First day at work today and full organized gang stalking action all night. Intense frequency sound is beamed and looped to create sleep deprivation. They want you seek a job, when you find a job, then they keeping you awake with frequency sounds.

First day at work today and full organized gang stalking action this night. Intense frequency sound is beamed and looped to create sleep deprivation. They want you seek a job, when you find a job, then they keeping you awake with frequency sounds.

They rush you to find a work and when you find one, then they beaming sounds to create sleep deprivation.

This is the common strategy with organized gang stalking. Before every meeting, appointment, job action planning, or interviews, then they begin beaming and looping intense sounds all night, sometimes for two nights to make yoy tired.

The real purpose with organized gang stalking is to make people jobless, and at same time requires you to seek jobs, and when you find a job they create sleep deprivation. That´s the logic with organized gang stalking.

Time is now 01.30 and they beaming and looping intense frequency sounds, and now even have added commercials for “Pantamera” – recycling bottles

Time is now 04.48 and they still beaming and looping sounds. So sson you fall asleep for some minutes they woke you up with sounds frequency sound.

First day at work with a fem minutes of sleep.

Here is some other examples that shows how they trying to control your, mind, reality, life, world, sleep. health, perception, warmwater temperature, indoors tempature, brightness on your computer and so on.

Is the human body been hijacked through the history of evolurion, or is human an experiment of the archons, or does Reptlians control the sixth sense and from their they can control the human five senses, and therefore targeting the five senses and the last sense of the five is the hearing sense, or fifth chakra, and gang stalkers using noise harassment, and they using frequency weapons, ELF, syntethic telepathy, voice to skull and silent of quite wars technoogy is in use, day and night, indoors and outdoors.

⦁ They wants control the temperature on you warmwater, and is constant changed from warmer to colder. from colder to warmer, or is been turned off for 4-5 days

⦁ They want control your indoor temperature and have raising it from 20 degress to 25 degrees without any use of any elements, so they have technology to raise indoor temperature without any use of elements.

⦁ They want control your brightness on your computer screen and constant changing it in real time, from brighter to darker, then from darker to lighther, even when you searching for job

⦁ They turn off street light or part of it at night, and turn on street light outdoors daytime when the sun is shining.

⦁ They controls your phone connection. They disable your phone and phone number. When you have a new phone number and the phone calls is interupt when they calling from employment agenciy

⦁ They not using cars and trucks to stalking, they also have ONE broken front light or dear light, or driving around with lights turned off. This symbolize the Single Horus Eye. Its not just one car or truck its many, so it must be a reptilian system of mind control.

⦁ They using car engines as a way of mind control, and when they standing at red light they turn off and then turn on their engines when you passing them on the walkway.

⦁ They using people as obstucles so they walking cris cross on walkway when you passing them and are outdoors and exercise/running, or they change from one side so you have to change direction to run on the other side, and when you passing them then begin to walk very slowly. Its a system of control. It can´t be other thing than a other planetary being as Reptilans ways of MIND CONTROL.

⦁ They using mind psychology and when you are outdoors and walking on the walkways and passing people everyone looking downwards to your feet or shoes. And this is also a system of control, maybe to suppress/oppress or downgrading.

⦁ They have changing sound on your compuer while you listen to music and subtlle raising or lowering the volume, or from louder to lower.

⦁ They wants control how many hours you sleep through sleep deprivation and noise interference

⦁ They want control time and create events, projects, renovation/contsruction work that starts several weeks later, and during this time you wait to them to be started you must be at home all day for 2 weeks, then 6 weeks and 5½ later they come. This is a reptilan ways of mind control, create waiting time, and control were you go and when you go.

⦁ They Landlords contracted workers who checked the ventilation system (which the checked 6 months ago) took with them the timer to the kitchen fan and don´t delivery a new next day as they say they should, so they want´s control time as well. TIME is been controlled by SATURN or the MOON.

⦁ They want control when you make breakfast and begin make soft hitting sound in walls or floors every morning, or start fake coughing on the balcony every morning, or door slamming

⦁ They want control when you make lunch and knocking on your door to check ventilation, or some other to sign a paper, or they calling for a job interview and all at same time, when you begin make lunch.

⦁ They want control every thought you thinking, and interference with door slamming, dropping things on the floor, stomping in the floor, make high pitch screamings, honking horns,

⦁ The want control internet connection and disconnecting your internet with regular intervalls

⦁ They wants control your phone and switch it off an dsiable your phone, or interupt you phone call while the public employment agency calling for make a action plan for searching job.

⦁ They seems to want to control or affect your heart beat because people in apartments around playing looping drum beat sounds that sounds as heart beats and beaming/looping them faster and faster.

⦁ They want control your emotions and thoughts and there is a constant syntethic computer generated speaking voice in the airs that is beaming fearfull words as; they gonna kill you. beaming words as; anxiety, panic, hurry up, now he is going mad, or now he is mad and so on. This computer generated speaking voice in action day and night, indoor and outdoors.

⦁ They triggering you fight and flight reactions by instilling fear, stress, worries, anxiety, panic. and they just not beaming and looping fear triggering words. Department constructs events that triggers fear of lost of income, and people in food queue talking about insurence, and there is no money on the bank account. Everything is designed to instill and triggering fear.

⦁ They want control your perception and these constant action of noise harassment distorts reality and disturbs perception, and at same other working with gaslighting strategies, and there is a computer genereated speaking voice in the airs that constantly beaming: “Now he is mad” or “Now he is going mad”

⦁ They imitating and mirroring everything you listen to, wacth on tv, tv series, when you watch sports, and then beamimg and looping these music chorus, other peoples voices from reality shows, or commercials from sport programs

⦁ They (departments) imitating or mirroring what you writing about. If you write about the ancient meaning of number 19, then they create meetings, construction work, mailing you, and all other form of stalking actions at same day. Both people, Landlords, and departments.

⦁ They imitating or mirrroring if you tv have a white 5 cn stripe on the screen, then there is a news article about a famous painting which has white stripe in its painting

⦁ They trying to gaslighting you and the goal of organized is to drive the targeted individual to madness,, doctors changning shirt during visit at healthcare, social wellfare service worker sends two different apoointment times, and the first is then been removed from your mail.

⦁ They using information to create mind control and healthcare informs humans have a suicide gene, that humans have brain in the stomach, and that stress kills, and therapeut has business cards in a medical package.

⦁ They trying to control your sleep, health, five senses , mind (thought and emotions), reality, life, world, information.

⦁ They stalking by foot, cars, trucks, helicopters, and through communication.

⦁ They trying to control your mind with all forms of sounds, frequencies, noise harassment, syntethic telepathy, voice to skull, sound from all forms of power tools, honking horns, revving engines, human made sounds. For example they can create outdoors events (street theater), or using subtle threats psychology to triggering your world, or if you wacth a movie or tv serie, or if someone sings a songs, and at same time intennse sound frequency sound begins targeting your mind, or if something is happening in a movie the can begin door slamming, or dropping things on the floor above your head. Every night begins with some form sound harassment, some for 30 minutes, some night for some hours, some night all night. They trying to create a constant loop of noise, and beaming and looping all forms of sounds into your mind.
⦁ This syntethic computer generated speaking voice controls people and controls their minds. The Organized Gang Stalkers and the harassing computer generated speaking voice in the airs using same methods of stalking, interference, harassment

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