Firecracker harassment in the middle of the night 15 April 2018 around 02.00

Earlier they was shooting firecrackers for 20 days outside your window, so they even using firecracker in State of Sweden in same way they they using Orwellian “Double Coughing” to harass,

Firecrackers to create fear mongering, noise harassment, sleep deprivation in gangstalking for 20 days is real in Sweden

Firecracker for 20 days is real as Orwellian ” Double Coughing”. Both is bizarre methods but used of bizarre mentality of gangstalkers 2018

Around 02.30 High Bangs. After I recording program stop working. See left corner.

First firecrackers around 02.00 and around 02.30 HIGH BOOMS- Earlier it was Firecracker outside your window and this sound more like a HIGH BOOM/BANG

First you can hear the BOOM/BANG FAR AWAY

Then it sounds closer

And then closer and louder when they are closer your apartment around 02.30

And this was around 02.30 in the middle of the night in the Swedish society.

Program that earlier not was working suddenly is working again.


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