Gangstalking in State of Sweden – Orwell Double Speaking has become “Orwellian “Double Coughing”

Gangstalking in Sweden using “looping” sounds and physic driving to noise harassment

Neighbors above can start sounds like this on a “looping” mode when you writing or take a rest (sensitizing)

Neighbors above walking  around and fake coughing above your head, when you make breakfast (walks out on balcony at same time and starts fake coughing) and when you start eat dinner she also can start fake coughing. It started with 15-20 minutes constant fake coughing for sensitizing your mind.

FAKE DOUBLE COUGHING is used as a senstizing and mind sound control method in State of Sweden. Your neighbor starts fake coughing intense for 15-20 minutes, then 10-15 minutes, then 5-10 minutes, then 1-5 minutes, 30 seconds to a minute, then 15-30 seconds, then 15-10 seconds, then 5-10 seconds, then 1-5 seconds every day and  several times, then does other people fake coughing two times outside your window, on paths, when you are in food stores. This is real in Sweden and they using this stalking method everywhere

Coughing is a method they use to stalking, harassing, mind control and the real purpose is to stalk by the “Big Brother ” Beast/Surveillance System 

  1. When someone  starts constant  fake coughing for 15 minutes and then 10, 5, 1 minutes every day they anchoring and chaining this with a purpose to mind control, harass and to create a feeling of the stalking Big Brother Surveillace, and when they start fake coughing when you make breakfast or eat you know this is created
  2. When people who is working at pharmacies starts fake coughing for 10-15 seconds you know they using coughing as a metrhod
  3. Then does everyone else start using same coughing method and these stalkers coughing two times. “Double coughing,

They using same for everything they sensitizing with whatever they use; loud coughing is same thing of everything else. In sweden it has become Orwellian “Double Coughing”. When everyone coughing in same way and two times it is mostly fake gangstalking.

If you listen to radio and music they transmit same music chorus when you are outside and exercise
If you going outdoors and exercise they can transmit music chorus like “We control the sunlight” (which means control the ego)
If you listen to music at night they mirroring by transmit same music into your apartment
They  stalking you with sounds, honking hornes, screamings, coughing

They stalking your with firecracckers and they shooting firecrackers for 20 days outside your window


Then does even Swedish citizen using same fake “double coughing” methods to stalk, harass and sensitizing your mind everywhere. They walking outside your window and coughing two times. They fake coughing two times when you exercise outdoors and passing people, and they fake coughing two times in food stores and even people working at Swedish pharmacies start very intense fake coughing (for 10-15  seconds) when you buying products.

People walking around and “double coughing” two times to sensitizing you and this is “Mind Sound Control” – Orwell

Gangstalking is about anchoring and chaining sounds and synchronizing. Mostly they using door-slamming, honking horns, yelling, drop things on floor, a car alarm start, drilling or hammering in walls

Most people have heard about;

  • double-speaking,
  • double-thinking,
  • double-binding,
  • double-coughing; how many have heard about “double coughing”. Double coughing is real in State of Sweden.

Swedish people using “double coughing”. People walking around and “double coughing” two times to sensitizing you and this is “Mind Sound Control” – Orwell. “Double Coughing” is real in Sweden in same way Orwells “Double-speaking and “double-thinking” is real in Sweden

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