayafter sept 19 2017

1. Exercise/jogging and been airstalked by a helicopter 3-4 times during my exercise
2. When I am listen to music with headphones my computer crash/freezing and makes a high sound 00.35 while listen to music, same as yesterday (in the morning)

3. When you waking up they playing sirens all the time

Dayafter tomorrow sept 20 2017

1. Exercise/jogging and been airstalked by a helicopter 4 times during my exercise
2. Service cars blocking/obstructing the walkway with “yellow sirens” when you passing them, and after a minute the car passing you with the “yellow sirens” on when he is driving. Si th eperson is driving with these yellow light on so you can them. He must have been driven with these on for 250-300 meters.
3. Sweden using these constuctions trucks/ garden  service workers cars and their “yellow sirens” as a symbol for police sirens to senstizing people. And in same way they are using strong yellow working cloths together with gangstalking people wearing red colors

4. Sound of sirens. Just no they playing or transmitting sound of sirens.
5. Children high pitch screaming and someone screaming hysterical during exercise and outside window after exercise
6. Door-slamming

7. Sirens starts again.  This is how they do in Sweden with everything. Starts and turn off things. People are using same methods bewteen two polarities; starts vaccum cleaner and turn off 25 times for a example, starts motorcycles and turn off, driving in circles, starts and turn off the engine, open and close water cranes, high screamings  to low and then quite and then it starts again, door-slamming open and close, open and close, drum beats in different paces, high, double beats, and then slow or quite, starts making hitting sound in the floor and then stops, and then starts again, they hammering intense in walls and then slow hammering without nails, they slow drilling in concrete walls to disturb you/harass/torture. You can´t not slow drill in concrete walls. This how the swedish bizarre hive mind is working.

They just don´t harass you with power tool, hysterical screamings, power tools, honking hornes, hitting sounds in floor, drum beats, they also makes your computer freese and makes sunddenly a loud buzzing sound when you listen to music. This is how the State of Sweden disturbing you everywhere in Sweden.

For example my neighbor walking around in her apartment and hitting in the floor every 30 seconds as she doing now. She is doing this 24/7. She makes hitting sounds in the middle of the night or smashing something heavy in the floor so you wake up. Tonight she made hittings sound in the floor in the middle of the night.

Making hitting sounds in the floor all day, door-slamming everyday, using her vaccum cleaner as a tool for hoover maneuver (to abuse) and then sometimes constant starts and turns off the vaccum cleaner just to harass your life, she opens her water cranes in the bathroom and letting water running for hours, flushing toilet and then rushes to the floor in her living room with heavy moves. She is living a gangstalking harassment life 24/7.

Gangstalking Logic

Is my neighbor using her toilet in her strategy for gangstalking and harassment?

1. After you flushing your toilet how many seconds will it take before you are finish, washing hands, and drag on your cloths again, before you walking on your living room floor, 15, 25 seconds?

2. My neighbor flushing her toilet and then walking with heavy moves on her the living floor after just 2-4 seconds

Conclusion: Yes she is using the toilet to flush – and then rushes heavy to walk on her living room floor just for gangstalking. She is 60 years old and are living a gangstalking harassment life 24/7.

This is how Sweden works today. They seems to be living in a mind of gangstalking. In fact it seems like they don´t control themselves anymore. It seems more like another force do it or acting for them (maybe the hive mind or the matrix mind control system). Something is strange with these beahvior and how they taking place.

Or something like this, almost like a cult….


The Science of Thought Control and a malignant idea. The dream of totally controlling a human mind. At its heart brainwashing is a malignant idea – the dream of totally controlling a human mind, which affects all of us one way or another. Brainwashing is the ultimate invasion of privacy: it seeks to control not only how people act but what they think. It arouses our deepest fears. Threatening the loss of freedom and even identity. Yet we know remarkably little about it.

Both brainwashing and gangstalking is the ultimate invasion of privacy and integrity.


The birth of Scientific dictatorships and a diffuse HIVE MIND. Gangstalking is also malignant idea to totally mind control the humand mind. Gangstalking in Sweden for example is like a invisble technocratic dictatorshop. Big Brother sees you, but you can´t see Big Brother. Gangstalking is a totalitarian and malignant idea to force everyone or brainwwashing everyone to be like them. It is similar to how cults working; forced to submission. They are not satified with regulating the outward behaviors. They want to posses and dominate the souls and minds of their victims.

Gangstalkers physical and psychological garbaging and poisoning and infecting other humans lifes and minds with garbage, negativity, flooding feeling, obstructing, trauma-base, provoke, stress, fear, scare mongering, sound harassment, screamings, wickedneess, duplicating and acting wicked, trigger words, panic, horror, terrorizing, victimzing, senstizing, mind controlling, and invading and intruding humans integrity and privacy by crowding, intidimiate, garbaging by humiliate themselfes, soical humiliation, interrupting, intergrating, disturbing, overwhelming with negative thoughts, emotional flooding, trying to activate or provoke subconsiouness fear patterns in amygdala, attcking self-image and self-esteem, demoralization and so on…..


The double whammy is a harmful method of mind control employed widely in everyday life as a methods for attaining dominance over others through causing emotional distress and impairing, at least temporarily, their cogntitive functions. The most common ays individuals control and dominate others are by inculcation of painful emotions such as shame, guilt, fear, anxiety. When gaslighting and/or the double hammy are done repeatedly, the psychioc damage may be serious, it can inlude enduring types of chronic psychiatric disorders.


Developement of convergent technologies programs: This is the most promising
area of the elite´s research to create a “hive mind”.” Through these programs,
the Technocracy intends to eventually download human consciousness
into a computer-based network. Within this electronic matrix, the
individual will be subsumed by a psychocognitive singularity.

The State of Sweden or Swedes has gangstalking me for over 6 years, and during this time I have reqognized a common thing; the lust to infiltrate your life, integrity, privacy, social domain, even your sleep and dreams. This type of infiltration and revealing psychology taking place everywhere. Who controlling the Swedes or what make them acting in infiltrated way, almost like a cult trying to take over your life or mind? Have this matrix eaten up the Swedes minds?

Cults, the matrix, gangstalking,

During the 6 years they have been gangstalking I have notice many simlarities cults, gangstalking and the matrixhumans are entrapped in. If you trying to get free from the matrix they working in same way if a member trying to leave a cult.

Cult-ure is called just that for a reason. It’s pretty blatant nomenclature. Merriam-Webster defines culture as the following:

: the beliefs, customs, arts, etc., of a particular society, group, place, or time

: a particular society that has its own beliefs, ways of life, art, etc.

: a way of thinking, behaving, or working that exists in a place or organization (such as a business)

There I live in Gothenburg in Sweden, people acting like they are driven by some form of a cult mentality. They acting in a strange and manipulated way everywhere, and they acting in infiltrated mind gaming way, and they invading your privacy, integrity. People ACTING in a manipulated way everywhere, outdoors, food stores, pharmacies, on the street, social service trying to gaslighting you and so on. It almost feels like people are driven by something similar to a nazi-gestapo society

In a mind control cult like in Nazi Germany you must be careful of what you say and do; “The walls have ears”. Everyone is encouraged to watch out for “struggling” brothers and sisters and report what they see to leadership. Often information given in deepest confidence is automatically reported to leadership. Cult leaders will then use this information to convince their members that they have a supernatural link, the trusting member does not suspect the very natural mechanism behind the supernatural revelations they are given.

People in a mind control cult will also hide their true thoughts and feelings, and instead wear a mask which presents them as a perfect cult member. This mask is a defense against being reported to leadership and being punished for not measuring up (cult members never feel like they measure up to the cult’s ideals, and yet often believe the other members around them do, when in reality the others feel the same as them). Hence cult members are trained not only to deceive outsiders, but also to deceive their fellow cult members. (People trying to deceiving, gaslighting you, mirroring, brainwashing, mind controlling you and ostrasized you 24/7)

Mind control cults keep their members so busy with meetings and activities that they become too busy and too tired to think about their involvement.

Time control also helps the cult keep their members immersed in the manufactured cult environment.

And time control helps keep cult members away from friends and family.

”The State of Sweden transmit chorus songs into my apartment and playing music chorus like; ”We control the sunlight”

Fear is the force that drives a cult (Sweden have been using scaremongering tactics for over 6 years now). They even lock up my apartment door during the night to make you scared and feel unsafe or unsecured.

Cults know that if they can control your relationships then they can control you (same in gangstalking)

Cults also try to cut you off from your friends and family because they hate others being able to influence you (same in gangstalking, no support system)

A mind control cult will seek to manoeuvre your life so as to maximize your contact with cult members and minimize your contact with people outside the group, especially those who oppose your involvement.

Those who control the information control the person. In a mind control cult any information from outside the cult is considered evil, especially if it is opposing the cult. Members are told not to read it or believe it.

Gangstalking – controlling people, if they can control your sleep they control your life. They manipulate software programs and manipulate music files and changing the speed and even mixing with the sound from low to high.

The principle behind the game of cults goes like this. If any ideology or belief system is injected with critical emotion, say for example 1,000,000 people, it becomes a reality and a living matrix.

The more the people believe, the more aggressive the matrix becomes. The cults become an entity as a Collective Consciousness in the minds of the believers powered by their emotion. The more passion the people inject in the cult, the more powerful the matrix becomes. The moment there is no emotion or passion in the cult, the matrix becomes an illusion. The main objective of rituals and ceremonies, conventions or gatherings, is to charge the cult with emotions periodically, like euphorism, sadism, hate, aggression or peace. The matrix of any ideologies or culls lives by the faith of the believers in the ideology. It is a number game; the more the people believe and buy into it, the more powerful it becomes. Same thing will happen if you try to leave or break free from the daily brainwashing matrix.

Gangstalking is more advanced than cults and using tons of methods.

ll is a rare organization or leader that can say, “Thank you for joining us for the time you did. We now trust your decision to move on, and we wish you well.” Instead, when yot| tell such anorganization you are leaving, or you leave without telling them, l he group calls in its heavies aritl does everything in its power to force you to stay. Some religions practice shunning and treat you like a criminal or a nobody if you start lo stray. Other cults will hound you for years with letters, phone calls, visits, and threats. if you want to assess the level of health of an organization, study how it deals with those who leave (same with gangstalking, crowd invading, people running everwhere, door-slamming, cars, barking dogs, sirens, honking hornes, subtle threats, firecrackers, loud musis, drum beats).

The modern definition of a mind control cult refers to all groups that use mind control and the devious recruiting techniques

The modern definition of a mind control cult is any group which employs mind control and deceptive recruiting techniques. In other words cults trick people into joining and coerce them into staying. This is the definition that most people would agree with. Except the cults themselves of course!

Guilt, Character Assassination and Breaking Sessions. Guilt will be used to control you. Character Assassination is used to help create the guilt in you. Character Assassination is a type of false reasoning used by people and groups who have no real arguments. The technical name for Character Assassination is “The Ad hominem Fallacy”.

For instance, city vehicles, postal vehicles, fire trucks, school buses, and taxis are reportedly stalking people. Construction projects encircle a targeted person’s home and also spring up at frequently visited places. Utility companies interrupt service. Local businesses provide poor service, appear incompetent or clumsy and work with
civilian informants to harass targeted people in their stores.

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